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Brand Equity and Brand Loyalty in the Internet Banking Context: FIMIX-PLS Market Segmentation  [PDF]
Sandra Maria Correia Loureiro, Francisco Javier Miranda
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2011.44054
Abstract: This research presents a model that integrates trust, online risks and benefits, brand awareness/associations, perceived quality and explains how they impact on brand equity and brand loyalty in the context of internet banking. The research model estimation uses the PLS approach and applies FIMIX-PLS to segment the sample. The research findings show that the main difference characterizing the two uncovered customer segments lies in the place of residence. Thus, the impact of online benefits on trust in the service provided is stronger for the first segment than for the second. For customers of the second segment, confidence in the bank’s web site information leads to a better perception of service quality and this is very important to ensure loyalty to the brand.
DUAQUAL: The quality perceived by teachers and students in university management
Sandra María Correia Loureiro,Francisco Javier Miranda González
Cuadernos de Gestión , 2012,
Abstract: The Bologna Process has imprinted an institutional perspective on concerns about quality, quality management and quality assurance in the services provided in the universities and other institutions of higher education. The quality of higher education is not centered on the teaching and learning processes alone, and on the relationship between students and professors. It must also be assured through the services provided by the university libraries, snack bars, refectories, welfare services, central administrative services and departmental offices. With this in mind, this research starts the development of a scale of evaluation of the service quality provided by secretarial office of university departments, named DUAQUAL. The factorial analysis allowed us to extract three factors: Credibility, Professionalism and Information. The application of the PLS technique shown that Professionalism factor contributes more to explain the overall perceived quality and the satisfaction than the two other dimensions.
Qualidade de vida sob a ótica de pessoas que apresentam les?o medular
Loureiro, Sandra Cristina Correia;Faro, Ana Cristina Mancussi e;Chaves, Eliane Correa;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62341997000300001
Abstract: before the existence in negotiating of individuals that present lesion medular, we came across the problem involved in the daily of those people after a situation of sudden and unexpected trauma. with the intention of rendering effective cares to these people worried, in this study, in identifying the situation for the which they are passing, there were been, changes and which were them, so much in psychic level as physicist and sodal,. for so much, he/she/it opted for the accomplishment of a semistructured individual interview, being used the resource of the recording, the instrument of collection, of data consists of identification data and data regarding the interviewee's life. the speech free with recording and posterior transcription characterizes a study of case of nature, above all., exploratory. the obtained data received a thematic analysis using conceptions about life quality according to forattini (1991) . in this study they were identified a physical deficiency and a series of inabilities. the deambula??o is the first loss noticed by the patient after the lesion and its first subject to the professional closer of him, it is that settles down a communication, channel that al lows this expression. but we should remember the possible process of rehabilitation that doesn' t approach only the search for the locomo??o, permeating the re-learning. in this new life situation. we verified modifications in all the spheres (physics, social, psychological), and the most affected, according to the picked data, went the psychological and to social due to the physical alterations. the main loss sensation refers to the social paper, and this is characterized, mainly, for the impossibility of coming back to the work. the changes in the solemnity-image conceptions and self-esteem, were also identified, in smaller degree, for the sensation, of inability. the more important and comprehensibly told physical loss refers the sensibility loss and motive capacity of the members.
