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Analysis of drought resistance of hexaploid triticale at sprouting stage

WANG Shu-Guang,SUN Dai-Zhen,ZHOU Fu-Ping,LI Rui,LI Xiao-Yan,YANG Hai-Feng,

中国生态农业学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 20% PEG-6000(-0.975 MPa) was used to induce water stress in the laboratory to determine the germination potential,germination rate,coleoptile length,radicle length and root number of hexaploid triticale at sprouting stage.Drought resistance of hexaploid triticale was analyzed by fuzzy subordinate function analysis and drought-resistance coefficient at sprouting stage.Finally,the relationship between each morphological index and drought resistance was established using grey correlative degree analysis.Results show that the germination potential,germination rate,coleoptile and radicle length of each variety decrease or shorten than those of the control under osmotic stress.Differences among triticale varieties are either significant or very significant,but root numbers of some triticale varieties increase while others decrease,indicating that reactions of root number to water stress are different.The variety "Tornado"(S9) has high resistance to drought at sprouting and can be used as a good germsplasm in wheat breeding.The degree of correlation between germination rate and drought resistance of hexaploid triticale at sprouting stage is simply highest,hence germination rate can be a useful morphological index of drought resistance.
Polymorphism of Glu-1 locus in hexaploid triticale germplasm resources

