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Ontology-based collaborative framework for disaster recovery scenarios
Sakkaravarthi Ramanathan,Aymen Kamoun,Khalil Drira,Christophe Chassot
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: This paper aims at designing of adaptive framework for supporting collaborative work of different actors in public safety and disaster recovery missions. In such scenarios, firemen and robots interact to each other to reach a common goal; firemen team is equipped with smart devices and robots team is supplied with communication technologies, and should carry on specific tasks. Here, reliable connection is mandatory to ensure the interaction between actors. But wireless access network and communication resources are vulnerable in the event of a sudden unexpected change in the environment. Also, the continuous change in the mission requirements such as inclusion/exclusion of new actor, changing the actor's priority and the limitations of smart devices need to be monitored. To perform dynamically in such case, the presented framework is based on a generic multi-level modeling approach that ensures adaptation handled by semantic modeling. Automated self-configuration is driven by rule-based reconfiguration policies through ontology.
Routing Strategy Selection for Zigbee Mesh Networks  [PDF]
Ramanathan Karthikeyan
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2010.37081
Abstract: Based on IEEE 802.15.4 Low Rate-Wireless Personal Area Network (LR-WPAN) standard, the Zigbee standard has been proposed to interconnect simple, low rate and battery powered wireless devices. The deployment of Zigbee network is expected to facilitate numerous applications such as Home-appliance networks, home healthcare, medical monitoring and environmental sensors. An effective routing scheme is more important for Zigbee mesh networks. In order to achieve effective routing in Zigbee Mesh networks, a Zigbee protocol module is realized using NS-2. The suitable routing for different data services in the Zigbee application layer and a best routing strategy for Zigbee mesh network are proposed. The simulation shows the selection of suitable routing for continuous data services and for bursting data services in the Zigbee application layer and the comparison of three routing strategies namely ERD (All packets Enable Route Discovery), SRD (All packets Suppress Route Discovery) and BOS (routing Based on Data Services) in the aspects of Efficiency and Overhead.
Multicomponent coherently coupled and incoherently coupled solitons and their collisions
T. Kanna,K. Sakkaravarthi
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1088/1751-8113/44/28/285211
Abstract: We consider the integrable multicomponent coherently coupled nonlinear Schr\"odinger (CCNLS) equations describing simultaneous propagation of multiple fields in Kerr type nonlinear media. The correct bilinear equations of $m$-CCNLS equations are obtained by using a non-standard type of Hirota's bilinearization method and the more general bright one solitons with single hump and double hump profiles including special flat-top profiles are obtained. The solitons are classified as coherently coupled solitons and incoherently coupled solitons depending upon the presence and absence of coherent nonlinearity arising due to the existence of the co-propagating modes/components. Further, by obtaining the more general two-soliton solutions using this non-standard bilinearization approach we demonstrate that the collision among coherently coupled soliton and incoherently coupled soliton displays a non-trivial collision behaviour in which the former always undergoes energy switching accompanied by an amplitude dependent phase-shift and change in the relative separation distance, leaving the latter unaltered. But the collision between coherently coupled solitons alone is found to be standard elastic collision. Our study also reveals the important fact that the collision between incoherently coupled solitons arising in the $m$-CCNLS system with $m=2$ is always elastic, whereas for $m>2$ the collision becomes intricate and for this case the $m$-CCNLS system exhibits interesting energy sharing collision of solitons characterized by intensity redistribution, amplitude dependent phase-shift and change in relative separation distance which is similar to that of the multicomponent Manakov soliton collisions. This suggests that the $m$-CCNLS system can also be a suitable candidate for soliton collision based optical computing in addition to the Manakov system.
Effect of soil probiotics in the shrimp culture
Karuppiah Sakkaravarthi,Karuppiah Sakkaravarthi,Kalimuthu Ramamoorthy,Ramamoorthy Lakshmanan
Animal Biology & Animal Husbandry , 2010,
Abstract: The role of probiotic bacteria in small culture is studied but commercial level is not that muchreported especially in giant tiger shrimp, P. monodon. Hence the beneficial effect of probiotics on thecommercial culture of Indian major candidate shrimp, P. monodon is studied in a grow out pond. Thefarm is located on the Northern bank of Uppanar estuary in Maravakadu. An effort was made to evaluatethe differences between regular and irregular application of soil probiotics in the P. monodon shrimpfarming. Subsequently the performance of using probiotics frequently and the total average yieldattained was 1900 Kg /0.5ha. With maximum growth increment of 34.70g, survival of 90.31%, achievedat the DOC 130. Level of ammonia found nil for the entire culture period in the regularly probiotics usedponds. Contrarily, in irregular treated ponds the total yield achieved only 1150 Kg /0.5 ha. With themaximum growth of 27.29 g, survival of 70.68% at the DOC 130 respectively. The level of ammoniafound 0.3 mg /L.
Assessment of Methane Flux from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfill Areas of Delhi, India  [PDF]
Manju Rawat, AL Ramanathan
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2011.24045
Abstract: Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are the major Greenhouse Gases (GHG’s), which emit from landfill areas and contribute significantly to global warming. Moreover, that the global warming potential of methane is 21 times higher than that of carbon dioxide and it has highest generation (60%) than other gases. Therefore, there is immense concern for its abatement or utilization from landfill areas. Compared to the west, the composition of municipal solid waste (MSW) in developing countries has higher (40% - 60%) organic waste. This would have potential to emit higher GHG’s from per ton of MSW compared to developed world. Beside that landfills areas in India are not planned or en- gineered generally low lying open areas, where MSW is indiscriminate disposed. This leads to uncontrolled emission of trace gases, foul smell, bird menace, ground and surface water pollution etc. Due to scarcity of land in big cities, mu- nicipal authorities are using same landfill for nearly 10 - 20 years. Hence, the possibility of anaerobic emission of GHG’s further increases. In the present paper we had quantified the methane emission from three MSW landfill areas of Delhi i.e., Gazipur, Bhalswa and Okhla. The results showed that the range of methane emission various in winter from 12.94 to 58.41 and in Summer from 82.69 - 293 mg/m2/h in these landfill areas. The paper has also reviewed the literature on methane emission from India and the status of landfill areas in India.
