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Main Ocular Manifestations in Rheumatoid Arthritis Principales manifestaciones oculares en la artritis reumatoide
Sandra Saray Quignon Santana,Osbel Alfonso Sánchez
MediSur , 2009,
Abstract: Rheumatoid arthritis is considered an autoimmune disease in which articular and extra articular manifestations are produced and contribute to alter the functional capacity of the individual. This study consists on performing a bibliographical review showing the main ocular manifestations in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. It is our purpose to give you our experiences to the students as well as the internal medicine, ophthalmology and rheumatologist residents about this topic. The ophthalmological consultation of sick patients contributes to the prevention of ocular illnesses which are characteristic of the base disease and improve the ocular health. La artritis reumatoide se considera una enfermedad autoinmune, la cual produce manifestaciones articulares y extraarticulares que contribuyen a alterar la capacidad funcional del individuo. En esta revisión se muestran las principales manifestaciones oculares en pacientes con diagnóstico de dicha enfermedad. Se describen experiencias válidas para estudiantes y residentes de medicina interna, oftalmología y reumatología y se realiza la valoración de la interconsulta oftalmológica de los pacientes enfermos en la prevención de afecciones oculares propias de la enfermedad de base y su contribución al mejoramiento de su salud ocular.
Principales manifestaciones oculares en la artritis reumatoide: modelos de diagnóstico y evaluación
Quignon Santana,Sandra; Alfonso Sánchez,Osbel;
MediSur , 2009,
Abstract: rheumatoid arthritis is considered an autoimmune disease in which articular and extra articular manifestations are produced and contribute to alter the functional capacity of the individual. this study consists on performing a bibliographical review showing the main ocular manifestations in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. it is our purpose to give you our experiences to the students as well as the internal medicine, ophthalmology and rheumatologist residents about this topic. the ophthalmological consultation of sick patients contributes to the prevention of ocular illnesses which are characteristic of the base disease and improve the ocular health.
Influence of keratoconjuntivitis sicca Treatment in Functional and Affective Capacities of the Elderly with Rheumatoid Arthritis Influencia del tratamiento de la queratoconjuntivitis seca en la capacidad funcional y afectiva de los adultos mayores con artritis reumatoidea
Sandra Saray Quignón Santana,Osbel Alfonso Sánchez,Macmelsie Marrero Delgado,Rolando Delgado Figueredo
MediSur , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Certain studies have been conducted in Cuba on ocular affection in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Nevertheless, no references have been found neither to the behavior of dry eye in the elderly suffering from this disease nor to its influence on the functional and emotional capacities of these patients. Objective: To determine the influence of keratoconjuntivitis sicca treatment in the affective and functional capacities of the elderly diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Methods: A case series study was conducted in 2009 in the Cornea Department of the Dr. Gustavo Aldereguía Lima General University Hospital of Cienfuegos. It included 75 elderly diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and suffering from dry eye. We applied the cognitive assessment instrument Mini-mental and the social assessment scale, as well as the geriatric depression scale of Yesavage and the Katz index. Treatment was indicated and patients′ follow-up was carried out including a revision of diagnostic tests and geriatric assessment in the third month. Results: epithelial stippling in different locations decreased; time of rupture of the tear film increased. There were no changes in the functional assessment of basic daily activities regardless of eye treatment and regular monitoring of patients. Changes were found in the assessment of depressive state, which improved. Conclusions: Dry eye treatment may facilitate the reduction of affective disorders and minor depression in elderly with rheumatoid arthritis. Fundamento: en Cuba se han realizado algunos estudios sobre la afectación ocular en los pacientes con artritis reumatoidea, sin embargo no se han encontrado referencias al comportamiento de la queratoconjuntivitis seca en el adulto mayor aquejado de esta enfermedad, ni su influencia en la capacidad funcional y afectiva del individuo. Objetivo: determinar la influencia del tratamiento de la queratoconjuntivitis seca en la capacidad funcional y afectiva de adultos mayores con diagnóstico de artritis reumatoidea. Métodos: estudio de serie de casos realizado durante el a o 2009, en el Departamento de Córnea del Hospital General Universitario Dr. Gustavo Aldereguía Lima de Cienfuegos, que incluyó 75 adultos mayores con diagnóstico de artritis reumatoidea que padecían de queratoconjuntivitis seca. Se aplicó el instrumento de valoración cognitiva Mini-mental y la escala de evaluación social, así como la escala de depresión geriátrica de Yesavage y el índice de Katz. Se indicó tratamiento y se llevó a cabo seguimiento de los pacientes con una valoración de las pruebas diagnós
N-acetyltransferase 2: Slow, intermediate or fast? A booming question of the molecular epidemiology in cancer research  [PDF]
