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Surgically induced necrotizing scleritis after pterygium surgery
Gokhale Nikhil,Samant Rohini
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology , 2007,
Abstract: We report a case of surgically induced necrotizing scleritis following pterygium surgery with the bare sclera technique, without the use of adjunctive irradiation or mitomycin C. The patient was successfully treated with systemic immunosuppression.
Reflections on Water: Architectural Manifestations in the Historic and Cultural Quarter along Lake Pichola in Udaipur
S Samant
Journal of Sustainable Development , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/jsd.v3n2p27
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to undertake a critical appreciation of the historic cultural quarter along the eastern edge of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, which is a result of its unique context with the objective of understanding the forces that underpin this development, examine its existing state, and highlight key concerns. The main issues that were highlighted include preservation of existing traditions, conservation and adaptive reuse of historic structures, sensitive and participatory planning and design, formalising of street activities, provision of infrastructure, and administrative structures to deliver the project, and organisation of awareness programs for the local community. The aim of this study is to develop a critical appreciation of the historic core and cultural quarter along the eastern edge of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, which is a result of its unique climatic, social, and topographical context, to chart the changes to this context, to draw attention to past patterns of growth. The objective is also to understand the forces that have influenced and underpin this development, examine its existing state and highlight key concerns. The study is limited to the historic core along the waterfront and its related structures along the eastern bank of Lake Pichola in Udaipur. The study demonstrated that the historic core along the lake front is a result of evolution that has been guided by dominant determinants such as its socio-economic hierarchy/structure, political, cultural, and religious factors, climate, availability of materials and technology. The overall form, settlement pattern and the massing of buildings in Udaipur are dominated by its physical attributes and in consonance with the topography and landscape, and ordered by the generative force of its land form and the lake. It is, however, subject to severe developmental and environmental pressures as a result of intense tourism related and commercial activities, unwarranted and haphazard building activities, continuous neglect of residential properties, some of the historic fabric and surviving artefacts, and poor infrastructure. If this trend were to continue, the problems will intensify manifold causing serious threat to this valuable environment, its urban spaces and exquisite edifices. Preservation of this waterfront, which plays a decisive role in solving critical urban, social and economic problems in this city, is vital. The main issues identified for consideration in this context were preservation of existing traditions, conservation of historic structures and adaptive reuse of bui
Climate Change: Trends and People’s Perception in Nepal  [PDF]
Rohini P. Devkota
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2014.54029

In the context of climate change, the frequency and intensity of extreme events such as floods and droughts will increase which could put tremendous challenges in water resources management in the coming days. While scientific knowledge on climate threats and changing climate patterns are essential, it is also important to consider the impacts in relation to how the threats are perceived and handled by local people. This paper intends to assess the trend and people’s perception on temperature and precipitation. Three focus groups’ discussion and a total number of 240 households were interviewed during field visit. The collected information was scaled from the least preferred-1 to the most preferred-5 based on their preferences. The trend of mean of annual average, maximum and minimum temperature indicates that the temperature has increased significantly and precipitation intensity and magnitude are also in increasing trend in the monsoon and postmonsoon seasons which may raise the extreme flood events. These facts were verified with the people’s perception. This finding could be useful for formulation of effective flood management policy and plan in this river basin as well as very applicable for other similar areas.

Studies of Uni-Univalent Ion Exchange Reactions Using Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin Amberlite IR-120  [PDF]
Pravin Singare, Ram Lokhande, Neelima Samant
Natural Science (NS) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2009.12015
Abstract: The selectivity behaviour of ion exchange resin Amberlite IR-120 for inorganic cations like sodium and potassium was predicted on the basis of thermodynamic data. The equilibrium constant K values calculated for uni-univalent ion exchange reaction systems were observed to increase with rise in temperature, indicating endothermic ion exchange reactions. From the K values calculated at different temperatures the enthalpy values were calculated. The low enthalpy and higher K values for K+ ion ex-change reaction indicates more affinity of the resin for potassium ions as compared to that for sodium ions also in the solution. The technique used in the present experimental work will be useful in understanding the selectivity behav-iour of different ion exchange resins for ions in the solution. Although the ionic selectivity data for the ion exchange resins is readily available in the literature, it is expected that the informa-tion obtained from the actual experimental trials will be more helpful. The technique used in the present experimental work when applied to dif-ferent ion exchange resins will help in there characterization.
Assessing Patient Outcomes after Palliative Radiotherapy Using IG-IMRT  [PDF]
Rajiv Samant, Michael Scopazzi, Kathy Carty
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2012.36130
Abstract: Purpose: To assess clinical outcomes after using IG-IMRT for palliation among patients with advanced cancers. Methods: Patients with advanced and/or metastatic cancers were treated on our Tomo-PAL (Tomotherapy?-Planning and Administration Linked) protocol using helical TomoTherapy? and evaluated to assess clinical efficacy of treatment as well as to assess side effects. Results: A total of 40 patients were treated to 40 sites from Feb 2007 to May 2009. There were 25 men and 15 women with a median age of 70 years (range 16 - 94). Pain and bleeding were the most common symptoms being palliated (80% and 12.5% respectively). The dose prescribed ranged from 5 - 25 Gy in 1 - 5 fractions. A qualitative improvement in symptoms was documented in 82% of patients (75% partial relief and 7% complete relief) and major side effects were not encountered. Conclusions: IG-IMRT can be used for palliation and produces response rates that compare favourably with those reported in the published literature.