Iteration of Differentiable Functions under m-Modal Maps with Aperiodic Kneading Sequences
Maria F. Correia,Carlos C. Ramos,Sandra Vinagre
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/796180
Abstract: We consider the dynamical system ( , ), where is a class of differentiable functions defined on some interval and : → is the operator , where is a differentiable m-modal map. Using an algorithm, we obtained some numerical and symbolic results related to the frequencies of occurrence of critical values of the iterated functions when the kneading sequences of are aperiodic. Moreover, we analyze the evolution as well as the distribution of the aperiodic critical values of the iterated functions. 1. Introduction In this paper, we pursue the study of the properties of certain infinite dynamical systems that arise from iterated differentiable interval maps. Regarding infinite dimensional systems, important progresses were obtained in the study of boundary value problems for partial differentiable equations reducible to difference equations, as those studied in [1–3]. An approach, in that context, using symbolic dynamics was made in [4–6]. We consider the dynamical system , where is a class of differentiable real functions defined on some interval and is the operator , where is an m-modal map. The class is the class of differentiable functions defined on an interval (eventually could be defined on ) such that if with a finite number of critical points, satisfying the boundary conditions and , for a given interval . The nature of in terms of topological, metrical, or algebraic closure, for now, is not discussed since we are mainly interested in analyzing the qualitative changes of the elements in , under the iteration of , from a combinatorial point of view. In particular, we study the changes on the number of critical points, the relative localization of the critical points and critical values. The developed techniques allow us to study, in future work, the changes, under iteration of , of attributes of the elements in , such as the oscillations, the mean value, the measure, the mean derivative, the length of the graph, among others. The dynamical system has infinite dimension, although induced by a one-dimensional discrete dynamical system . From the topological point of view, the dynamical system is formally contained in , since the constant functions, , belong trivially to and . Moreover, a monotone function (nontrivial) determine a signed interval, if is an increasing function and if is a decreasing function. Then the dynamics of intervals under iteration of an interval map is also formally contained in . We determine the itineraries of a sufficiently large number of critical values of the iterated functions using the algorithm introduced in [7]. We
Substitution systems associated with the dynamical system (
Correia Maria de Fátima,Ramos Carlos,Vinagre Sandra
ESAIM : Proceedings , 2012, DOI: 10.1051/proc/201236012
Abstract: We consider the dynamical system (
Zur Praxis ph nomenologischer Forschung: die Freisetzung von Bedeutungen im Diskurs Disclosing the Making of Phenomenological Research: Setting Free the Meanings of Discourse Revelando la forma de hacer investigación fenomenológica: Liberación de los significados del discurso
Ana Cristina Loureiro Alves Jurema,Maria de Lourdes Correia Pimentel,Telma de Santa Clara Cordeiro,Ana Gabriela Austregésilo Nepomuceno
Forum : Qualitative Social Research , 2006,
Abstract: In diesem Beitrag bemühen wir uns um die Reflexion von Erfahrungen mit qualitativer Methodologie aus einer ph nomenologischen Perspektive, die wir im Rahmen eines erziehungswissenschaftlichen Graduiertenprogramms an der Universidad Federal de Pernambuco (Brasilien) gewonnen haben. Die Konzepte, die wir für unsere Untersuchungen hinzugezogen haben, haben uns – ebenso wie die Themen der Forschung selbst – in Richtung einer ph nomenologischen Methodologie orientieren lassen. Aus dieser Perspektive beinhaltet ein Verstehen von Realit t die Anerkennung der Bedeutsamkeit kultureller Ph nomene und greift insoweit auf Alltagserfahrungen zurück, die aus Alltagspraktiken resultieren. Von dieser überlegung ausgehend haben wir uns für die Frage nach den Diskursen (in Anlehnung an Paulo FREIRE und Maurice MERLEAU-PONTY) als Zentrum unsere Reflexion entschieden. Ph nomenologische Forschung verhilft hier zum Verst ndnis der strukturellen Bedingungen von unterschiedlichen Bedeutungen und von deren Wertgebundenheit, in denen sich die Repr sentationen von soziohistorisch, konomisch und kulturell situierten sozialen Gruppen niederschlagen. Nur mithilfe von Diskursen k nnen die Beziehungen, k nnen Intentionen, Bedeutungen und kann Subjektives "eingefangen" und "enthüllt" werden, die aus unserer Perspektive grundlegende Elemente für den Verstehensprozess sind. