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Transformation and movement of potassium in ferti-sphere of paddy soil as affected by co-application of ammonium

SU Tong-qing,WANG Huo-yan,ZHOU Jian-min,CHEN Xiao-qin,DU Chang-wen,

土壤 , 2011,
Abstract: A soil column incubation experiment was conducted in this study to investigate the effect of NH4+ on transformation and movement of K+ in ferti-sphere of paddy soil. The results showed that movement of K+ increased with K dose. In presence of same amount of NH4+, as K dose increased by 2.4 times, the water-extractable K (WE-K), Exchangeable K (E-K) and non-exchangeable K (NE-K) in the nearest part of ferti-sphere significantly increased by 2.1, 1.7 and 0.3 times, respectively. While the K diffusion distance increased by 16.4% (12 mm) as K dose increased. The results indicated that fixation of K in ferti-sphere is somewhat limited; more portion of K remained in labile form as K dose increased. Co-application of NH4+ and K significantly increased both WE-K in the nearest part of ferti-sphere and the K diffusion distance as compared with K solely applied treatment. Co-application of NH4+ significantly increased E-K in the transition area from ferti-sphere to bulk soil and reduced NE-K in all the soil samples that NH4+ possibly reached. Co-application of NH4+ significantly restrained transformation of added K into NE-K in ferti-sphere, and the effect declined as the distance from ferti-sphere increased. Different models were compared to describe the change of K concentration from ferti-sphere to bulk soil, for both WE-K and E-K, the anti-S-shape curve y = a / 1 + b exp (c × x)] can be well fitted.
Effects of Compositional Variations on Antiferroelectric-Ferroelectric Phase Transition of PZST Ceramics

YANG Tong-Qing,YAO Xi,ZHANG Liang-ying,
,姚熹,张良莹,YANG Tong-Qing,YAO Xi

无机材料学报 , 2000,
Abstract: Phase structures, properties and critical parameters of field-induced phase transitions of PZST ceramics near ferroelectric (FE) -antiferroelectric (AFE) phase boundary were studied as a function of composition and temperature. The electric field-induced FE state can maintain metastable state below the critical temperature TFE-AFE after electric field is removed. As temperature increases, the metastable FE state changes to AFE state at TFE-AFE. As Ti content increases, the structure of unpoled PZST ceramics changes from tetragonal AFE phase to rhombohedral FE phase, dielectric constant maximum max and transition temperature TFE-AFE increase, switching field EAFE-FE and EFE-AFE decrease. The forward switching field EAFE-FE and hysteresis E were observed to be dependent on TFE-APE and TC, respectively, and EAFE-FE and E decreased with an associated increasing in TFE-AFE and decreasing in Tc.
Research on Intensive Parameter of Eolian Deposit Subgrade in Desert Region of China——Take Taklimakan and Mu Us as Examples

CHEN Tong-qing,JIN Chang-ning,

中国沙漠 , 2008,
Abstract: 在中国沙漠地区选取典型路段,对风积沙路基进行强度测定.通过现场承载板试验,并分析已有的各种资料,发现野外实测的风积沙路基回弹模量普遍较高,明显高于现行有关规范推荐的砂性土或土质砂的路基回弹模量建议值,高出部分多在30%以上,已经明显地对路基路面的结构设计产生了不利影响.在此基础上,为能充分利用风积沙的强度特性,降低沙漠公路造价,通过进一步分析,提出了中国各主要沙漠地区及不同等级公路的风积沙路基回弹模量设计值.
Research of image association rules mining

LEI Liang,WANG Tong-qing,YANG Bo,

计算机应用研究 , 2009,
Abstract: Firstly,this paper discussed definitions of image association rules and associated terms,described the process of the traditional doule population genetic algorithm.Secondly,proposed an new scheme that the double population genetic algorithm used the self-adaptable crossover operator and mutation operator according to the shortage of early convergence and stagnation in the traditional double population genetic algorithm based on unconvertible rate of crossover operator and mutation operator.Lastly,successfu...
Architecture Design of Embedded Real-time Operating System for Heterogeneous Multi-core Processor

