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Life-history traits in an evergreen Mediterranean oak respond differentially to previous experimental environments
J. M. Rey Benayas, B. Cuesta, P. Villar-Salvador,P. Jáuregui
Web Ecology (WE) , 2008, DOI: 10.5194/we-8-74-2008
Abstract: Living organisms respond both to current and previous environments, which can have important consequences on population dynamics. However, there is little experimental evidence based on long-term field studies of the effects of previous environments on the performance of individuals. We tested the hypothesis that trees that establish under different environmental conditions perform differently under similar post-establishment conditions. We used the slow-growing, evergreen Mediterranean oak Quercus ilex subsp. rotundifolia as target species. We analyzed the effects of previous environments, competition effects and tradeoffs among life-history traits (survival, growth, and reproduction). We enhanced seedling establishment for three years by reducing abiotic environmental harshness by means of summer irrigation and artificial shading in 12 experimental plots, while four plots remained as controls. Then these treatments were interrupted for ten years. Seedlings under ameliorated environmental conditions survived and grew faster during early establishment. During the post-management period, previous treatments 1) did not have any effect on survival, 2) experienced a slower above-ground growth, 3) decreased root biomass as indicated from reflectivity of Ground Penetration Radar, 4) increased acorn production mostly through a greater canopy volume and 5) increased acorn production effort. The trees exhibited a combination of effects related to acclimation for coping with abiotic stress and effects of intra-specific competition. In accordance with our hypothesis, tree performance overall depended on previous environmental conditions, and the response was different for different life-history traits. We recommend early management because it increased plot cover, shortened the time to attain sexual maturity and increased the amount of acorn production. Plots such as those assessed in this study may act as sources of propagules in deforested agricultural landscapes thus aiding natural establishment of new plants.
Overview of the nutritional status of selected micronutrients in Mexican children in 2006
Shamah-Levy,Teresa; Villalpando,Salvador; Jáuregui,Alejandra; Rivera,Juan A.;
Salud Pública de México , 2012,
Abstract: objetive: to present an overview of micronutrient status of mexican children in 2006. materials and methods: data on iron, zinc, folate and vitamin b12 deficiencies and low serum copper and magnesium were gathered and critically analyzed from the 2006 national health and nutrition survey. results: iron deficiency is still the main nutritional deficiency in children (13%-26%). zinc deficiency was high in all age groups (≈25%) but reduced 5.6 pp in children <5 y from 1999 to 2006. folate deficiency was 3.2% and vitamin b12 deficiency 7.7% in children. low serum magnesium and copper were high (22.6% and 30.6%, respectively). conclusions: the prevalence of iron deficiency seems to be lowering, and zinc deficiency has reduced in mexican children. a high prevalence of copper and magnesium deficiencies warrants further research on their public health implications.
Revista de Revistas.
Jon Jáuregui Isasmendi,JJ López Castillo,M Salvador Robert,Rosa Villanueva
Revista de la Asociación Espa?ola de Neuropsiquiatría , 1992,
Abstract: Psiquiatría dinámica en la "década del cerebro". Psychodynamic psychiatry in the "decade of the brain". G.o. Gabbard. Am J Pschiatry. Agosto 1992; 149: 991-998. J. Jáuregui Isasmendi El cambio psíquico: desarrollo en la teoría de las técnicas psicoanalíticas. Psychic change: development in the theory of psychoanalytic techniques. A. Cooper. International Journal of Psychoanalysis. Summer 1992; vol 73, part 2: pp 245-250. J. López Castillo Tiene efecto catártico un intento de suicidio?. An attempted suicide actually have a cathartic effect?. Jo. Bronish. Acta Psychiatr Scand. 1992; 86: 228-232. M. Salvador Robert La exposición prenatal a la gripe no causa esquizofrenia. Prenatal exposure to influenza does not cause schizophrenia. JJ. Crovv, D.J. Oone. British Journal of Psychiatry. 1992; 161: 390-393. Rosa Villanueva Pe a Alexitimia en mujeres con anorexia nerviosa. Alexithymia in women with anorexia nervosa. M.P Bourke et al. British Journal of Psychiatry. 1992; 161: 240-243. M. A. Casado Prieto Dinámica de caos en la actividad del sistema nervioso autónomo durante una sesión de psicoterapia. Chaotic dynamics in autonomic nervous system activity of a patient during a psychotherapy session. D.J. Redington, S.P Reidbord. Biol Psychiatry. 1992; 31: 984-992. P. Pérez Sales, T. Ferrer Gila Uso de psicofármacos en el paciente con infección por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana. J.L. Ayuso Mateas. Farmacología del S.N.C. Septiembre 1992; vol 6, N.o 3: pp 94-101. I. Morales Tratamiento de mantenimiento de la depresión recurrente orientación actual y futura. Maintenance treatment in recurrent depresion: current and future directions. D.J. Kupfer. British Journal 01 Psychiatry 1992; 161: 309-316. F. Rodríguez y González-Nicolás Comportamientos de riesgo para el VIH/SIDA entre los enfermos mentales crónicos. AIDS/HIV risk behavior among the cronic mentally ill. J.A. Kelly et al. Am J Psychiatry. July 1992; 149: 7. J.J. Marin Lozano Tipos de alcohólicos. 