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Multi-Residue Levels of Persistent Organochlorine Pesticides in Edible Vegetables: A Human Health Risk Assessment  [PDF]
Samuel Oluyemi Adefemi, Samuel Sunday Asaolu, Olayinka Abidemi Ibigbami, Joshua Iseoluwa Orege, Mayowa Akeem Azeez, Abiodun Folasade Akinsola
Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment (JACEN) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jacen.2018.74013
Abstract: Background: This study evaluates the quantitative assessment of persistent organochorine pesticide (OCPs) residues in vegetables (Senecio biafrae) from four selected cocoa plantations in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Methods: The pesticides were extracted from the vegetable samples by using USEPA 3500C method and later clean-up on activated silica gel. The pesticides residues in the samples were determined using Gas Chromatography coupled with Electron Capture Detector (GC-ECD). Results: The results showed that the analyzed samples were contaminated with ten OCPs. The mean OCPs concentration ranged from ND0.399 mg/kg to ND0.379 mg/kg during the wet and dry seasons respectively.
Dermis-fat graft for contracted socket reconstruction in an indigenous black population, Southwestern Nigeria  [PDF]
Oluyemi Fasina
Case Reports in Clinical Medicine (CRCM) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/crcm.2019.84010
The purpose of this case series is to report the indications for dermis-fat grafting and the outcome of treatment in orbital soft tissue contraction among patients in a tertiary center. It is a retrospective, consecutive, interventional case series where all patients with orbital soft tissue contraction who had dermis-fat grafting were studied. All nine patients in our series underwent secondary dermis-fat grafting for orbital soft tissue reconstruction. The major cause for contracted socket was surgical eye removal following trauma. Eight of nine patients had no orbital implants inserted at the time of primary eye removal and eight patients have had failed orbital reconstructive procedures. Satisfactory cosmetic results were reported in all patients post-operatively. Dermis-fat grafting for contracted socket reconstruction was found to give satisfactory cosmetic results in our studied population.
Synergistic Effect of Combined Antibiotics against Some Selected Multidrug Resistant Human Pathogenic Bacteria Isolated from Poultry Droppings in Akure, Nigeria  [PDF]
Funmilola Oluyemi Omoya, Kehinde Oluyemi Ajayi
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2016.614100
Antibiotic resistant bacteria pass between humans, between animals and between humans and animals in both directions, the use of antibiotics in poultry has contributed to multiple antibiotic resistant in pathogenic bacteria and use of two antibiotics might prevent the emergence of resistance to either. In this study, synergistic effect of combined antibiotics against multidrug resistant human pathogenic bacterial isolates from poultry droppings in Akure, Nigeria was examined. Collection of samples, isolation and identification of bacteria were carried out using standard microbiological method, antibiotic sensitivity test was performed by disc diffusion method and zone of inhibition was used to interpret the sensitivity test as resistant, susceptible or intermediate while combined effects of two antibiotics were investigated by macrobroth dilution and checkerboard assay methods while the synergetic effects of combined antibiotics were calculated using Fractional Inhibitory Concentration (FIC) and percentage synergistic interaction was calculated. All the ten (10) species of bacterial isolates were multidrug resistant and are less resistant to ofloxacin. The highest percentage synergistic interactions observed were Ofloxacin + Amoxicillin (90%), Ciprofloxacin + Amoxicillin (90%), Tetracycline + Amoxicillin (70%), Tetracycline + Augmentin (80%), Cotrimoxazol + Amoxicillin (50%), Cotrimoxazol + Augmentin (70%), Chloramphenicol + Amoxicillin (70%) and Chloramphenicol + Augmentin (80%). Poultry droppings is a potential source of human pathogenic bacteria, high frequency of multiple antibiotic resistance bacteria observed in this study is of great treat to man as this may cause the treatment of infection caused by these bacteria to be difficult. Combination of beta-lactam antibiotic with fluoroqunolones, tetracycline, Chloramphenicol and Cotrimoxazole was synergetic and this will reduce dose related toxicity and prevent resistance to single antibiotic.
