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Application of environmental materials in agricultural production and environmental treatment

HUANG Zhan-Bin,SUN Zai-Jin,

中国生态农业学报 , 2013,
Abstract: Environmental materials include the essentials for human beings with the least environmental load and highest use function. In recent years, a great deal of focus has been directed on environmental material application in agricultural production and environmental treatment. In agricultural production, environmental materials have been major actors for improving soil mi-cro-environment and enhancing crops growth. It has also included development of environment-friendly chemical fertilizers, pesti-cides and cover films. In agro-environmental administration, the materials have been used in agro-ecological degradation and envi-ronmental pollution control. This paper introduced the connotation of environmental materials and analyzed research and application in agricultural production and the environmental treatment. These functions mainly included three aspects: agricultural drought resis-tance and water-saving, soil heavy metal pollution prevention and saline-alkali soil amendment. The application of environmental materials in agricultural drought resistance and water-saving was mainly in super absorbent polymer (SAP) of soil processes and leaf resistance transpirants. The four action principles of SAP included water absorption, retention and release; improving soil and water conservation; raising use efficiency of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals; and raising plant water-use efficiency by adjusting physiological functions on water balance. Synthetic technology of SAP had greatly advanced, while SAP application technology should be strengthened. Although leaf resistance transpirant technology had also advanced, research was still at trial stage and even only humic acid products had been used. Research and application of environmental materials in restoration of heavy metal polluted soil was relatively more extensive. Considerable progress had been made on bio-restoration and chemical solidification technologies. Potential risks of environmental material applications in heavy metal polluted soil restorations were little studied. Application of en-vironmental materials in saline-alkali soil improvements was mainly on calcium-containing materials (e.g., gypsum) and acid-containing materials (e.g., humic acid). Such improvement effects of these materials were much better when the materials were combined with polyacrylamide (PAM). In addition, this paper also pointed out three important research disciplines of environmental materials: enhancement of new forms of environmental materials, strengthening of applying fundamental and effect evaluation stud-ies, and reinforcement of comprehensive research on environmental materials, bio-technology and agro-engineering technology.
Throughput analysis of backoff function in Ad hoc network
退避算法在Ad hoc网络中的吞吐量性能评估*

XIE Li-ying,XIE Zai-jin,

计算机应用研究 , 2011,
Abstract: The collision probabilities of nodes in Ad hoc network influence the performance of the MAC protocol. Because the node in network accesses the channel randomly, the backoff functions were adopted to resolve the collision traditionally. This paper used a one-dimensional Markov chain model to analyze the saturation throughput in Ad hoc network for generalized exponential, linear and polynomial backoff functions and these backoff functions with maximum retry limit. The analysis provides a basis for the performance optimization of MAC protocol in wireless Ad hoc network.
Application Research of EPC Network in Integrated Supply Chain Management

LI Zai-jin,YU Ming-hui,XIE Yong,

计算机应用研究 , 2005,
Abstract: EPC(Electronic Product Code) network is a communi cational network that is on the Internet. It automatically collects the EPCs from the electronic tags by means of Radio Frequency technology, and then passes them to Center Information System from where people can achieve identification of goods. Finally it can achieves information exchange and share, achieves pellucid management on goods over the open Internet. This paper mainly discusses the constituent of EPC network and the application pattern in the supply chain as an efficient technology means.
LD End-pumped Intracavity Frequency Doubled Yb∶YAG Green Laser

LIN Hong-yi,TAN Hui-ming,NAN Nan,TIAN Yu-bing,WANG Bao-shan,LI Zai-jin,

光子学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 报道了一种激光二极管(LD)端面泵浦10at%掺杂Yb∶YAG激光晶体(4×4×1 mm)和Ⅰ类临界相位匹配LBO的腔内倍频全固态绿光激光器.为了克服"绿光问题",采用了两个激光二极管偏振耦合系统.在双路泵浦功率为1.2 W时,获得最高功率为40 mW 525 nm的连续基模激光输出.在腔内插入Cr4+:YAG饱和吸收体被动调Q,在泵浦功率为1.2 W时,可以获得平均功率为5.2 mW,脉冲重复频率为2.44 kHz,脉冲宽度为51.5 ns,峰值功率为41.7 W的515 nm脉冲激光输出.输出波长发生变化,而且515 nm脉冲激光输出的阈值仅为728 mW.
Low Ohmic Contact Resistance 980 nm VCSELs Fabricated

