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Bizkaieraren irudiaz
I?aki Gaminde Terraza
Ikastorratza : e-Revista de Didáctica , 2007,
Abstract: This paper show the result of an analyse on university student's point of view about Biscay dialect of Basque. The research is addressed at University of the Basque Country.
Large Epidemiological Influenza A Outbreak in a Teaching Hospital from Guatemala City
Carlos Mejía,Monica Silvestre,Iris Cazali,Judith García,Ruth Sánchez,Leticia García,Leticia Castillo,Ingrid Escobar,Sandra Terraza
ISRN AIDS , 2012, DOI: 10.5402/2012/638042
Abstract: Objective. To describe the characteristics and interventions to control a large epidemiological Influenza A Outbreak. Methods. During the months of February to April 2006, a large outbreak of Influenza A was detected, which affected Health Care Workers and hospitalized patients in a large teaching Hospital in Guatemala City. Interventions to interrupt transmission were implemented and included barrier methods (N95 masks, respiratory isolation measures, etc.) and enhanced hand hygiene, vaccination of healthy Health Care Workers (HCW), restrictions for patient visits. Results. From February to April 2006, 59 hospitalized patients diagnosed with Influenza A. 19 AIDS patients (mortality: 71%) and 5/40 (12.5%) in other diseases: cancer (3), severe cardiac failure (1) and severe malnutrition (1). The attack rate at day 20 in doctors and medical students was 21% while in other HCW it was 10.5%. Within 3 weeks of the beginning of the plan, deaths were stopped and no more cases in HCW were detected after 3 additional weeks. Conclusion. A rapid, comprehensive plan for the control of nosocomial epidemic Influenza A outbreaks is essential to limit severe morbidity and mortality in hospitals who attend large immunocompromised populations, including AIDS patients. HCW regular vaccinations programs are mandatory. 1. Introduction Influenza A and B cause highly contagious, acute respiratory illness, associated with high morbidity and mortality among persons with underlying diseases. Influenza can cause extensive nosocomial outbreaks with high mortality rates. The causes of death in the more severe forms of influenza are (a) severe pneumonia with respiratory distress, (b) neurological complications, and (c) secondary bacterial pneumonia. Outbreaks in children units, senior facilities, cancer centers, neonatal units, pulmonary rehabilitation centers, emergency departments, and others have been described. Large nosocomial outbreaks in large tertiary referral hospitals that provide care to large numbers of patients with advanced AIDS have not been frequently described. Roosevelt Hospital is a large teaching, university tertiary referral hospital in Guatemala City, with 850 beds capacity. More than 3,500 AIDS patients were in followups, and 1561 treated with antiretroviral drugs at the time when the outbreak was detected in March 2006; all of whom were at potential risk to develop severe forms of Influenza. 35% of the patients have less than 50 CD4 cells/mm3 and 68% less than 200 CD4 cells/mm3, at the time the HIV infection diagnosis is made at Roosevelt Hospital. The main
Patarroyo,Pedro; Terraza Melo,Roberto;
Revista de la Academia Colombiana de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales , 2011,
Abstract: along the colombian eastern mountain range different recent volcanic structures have been identified and described. galvis et al. (2006), in their paper about the cenozoic volcanism in the sabana de bogotá, report the presence of volcanic calderas, tuffs, rhyolites, lahars, volcanic ash, etc. this paper pretends to give clarity and make precisions about the geologic reality of the area, because based on field trips, thin sections, analysis of x-ray diffraction, fossils, aerial photographs and extensive review of bibliographic material it is shown that there are not arguments to accept the existence of such proposed volcanism.
Resistencia lingüística indígena en Québec-Canadá: Acciones e iniciativas exitosas desde los a os setenta
Aurélie Hot,Jimena Terraza
Cuadernos Interculturales , 2009,
Abstract: Desde los a os setenta, las naciones indígenas de Quebec han entrado en una nueva etapa en la reivindicación territorial y en la lucha contra la asimilación. En este artículo discutiremos acerca de algunas iniciativas exitosas que estas naciones han llevado a cabo para salvaguardar sus lenguas y su cultura. Presentaremos ejemplos de acciones individuales, colectivas e institucionales a fin de mostrar las diferentes caras de la resistencia al desplazamiento lingüístico.
Moreno,Giovanni; Terraza,Roberto; Montoya,Diana;
Boletin de Geología , 2009,
Abstract: the stratigraphic record in eeb begins with an upper paleozoic basal siliciclastic sequence (farallones group, devonian - carboniferous), unconformably overlain by basal cretaceous formations (batá to the east, santa rosa - ubalá - chivor to the west o the quetame massif). the cretaceous marine ingression took place in a tectonically active basin since triassic and jurassic. this tectonic setting last until the end of earliest cretaceous giving place to a thick sedimentary sequence made of the aforementioned basal units and the lutitas de macanal, las juntas, fómeque and une formations. paleozoic basement highs normal fault bounded, restrict the cretaceous sedimentation in the eeb zone, this is evidence especially for the basal cretaceous units (berriasian). in this way, to the east of montecristo anticline (overlaying farallones group) we found conglomerates (batá formation), instead to the west sedimentation was mainly lodolithic (santa rosa formation, new litostratigraphic unit). toward ubalá, overlaying paleozoic basement (farallones anticline) rest a calcareous -terrigenous set (ubalá formation new litostratigraphic unit). in chivor - malacara area we found evaporitic sets with calcareous rocks (chivor formation, new litostratigraphic unit) overlaying santa rosa formation. in valanginian times the sea regionally drown the area of eeb and give rise to marine offshore conditions (lutitas de macanal formation) with episodic events of gravity flows (el fígaro - los cedros members). during hauterivian to albian times the accumulation of a sandy - muddy sediments in tidal flats or deltaic systems give rise the record of las juntas -une formations. finally in barremian early albian times there is a siliciclastic - calcareous record of marine offshore environments (fómeque formation).