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs060473 In this article we aim to share reflections we have concerning qualitative research methodology from a phenomenological perspective within the context of the Graduate Program on Education at Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil. The concepts that have informed our studies, as well as the subjects of our research, have led us to a methodology that builds upon a phenomenological/philosophical base. From this perspective, understanding reality entails comprehending the significance of cultural phenomena, and thus relies upon life experiences stemming from lived practices. At this stage, we have elected discourse (understood from the perspectives of Paulo FREIRE and Maurice MERLEAU-PONTY) as the main focus of our reflections. Phenomenologically based research reveals structural conditions of multiple meanings, with their values and norms that transmit the representations of groups which are situated in socio-historical, economic and cultural contexts. Through discourse we are able to capture the relationships, the revealing intentions, significances and subjectivities, which, from our standpoint, are fundamental elements of the process of comprehending the world. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs
Single Layer Centrifugation with Androcoll-ETM improved progressive motility and percentage of live spermatozoa with intact acrosome of chilled stallion semen but did not have an effect on DNA integrity  [PDF]
Ana Luisa Costa, Ana Martins-Bessa, Ana Rebello de Andrade, Tiago Guimar?es, Maria Rosa Rebord?o, Sandra Gamboa, Pedro Pinto Bravo, Maria José Correia, Jorge Cola?o, Isabel Gaiv?o, António Rocha
Open Journal of Animal Sciences (OJAS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojas.2012.23022
Abstract: A significant number of stallions produce low quality ejaculates with high sensibility to chilling. Single Layer Centrifugation (SLC) with Andro-coll-ETM has been presented as an efficient method of selecting good quality spermatozoa. In the current study, changes in sperm quality (motility, viability, acrosome integrity and DNA damage) occurring during storage at 5?C for a maximum of 72 h, were investigated. For that, one ejaculate from 12 stallions was split in two aliquots: control and SLC-selected. Both aliquots were chilled and stored at 5?C and spermatozoa were evaluated for motility, viability and acrosome integrity at 24, 48 and 72 h post collection. DNA damage was evaluated at 48 h post collection using the comet assay. In the SLC-selected aliquots, there was a significant improvement in terms of progressive motility (0 h: P = 0.005; 24 h: P < 0.001; 48 h: P < 0.001; 72 h: P < 0.001) and percentage of live spermatozoa with intact acrosome (24 h: P = 0.003; 48 h: P = 0.003; 72 h: P = 0.004). The DNA damage (in Arbitrary Units) was not different between SLC- selected and control samples (P > 0.05). SLC with Androcoll-ETM improved semen quality prolonging sperm longevity of chilled semen (P = 0.012). This positive effect was more evident in ejaculates most sensitive to chilling that had a sharp decrease in motility in the first 24 h of refrigeration and for all ejaculates at 72 h post-chilling. Therefore, this method reveals to be a useful technique for selecting spermatozoa and maintain sperm quality during storage.
Effects of target location and uncertainty on reaching movements in standing position Los efectos de la ubicación de la diana y la incertidumbre en los movimientos de alcance en la posición vertical Efeitos da localiza o do alvo e da incerteza em movimentos de alcance na postura ereta
Luiz de Fran?a Bahia Loureiro Junior,Sandra Maria Sbeghen Ferreira de Freitas,Paulo Barbosa de Freitas
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Física e Esporte , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1807-55092012000300014