LI Zai-jin,QU Yi,BO Bao-xue,LIU Guo-jun,WANG Li-jun,

光子学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 980 nm vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) ohmic contact technology is investigated. In order to enhance the output power of VCSEL, and extend its reliability, the contact resistance has to be reduced. Ti/Pt/Au alloy is chosen as the metal contact system for P type high doped GaAs, and Ge/Au/Ni/Au alloy is chosen as the metal contact system for N type GaAs. By chosing the optimum alloying temperature of 440 ℃ , the lowest ohmic contact resistance of 0.04Ω is obtained. Comparing output power and conversion efficiency of the device for 440 ℃ and the device for 450℃, the test results show that, the ohmic contact resistance is 0.04Ω, the peak wavelength is 980.1 nm, the FWHM of spectral is 0.8 nm, the lateral divergence angle θ‖ is as low as 15.2°, the vertical divergence angle θ⊥ is as low as 13.5°, the output power is 1.4 W, the maximum conversion efficiency is 14.4% for the device of 440 ℃ , while the ohmic contact resistance is 0.049 Ω, the output power is 1.3 W, the conversion efficiency is 12.8% for the device of 450 ℃ . By optimizing the alloy temperature can effectively reduce ohmic contact resistance of VCSEL 980 nm.
Optimization of waveguide structure for high power 1060 nm diode laser
高功率1060 nm半导体激光器波导结构优化

LI Te,HAO Er-Juan,LI Zai-Jin,WANG Yong,LU Peng,QU Yi,

红外与毫米波学报 , 2012,
Abstract: The imperfects in the wafer structure of high power 1060 nm diode laser, which prevents the improvement of laser power, was analyzed. Base on the analyzing results, the quantum well and the waveguide form were optimized. The relationship between waveguide width and laser power was simulated. According to the distribution of various modes, the position of quantum well was optimized and an asymmetric wide waveguide structure was designed. The calculation results of confinement factor for various modes show that the optimized asymmetric waveguide structure could increase the loss of high order modes while decrease the confinement factor of fundamental mode.
FEM-Ddm with an Efficient Second-Order Transmission Condition in Both High-Frequency and Low-Frequency Applications
Jin Ma;Zai-Ping Nie
PIER B , 2013, DOI: 10.2528/PIERB13030614
Abstract: In this paper, a novel second-order transmission condition is developed in the framework of non-conformal finite element domain decomposition method to meet the challenges brought by complex and large-scale electromagnetic modeling. First, it is implemented efficiently on the non-conformal interface via a Gauss integral scheme. Then, the eigenvalue analysis of the DDM system show a more clustered eigenvalue distribution of this transmission condition compared with several existing transmission conditions. After that, it is applied to large-scale complex problems such as S-type waveguides in the high frequency band and dielectric well-logging applications in the low frequency band. The final numerical results demonstrate that this transmission condition has high efficiency and huge capability for modeling large-scale problems with multi-resolution in any frequency band.
Experimental and modeling studies on number and size spectrum evolutions of aerosol particles within a chamber
Zai Sun,Zhen Huang,JiaSong Wang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2007, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-007-0180-6
Abstract: A size-specific aerosol dynamic model is set up to predict the evolution of particle number concentration within a chamber. Particle aggregation is based on the theory of Brownian coagulation, and the model not only comprises particle loss due to coagulation, but also considers the formation of large particles by collision. To validate the model, three different groups of chamber experiments with SMPS (Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer) are conducted. The results indicate that the advantage of the model over the past simple size bin model is its provision of detailed information of size spectrum evolution, and the results can be used to analyze the variations of number concentration and CMD (Count Median Diameter). Furthermore, some aerosol dynamic mechanisms that cannot be measured by instrument can be analyzed by the model simulation, which is significant for better understanding the removal and control mechanisms of ultrafine particles.
Vector Finite Element Analysis of Multicomponent Induction Response in Anisotropic Formations
Xiang Yang Sun;Zai-Ping Nie
PIER , 2008, DOI: 10.2528/PIER07121502
Abstract: Multicomponent induction logging responses are simulated by using hierarchical mixed order vector finite element method (FEM). In order to modeling three orthogonal magnetic dipoles, we adopt the method that the total field is separated into incident field and secondary field, and only the secondary field is computed by FEM. In addition, two techniques are applied to improve the modeling accuracy and computational efficiency: 1) Hierarchical mixed order vector basis functions are applied to FEM. Different order basis functions are used in different elements in accordance with the changing speed of the field. The mixed order scheme reduces greatly the number of unknowns without reducing accuracy, and can attain much higher computational efficiency. 2) The systemof the FEM equations is solved by Distributed-SuperLU, and the results of multiple measure points can be got simultaneously. The FEM result is validated against volume integral equation method and the approach of planar layered media Green's functions, and the comparisons show very good agreement. Finally, the multicomponent induction response in anisotropic formations involving eccentric tools and dipping beds is included to demonstrate the flexibility of the method.
Jie Sun,Zai-Sheng Cai
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2010, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809051526
Abstract: There are two molecules in the asymmetric unit of the title compound, C8H4ClNO2. In the crystal, they are linked by N—H...O hydrogen bonds, generating centrosymmetric, tetrameric assemblies. A C—H...O interaction also occurs.
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