Tinea capitis in a 21-day-old neonate
SA Adefemi
South African Family Practice , 2010,
Abstract: LH is a two-month-old baby girl seen in the outpatient skin clinic of the Family Medicine Department of the Federal Medical Centre, Bida, Nigeria. She had a single erythematous plaque on her scalp of five weeks duration. The lesion was noticed soon after shaving the hair following the eighth day for the naming ceremony. Shaving of the head was done by a local mobile barber in the community. The scalp lesion was initially tiny but progressively increased in size. There was no history of fungal infection in the parents or siblings and other family members. There was also no history of keeping pets in the family.
The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: A Systematic Review  [PDF]
Michael Oluyemi Babalola
Journal of Tuberculosis Research (JTR) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jtr.2015.34025
Abstract: Background: Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the etiology of pulmonary and extra pulmonary tuberculosis is taunted to have predated the existence of mankind, and science has elucidated its presence in old Egyptian’ mummies, as it continues to evade current antibiotic treatments, wreck the havoc and decimate human populations. Presented here, are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and the first proposal for the application of this innovative concept in the field of Tuberculosis research, to proffer holistic platform, focused knowledge, and strategies at undermining the prowess of the tubercle bacilli and overcoming its scourge. Materials and Methods: A systematic review was carried out to mine data on the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities and threats to M. tb, by review of several publications using meaningful theme and specific search phrases on the subject. Results: Strengths of Mycobacterium tuberculosis include: possession of abundant cell wall mycothiol; M. tb is highly contagious and requires low infectious dose (ID50) to establish infection; ability to specifically target and replicate in the host’ macrophages; ability to establish extrapulmonary multiorgan involvement; dual polymorphism i.e. existence in both an actively replicating form as well as or latent state; assumption of variable metabolic states; delayed seeding from the lungs of the replicating bacteria cells to the mediastinal lymph nodes; delayed macrophage apoptosis prior to bacterial growth and ultimate cellular necrosis; ability to shift to glyoxylate pathway during lipid metabolism in lieu of glucose during persistence phase in the host. Weaknesses of M. tuberculosis include: the requirement for growth of a membrane protein called Rv3671c during in vivo replication for survival in the acidic milieu of the macrophages and phagosome; M. tb is a fastidious slow growing bacterium with long generation time; establishment of productive infection in less than 10% of infected subjects; the bacterium is strictly an intracellular aerobic pathogen; and variable bacteria level of adenosine triphosphate. Opportunities harnessed by M. tb include: development and spread of resistant strains owing to inadequate and inappropriate drug treatment; limited efficacy and use of BCG Vaccine; MDR-TB is under-diagnosed in children; pathogenic synergy of coinfection of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB); difficulty of TB screening in HIV-infected
Development and Optimisation of Drying Parameters for Low-Cost Hybrid Solar Dryer Using Response Surface Method  [PDF]
Adeodu O. Adefemi, Daniyan A. Ilesanmi
Journal of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems (JSBS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jsbs.2018.82002
Abstract: After harvest and storage problems are major dilemma, which requires to be looked into carefully in developing nation like Nigeria. This paper presents a development of low-cost hybrid solar dryer for food preservation with the objective of setting optimum drying parameters for the preservation of cassava and tomato products. The work was carried out by designing, constructing and finally evaluating the hybrid dryer for effective performance. The optimization of the drying parameters was done using composite technique (Response surface method). The assessment of the dryer shows that 150 Kg cassava mesh and 5000 grams of tomato with 35% and 94% moisture content, respectively were dried to 100 Kg and 334 g with 10% moisture level for 4 hours and 11 hours respectively, for cassava and tomato. The optimization result shows that the dryer will perform optimally with drying temperature of 62°C and 48°C for cassava and tomato respectively with 24% and 91% moisture uptake. Therefore, sustainable techniques for preservation of food are essentially required. Hybrid solar dryer is an alternative to consider in the situation.
