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Zoran Milanovi?,Saa Panteli,Bojan Jorgi?
SportLogia , 2012, DOI: 10.5550/sgia.120801.en.043m
Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine the differences in physical fitness in men older than 60. Two hundred and seventy-two subjects were included in this study. All subjects were divided into five age categories, as follows: 90 subjects aged 60-64 (33%), 70 subjects aged 65 69 (26%), 50 subjects aged 70 74 (18%) 41 subjects aged 75 79 (15%) and 21subjects over the age of 80 (8%). All subjects performed a battery of tests called the senior fitness test. The test consists of six measures of physical fitness: 1) Back scratch, 2) Chair sit and reach, 3) 8 foot up and go, 4) 30 sec stand from the chair, 5) Arm curl, 6) 2-minutes step test. Results of body mass index showed that all subjects were overweight regardless of age category. There is no statistically significant difference (p > .05) in flexibility between subjects of different age groups after the age of 60. The greatest differences were found in lower and upper extremities strength. The subjects aged 60 64 significantly differ in the strength of the lower extremities (p < .05) compared to subjects aged 70 74 and 75 79 years of age. The greatest heterogeneity was found in the parameters of aerobic endurance, with values progressively decreasing from the age of 60 (78.60 ± 42.00) to 80 (73.68 ± 35.62). It could be concluded that there was increase of fat tissue, with reduced level of muscle activity. In addition, it could be stated that aging process decrease muscle strength and endurance in elderly people.
Zoran Milanovi?,Saa Panteli,Bojan Jorgi?
SportLogia , 2012, DOI: 10.5550/sgia.120801.se.039m
Abstract: Cilj ovog istra ivanja bio je da utvrdi razlike na polju funkcionalnog fitnesa kod mu karaca starijih od 60 godina. U istra ivanje je bilo uklju eno 272 ispitanika. Sve ispitanike smo podijelili u pet starosnih kategorija, i to: 60-64 godine bilo je 90 ispitanika (33%), 65-69 godina, 70 ispitanika (26%), 70-74 godine, 50 ispitanika (18%), 75-79 godina, 41 ispitanik (15%) i preko 80 godina starosti bio je 21 ispitanik (8%). Svi ispitanici su proveli bateriju testova pod nazivom senior fitnes test. Test se sastoji od est mjera fizi kog fitnesa: 1) pokretljivost ramena, 2) pretklon na stolici, 3) osam stopa, 4) ustajanje sa stolice za 30 sekundi, 4) fleksija u zglobu lakta, 5) dvominutni step test. Body mass index pokazuje da su svi ispitanici prekomjerne tjelesne te ine bez obzira kojoj starosnoj kategoriji pripadaju. Kod fleksibilnosti ne postoji statisti ki zna ajna razlika (p > 0,05) izme u ispitanika razli ite starosne dobi nakon 60. godine starosti. Ispitanici se najvi e razlikuju po pitanju snage kako donjih, tako i gornjih ekstremiteta. Primije eno je opadanje snage sa procesom starenja tako da se ispitanici starosne dobi 60-64 godina statisti ki zna ajno razlikuju u snazi donjih ekstremiteta (p < 0,05) od ispitanika starih 70-74 i 75-79 godina. Najve a heterogenost zabilje ena je u parametrima aerobne izdr ljivosti, gdje rezultati progresivno opadaju od 60 godine, gdje su zabilje ene najve e vrijednosti (78,60 ± 42) do 80. godine starosti. U ovoj studiji smo utvrdili da je do lo do pove anja koli ine masnog tkiva, smanjenja nivoa mi i ne aktivnosti, kao i smanjenja mi i ne snage i izdr ljivosti procesom starenja.