WANG Shu-Guang,SUN Dai-Zhen,LI Rui,LI Xiao-Yan,YANG Wu-De,
,孙黛珍,李 瑞,李晓燕,杨武德

中国生态农业学报 , 2013,
Abstract: Hexaploid triticale (a new species) was artificially synthesized by crossing tetraploid wheat with rye. Its processing quality was related to its HMW-GS composition. To provide reference for the processing and utilization of hexaploid triticale germplasm resources, HMW-GS composition at Glu-1 locus was investigated in 101 samples from Xinjiang and 11 accessions from Poland using sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). Results showed that 3 1(a), 2*(b), Null(c) ]; 8 7(a), 7+8(b), 7+9(c), 6+8(d), 20(e), 13+19(g), 7+18(r), 6.8+20y(s)] and 6 1r+4r(a), 2r+6.5r(b), 6r+13r(c), 2r+9r(d), 6.5r(e), 0.8r+6r(f)] alleles were encoded by Glu-A1, Glu-B1 and Glu-R1, respectively. This indicated that alleles at Glu-R1 were the richest. Null(c) at Glu-A1, 7+18(r) at Glu-B1 and 6r+13r(c) at Glu-R1 were found to be the main subunits, occupying 58.93%, 67.90% and 58.00%, respectively. Other subunits such as 1(a) at Glu-A1; 7(a), 6+8(d), 13+19(g) and 6.8+20y(s) at Glu-B1; and 1r+4r(a) and 0.8r+6r(f) at Glu-R1 were only detected in a few varieties. 30 HMW glutein patterns were found in 121 accessions of Null, 7+18, 6r+13r (c, r, c) and 2*. Also only 7+18, 6r+13r (b, r, c) were the main accessions, occupying 16.91% and 16.02%, respectively. Some distinctive glutein patterns such as 2*, 7+18, 2r+9r(b, r, d)] and 2*, 6.8+20y, 2r+6.5r(b, s, b)] were detected. Genetic variations index at Glu-1 locus of triticales from Xinjiang and Poland were in the order of Glu-R1 > Glu-A1 > Glu-B1 and Glu-R1 > Glu-B1 > Glu-A1, respectively. This indicated that genetic variation at Glu-R1 locus was richer than those at Glu-A1 and Glu-B1 in all detected materials. Analysis of genetic polymorphism revealed that genetic variation in the Poland accessions was richer than that in the Xinjiang accessions. Moreover, 7+18(r) and 6.8+20y(s) at Glu-B1 were new and special subunits formed during artificial evolution of triticale. It provided rich gene resources for improving wheat processing qualities.
Communities of soil macrofauna in green spaces of an urbanizing city at east China Comunidades de macrofauna del suelo en espacios verdes de una ciudad en proceso de urbanización en el este de China
Revista chilena de historia natural , 2012,
Abstract: We evaluated the diversity of soil macrofauna communities inhabiting urban green spaces in Yancheng City, an urbanizing city located east of China. In the end of April 2011, the taxonomic richness, abundance and composition of soil macrofauna communities were assessed and compared among five types of green space (poplar forest, rapeseed farm, grassland in park, lawn and nursery garden) and three depth layers in the soil, with taxonomic resolution attained at the order level. Taxonomic richness (orders) and abundance were significantly different among green spaces. Diversity indices (Margalef's taxonomic richness R and Shannon-Weaver diversity index H') were higher in poplar forest, grassland in park and nursery garden than in rapeseed farm and lawn. Taxonomic richness (Chao 2) showed a similar trend. There were significant effects of green space type and soil layer, which showed a significant interaction affecting macrofauna composition. We recommend that urban green spaces can be used for maintaining biodiversity, not only for landscape purposes. Evaluamos la diversidad de las comunidades de macrofauna del suelo que habitan los espacios verdes urbanos en la ciudad de Yancheng, una ciudad en proceso de urbanización situada al este de China. A fines de abril 2011, la riqueza taxonómica, abundancia y composición de comunidades de macrofauna del suelo fueron evaluadas y comparadas entre cinco tipos de espacio verde (bosque de álamos, granja de colza, pastizal de parque, césped y jardín vivero) y tres capas de profundidad del suelo, con resolución taxonómica a nivel de orden. La riqueza taxonómica (de órdenes) y la abundancia fueron significativamente diferentes entre los espacios verdes. Los indices de diversidad (riqueza taxonómica R de Margalef y diversidad H' de Shannon-Weaver) fueron mayores en el bosque de álamos, pastizal de parque y jardin vivero que en la granja de la colza y el césped. La riqueza taxonómica (Chao 2) mostró una tendencia similar. Hubo efectos significativos del tipo de espacio verde y capa del suelo, los cuales mostraron una interacción significativa afectando la composición de la macrofauna. Recomendamos que los espacios verdes urbanos se puedan utilizar para mantener la biodiversidad, y no solo con propósitos de paisaje.
Influence of Spartina alterniflora invasion stages on macrobenthic communities on a tidal flat in Wenzhou Bay, China
Bao-Ming Ge,Yi-Xin Bao,Hong-Yi Cheng,Dai-Zhen Zhang
Brazilian Journal of Oceanography , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1679-87592012000300014
Abstract: Many coastal habitats in eastern China are being substantially altered by the invasion of Spartina alterniflora. The species richness, density, Margalef's diversity index (R) and Shannon's diversity index (H') of macrobenthic communities on a tidal flat in Wenzhou Bay, China, were analyzed with the factors of invasion stage and season, in 2007. A significant effect of invasion stage, season, and the interaction between them on communities was detected. The macrobenthic community was more complex in the patch of initial S. alterniflora invasion than in the patches of some other invasion stages. Macrobenthic communities were classified by cluster and ordination in accordance with the habitat character of the S. alterniflora invasion stage. Our research demonstrated that the S. alterniflora invasion stage affected the macrobenthic communities significantly. The results indicated that biodiversity increased in the initial stage of invasion (invasion age 1-2 years) and then decreased in the stage of invasion underway (invasion age 3-4 years) and in the stage of invasion completed (invasion age 5-6 years); this phenomenon was related to the change in the S. alterniflora canopy which accompanied the invasion stages. Muitos habitats costeiros vêm sendo alterados substancialmente pela invas o de Spartina alterniflora no leste da China. Em 2007, em uma planície de maré situada em Wenzhou Bay, foram analisadas riqueza de espécies, densidade e diversidade da macrofauna bêntica em rela o a diferentes estágios da invas o da gramínea e à esta o do ano. Para as medidas de diversidade foram usados os índices de Margalef (R) e de Shannon (H'). Foram detectados efeitos significativos do estágio de invas o e época do ano sobre a macrofauna. As comunidades macrofaunais foram mais complexas nas manchas onde a invas o de S. alterniflora estava no seu início, quando considerados os locais onde as manchas estavam em estágios mais avan ados. Através das análises de agrupamento e ordena o as comunidades puderam ser classificadas pelo tipo de habitat formado em cada estágio de invas o da Spartina. Os resultados indicaram que a biodiversidade aumentou no estágio de invas o inicial (idade de invas o de 1 a 2 anos), mas diminuiu gradativamente com os estágios intermediário (idade de invas o de 3 a 4 anos) e completo (idade de invas o de 5 a 6 anos), mostrando assim o efeito deletério de S. alterniflora sobre a estrutura da macrofauna presente no local.
Bionics Today and Tomorrow

