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Risk of colorectal cancer in relatives: A case control study
Safaee A,Moghimi-Dehkordi B,Pourhoseingholi M,Vahedi M
Indian Journal of Cancer , 2010,
Abstract: Background: In around 10 to 15% of all colorectal cancer (CRC) cases, a positive family history of colorectal cancer is observed . Although increased risk of colorectal cancer in individuals with a family history of the disease has been observed consistently in the past studies, limited information is available on colorectal cancer associated with family history in Iran. Aims : The purpose of this study is to define the risk of colorectal cancer associated with a family history of cancer. Setting and Design: The present study was designed as an unmatched case control study. The cases were 393 patients with histologically confirmed colorectal carcinomas and there were 393 controls, randomly selected from among the healthy participants in a health survey. Methods : The family history was extracted from a standard history form completed by the patient or from the record created by a health care provider. Statistical Analysis: Mantel-Heanszel Odds Ratio was computed for removing the confounding effect of age and sex. Results : A positive family history of cancer was reported by 36.4 and 24.4% among the cases and controls, respectively. Colorectal cancer risk increased two-fold in subjects who reported having first degree relatives with cancer. The adjusted odds ratio was 4.76, indicating that having a positive family history of colorectal cancer among relatives increased one′s risk of colorectal cancer about 4.5-fold. Conclusion: According to our findings, a family history of cancer increased the risk of CRC. Due to this fact that there is no current colorectal cancer screening program in Iran, it is recommended that first degree relatives of patients with colorectal cancer should be considered as a priority group for screening programs.
Primary pancreatic Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in a young man with abdominal pain and hypersplenism: a case report
Noorian SE,Beigi AA,Safaee M,Heshmat-Ghahdarijani K
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Background: Primary pancreatic lymphoma is really rare and comprising about 0.2-4.9% of all pancreatic malignancies. The diagnosis of this lymphoma is very difficult because the clinical symptoms and signs resemble those of pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Case presentation: A 30-year old man was admitted to the hospital with the complaint of left upper abdominal pain. Because of his splenomegaly and pancytopenia he was candidate for splenectomy but during operation a large mass was found in the pancreas and biopsy was taken from it. Pathology reported lymphoblastic lymphoma of pancreas.Conclusion: It is important to differentiate between primary lymphoma and the adenocarcinoma of the pancreas as prognosis and treatment of them differ significantly. Primary pancreatic lymphoma should be considered in differential diagnosis of pancreatic tumors and an attempt to obtain tissue diagnosis is always necessary before radical surgery, especially in young patients.
Improvement of Waiting Time for Patients Referring to Emergency Room Using Discrete Event Simulation
Y Zare Mehrjardi,M Hoboubati,F Safaee Nik
Journal of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Introduction: Many simulation studies have been conducted in the hospitals and first in the emergency departments to increase the productivity. The first issue in the field of service quality and hence the patient right is “waiting time”. The goal of this study was to reduce patients waiting times, emergency service timing, modeling and improving using discrete event simulation. Methods: This was a descriptive - analytical study by the cross-sectional method on 150 patients referred to the emergency department in a public hospital. All necessary data were collected using questionnaire and through observation. Simulation model was designed using Arena software. Results: Our computer simulation model indicates that the maximum waiting time is the time waited for the test request till the results are received by the MD and also the time is necessary for the consultation and examination purposes. Among the five different scenarios, alternative 5 is more interesting economically since it requires only three additional staffs to bring down waiting times. Conclusion: According to research results, to reduce patient waiting time, the Triage processing in the emergency departments and the employment of emergency medicine expert, and the ordering of the diagnostic processes in the early stages of treatment as such as laboratory ordering for emergency patients are of main necessity.