Intestinal helminthes infestation among pupils in rural and urban communities of Kwara State, Nigeria
SA Adefemi, OI Musa
African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology , 2006,
Determination of physico-chemical parameters and heavy metals in water samples from Itaogbolu area of Ondo-State, Nigeria
SO Adefemi, EE Awokunmi
African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: Water samples from selected hand-dug wells and Ona River in Itaogbolu area of Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria were collected, physico-chemical parameters and heavy metals were determined using standard analytical procedure. The results of the physico-chemical analysis were obtained in the following range; PH (6.59-7.68), temperature (21.10-27.10oC), conductivity (300-1150 ê/cm), chloride (78.10-156.20 mg/l), total hardness (130-298 mg/l), sulphate (82.50-97.00 mg/l), TDS (0.02-0.09%) and alkalinity (0.92-2.45 mg/l). The highest value of physico-chemical parameters (compared with wells) was obtained in Ona River. The concentration of heavy metals (mg/l) in the well and Ona river samples were found in the following range; Zn (5.5-9.2), Cr (ND-0.4), Pb (ND-0.2),Cu (ND-0.4), Ni (ND-0.1) and Fe (0.1-5.3). Cadmium was not detected at all in all water samples. The results obtained fell within the maximum allowable limit set by World Health Organization for drinking water except for water from Ona river.
Transactions Costs and Agricultural Household Supply Response of Maize Farmers in Osun State of Nigeria
Oladejo Joana Adefemi
Journal of Economics Theory , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/jeth.2011.28.31
Abstract: This research looked into the relationship between transactions costs and agricultural household supply response among maize farmers in Osun state. Multistage random sampling technique was employed in selecting 180 respondents for the study. A structured interview schedule was used to collect data from the respondents. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and an estimation of Cobb-Douglas regression model. The descriptive analysis revealed mean age of respondents as 42.7 years while 93% were married. It further showed that 52.2% of the farmers depended on personal savings in financing their maize production activities while only 14.4% of them received no formal education at all. Adjusted R2 for the regression analysis was 0.734 showing that 73.4% of the variation in quantity of maize supplied by respondents was explained by the estimated variables. Data analysis showed that significant relationships exist between transactions costs and agricultural household supply response in the study area. The study concluded that in addition to price factor, transactions costs contribute significantly to agricultural household supply decisions and consequently recommends that policies that reduce transactions costs should be formulated and implemented to serve as compliments to various price policies in ensuring adequate returns to farmers investment and stimulate expansion in food production, thereby enhancing the level of food security in Nigeria.
Economic Analysis of Frozen Chicken Marketing in Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria
Oladejo Joana Adefemi
Research Journal of Poultry Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/rjpscience.2011.45.49
Abstract: The study was designed to analyze the economics of frozen chicken marketing in Badagry local government area of Lagos state. Primary data were obtained from forty five frozen chicken marketers randomly selected from the study area. Analytical tools used include descriptive statistics which was used to describe the socio-economic characteristics of the chicken marketers. The study discovered that average age of respondents was 37.6 years. Majority of them (88.9%) were female while 77.8% were married. In addition, most (78.9%) of the respondents have a household size below 5. The average years of frozen chicken marketing experience for the respondents was 7.16. Budgetary analysis was employed to investigate the profitability of frozen chicken enterprise in the area. The result revealed that the enterprise is profitable with per week gross margin and benefit cost ratio of 8366.40 and 1.2, respectively. The regression analysis result shows that the marketing cost components that have significant effect on the marketers revenue include cost of chicken, cost of fuel and years of schooling. Major problems facing the respondents include finance and erratic electricity supply. The study concluded that frozen chicken marketing is a profitable business. It was therefore, recommended that the marketers should form a cooperative group with the aim of provision of timely loans to its members in financing their frozen marketing activities.
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