1. Evidencia de una tipología empírica basada en indicadores de vulnerabilidad y severidad. Types of alcoholics. l. Evidence for an empirically derived typology based on indicators of vulnerability and severity. TF Babor, M. Hofmann, FK. Del Broca, V Hesselbrock, R. E. Meyer, Z.S. Dolinsky, B. Rounsaville. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1992; 49: 599-608. Pérez Jiménez, J.P. Es el momento para una moratoria en la desinstitucionalización?. Is it time for a moratorium on deinstitutionalization?. R. Lamb. Hospital and Community Psychiatry. July 1992; vol 43, n.o 77. v. Aparicio Basauri Prevalencia de trastornos mentales
Physical activity and fat mass gain in Mexican school-age children: a cohort study
Alejandra Jáuregui, Salvador Villalpando, Eduardo Rangel-Baltazar, Yaveth A Lara-Zamudio, Marcia M Castillo-García
BMC Pediatrics , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2431-12-109
Abstract: The MVPA (5-d accelerometry), BMI, FM and FFM (air displacement plethysmography) were measured at baseline and endline. Associations between gains in BMI, FM and FFM and changes in MVPA were examined using lagged and dynamic regression models, controlling for energy intake and demographic variables.A total of 205 children were analyzed. Gender affected the effect of MVPA on FM gain. In girls, a high baseline MVPA predicted a lower FM gain (-0.96 kg, p=0.025) compared to low/medium MVPA. Increasing, decreasing or having a persistently high MVPA predicted a lower FM gain (range -1.6 to -1.03 kg, p<0.05) compared to persistently low MVPA. In boys, increases in MVPA were associated with higher gains in BMI (+0.76 kg/m2, p=0.04) and FFM (+1.1 kg, p=0.01) compared to persistently low MVPA.These results support a protective role of MVPA on FM gain in girls, suggesting that it may play a crucial role in the development of obesity. Further research on the gender effect of MVPA is warranted to better understand its role in the prevention and control of overweight and obesity.Childhood obesity is an alarming public health problem worldwide [1]. The negative consequences of obesity include short and long-term social and economic consequences and emotional and pathophysiologic complications at individual level [2,3]. In México, the summed prevalence of overweight and obesity in children was 24.3% at 6 y of age and 32.5% at 12-y of age [4], representing a difference of 12.2 percentage points, the largest during elementary school.Lack of physical activity is assumed to be an important contributing factor in the development of childhood obesity [5,6]. Many studies have investigated the association between objectively measured physical activity and obesity in children; however results have been inconsistent [7,8], probably due to inadequate measurements of physical activity and body composition [9] or study design flaws [8]. It has been proposed that physical activity intensity may
The physical activity level of Mexican children decreases upon entry to elementary school
Jáuregui,Alejandra; Villalpando,Salvador; Rangel-Baltazar,Eduardo; Castro-Hernández,Jessica; Lara-Zamudio,Yaveth; Méndez-Gómez-Humarán,Ignacio;
Salud Pública de México , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-36342011000300007
Abstract: objective: to compare the physical activity patterns of a cohort of mexican children in kindergarten (k), first (1es) and second grade (2es) of elementary school. material and methods: the physical activity of 217 children (123 girls and 94 boys) aged 5-6 years was measured (five full-day triaxial accelerometry) annually.weekday and weekend moderate/ vigorous physical activity (mvpa) and school and off-school mvpa was calculated. comparisons between surveys were made using longitudinal multilevel generalized linear models. results: weekday mvpa was 22 and 37 min/d lower for 1es (p=0.06) and 2es (p<0.01), respectively, compared to k. school mvpa for 1es and 2es was 37 (-5.0 min/h) and 40% (-5.5 min/h) (p<0.001) lower, respectively, compared to k. no differences were found between weekend and off-school mvpa among school stages (p>0.5). conclusion: mvpa was significantly reduced from k to es,in part because of a decline in mvpa during school activities. interventions targeted to school environment modifications should be promoted.
3 proyectos en favelas
ARQ (Santiago) , 2003, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-69962003005500008
Abstract: micro-town-planning? faith in the healing (or saving?) power of architecture? these three interventions form part of the "favela bairro" project, an initiative to encourage families to settle in the favelas of rio de janeiro by offering better living conditions in their neighborhoods. the program proposals mainly relate to recreation and use of leisure time; the world of work and productivity is not the only answer, apparently, to the problems of marginality and urban poverty.