The Evaluation of Protection along with Water Spreading Operations on The Quantitative Improvement of Greek Juniper Seedlings (Juniper excelsa Bieb.) (Case study: Mazandaran – Poshtkoh Watershed)
SH Mohammad nejad kiasari,M Safaee,SH Nourozi,H Ahmadian
Journal of Science and Technology of Agriculture and Natural Resources , 2009,
Abstract: Determination of suitable species is the most important factor in success of forestation in unfavorable conditions. One of the least costly and the shortest ways for introduction of adaptable species in an area is recognition of the plants that grow naturally. The objective in this study was to find out the effects of protection and water spreading operations on the quantitative improvement of Greek Juniper seedlings. In this study, the areas of water spreading station (Research station of Poshtkoh Water spreading) and an area in western section of water spreading station (an area as control) along the Poshtkoh watershed were chosen. The research was performed on counting of Greek Juniper (Juniper excelsa) in each of two areas. The ratio estimation method was used in a randomized systematic design in strips with the width of 50 meters and 200 meters apart for registration of qualitative parameters of Greek Juniper (Juniper excelsa). The total surface of areas was 600 ha and inventory with intensity of 16 percent has been done. This study showed that in spite of the less number of Greek juniper trees per ha in the station (0/104) in relation to the number of Greek juniper trees per hectare out of the station (0/666), the number of the Greek juniper seedlings in the station was eight times (8.34) more than the number of the Greek juniper seedlings out of the station. As to the effect of protection and water spreading operations on natural growth and increase of number of Greek Juniper seedlings in the station, forestation using this species in this area is recommended.
Diagnosis of Bipolaris Form Species Involving Root and Crown Rot of Wheat, Their Distribution and Disease Severity in Kermanshah Province
D. Safaee,S.M. Okhovat,G.H. Hedjaroude,H. Younesi
Journal of Science and Technology of Agriculture and Natural Resources , 2008,
Abstract: In order to diagnose form species of Bipolaris involving root and crown rot of wheat plants and determine their distribution, frequency and disease severity, 410 wheat fields (W. Fs.) in different regions of Kermanshah province were sampled at seedling, tillering and heading stages during three crop years (1997– 2000). Also 90 W. Fs. (30 per year) in different regions of the province were chosen randomly to estimate percentage of infected wheat plants. For the isolation of the fungi from tissues of root, subcrown internodes, crown and foot, the tissues were surface sterilized and placed on culture media. The results showed that there were some root and crown rots in the most regions of the province and the percentage of diseased plants was 0-24%, whose average was 3.2%. Forty three isolates belonging to form genus Bipolaris were isolated including form species B. sorokinina, B. cynodontis and B. spicifera. All three form species were pathogenic under greenhouse conditions. Disease severity and frequency of B. sorokinina were more than the others. Disease severity of B. cynodontis and B. spicifera was the same and their differences compared with the control were significant.
The Effect of Visual and Textual Accompaniments to Verbal Stimuli on the Listening Comprehension Test Performance of Iranian High and Low Proficient EFL Learners
Ataollah Maleki,Masoud Safaee Rad
Theory and Practice in Language Studies , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/tpls.1.1.28-36
Abstract: The present study aimed at comparing the effect of a series of static images with that of condensed paraphrased scripts accompanying verbal stimuli in listening comprehension tests supplemented with visual or textual input. It utilized three batteries of IELTS listening tests: one sampling 58 participants to carry out the study with, another with supplemented visual or textual aids, and the other without such aids. The participants were then divided into higher proficient listeners group (HPL) and the lower proficient listeners group (LPL) on the basis of their performance on a general listening module of the IELTS examination. The HPL was subsequently divided into two groups: one receiving static images with verbal stimuli, another receiving script presentations with the same verbal stimuli. The LPL was also divided into two groups with the same procedure. The analysis of results showed that listening tests with static images yielded better performance than script presentations, visual aids were more advantageous to lower proficient listeners while textual aids were more advantageous to higher proficient listeners, and tests with more static images yielded much better performance than those with fewer static images.
Monitoring of Regulatory T Cell Frequencies and Expression of CTLA-4 on T Cells, before and after DC Vaccination, Can Predict Survival in GBM Patients
Brendan Fong, Richard Jin, Xiaoyan Wang, Michael Safaee, Dominique N. Lisiero, Isaac Yang, Gang Li, Linda M. Liau, Robert M. Prins
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0032614
Abstract: Purpose Dendritic cell (DC) vaccines have recently emerged as an innovative therapeutic option for glioblastoma patients. To identify novel surrogates of anti-tumor immune responsiveness, we studied the dynamic expression of activation and inhibitory markers on peripheral blood lymphocyte (PBL) subsets in glioblastoma patients treated with DC vaccination at UCLA. Experimental Design Pre-treatment and post-treatment PBL from 24 patients enrolled in two Phase I clinical trials of dendritic cell immunotherapy were stained and analyzed using flow cytometry. A univariate Cox proportional hazards model was utilized to investigate the association between continuous immune monitoring variables and survival. Finally, the immune monitoring variables were dichotomized and a recursive partitioning survival tree was built to obtain cut-off values predictive of survival. Results The change in regulatory T cell (CD3+CD4+CD25+CD127low) frequency in PBL was significantly associated with survival (p = 0.0228; hazard ratio = 3.623) after DC vaccination. Furthermore, the dynamic expression of the negative co-stimulatory molecule, CTLA-4, was also significantly associated with survival on CD3+CD4+ T cells (p = 0.0191; hazard ratio = 2.840) and CD3+CD8+ T cells (p = 0.0273; hazard ratio = 2.690), while that of activation markers (CD25, CD69) was not. Finally, a recursive partitioning tree algorithm was utilized to dichotomize the post/pre fold change immune monitoring variables. The resultant cut-off values from these immune monitoring variables could effectively segregate these patients into groups with significantly different overall survival curves. Conclusions Our results suggest that monitoring the change in regulatory T cell frequencies and dynamic expression of the negative co-stimulatory molecules on peripheral blood T cells, before and after DC vaccination, may predict survival. The cut-off point generated from these data can be utilized in future prospective immunotherapy trials to further evaluate its predictive validity.