Prevención escolar del consumo de alcohol
Helena Terraza Maestre,Miguel Leyva Bernal
Indivisa : Boletin de Estudios e Investigación , 2000,
Maternal Understanding Regarding Women Nutrition during Breastfeeding  [PDF]
Gabriela Olagnero, Luciana Barretto, Adriana Wiedemann, Raúl Terraza, Mabel Susana Poy, Laura López
Health (Health) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/health.2018.1012125
Abstract: Introduction: Breastfeeding mothers’ nutritional status affects milk quality and children’s nutrition in a key period for life. Objectives: Identifying and describing breastfeeding mothers’ social representations during this period related with nutrition as self-care; connotations referred to food products and supplements; post-partum weight retention and information sources consulted on this matter. Materials and Methods: Ten in depth interviews were performed in healthy adult breastfeeding mothers. Interviews were analyzed with a qualitative methodology considering Health Beliefs, PRECEDE and Health Promotion models, employing the Grounded Theory. Results: Women consider nutrition as a health conditioning factor and refer dietary changes implementation during pregnancy, which are not always kept during breastfeeding. Disorganization was mentioned regarding feeding and commensality, prioritizing their child’s health over their own. Vegetables and liquids are attributed to positive connotations, referring increased consumption. Certain foods are limited as they are considered less healthy (“junk food”, sweets, sodas, cookies, spices, coffee and mate) while others, like milk, have been associated with negative effects. Insufficient weight gain during pregnancy is valorized as an achievement due to pairs approval and appearance. Association between breastfeeding and previous weight recovery is weak and doubted. Lack of information on feeding and breastfeeding even among health professionals is recognized. In case of doubts, mothers follow the closest belief affectively. Conclusions: Identifying and characterizing beliefs and barriers for maternal eating practices allow including socio-cultural aspects both in the design of public health policies and in individual nutritional counseling.
Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-97072010000100032
Abstract: this work describes the synthesis of aliphatic diacids and diamines containing a silarylene moiety in the structure. these compounds can be employed as monomers for the synthesis of poly(amides) and poly(esters) or other condensation polymers. thus, bis(p-methylphenylen)(r)phenylsilanes were obtained from p-bromotoluene and dicloro(r)phenylsilane (r= me, ph). also, the dibenzyl nitrile compounds bis(p-(cyanomethyl)phenylen)(r)phenylsilanes were synthesized from the respective bis(p-(bromomethyl)phenylen) (r)phenylsilanes derivatives. the hydrolysis of the dibenzyl nitrile derivatives gives the respective diacids bis(p-(carboxymethyl)phenylen)(r)phenylsilanes with low yield. a direct grignard reaction type was also studied using as precursors the dibenzyl bromide compounds. in a second stage, the synthesis of the phenethylamine bis(p-(2-aminoethyl)phenylen)(r)phenylsilane was studied by the reduction of the dibenzyl nitrile compounds. all compounds were characterized by ir-tf, 1h, 13c and 29si nmr.
Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-97072012000200023
Abstract: this work describes the synthesis, characterization and thermal studies of poly(esters) (pes) containing two si atoms in the main chain, derived from aromatic diacids and aliphatic dialcohols in which the si atom is bonded to methyl and/or ethyl groups. pes were characterized by ft-ir and 1h, 13c and 29si spectroscopy and the results were in agreement with the proposed structures. poly(esters) were soluble in polar aprotic solvents, such as dmso and dmf, and acetone, and partially soluble in ethanol. the inherent viscosity and glass transition and thermal decomposition temperatures, hinh, tg and tdt respectively, were determined. these results showed that pe-2 and pe-4, derived from the dialcohol with the -si(ch3)(ch2ch3)- moiety as central element, had the larger values of hinh, tg, tdt and the residual weight after heating at 900 °c, indicating that the specific structure of aliphatic dialcohols control the reaction.
Silva Arias,Alejandro; Mantilla Figueroa,Luis Carlos; Terraza Melo,Roberto;
Boletin de Geología , 2010,
Abstract: the study of the chemical composition of chlorites from the santa rosa and lutitas de macanal formations in the eastern emerald belt (eastern cordillera), are used to estimate the formation temperature of these minerals and the associated hydrothermal fluids. the chlorites were analyzed using the classification proposed by hey (1954), foster (1962), and bailey (1980); and the formation temperature is calculated from empirical geothermometers from kranidiotis and maclean (1987), cathelineau (1988), jowett (1991) and xie et al. (1997). chlorites in hydrothermally altered rocks associated with emerald mineralization of the santa rosa formation is classified as clinochlore and formed at temperatures of ~354°c, this temperature is consistent with the fluid inclusions in emeralds of the same formation. chlorites in veins from lutitas de macanal formation are classified as chamosites and formed at lower temperatures between 210-225°c.
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