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Comparison of the effects of chronic administration of morphine and tramadol in infancy on acute Pentylenetetrazol–induced seizure in prepubertal rats
Gholami M,Hajizadeh-Moghaddam A,Saboory E
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Background: It is demonstrated that morphine and tramadol affects seizure but the mode of action of these drugs on seizure has not been compared yet with increasing of age. The aim of this study was to compare the impact of exposure to these drugs on Pentylenetetrazol-induced seizure in immature rat.Methods: Male neonate rats were randomly chosen and divided into three groups namely Saline (n=21), Morphine (n=12) and Tramadol (n=13). On postnatal days 8-14, Saline group received normal saline and two other groups received morphine and tramadol with additive doses, respectively. On postnatal days 22-28, the saline treated rats divided into three subgroups and received saline (n=8), morphine (n=8) or tramadol (n=5). Morphine treated rats received saline or morphine (each n=6), and tramadol treated rats received saline (n=7) or tramadol (n=6). At postnatal day 29, they were evaluated for PTZ-induced seizure.Results: Number of tonic-clonic seizure was increased in all groups compared with control and tramadol+saline groups (P<0.05). Duration of tonic-clonic seizure was decreased in tramadol+saline group compared with other tramadol groups (P<0.05). Latency of tonic-clonic seizurewas decreased in tramadol+saline group compared with control rats (P<0.05), But it was increased in saline+tramadol group compared with other groups except to saline group (P<0.05). Latency of myoclonic contractions in saline+morphine and saline+tramadol groups was lower than in control rats (P<0.05).Conclusion: Similar age-related changes may occur inchronic exposure to morphine and tramadol in the neonatal period which leads to an increase in severity of seizures in rats on postnatal days 22-28. The effect of morphine and tramadol does not show any significant difference.
Comparison of the effects of Chronic Morphine and Tramadol Administration during neonatal period on pain threshold of immature rat
Morteza Gholami,Ehsan Saboory
Physiology and Pharmacology , 2012,
Abstract: Introduction: Amongst the medications to reduce pain, morphine as an important natural and tramadol as an important synthetic drug have been mostly considered. There are few studies on the comparison of the analgesic effect of these drugs in neonatal and perpubertal periods. Methods: Neonate rats (n=49) were randomly divided into three groups. On postnatal days 8-14, one group received saline and the two other groups received tramadol and morphine with increasing doses. On postnatal day 21, each group was divided into subgroups, which received each of morphine, tramadol or saline on postnatal days 22-28 (either for the first time or re-exposure). On postnatal days of 22 and 28, the pain-related behavior was tested by hot plate test. Results: Exposure to morphine significantly increased latency of reaction in hot plate test; chronic morphine administration (p28) had a greater effect compared to single dose morphine administration (p22). Tramadol had no significant effect. Morphine and tramadol significantly increased pain latency in re-exposure. In case of tramadol, this increase was greater for single-dose compared to increasing-dose, while in case of morphine, this effect was greater for increasing-dose compared to single-dose. Conclusion: It seems that analgesic effect of re-exposure to tramadol in perepubertal rats is more than morphine and morphine's effect in the neonatal has a greater dose-dependency. Changes in the brain systems evolution influenced by exposure to these drugs and different functional mechanisms of morphine and tramadol are probably the basis for these results.
Effect of dexamethasone on the convulsive behavior induced by hyperthermia: possible role of histamine
Peyman Gholipoor,Ehsan Saboory,Mohammad Hasan Khademansari
Physiology and Pharmacology , 2012,
Abstract: Introduction: Febrile seizures are the most common seizure disorder in childhood and its prevalence is estimated to be 2 to 5 percent. There is a relationship between the use of corticosteroids and seizures. This study investigated the effects of dexamethasone pretreatment on convulsive behavior caused by hyperthermia. Methods: In this study, 24 rats aged 19-20 days were divided into 3 groups (n=8) as control, hyperthermia and dexamethasone. In the hyperthermia group, rats were placed in the chamber for 30 min and warm wind was blown on them. In the dexamethasone group, the rats received intraperitoneal dexamethasone before hyperthermia. The body temperature of the rats was continuously recorded via a rectal probe throughout the experiment. During 30 min of hyperthermia, behavior of each rat was carefully observed and recorded. Blood sampling was done from the heart and samples were used to measure histamine blood levels. Results: All the rats that were exposed to hyperthermia showed convulsive behavior. Dexamethasone potentiated seizure intensity and significantly increased the rate of tonic-clonic seizure (5.62±1.05 in dexamethasone and 1.37±0.46 in hyperthermia) (p=0.02). Hyperthermia decreased histamine blood levels and dexamethasone potentiated this reduction (p<0.001). Conclusion: At least one of the ways that hyperthermia leads to seizure is through the reduction of histamine blood level. Since histamine has an anticonvulsant effect, reduction of histamine blood level is one reason of hyperthermia -induced seizure. Dexamethasone leads to a deacrease in histamine blood level and potentiates hyperthermia-induced seizure.