Some Fixed Point Theorems for Pre?i?-Hardy-Rogers Type Contractions in Metric Spaces
Satish Shukla,Stojan Radenovi?,Slavi?a Panteli
Journal of Mathematics , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/295093
Abstract: We introduce some generalizations of Pre?i? type contractions and establish some fixed point theorems for mappings satisfying Pre?i?-Hardy-Rogers type contractive conditions in metric spaces. Our results generalize and extend several known results in metric spaces. Some examples are included which illustrate the cases when new results can be applied while old ones cannot. 1. Introduction The well-known Banach contraction mapping principle states that if is a complete metric space and is a self-mapping such that for all , where , then there exists a unique such that . This point is called the fixed point of mapping . On the other hand, for mappings , Kannan [1] introduced the contractive condition: for all , where is a constant and proved a fixed point theorem using (2) instead of (1). The conditions (1) and (2) are independent, as it was shown by two examples in [2]. Reich [3], for mappings , generalized Banach and Kannan fixed point theorems, using contractive condition: for all , where are nonnegative constants with . An example in [3] shows that the condition (3) is a proper generalization of (1) and (2). For mapping Chatterjea [4] introduced the contractive condition: for all , where is a constant and proved a fixed point result using (4). ?iri? [5], for mappings , generalized all above mappings, using contractive condition: for all , where are nonnegative constants with . A mapping satisfying (5) is called Generalized contraction. Hardy and Rogers [6], for mappings , used the contractive condition: for all , where are nonnegative constants with and proved fixed point result. Note that condition (6) generalizes all the previous conditions. In 1965, Pre?i? [7, 8] extended Banach contraction mapping principle to mappings defined on product spaces and proved the following theorem. Theorem 1. Let be a complete metric space, a positive integer, and a mapping satisfying the following contractive type condition: for every , where are nonnegative constants such that . Then there exists a unique point such that . Moreover if are arbitrary points in and for , then the sequence is convergent and . Note that condition (7) in the case reduces to the well-known Banach contraction mapping principle. So, Theorem 1 is a generalization of the Banach fixed point theorem. Some generalizations and applications of Pre?i? theorem can be seen in [9–18]. The -step iterative sequence given by (8) represents a nonlinear difference equation and the solution of this equation can be assumed to be a fixed point of ; that is, solution of (8) is a point such that . The Pre?i?
Expression of small heat shock proteins and heat tolerance in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
Savi? Jelena,Dragi?evi? Ivana,Panteli? D.,Olja?a Jasmina
Archives of Biological Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/abs1201135s
Abstract: We have examined the correlation between heat tolerance and small heat shock protein (sHSP) expression under heat stress conditions in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). The relative heat tolerance of nine potato cultivars grown under greenhouse conditions was determined using the electrolyte leakage assay (ELA), a standard quantitative assay for heat tolerance. Three cultivars differing in heat tolerance were selected and designated as heat-tolerant (‘Laura’), moderately sensitive (‘Liseta’) and heat-sensitive (‘Agria’) genotypes. The expression of cytosolic HSP18 and chloroplast HSP21 was analyzed at the protein level in the leaves of selected cultivars, both ex vitro- and in vitro-grown, after heat stress or control treatment. Immunoblot analysis revealed heat-induced HSP18 and HSP21 expression in all examined genotypes. A similar pattern of examined sHSP expression was observed ex vitro and in vitro: heat-tolerant ‘Laura’ accumulated higher levels of both HSP18 and HSP21 compared to heat-sensitive ‘Liseta’ and ‘Agria’. Our results indicate that ELA combined with immunoblot analysis of sHSP accumulation under HS conditions, might be considered as a reliable procedure in screening potato genotypes for heat tolerance. To our knowledge, this is the first study where sHSP expression between ex vitro- and in vitro-grown potato plants was compared.
Urban family and tradition in the 1980's
Panteli? Nikola ?.
Glasnik Etnografskog Instituta SANU , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/gei0452199p
Abstract: The paper presents general assumptions and the topics covered of the larger study (to be published) on Serbian urban families in the 1980's. The research was carried out in four cities: abac, U ice, Kru evac and Bor. The larger study explores the transmission and maintenance of certain traditional customs and relationships, along with their modifications adaptations, adjustments or disappearances due to the requirements of contemporary urban life. The main assumption of the study is that the urban city family has different characteristics and functions than the rural one. The research method included a questionnaire with various questions concerning the structure of the family, income, occupations, educational level, origin, family hierarchy, property, kinship relations and so on. The research sample, which included more than 50 families from all four cities represents a good foundation for analysis and comparisons. In fact, the sample reveals a general, homogenous picture on a number of traditional elements among Serbian families in the 1980's. Additional data were collected in a few other cities. The results of this study will be compared with the author's previous studies on rural families, suburban areas and city dwellings in Serbia. The data collected so far point to the conclusion that each city has retained a number of traditional, specific features compatible with its local tradition, population origin, economy, and environment. In spite of the study limitations, it seems likely that the main assumption will be found true.