Overexpression of Calcium-Permeable Glutamate Receptors in Glioblastoma Derived Brain Tumor Initiating Cells
Michael C. Oh, Joseph M. Kim, Michael Safaee, Gurvinder Kaur, Matthew Z. Sun, Rajwant Kaur, Anna Celli, Theodora M. Mauro, Andrew T. Parsa
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0047846
Abstract: Glioblastoma multiforme is the most malignant type of primary brain tumor with a poor prognosis. These tumors consist of a heterogeneous population of malignant cells, including well-differentiated tumor cells and less differentiated cells with stem cell properties. These cancer stem cells, known as brain tumor initiating cells, likely contribute to glioma recurrence, as they are highly invasive, mobile, resistant to radiation and chemotherapy, and have the capacity to self-renew. Glioblastoma tumor cells release excitotoxic levels of glutamate, which may be a key process in the death of peritumoral neurons, formation of necrosis, local inflammation, and glioma-related seizures. Moreover, elevated glutamate levels in the tumor may act in paracrine and autocrine manner to activate glutamate receptors on glioblastoma tumor cells, resulting in proliferation and invasion. Using a previously described culturing condition that selectively promotes the growth of brain tumor initiating cells, which express the stem cell markers nestin and SOX-2, we characterize the expression of α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isozoleprop?ionicacid (AMPA)-type glutamate receptor subunits in brain tumor initiating cells derived from glioblastomas. Here we show for the first time that glioblastoma brain tumor initiating cells express high concentrations of functional calcium-permeable AMPA receptors, compared to the differentiated tumor cultures consisting of non-stem cells. Up-regulated calcium-permeable AMPA receptor expression was confirmed by immunoblotting, immunocytochemistry, and intracellular calcium imaging in response to specific agonists. Our findings raise the possibility that glutamate secretion in the GBM tumor microenvironment may stimulate brain tumor derived cancer stem cells.
Alopecia-Areata Like Alopecia in Mycosis Fungoides, a Case Report
F. Farnaghi,Z. Safaee Naraghi,S. Mohit
Tehran University Medical Journal , 1998,
Abstract: Mycosis Fungoides (MF) is a cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (2,5). Alopecia is rarely seen in this disease, and the reported cases are in the form of follicular mucinosis (1,2,4). In this case report a patient is presented whose lesions all showed alopecia without mucinosis. Furthermore there was a patch of alopecia without any epidermal changes, which was clinicaly identical with alopecia areata, and histologically identical with MF. After six months of treatment there is regrowth of almost normal hair on all of the lesions
Demographic and pathologic findings of squamous cell carcinoma of skin and lip in pathology department of Razi Hospital
Safaee Naraghi Z,Mortazavi MR,Omid A
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2001,
Abstract: Squamous cell carcinoma, a cancer of keratinocytes origin, mostly involves sun-exposed areas of the skin. To study the pathologic and demographic features of this disease, records of 395 patients of squamous cell carcinoma of skin and lip were reviewed. Most of the patients (83%) aged 40 years or more at the time of diagnosis. Respectively, 74.4% and 75.8% of cases with skin and lower lip carcinoma were men, but in upper lip cases frequencies of both sexes were equal. The number of patients referred from western and north-western provinces were much more than those of other provinces of the country. The most frequent histologic stage was grade I (53% and 58.8% in skin and lip carcinoma, respectively), showing that most patients visit physicians early enough, and are diagnosed in early stages of the disease.

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