Journal of Research in Medical Sciences , 2001,
Abstract: Introduction. Early enteral feeding reduce the mortality and morbidity of head-Injured patients. However, many of these patients have atonic stomach and do not tolerate early gastric feeding. It is suggested that small bowel feeding will improve the patient"s tolerance of early enteral feeding. Methods. In a randomized clinical trial, sixty patients with moderate and severe head injury were divided in two equal groups. In experimental group, a feeding tube with a length, equal to distance from nose to earlobe and umblicus was inserted and interavenous metuclopramide was injected every 6 hours (10 mg in adults, 5mg in children between 6-14 years old and 0.1 mg/kg in children less than 6 years old). These patients also were placed in right lateral decubitus position. In control group, only a tube with a length equal to experimental group"s tube was inserted. After 48 hours, with injection of barium sulfate into the feeding tube and plain radiography of abdomen, the position of the tip of the feeding tube was determined (Prepyloric VS. Postpyloric). Results. The rate of passage of feeding tube from the sphincter of pylor was 63.3 percent in experimental group and 6.7 percent in control group (P < 0.001). Discussion. This study introduces a new safe method for bypassing the atonic stomach in patients with moderate and severe head injury.
Prenatal Acute Stress Attenuated Epileptiform Activities in Neonate Mice
Behnam Heshmatian,Shiva Roshan-Milani,Ehsan Saboory
Cell Journal , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: Development of the central nervous system (CNS) is dependent on interactionsbetween genetic and epigenetic factors, some of which could affect the susceptibilityof the developing brain to damaging insults. Gestational stress has been shown as a potentialfactor associated with higher risk of developing certain neurological and psychiatricdisorders. This study tested the hypothesis that maternal stress influences the risk ofepilepsy in offsprings.Materials and Methods: Pregnant mice were exposed to restraint stress twice a day forthree days at the start of the last week of gestation. Ten days after birth, the intact hippocampiof the newborn mice were excised and prepared for investigation. The hippocampiwere bathed in low magnesium artificial cerebrospinal fluid to induce field potential,and the subsequent spontaneous seizure-like events of the CA1 neurons were recorded.Plasma corticosterone was measured using a commercial radioimmunoassay (RIA) kitand the values were expressed as μg/100 ml.Results: Both the number of recurrent seizures and the duration of seizure activity werereduced in the stressed group compared to the controls (p<0.001). Stress induced a significantrise in serum corticosterone levels in both pregnant mice and in their newbornpups (p<0.001).Conclusion: These findings suggest that acute prenatal stress, which may mimic acutestress in human pregnancy, is a likely factor affecting seizure control in childhood temporallobe epilepsy. The underlying inhibitory mechanism may be an increase in the level ofneurosteroids both in the blood and the brain.
Exposure to Predator Stress in Gestational Period Potentiates Pilocarpine induced Epileptic Behaviors in offspring of rat
Ehsan Saboory,Shiva Roshan-Milani,Ramin Ahmadzadeh,Ali Asghar Pilehvarian
Physiology and Pharmacology , 2011,
Abstract: Introduction: Gestational stress can lead to cerebral functional disorders, such as epilepsy, probably due to the disturbance in the cerebral maturation and causing abnormal neuronal correlations. In the present study, effect of gestational Predator Stress on the neonatal epileptic behaviors was investigated in rats. Methods: Female rats (200 ± 20 g) were divided into two groups; intact pregnant rats (control group) and stressed pregnant rats (stressed group). In the stressed group, on gestational days 15, 16, and 17, caged rats were exposed to the cage of a cat for 2 h, once a day. On postnatal day 25, pilocarpine (150 mg/kg s.c.) was injected to pups of both groups, to induce seizure. Then, epileptic behaviors of each pup was observed and recorded. Results: Mean duration of onset of the first neonatal epileptic behavior of the control group was 5.35 ± 0.57 minutes which was decreased to 3.18±0.24 minutes in the stress group. The mean duration of tonic-clonic attacks was significantly increased from 0.53 ±0.1 minute in the control group to 16±3.8 minutes in the stressed group. Moreover, mortality rates during attacks and the level of corticosterone hormone in both mothers and pups showed a significant increase in the stressed group in comparison to the control. Conclusion: Gestational stress can enhance epileptic behaviors in the offspring of rats. Further investigation is required to clarify the underlying mechanism.
