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The Provider Payment System of the National Health Insurance Scheme in Ghana
Hannah Fosuaa Amo,Kwadjo Ansah-Adu,Samuel N.Y. Simpson
Studies in Sociology of Science , 2013, DOI: 10.3968/j.sss.1923018420130401.999
Abstract: The overriding concern of this paper is to examine opportunities and constraints of provider-payment system being used to manage health insurance in Ghana. Mindful of this objective, the study employed a survey approach to collect data, which involved the use of questionnaires, interviews and observation. Three out of the ten administrative regions were randomly selected to for the study. Thirty insurance schemes and 30 health service providers were randomly selected given that regions were our unit of analysis. Apart from these, 50 subscribers were purposively selected from Greater Accra; Central, Brong-Ahafo, and Ashanti regions were sampled for the study with a response rate of 97%. The results of the study show that inadequate funding characterised by delays in the release of subsidies result in the interruption of payment to service providers. Though the payment system is rated as satisfactory, it does not allow providers to achieve reasonable cash flow and as such it affects the value of health care provided to subscribers. The disruptions in re-imbursements can potentially undermine quality of health services provided to subscribers. It is therefore recommended that the national insurance authority devised mechanisms that will ensure prompt payment to providers as one of the several means of promoting quality healthcare. Key words: District mutual health insurance scheme; National health insurance scheme; Provider payment system
Exudative Inflammatory Eye Response in Cataract Surgery: Current View on the Problem
N.Y. Belousova
Sovremennye Tehnologii v Medicine , 2011,
Abstract: There has been analyzed one of the most frequent and serious complications of cataract surgery — exudative inflammatory response (EIR) of eye. There has been presented current view on etiopathogenesis of the condition, classifications and the description of clinical presentation of various EIR types have been given. Known techniques of prognosis and prevention of postoperative exudative uveites have been presented. There have been given present methods of complex treatment of eye EIR: drug treatment, laser therapy and surgery.
Effect of Growth Hormones i.e., GA3 and Kinetin and Heavy Metal i.e., Pb(NO3)2 on the Seedlings of Cucumis sativus L.
Aleeza Hassan,N.Y. Chaudhry
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2004,
Abstract: Effect of growth hormones i.e., kinetin and gibberellic acid as well as heavy metal i.e., Pb(NO3)2 were studied pertaining to external and internal morphology of Cucumis sativus L. Moreover, the histomorphology of leaf was also studied. The following concentrations of growth hormones i.e., 40 ppm kinetin, 200 ppm GA3 and heavy metal i.e., 100 ppm Pb(NO3)2 and 200 ppm Pb(NO3)2 were applied individually. In combinations, they were 40 ppm kinetin, 100 ppm Pb(NO3)2, 40 ppm kinetin+200 ppm Pb(NO3)2, 200 ppm GA3+100 ppm Pb(NO3)2 and 200 ppm GA3+200 ppm Pb(NO3)2. In the external morphology, applied kinetin revealed reduction in the length of internode and petiole, which was accompanied by expansion in diameter. Furthermore, it increased the fresh and dry weight. Applied GA3 registered increase in length and inhibition in diameter and decrease in fresh and dry weight. Application of Pb(NO3)2 treatments showed decrease in length as well as in fresh and dry weight, which was accompanied by some expansion in diameter. The results of mixed doses of Pb(NO3)2 with kinetin and GA3 were more or less similar as observed in individual doses of kinetin and GA3. In the leaf, fresh and dry weight, leaf area and number of leaves were increased with kinetin. Contrarily Pb(NO3)2 treatments revealed inhibition in fresh and dry weight and leaf area. Moreover, number of stomata/mm2, stomatal index and %age of open stomata showed increase with kinetin. In the internal morphology of internode, the epidermis, cortical collenchyma and parenchyma, cambial region, xylary region and pith showed increase with kinetin and decrease with GA3. In the petiole, the epidermis, collenchymatous hypodermis and xylary elements showed expansion with kinetin and Pb(NO3)2 treatments, while inhibition was observed with GA3. In the case of leaf, width of epidermal cells, size and number of mesophyll cells and width of xylem elements revealed increase with kinetin, while rest of the treatments showed no significant effect.
Morphogenetic Effect of Growth Hormones i.e., Indole-3-Acetic Acid, Gibberellic Acid and Heavy Metal i.e., Lead Nitrate on the External and Internal Morphology of Seedlings of Cicer arietinum L.
