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Jemaah Islamiyah: Of Kin and Kind
Sulastri Osman
Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs , 2010,
Abstract: Convicted terrorists from Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) have attested to using the Internet in one way or another during their operations, from sending messages to one another to looking for extremist fatwas online to justify their actions. That said, however, one would be hard pressed to prove the primacy of the Internet in their transition to violence. More often than not, more traditional elements – blood relations and marriage ties – remain the key to individual religious radicalization and political violence in Southeast Asia. This paper revisits these kinship linkages as well as quasi-kinship ones that include teacher–disciple bonds and the wider fraternity of ikhwan-ship (brotherhood) with particular regard to JI. Keeping counter-terrorism efforts in context is important or else governments could run the risk of carelessly allocating vital resources to less immediate concerns.
Murni Dwiati,Sulastri Anggorowati
Agrivita : Journal of Agricultural Science , 2011,
Abstract: Providing virus free potato seeds in order to increase potato production in Indonesia could be carried out by using microtuber resulting from microcutting. The growth of single node microcutting potato can initiate microtuber formation when growth inhibiting substances such as alar in combination with dark photoperiod treatment is applied. This study was aimed to elucidate the effect of alar and dark photoperiod on the date of microtuber emergence and production. The experiment was arranged in a factorial Randomized Completely Block Design in which alar concentrations i.e. 0, 10-3, 5 x 10-3, and 10-2 mg/L, served as factor I, and dark photoperiods i.e. 16, 20, and 24 hrs/day, were used as factor II. Each treatment combination was replicated three times giving rise to 36 experimental units. Data were analyzed using ANOVA (F test) followed by Duncan Multiple Range Test (DMRT) when significant effect of the treatments existed. The results showed that alar and dark photoperiod affected individually on the date of microtuber emergence, while the best alar concentration to increase microtuber production was 10-3 mg/L with 10.67 microtubers/cutting. Dark period has no significant effect on the induction of potato microtuber.
BIOTROPIA : the Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Biology , 2010,
Abstract: This study is aimed to get lipid producing microalgae as feedstock for biofuel production. The microalgae were isolated from 355 collected water samples which represented many distinct ecosystems such as paddy fields, rivers, agricultural dams, ponds, swampy areas and unique ecosystem of volcano and mud-volcano craters in West- and Central Java, Indonesia. A total of 267 strains of microalgae were isolated from the samples of which 221 strains of them have capability to produce lipid. There were four promising strains that produce lipid between 14.7 – 45.7 percent dry weight in optimal condition that were identified as Chlamydomonas sp. KO-7267 and PK-7195, Chlorella sp. KS-7300 and Desmodesmus sp. BK-7291.
Proximate, Nutrient and Mineral Composition of Cuttlefish (Sepia recurvirostra)
Nurjanah,Agoes Mardiono Jacoeb,Roni Nugraha,Suhana Sulastri
Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: The proximate, nutrient and mineral analyses were conducted on the head and mantle of cuttlefish (Sepia recurvirostra). Proximate analysis showed both head and mantle of cuttlefish contained 13.16 -13.51% protein, 0.7- 0.9% ash, 0.8% fat and1-1.4% carbohydrate. Amino acid analysis revealed cuttlefish contained essential and non essential amino acid with arginine (0.97%) and glutamate (0.81%) was the highest in the head, respectively, while lysine (0.7%) and glutamate (0.7%) was the highest in the mantle, respectively. Lipid of cuttlefish contained high Percentage of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid (PUFA) with a high content of DHA (17.5–20.5%). The C16:0 and C18:0 were the most abundant saturated fatty acid in the head and mantle. Mineral analysis showed high contents of sodium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, with sodium content being the highest (1532.7-1610.4 mg/kg). Zinc and copper were the dominant trace minerals in both portions. This study showed that cuttlefish contain essential nutrients for human good health with high in protein and mineral content.
Measurement of nicotine withdrawal symptoms: linguistic validation of the Wisconsin Smoking Withdrawal Scale (WSWS) in Malay
Ahmed Awaisu, Sulastri Samsudin, Nur A Amir, Che G Omar, Mohd I Hashim, Mohamed Mohamad, Asrul A Shafie, Mohamed A Hassali
BMC Medical Research Methodology , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2288-10-46
Abstract: A seven-member translation committee conducted the translation process using the following methodology: production of two independent forward translations; comparison and reconciliation of the translations; backward translation of the first reconciled version; comparison of the original WSWS and the backward version leading to the production of the second reconciled version; pilot testing and review of the translation, and finalization.Linguistic and conceptual issues arose during the process of translating the instrument, particularly pertaining to the title, instructions, and some of the items of the scale. In addition, the researchers had to find culturally acceptable equivalents for some terms and idiomatic phrases. Notable among these include expressions such as "irritability", "feeling upbeat", and "nibbling on snacks", which had to be replaced by culturally acceptable expressions. During cognitive debriefing and clinician's review processes, the Malay translated version of WSWS was found to be easily comprehensible, clear, and appropriate for the smoking withdrawal symptoms intended to be measured.We applied a rigorous translation method to ensure conceptual equivalence and acceptability of WSWS in Malay prior to its utilization in research and clinical practice. However, to complete the cultural adaptation process, future psychometric validation is planned to be conducted among Malay speakers.Tobacco smoking is now a global epidemic of public health concern. Current reports conclude that cigarette smoking is the largest avoidable cause of premature death and disability worldwide [1,2]. Tobacco now kills about 5 million people worldwide and if current trend continues, 10 million smokers per year are projected to die by 2025 [2,3]. In Malaysia, the prevalence of smoking is moderately high and the Third National Health and Morbidity Survey has reported an overall smoking rate of 21.5%, and rates of 46.4% and 1.6% among male and female above 18 years of age, res

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