Molecular Evolution of Cell Division Proteins FtsA, FtsL, and FtsZ in Bacteria: A Phylogenetic Analysis
Rohini, K.
Malaysian Journal of Microbiology , 2010,
Abstract: In the past 16s rRNA gene sequencing has been used to find out the evolutionary pattern and the phylogenetic relationship among bacteria. Despite its accuracy, 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis lacks widespread use beyond the large reference laboratories because of technical and cost considerations. The rapid development of the field of proteomics has now been very helpful in finding the phylogenetic relationship of microorganisms. An attempt has been made in this study to find out the molecular evolution of three cell division proteins FtsZ, FtsA and FtsL among certain bacteria and possibility of studying their phylogenetic relationship using various proteomics databases and tools. For the present study various economically and medically important bacteria were selected. The amino acid residue sequence of the three cell division proteins FtsZ, FtsA and FtsL were retrieved from UniprotKB database. The sequences thus obtained for each cell division protein were subjected to Multiple Sequence analysis in ClustalW database. The molecular evolution and phylogenetic study has been performed using TreeDomViwer. The study clearly revealed that the cell division proteins do follow a definitive evolutionary pattern and is based on gram staining character rather than the morphology. The present study has also clearly shown that the important conserved protein sequences can be very useful to study the phylogeny of bacteria.
Current fluctuations for independent random walks in multiple dimensions
Rohini Kumar
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Consider a system of particles evolving as independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) random walks. Initial fluctuations in the particle density get translated over time with velocity $\vec{v}$, the common mean velocity of the random walks. Consider a box centered around an observer who starts at the origin and moves with constant velocity $\vec{v}$. To observe interesting fluctuations beyond the translation of initial density fluctuations, we measure the net flux of particles over time into this moving box. We call this the ``box-current" process. We generalize this current process to a distribution valued process. Scaling time by $n$ and space by $\sqrt{n}$ gives current fluctuations of order $n^{d/4}$ where $d$ is the space dimension. The scaling limit of the normalized current process is a distribution valued Gaussian process with given covariance. The limiting current process is equal in distribution to the solution of a given stochastic partial differential equation which is related to the generalized Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process.
Hurwitz correspondences on compactifications of $\mathcal{M}_{0,N}$
Rohini Ramadas
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Hurwitz correspondences are certain multivalued maps from $\mathcal{M}_{0,N_1}$ to $\mathcal{M}_{0,N_2}$ that descend from holomorphic maps on Teichm\"uller space. We consider the dynamics of Hurwitz self-correspondences and ask: On which compactifications of $\mathcal{M}_{0,N}$ should they be studied? We compare a given Hurwitz self-correspondence $\mathcal{H}$ on two different compactifications: the stable curves compactification $\overline{\mathcal{M}}_{0,N}$ and an alternate weighted stable curves compactification. We use this comparison to show that for $k\ge\frac{\mathrm{dim}\mathcal{M}_{0,N}}{2}$, the $k$th dynamical degree of $\mathcal{H}$ is the spectral radius of a pushforward map induced by $\mathcal{H}$ on a comparatively small quotient of $H_{2k}(\overline{\mathcal{M}}_{0,N})$. We also show that this is the optimal result of its form.
Space-Time Current Process for Independent Random Walks in One Dimension
Rohini Kumar
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: In a system made up of independent random walks, fluctuations of order $n^{1/4}$ from the hydrodynamic limit come from particle current across characteristics. We show that a two-parameter space-time particle current process converges to a two-parameter Gaussian process. These Gaussian processes also appear as the limit for the one-dimensional random average process. The final section of this paper looks at large deviations of the current process.
Effect of Volatility Clustering on Indifference Pricing of Options by Convex Risk Measures
Rohini Kumar
Quantitative Finance , 2015, DOI: 10.1080/1350486X.2014.949805
Abstract: In this article, we look at the effect of volatility clustering on the risk indifference price of options described by Sircar and Sturm in their paper (Sircar, R., & Sturm, S. (2012). From smile asymptotics to market risk measures. Mathematical Finance. Advance online publication. doi:10.1111/mafi.12015). The indifference price in their article is obtained by using dynamic convex risk measures given by backward stochastic differential equations. Volatility clustering is modelled by a fast mean-reverting volatility in a stochastic volatility model for stock price. Asymptotics of the indifference price of options and their corresponding implied volatility are obtained in this article, as the mean-reversion time approaches zero. Correction terms to the asymptotic option price and implied volatility are also obtained.
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