Tahseen Fatima,N.Y. Chaudhry
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2004,
Abstract: The present study on Cicer arietinum L., deals with the morphogenetic effects of growth hormones i.e., IAA, GA3 and heavy metal i.e., Pb(NO3)2 on the external and internal morphology of the plant. Following concentrations of hormones and heavy metal were used individually; 200 ppm IAA, 200 ppm GA3 and 50 ppm Pb(NO3)2. In combination 200 ppm IAA+200 ppm GA3, 200 ppm IAA+50 ppm Pb(NO3)2, 200 ppm GA3+50 ppm Pb(NO3)2, 200 ppm IAA+200 ppm GA3+50 ppm Pb(NO3)2. Results were collected after 15 days and compared with control. Extraneous IAA inhibited elongation in root, hypocotyl and shoot, which was accompanied by increase in diameter. Contrarily, increase in length accompanied by inhibited diameter was observed with the doses of GA3. Applied 50 ppm Pb(NO3)2 individually as well as in combination with GA3 and in the mixture of all three doses inhibited length. Number of rootlets increased with the application of IAA and were inhibited with Pb(NO3)2. Branching was promoted by IAA and IAA+GA3. Number of compound leaves increased with IAA, IAA+GA3 treatment. Moreover number of leaflets in first three compound leaves decreased with Pb(NO3)2 and IAA+Pb(NO3)2. Leaflet area decreased with Pb(NO3)2 and GA3+Pb(NO3)2 treatment. In the internal morphology of root, shoot and rachis epidermal cells remained more or less constant in treated plants. Width of cortical region, cortical cells, xylary region and pith of root and shoot showed expansion with IAA and inhibition with GA3 applications. 200 ppm IAA showed expansion in width and early maturation of metaxylem elements. Width of rachis and ground tissue showed inhibition with GA3, Pb(NO3)2 and GA3+Pb(NO3)2 applications. Number of vascular bundles of rachis remained same except with Pb(NO3)2 and GA3+Pb(NO3)2 which showed inhibition in number.
Jayapal .Maleraju, and N.Y. Sreedhar
Heterocyclic Letters , 2013,
Abstract: Cross aldol condensations of ketones with aromatic aldehydes are carried out efficiently in the presence of magnesium hydrogen sulfate under solvent – free conditions in good to excellent yield without the occurrence of any self – condensation.
Features and prospects of tourist services marketing in Ukraine
А.S. Teletov,N.Y. Kosolap
Marketing ì Mened?ment Innovacìj , 2012,
Abstract: The article is devoted to solving problems of tourist route planning with the use of marketing technologies. It also deals with the purpose of marketing in tourist industry and quality model of tourist services. The article touches the decision-making model in tourist product development as well. Besides the project of historical tourist route to EURO-2012 is presented.
Indian Streams Research Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises plays a pivotal role in the economic development of our country. Just like farmers are the backbone of Indian Agriculture, our MSME's are the chlorophyll for the photosynthesis of industrialization. With the introduction of MSMED Act 2006 with effect from 2nd October, 2006, a huge disparity has been created. There is now a new benchmark of Micro-Micro, Micro- small, Smallmedium industries. This essentially means that there should be a different approach in tackling the problem of the same sector, which is largely diverse. The liberalization has brought a sea change in the attitudes, values and behavior of the customers who has little consideration for the home made goods. Goa the land of sun, sea and sand is no exception to this. An attempt has been made in this paper to identify MSEM level tribulation in Goa. These tribulations are many and have been changing as per the nature of situation, product, locations, economy … and many others. This paper highlights some identified issue of MSMEs makeover of Tribulations, recurring emerging tribulations, rehabilitations of MSMEs and finally giving some few solutions for the rehabilitations and modernizations using modernization fund.
Indian Streams Research Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Personality development is important in any environment. At office: Personality development is essential, because with the right personality and social skills, one can interact effortlessly and well with colleagues and team-participation becomes simpler, as everyone dwells into matters with positive approaches, due to the personality development. Age plays a major role in the interaction of siblings particularly in the first 20 years of their life. As the children are growing they begin to imbibe the values, norms and behaviour patterns observable in the family. These form the crux of their personality development. The nature of interaction determines the level of positive relationship that exists within the children. These activities and practices witnessed by children affect the children in all spheres of life.
N.Y. Sreedhar et al
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research , 2012,
Abstract: The voltammetric behavior of olopatadine was investigated at hanging mercury drop electrode using cyclic voltammetry and differential pulse voltammetry. The drug under study exhibited a single, well-defined reduction peak owing to the reduction of carbon-carbon double bond. The electrode and reaction conditions which yielded maximum peak current were established using differential pulse voltammetry. A linear relationship was observed between the peak current and the concentration of olopatadine over the range 1.0 x10-8 M to 4.0 x10-7 M. The limits of detection and limits of quantitation were found to be 1.92ng/mL and 6.34ng/mL respectively. The proposed method was successfully applied for the determination of olopatadine in pharmaceutical formulations without interference from excipients.
The Assessment Criteria of Morphological Changes of Duodenal Mucosa in Gastroduodenitis in Follow-up
N.B. Pletnyova,N.Y. Shirokova
Sovremennye Tehnologii v Medicine , 2011,
Abstract: The aim of the investigation is to determine prognostic criteria of the course of chronic gastroduodenitis in young patients based on the analysis of dysregenerative process in duodenal mucosa in the same patients at school age. Materials and Methods. There were examined 24 patients with chronic gastroduodenitis (CGD) in exacerbation, aged 7–14 years. And 18–20 years later 20 patients of the same group were examined outpatiently. Results. The revealed parallels of morphological changes in duodenal mucosa in the same patients in childhood and in adults suggest that the presence of recurrent diffuse inflammatory process characterizing severe duodenitis at school age causes persistent structural changes. The shortening of villi contours, the decrease of crypts volume, and morphometrical confirmation of the monomorphic character of epithelial layer and cellular spectrum of lamina propria taking into account leiomyocyti in the gradient ”villus-crypt” are informative criteria complex that allows suggesting duodenal mucosa atrophy.
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