Deformation Stability of Al 7075/20%SiCp (63 μm) Composites during Hot Compression  [PDF]
M. Rajamuthamilselvan, S. Ramanathan
Geomaterials (GM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/gm.2012.24017
Abstract: In Stir cast Al 7075/20%SiCp composites were subjected to compression testing at strain rates and temperatures ranging from 0.001 to 1.0 s–1 and from 300°C to 500°C respectively. And the associated microstructural transformations and instability phenomena were studied by observations of the optical electron microscope. The power dissipation efficiency and instability parameter were calculated following the dynamic material model and plotted with the temperature and logarithm of strain rate to obtain processing maps for strains of 0.5. The processing maps present the instability zones at higher strain rates. The result shows that with increasing strain, the instability zones enlarge. The microstructural examination shows that the interface separates even the particle cracks or aligns along the shear direction of the adiabatic shear band in the instability zones. The domain of higher efficiencies corresponds to dynamic recrystallization during the hot deformation. Using the processing maps, the optimum processing parameters of stain rates and temperatures can be chosen for effective hot deformation of Al 7075/20%SiCp composites.
Emerging Asia’s Version of the Mundell-Fleming Model  [PDF]
Suresh Ramanathan, Kian Teng
Modern Economy (ME) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/me.2013.49064

This paper explains the Mundell-Fleming model in the context of Emerging Asia economies management of capital mobility. Central Banks and Financial Regulators in Emerging Asia adopt a modified version of the model that incorporates two vital levers, a policy driven and a market driven method that is adaptable to the magnitude of capital flow. A policy combination mix of both policy and market driven provides smooth monetary policy signal transmission to exchange rates.

A DFT Calculation of Nb and Ta (001) Surface Properties  [PDF]
Amall Ahmed Ramanathan
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2013.43A060
First principle calculations are performed using the super cell method with pseudopotentials and plane waves based on the Density Functional Theory (DFT) for the surface structural properties at T = 0 K. Thin slabs of 7 - 13 atomic layers of the clean Nb and Ta (001) surfaces are considered and relaxations, surface energies, and work functions of the fully relaxed slabs are presented. Consistent results are obtained with the Generalized Gradient Approximation (GGA) and the Local Density Approximation (LDA) for the exchange-correlation functional and they compare well with experimental and other theoretical works.
Theoretical Analysis of Immobilized Oxidase Enzyme Electrode in the Presence of Two Oxidants  [PDF]
Malinidevi Ramanathan, Rajendran Lakshmanan
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2016.710062
Abstract: In this paper, mathematical model of Martens and Hall (Analytical chemistry 66, 2763-2770 (1994)) for an immobilized oxidase enzyme electrode is discussed. The model involves the system of non-linear reaction diffusion equations under the steady state conditions. A simple and closed-form of approximate analytical expressions for the concentrations of the immobilization of three enzyme substrates has been derived by solving the system of non-linear reaction diffusion equations using new approach of homotopy perturbation method. Approximate polynomial expression of concentration of substrate, oxygen and oxidized mediator and current was obtained in terms of the Thiele moduli and the small values of parameters Bs, Bo and Bm (normalized surface concentration of substrate, oxygen and oxidized mediator). Furthermore, in this work the numerical simulation of the problem is also reported using Matlab program. An agreement between analytical expressions and numerical results is noted.
Clinical Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of a Herbal Formulation in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: A Single Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study  [PDF]
Ramanathan Jeyaraman, Pralhad S. Patki
Open Journal of Urology (OJU) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/oju.2012.223030
Abstract: Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a condition intimately related to ageing. Currently available treatment options for the management of BPH have various limitations and associated adverse effects. A polyherbal formulation is claimed to be beneficial in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia. This single blind, placebo-controlled study evaluated the clinical efficacy and safety of polyherbal formulation in BPH. Material and Methods: A total of 60 patients who were diagnosed as BPH and who were willing to give informed consent were included in the study. At the randomization visit, a detailed medical history was obtained and the patients underwent a thorough systemic examination and digital rectal examination. Routine blood analysis, urinalysis and serum levels of prostate specific antigen were carried out. Abdominal pelvic ultrasonography was done at entry and after completing the study. The severity of the urinary parameters was evaluated using American Urological Association symptom score. All the patients were randomized using random table into either polyherbal group (n = 30) or placebo (n = 30). Each patient received either polyherbal formulation or placebo in a dose of 2 capsules twice a day with meals for two months. All adverse events reported by the patients or observed by investigators were recorded. Statistical analysis was done according to the intention-to-treat principles. Analysis was performed between the groups using Fisher's exact test or unpaired \"t\" test (Independent t-test). Results: Fifty-six patients completed the study. There was a significant improvement in the mean AUA symptom score, PVR urine volume urinary hesitancy, intermittent flow, straining during urination, sense of incomplete micturition and frequency of night-time urination, in the polyherbal formulation group. Four patients from the placebo group withdrew from the study due to lack of benefit to the treatment. Conclusion: The beneficial clinical efficacy of polyherbal formulation observed in this study in the management of BPH could be due to the synergistic actions of its potent herbs. This polyherbal formulation was well tolerated and safe.
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