Abstract: The effects of target location and uncertainty of target position on reaching movements while standing were investigated. Ten healthy, right-handed adults stood facing a 17'' touchscreen. They were instructed to press with their right index fingertip a push bottom and touch the center of the target displayed on the screen after it was lighted on, moving quickly their arm. The target was shown either ipsi- or contralateral to the right arm and either in a certain or uncertain position. Reaction time (RT), movement time (MT), and radial error (RE) were assessed. Results revealed shorter RT (≈ 35 ms) and smaller RE (≈ 0.19 cm) for certain than for uncertain condition and slightly longer RT (≈ 8 ms) and MT (≈ 18 ms) for reaches towards the contralateral target. In conclusion, the findings of this study showing the effect of uncertainty of target location as well as target position are also applied to arm reaching in standing position. Los efectos de la ubicación de la diana y la incertidumbre acerca de la posición de la diana en los movimientos de alcance fueron investigados. Diez adultos sanos y diestros estaban frente a una pantalla táctil de 17''. Se les instruyó para presionar un interruptor con el dedo índice derecho y tocar el centro de la diana que aparece en la pantalla después de haber sido iluminado, moviéndo rápidamente su miembro superior. La diana fue mostrada ya sea ipsi o contralateralmente y los participantes tenían o no certidumbre sobre la posición de la misma. El tiempo de reacción (TR), el tiempo de movimiento (TM), y el error radial (ER) fueron evaluados. Los resultados revelaron ser más cortos TR (≈ 35 ms) y RE menor (≈ 0,19cm) en la condición de certeza y mayores TR (≈ 8 ms) y TM (≈ 18 ms) en los movimientos hacia la meta contralateral. En conclusión, los hallazgos de este estudio que muestra los efectos de la incertidumbre de la ubicación de la diana, así como la posición de la diana se aplican también a movimientos de alcance en la posición erecta. Os efeitos da localiza o do alvo e da incerteza quanto à posi o do alvo em movimentos de alcance foram investigados. Dez adultos permaneceram em pé em frente a um monitor sensível ao toque. Eles foram instruídos a pressionar com o dedo indicador direito um interruptor e tocar o centro do alvo apresentado no monitor após ele acender, movendo o membro superior rapidamente. O alvo foi mostrado ipsi ou contralateralmente e os participantes tinham ou n o certeza sobre a posi o do alvo. O tempo de rea o (TR) e movimento (TM) e o erro radial (ER) foram avaliados. Os resultados revelaram meno
Avalia??o Comparativa do Teste Respiratório com Triglicerídeos Marcados com 13C no Diagnóstico n?o Invasivo da Insuficiência Pancreática Exócrina
Lopes,Sandra; Rom?ozinho,José Manuel; Donato,Maria Manuel; Oliveiros,Bárbara; Portela,Francisco; Figueiredo,Pedro; Leit?o,Maximino Correia;
Jornal Português de Gastrenterologia , 2011,
Abstract: aims: to assess the value of 13c-mixed triglyceride breath test (13c-mtg-bt) compared to faecal fat excretion and faecal elastase, in the diagnosis of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (epi) in chronic pancreatitis (cp). to correlate results of analysed tests with disease severity. to evaluate the reproducibility of the 13c-mtg-bt and among all which is the preferred test. material/methods: thirty consecutive patients with moderate (7) and severe (23) cp (group a) and 19 controls (group b) were prospectively studied. cp diagnosis and grading was done by cambridge?s classification. faecal fat and elastase: van de kamer and elisa methods, respectively. 13c-mtgbt included: solid test meal, 1 breath sample before and 12 after meal. diagnostic accuracy of each test was evaluated by roc curves. results: 13c-mtg-bt shows the highest accuracy [auc = 0.938;(p = 0.0001)] compared to faecal elastase [auc = 0.843;(p = 0.0001)] and faecal fat excretion [auc = 0.620;(p = 0.13)] in the discrimination between group a and b. the highest accuracy of the 13c-mtg-bt [auc = 0.925;(p = 0.0001)] is above all observed in the diagnosis of moderate epi, compared to faecal elastase [auc = 0.515;(p = 0.9)] and faecal fat excretion [auc = 0.530;(p = 0.8)]. 13c-mtg-bt shows high reproducibility (r = 0.891;p < 0.001) and it is the method of choice. conclusions: 13c-mtg-bt is the preferred non-invasive and reproducible method, which shows the highest accuracy in epi associated with cp, namely in moderate cases.
Institui??es, política e ajuste fiscal: o Brasil em perspectiva comparada
Loureiro, Maria Rita;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-69092001000300005
Abstract: this paper analyzes the institutional and political conditions of fiscal adjustment in a comparative perspective. focusing mainly on brazil, it also examines other countries, such as the united states, sweden and the netherlands which faced similar fiscal concerns in the 1980s. emphasizing the role of legal restrictions over public indebtedness and deficit, the paper shows that they are not sufficient to reduce deficit or high levels of financial debt. in order to be enforced, these restrictions depend on political conditions, such as government cohesion.
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