Giuliano Di Pietro, Sandra Rocha Gadelha, Sandra Mara Bispo Sousa, Paulo Roberto Santana de Melo, Fabricio Rios Santos
Open Journal of Genetics (OJGen) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojgen.2012.24028
Abstract: Throughout history, humanity has referred to reactions occurring with food, plants and, recently, medicines or drugs. The increase in pulmonary tuberculosis cases and the availability of treatment showed that genetic human differences can interfere in the capacity to metabolize drugs. There are remarkable genetic polymorphisms of N-acetyltransferase 2 (NAT2) activity that have been associated with different levels of susceptibility to developing many kinds of cancers. This review considers the field as an open window for the application of molecular epidemiology tools that led to the development of pharmacogenomics. We cover historical data and the most recent knowledge about NAT2 genetic polymorphisms and its distribution in different populations, which is an important concept being incorporated in epidemiological studies of cancer risk. We present up to date information about these studies, including meta-analysis based on the NAT2 distribution in different types of cancer. A critical broad at advances in NAT2 research, high-lighting recent studies related to NAT2 alleles in cancer susceptibility. Although there are multifactorial aspects involved in cancer risk, the variability in NAT2 allelic frequency can be related to carcinogenesis through alterations in the metabolic rate after exposure to carcinogens.
Judo: Where is the ease road?
Saray Santos
Revista Brasileira de Cineantropometria e Desempenho Humano , 2006,
Abstract: This report had the intention of pointing some concerns with Judo practice that are discordant with Jigoro Kano’s ideas when he idealized Judo. In this way, some comments on how Judo practice is changing over time; the cultural differences that hinder the understanding of Judo principles and their application in practice as well as in everyday life are presented. There is also a discussion on how difficult is to teach this martial art that requires persistence to those who lack it. It also describes the difference between being judoist and a Judo fighter. Therefore, this approach aims to motivate practitioners, fighters, teachers and judoists to know, understand and deepen their knowledge about Judo. But it also has the goal to help them to contemplate, criticize and discuss their practices so that they do not leave the ease road to a totally rough one. RESUMO Este relato teve o intuito de apontar algumas quest es que n o est o indo ao encontro do que foi preconizado por Jigoro kano ao idealizar o Jud . Neste sentido, teceu-se alguns comentários sobre as transforma es observadas na prática do Jud em fun o do tempo; as diferen as culturais que dificultam o entendimento dos princípios do Jud e, com isto, a n o utiliza o destes tanto na prática como no cotidiano e, ainda, comentários sobre a dificuldade de se transmitir uma arte marcial que exige persistência àqueles que n o a tem, além de levantar sobre a diferen a entre ser judoca e lutador de Jud . Deste modo, com tal abordagem, pretendeu-se instigar praticantes, lutadores, professores e judocas, a conhecer, a compreender, a aprofundar e a continuar aprimorando, e também para que reflitam, critiquem, discutam e, principalmente, que n o deixem o caminho suave se tornar de vez, totalmente ríspido.
Sistema de Vigilancia Alimentar e Nutricional na implementa??o do programa Leite é Saúde: avalia??o em municípios baianos
Santana, Luciana Alaíde Alves;Santos, Sandra Maria Chaves dos;
Revista de Nutri??o , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-52732004000300001
Abstract: introduction: the purpose of this study was to analyze how the implementation process and carrying out of the nutritional surveillance system (or - information system on children nutrition status) came to pass in municipalities of the state of bahia, where a supplementary feeding program ("leite é saúde", delivering milk and soy oil) had been established implemented. metods: from 1997 to 1998, a retrospective documental research was performed, including visits, observation and at semi-structured interviews with health professionals. thirty-five municipalities out of 44 visited had already implemented the program; 43% of those had performed nutrition diagnosis at the start-up of the feeding and nutrition program. it was not possible to obtain information about nutritional surveillance system in 6% of the municipalities. results: the nutritional surveillance systems had been implemented in 22% of the towns; 34% had it only partially implemented and 38% had not implemented it yet. the main deficiency found in the health service provided in municipalities that had the partially implemented stemmed from the very lack of use of nutritional surveillance system's information for planning further actions. conclusion: the information system on children nutrition status reproduced the problems already known to exist in regard to other information systems. the requirement to implement nutritional surveillance system in order to establish a covenant did not accomplish to assure the actual implementation of the information system. since the program did not make use of information on epidemiologic nutrition profile in order to detect and solve problems in feeding and nutrition practices, it failed to introduce further practical changes.