SUN Jiu-rong,DAI Zhen-dong,

生物物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: This article introduced the recent development of Bionics using the advancement of robotics technology, and the discovery of "Lotus-effect" and "Non-smooth surface" theory as examples. Using the study in induced animal movement, the establishment of Neural Engineering and the development of stealth technology as examples, it further illustrated the importance of Bionics for future economics development by promoting the technical realization of biological discoveries.
Numerical simulation of end-pumped CW Nd3+:GdVO4 laser at 1063nm

Zu Ning-Ning,Sun Gui-Juan,Dai Zhen-Wen,

中国物理 B , 2008,
Abstract: A theoretical model to simulate an end-pumped CW Nd3+:GdVO4 laser at 1063nm is presented. Its essence is to use the propagation equations to demonstrate the spatial evolutions of the pump and the laser powers in the cavity, hence it is applicable to both low and high gain lasers. The simulation results obtained by this model are in good agreement with the experimental observations reported in the literature for a Ti:sapphire-pumped Nd3+:GdVO4 laser. Moreover, some parameters, such as the reflectivity of output coupler, the spot size of laser beam and the crystal length, are discussed with a view to optimizing the laser performance.
An Algebraic Proof of the Existence of a Competitive Equilibrium in Exchange Economies  [PDF]
Guang-Zhen Sun
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2014.43031

The standard excess demand argument for existence of competitive equilibria in exchange economies invokes maximizing the market value of the aggregate excess demand function and thereby adjusting the prices toward equilibrium. By exploiting the Perron-Frobenius theorem on stochastic matrices, we offer an algebraic proof of the existence of a competitive equilibrium without resorting to such a device of excess demand.

Toxicokinetics of T-2 Toxin, HT-2 Toxin and T-2 Triol after Intravenously Administrated T-2 Toxin in Swine
Yong-Xue Sun,Hai-Yan Zhao,Yu-Jing Liu,Zhen-Qing Dai,Bing-Hu Fang
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/javaa.2012.1977.1981
Abstract: Toxicokinetics of trichothecene mycotoxin, T-2 toxin, HT-2 toxin and T-2 triol were determined in seven swine, after intravenous administration (i.v.) of T-2 toxin (0.5 mg kg-1). The T-2 toxin, HT-2 toxin and T-2 triol plasma concentrations were analyzed by HLPC-MS/MS from 2.5 min to 6 h. The mean pharmacokinetic parameters for T-2 toxin, HT-2 toxin and T-2 triol were respectively: half-life (t1/2λZ) 11.7, 37.7 and 25.6 min; areas under the plasma concentration-time curves (AUC0-00): 16499, 4619 and 11011 min ng mL-1. Following i.v administration, times to observed maximal concentration (Tmax) were 2.5, 2.5 and 7.5 min, respectively. No T-2 tetraol was detected at all sampling times. The total body Clearance (Cl) and the apparent steady-state volumes of distribution (Vss) for T-2 toxin were 0.662 L kg-1 and 0.038 L/min/kg. This study demonstrated that T-2 toxin is rapidly removed from the blood followed by its fast conversion to metabolites.
Structure and Bionics of Several Setae

SUN Jiu-rong,GUO Ce,DAI Zhen-dong,

生物物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 动物体表的刚毛形态各异,功能多样,不仅参与感觉器官的构成,还是重要的运动器官。刚毛在运动中的功能因结构不同而异。丈章主要介绍了蟑螂(Periplaneta americana)尾须的结构和仿生应用、强疏水性刚毛使得水黾(Gerris remigis)和捕鱼蛛(Dolomedes trition)在水面行走的机制、跳蛛(Evarcha arcuata)和壁虎(Gecko japoricus,Gekko gecko)脚底刚毛的粘附机制和仿生学研究,以及蜣螂(Copris ochus,Motschulsky)刚毛的减黏脱附功能及其仿生学应用。
Radiative lifetime measurements of odd-parity high-excited levels of Sn I by time-resolved laser spectroscopy

Xu Jia-Xin,Feng Yan-Yan,Sun Gui-Juan,Dai Zhen-Wen,

中国物理 B , 2009,
Abstract: Natural radiative lifetimes of five higher-lying odd-parity levels 5p7s 3P1o, 5p5d 1P1o, 5p6d 3F2o, 3D1o and 3F3o in neutral tin are measured by the time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence (TR-LIF) technique and the atomic beam method. All these lifetimes are not longer than 100 ns and they are found to be shorter than the lifetimes of even-parity levels in the same energy region. The results reported in this paper provide important transition parameters for highly-excited atomic Sn, which may be useful for theoretically calculating excited heavy atoms.
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