The heat spells of Mexico City
Jáuregui, Ernesto;
Investigaciones geográficas , 2009,
Abstract: the warning of urban air has been documented to increase in intensity and area as cities grow (oke, 1982). as the cities grow the so called "heat island" tends to increase the risk of more frequent heat waves as well as their impacts (ipcc, 2001). threshold values to define a heat wave vary geographically. for the case of mexico city located in a high inland valley in the tropics, values above 30° c (daily maximum observed for three or more consecutive days and 25° c or more as mean temperature) have been adopted to define the phenomenon. these events occur at the end of the dry season during march to may when afternoon relative humidity is quite low (~20%) and thus reducing the stress. maximum temperature data from the observatory of the national meteorological service were used. results show that during the second half of the xxth century the frequency of heat waves as defined above has doubled from 6 events/decade to 16/decade in the 1990s with a marked increase in the last third of the last century when population of the city grew from 8.5 to 18.5 million (conapo, 2000). during this time the average urban/rural contrast grew considerably from about 6° c to 10° c (jáuregui, 1986). while these heat waves may be considered as "mild" they receive attention from the media and prompt actions by the population to relieve the heat stress. application of heat indices based on the human energy balance (pet and pmv) result in moderate to strong heat stress during these events. because climate change is expected to raise nighttime minimum temperatures more than daytime highs (as suggested by the ipcc, 2001) urban heat islands and their related heat waves are likely to be a significant health concern in days to come in large urban centers especially in the developing countries.
Impact of land-use changes on the climate of the Mexico City Region
Jáuregui, Ernesto;
Investigaciones geográficas , 2004,
Abstract: it is well established that anthropogenic land-use changes directly affect the atmospheric boundary layer at the mesoscale dimensions. located in the high lands of central mexico, the basin of mexico (7 500 km2) has undergone a widespread conversion of natural vegetation to urban and agricultural land by deforestation. while the urban extension of the capital city occupied 6% of the basin in 1960, at the end of the twentieth century the urban sprawl had increased considerably to 20% of the total area. this phenomenal growth has impacted on the thermal climate of substantial portions of the basin. in this paper using annual temperature and precipitation data for a 25 year period, an attempt is made to identify interdecadal climate changes. results show that large areas of the basin have changed toward a warmer drier climate. while afternoon temperatures have increased at a rate of 0.07° c/yr in the suburbs of the city the corresponding area averaged value for the rural sites is somewhat less: 0.06° c/yr. the afternoon temperature increase for the total number of stations used was 0.06° c/yr. the area-averaged minimum temperature increase in suburban stations (3) was 0.15° c/yr while that corresponding to surrounding rural sites was 0.08° c/yr for period 1961-1985. this last result illustrates the relevant role the heat island phenomenon has had in changing the thermal climate as compared with that observed in the rural environment.
Algunas referencias útiles para entender la proyección de la educación nacional al continente y al mundo
Bravo Jáuregui,Luis;
Investigación y Postgrado , 2008,
Abstract: this paper studies how national education was projected to the continent during the years of 1999-2003; through the analysis of a chronology derived of the data base of venezuelan educational memory project; where the most important events associated with the internationalization of venezuelan pedagogy are put in order, because of an international campaign for the eradication of the illiteracy in bolivia. the educational country recognizable in the years of 1999-2003 does not seem to be in the best institutional conditions to export a supposed miracle. however, the international topic appears stronger that in other periods studied, and the educational missions, mainly the robinson i, are consolidated as the most genuine expression of the national educational activity.
Possible impact of urbanization on the thermal climate of some large cities in México
Atmósfera , 2005,
Abstract: urbanization has been the dominant demographic trend during the second half of the 20th century in méxico. in 2000 there were 69 cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants of which 9 of them exceeded one million population, totalizing 53.4 million. using time series of mean monthly temperature for about a dozen available stations, this paper sets out to examine temperature changes occurring during the late 20th century. since it is well established that urban warming is mainly a nocturnal phenomenon minimum temperature series were selected after a test for homogeneity. trend analysis was applied to the minimum temperature series and a linear regression coefficient was obtained. tests of significance were performed. most of the positive trends proved to be significant (>90%). although temperature trend variability amongst the individual cities was large (from 0.02°c/decade to 0.74 °c/decade) average temperature increase in large (>106 inhabitants) cities was (0.57 °c/decade) considerably higher than that corresponding to medium size urban centers where on the average temperature increase was 0.37 °c/decade. these temperature increases express not only the urbanization effect but also that due to global climate change (of the order of 0.07 °c/decade) and natural variability. in concluding it may be said that increasing urbanization in méxico has originated a positive trend in urban temperatures which has implications for human comfort and health.
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