Alois Hotschnig, Maybe this Time
Georgia Panteli
Opticon1826 , 2011, DOI: 10.5334/opt.111112
Abstract: Alois Hotschnig s collection of short stories Maybe This Time is like a visit to the House of Mirrors in a dark forgotten amusement park; you only see your reflection: distorted, but still yours. Like with a David Lynch film, you know that a part of you understands what it is all about, even though you cannot properly articulate it.
John Stuart Mill in nineteenth-century Serbia: Influence on political thought and gender issues
Panteli? Ivana
Balcanica , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/balc0940085p
Abstract: The paper deals with the reception of J. S. Mill’s writings by contemporary Serbian intellectuals. As shown in the paper, the impact that Millean ideas made on many important Serbian politicians and philosophers from all parts of the political spectrum was broad and profound. Special attention is paid to the work of liberal and socialist thinkers, notably Vladimir Jovanovi and Svetozar Markovi . The influence of Mill’s ideas on Serbia’s political development is also examined, as well as how Mill’s attitude towards the question of women’s rights impacted contemporary Serbian political thought.
Sa'roni Sa'roni,Imono A. Donatus
Media of Health Research and Development , 2012,
Abstract: Buah Foeniculum vulgare Mill (adas) secara tradisional untuk obat dan campuran jamu pengatur haid. Diduga buah Foeniculum vulgare Mill mempunyai pengaruh pada sistem reproduksi. Oleh karena itu, kami melakukan penelitian pengaruh infus buah Foeniculum vulgare Mill pada siklus estrus dan bobot uterus tikus putih. Infus diberikan secara oral sekali sehari selama 12 hari dengan dosis setara dengan 7,3 mg, 73 mg dan 219 mg/100 g bobot badan. Selama pemberian bahan, siklus estrus diperiksa setiap hari dan pada hari ke-13 diotopsi dan ditimbang bobot uterusnya. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa infus buah Foeniculum vulgare Mill setara dengan serbuk 7,3 mg, 73 mg dan 219 mg/100 g bobot badan dapat menghambat fase estrus (masa subur). Infus setara dengan serbuk 7 mg dan 219 mg/100 g bobot badan kelihatan dapat menghambat fase estrus yang sangat nyata dibandingkan dengan akuades. Infus buah Foeniculum vulgare Mill setara dengan serbuk 219 mg/100 g bobot badan dapat menurunkan bobot uterus, tetapi secara statistik tidak berbeda nyata dengan akuades. Kata kunci: Obat tradisional; Foeniculum vulgare Mill; Sistem Reproduksi
Qué Piensan los Profesores sobre sus Clases: Estudio sobre las Creencias Curriculares y las Creencias de Actuación Curricular
Contreras,Saúl A;
Formación universitaria , 2008, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-50062008000300002
Abstract: in order to describe the curricular beliefs, curricular action beliefs and the relationship between them, a quantitative exploratory study that analyzes the responses given in a questionnaire applied to a group of 53 chileans science and mathematics teachers was conducted. the statistical analysis indicated that chilean teachers are more constructivists in what they think that ?it should be done? than in what they ?believe they do?. this means they are rather traditional regarding the teaching practice. based on the results of this analysis, it is important to explore the teachers? beliefs in order to begin improving teaching practices. in other words, it is necessary to determine what and how certain aspects of the teachers? thinking support or prevent their professional knowledge and development.
Limita??es na avalia??o de perturba??o de personalidade: Aspectos conceptuais e metodológicos
Ribeiro,Luísa A.;
Análise Psicológica , 2010,
Abstract: over the last decades, there has been a significant increase in the number of instruments devised to assess personality disorder. many of these measures have been modelled after the dsm categories expressed in the axis ii. however, several authors have expressed concerns with regards to the way personality disorders are described in this classification system. the aim of the present study is to describe and characterize the main psychometric problems which have been found among those measures such as high co-morbidity of personality disorder diagnoses, lack of agreement between instruments, excessive focus on observable symptoms, lack of developmental emphasis, and divergence from clinical practice. conclusions are drawn with regards to the need to conduct validity studies on the personality disorder constructs and to develop alternative assessment methods. in this line, an overview of some preliminary attempts to circumvent some of the assessment problems is presented, namely research efforts stemming from psychoanalytic models.
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