JIANG Jian-chun,WANG Tong-qing,

计算机科学 , 2011,
Abstract: Because of the different structure between heterogeneous multi core processor and symmetric multi core processor, the traditional distributed operating system and multi-core operating system arc not suitable for heterogeneous multi core processor in real-time and efficiency performance. After researching characteristics and trend of developing of the heterogeneous multi-core processor, this paper presented a multi-master mode real-time operating system architec-lure, in which the multi-master mode in communication bus is introduced, and symmetric structure and modularization frame are used to design operating system architecture. In this operating system, every kernel may be master to manage resources, tasks and other shared devices to improve the real-time and efficiency performance, and to solve the bottleneck problem that the single master can not meet the requirement of performance with increasing of the slave number.This architecture can satisfy different structure processor core with configuring function module. On the other hand, it can also reduce the development difficult of the heterogeneous multi core processor operating system.
Fast Moving Targets Segmentation of Traffic Video Based on Between-Class Variance Method

XIE Jiang,WANG Tong-Qing,

计算机系统应用 , 2010,
Abstract: Moving object segmention in traffic video requires a large amount of information and a long computational time. A new fast moving object Segmentation method is proposed. Two appropriate images are sclected. Then, the absolute value of subtraction is taken. This paper proceeds to block images and decides which block images should be given up. The remaining sub-blocks for otsu are chosen, and the moving objects are segmented. Experimental result shows that this algorithm can greatly improve the speed of moving object segmentation.
Improved frame-layer rate control algorithm for H.264

DUAN Hou-yong,WANG Tong-qing,

计算机应用 , 2009,
Abstract: A new rate control algorithm based on scene change was proposed on the basis of H.264 frame-layer. The complexity of image was measured by the weighted sum of the ratio of Mean Absolute Difference (MAD) of P-frame luma coeffecient and the relative changes of YUV's mean value, then the target rate was allocated and the quantitative parameters were adjusted according to the complexity. Meanwhile the target rate can be adjusted by using bits compensative factor. Compared to the algorithm in JVT-G012, the experimental results under the JM10.2 show that both the accuracy of rate controlling and the quality of reconstructed images can be improved if using the algorithm.
A Generic Approach to Making P2P Overlay Network Topology-Aware

QIU Tong-Qing,CHEN Gui-Hai,

软件学报 , 2007,
Abstract: With the help of distributed Hash table, the structured P2P (peer-to-peer) network has a short routing path and good extensibility. However, the mismatch between the overlay and physical network becomes the obstacle in the way of building an effective peer-to-peer system in a large-scale environment. In this paper, a generic, protocol-independent approach is proposed to solve this problem. This method is based on the swaps of peers. By discovering and performing the potential swaps that are beneficial to the match between overlay and physical network, it can reduce the average latency and improve the performance of the system. The experimental results show that the approach can greatly reduce the average latency of overlay networks. Moreover, the cost of overhead is controllable. Besides, if combining this approach with other protocol-dependent ones, the performance can be further improved.
Application & Research of Improved Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

LEI Liang,WANG Tong-qing PENG Jun YANG Bo,

计算机科学 , 2009,
Abstract: Image data mining is an active research area in databases,graphics,images and information technology.Recently,many researchers have employed algorithm study for image mining,and some improved algorithms were proposed about it.In the practice,the popularly used IAGA is easily stagnant,resulting in partial convergence.To solve those problems,the paper studied the traditional two-population genetic algorithm(AGA algorithm) to extract association rules,improved genetic operators,designed a new self-adaptable ge...
Ecological effects of intercropping white clover on tea plantation in a subtropical hilly region

SONG Tong-Qing,WANG Ke-Lin,PENG Wan-Xia,WANG Jiu-Rong,XIAO Run,|Lin,ZENG Fu,|Ping,TANG Yu,

生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 在亚热带丘陵区1a生幼龄茶园通过连续4a的大田对比试验,研究了茶园间作白三叶草的生态效应,结果发现:茶园间作白三叶草降低了土壤容重,提高了土壤孔隙度、有机质、全N、水解N的含量、K的活性、蚯蚓的数量和生物量,消耗了部分有效P;增加了土壤关键层次(0—20cm)和关键时期(4~6月)的水分含量,延缓和缩短了夏季高温干旱与秋季持续干旱时间;获得了土壤降温时增温、保温与升温时降温的双向动态调控效果,增加了同一层次土壤温度的稳定性,延缓了高温和低温的出现时间,缩短了过度高温时间,减少了高温对茶树生长产生的影响;抑制了杂草生长,增加了天敌的种类和种群数量,减少了虫害发生率。从而形成了立地环境.茶树.伴生生物群落系统自我调节的动态平衡,促进了茶树生长,改善了茶叶品质,显著增加了茶叶产量。与清耕茶园相比,茶园间作白三叶草后,春秋茶的酚氨比分别下降了17.10%和30.90%,产量提高了32.65%。
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