Levantamento epidemiológico realizado na clínica de cirurgia bucal =Epidemiological survey carried through in the clinic of oral surgery
Sardinha, Sandra de Cássia Santana et al.
Revista Odonto Ciência , 2006,
Abstract: O presente trabalho mostra o levantamento dos procedimentos realizados na clínica de Cirurgia Bucomaxilofacial I da Funda o Bahiana para Desenvolvimento das Ciências (FBDC) - curso de Odontologia, durante o período de agosto de 2004 a julho de 2005. Foram examinadas 910 fichas sendo totalizado 2025 extra es ao longo do período, tendo como dentes mais extraídos os 1os molares inferiores. De acordo com o estudo a principal causa para a perda precoce das unidades dentárias foi à doen a da cárie. Foram obtidas também dados inerentes à faixa etária dos pacientes submetidos a exodontias, cor de pele e sexo predominante, midica o pós-operatória e o tipo de fio de sutura.
Dilemas éticos en el diagnóstico de hipertensión arterial Ethical Dilemmas when Diagnosing Hypertension
Sandra Santana López,Rolando Montero Díaz
Finlay : Revista de Enfermedades no Transmisibles , 2012,
Abstract: Se realizó una revisión sobre los dilemas éticos en el diagnóstico de la hipertensión arterial, así como de algunos elementos en el surgimiento del concepto de bioética. Se identificaron los conflictos éticos que aparecen en cada etapa del diagnóstico de la hipertensión arterial: en el momento de suministrar la información, en el instante de la indicación y realización de las pruebas diagnósticas, en la comunicación del diagnóstico y en la toma de decisiones posteriores. Se concluye que el desarrollo tecnológico va a introducir nuevas decisiones éticas en el diagnóstico de la hipertensión arterial que van a involucrar cada vez más los intereses de la sociedad y crear de una manera u otra conflictos éticos y morales en la toma de decisiones. A review on the ethical dilemmas in the diagnosis of hypertension and some elements in the emergence of the bioethics concept was performed. Ethical conflicts that appear at each stage of diagnosis of hypertension: at the time of providing the information, at the point of indication and performance of diagnostic tests, when communicating the diagnosis and during subsequent decision making were identified. We conclude that technological development will introduce new ethical decisions in the diagnosis of hypertension that will increasingly involve the interests of society and create, in one way or another, ethical and moral conflict in the decision making process.
La mente algebraica vs El cerebro estadístico
Saray Ayala L.
Límite , 2006,
Abstract: El debate entre Gary Marcus y Jeff Elman, en Marcus ( 999, 999a, 999b, 999c, 999d, 00 ) y Elman ( 999, 999a, 999b, 999c, 999d) se enmarca dentro del debate general en Ciencia Cognitiva entre la hipótesis clásica (simbólica) y la hipótesis conexionista. Marcus critica lo que se denomina Conexionismo Eliminativista, que incluye los modelos conexionistas que eliminan el papel de los símbolos y las reglas explícitas. Según Marcus, los modelos conexionistas eliminativistas no logran generalizar del modo como hacen los humanos y, por tanto, el Conexionismo Eliminativista no constituye una buena explicación de la cognición humana. En este trabajo intentaré abordar el debate entre clásicos y conexionistas a partir de los experimentos llevados a cabo por Marcus en Marcus et al. ( 999) y las críticas de Elman al mismo, e intentaré argumentar que Marcus no consigue una crítica consistente al Conexionismo Eliminativista y, asimismo, no logra ofrecer una buena defensa del Conexionismo Implementacional.
Reflections about reviewers of the scientific papers in Physical Education
Saray Giovana dos Santos
Saúde & Transforma??o Social , 2011,
Abstract: This point of view emerged from experience in contribution both as reviewer and author in papers submitted to journals indexed in Physical Education. Some considerations were made: who are the reviewers? What is the role of a reviewer and his contribution to science and society? What is the feedback towards the authors? Therefore, I classified the reviewers as those who "knows everything", "archaic", "owners of the area" and "already that". These suggestions aim to contribute to people who give themselves as a reviewer, for our field of knowledge helps Science and Society.
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