Qualitative and Guantitative Changes of Organic Acids in Processed Olives by HPLIC
S. Saboory Halestani,S.H. Dokhani,G.H. Kabir,R. Shokrani
Journal of Science and Technology of Agriculture and Natural Resources , 2001,
Abstract: Four cultivars of olive, Kalamata, Marri, Zard and Fishmi were obtained from Roodbar town and treated with two methods, natural and controlled fermentation with Lactobacillus plantarum as a starter culture at 25°C for 100 days. HPLC analysis experiments were conducted during the whole study period. A higher level (1.08% w/w) of total acidity was produced in Fishmi cultivar especially in the natural fermentation (0.8-1.1 g lactic acid/ml) than in other cultivars. Individual organic acids were determined by HPLC. Quantitative changes of organic acids in olives showed (P<0.0l) an increasing pattern of lactic and acetic acids during fermentation, but decreasing levels of malic and citric acids were revealed. The highest level of lactic acid (1.1% w/v) was observed in Zard cultivar and the type of fermentation had no effect on acid production. Malic and citric acids gradually disappeared during 50 days of fermentation period and this change was faster for citric acid during controlled fermentation. Malic acid did not follow this pattern.
Cluster Model of Formation of Subnuclear and Subatomic Objects  [PDF]
E. E. Lin
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2014.53018

The paper describes the development results on one-dimensional (1D) asymptotic model of the formation kinetics for the objects (clusters) of subnuclear (quark) and subatomic (nuclear) matters. A concept of the objects distribution density wave φ(a, t) in space of sizes a lies in the basis for analytical description of the processes under consideration. The proposed formalism makes it possible to describe in an adequate way the final outcomes of the well-known catastrophic phenomena in the world of elementary particles. Mass characteristics of different processes of approach to equilibrium in nuclear reactions are calculated.

ЕЛЕКТРОХ М ЧНИЙ СИНТЕЗ Д ОКСИДУ МАНГАНУ В ПРИСУТНОСТ ОН В Fe2+ ТА Co2+ Electrochemical synthesis of manganese dioxide in the presence of ions Fe2+ and Co2+ Электрохимический синтез диоксида марганца в присутствии ионов Fe2+ и Co2+
Г.В. Сокольський,Н.Д. ?ванова,С.В. ?ванов,E.?. Болдир?в
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2009,
Abstract: Зразки д оксиду мангану отримано методом анодного осадження з фторвм сних електрол т в на основ сульфату мангану у присутност дом шок он в двовалентних зал за або кобальту. Отриман продукти характеризувалися методами ААС та ДТА. Проанал зовано вплив дом шок он в зал за кобальту на х м чний склад отриманих зразк в Manganese dioxide samples have been prepared by the anode deposition from fluoride containing electrolytes based on manganese sulphate at the presence of additives of iron(II), cobalt(II) ions. Obtained materials were characterised with AAS and DTA. The influence of doping by ions of iron(II) and cobalt(II) on the chemical composition of the samples obtained has been analysed. Образцы диоксида марганца получены методом анодного осаждения из фторсодержащих электролитов на основе сульфата марганца в присутствии примесей ионов двухвалентных железа или кобальта. Полученные продукты характеризовались методами ААС и ДТА. Проанализировано влияние примесей ионов железа и кобальта на химический состав полученных образцов.
Numerical Investigations of a New N-body Simulation Method  [PDF]
E. Vilkoviskij
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2012.23016
Abstract: Numerical investigation of a new similarity method (the Aldar-Kose method) for N-body simulations is described. Using this method we have carried out numerical simulations for two tasks: 1) calculation of the temporal behavior of different physical parameters of active galactic nuclei (AGN) containing a super massive black hole (SMBH), an accretion disk, and a compact stellar cluster; 2) calculation of the stellar capture rate to the central SMBH without accretion disk. The calculations show good perspectives for applications of the similarity method to optimize the evolution model calculations of large stellar systems and of AGN.

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