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丙肝病毒融合抗原基因NS3-C定点整合入衣藻 叶绿体基因组的研究 NS3-C Chimeric Antigen Gene of Hepatitis C Virus was Introduced Site-specifically into Chloroplast Genome of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
张中林,山松,陈曦,苏宁,吴祥甫,钱凯先,沈桂芳ZHANG Zhong-lin,SHAN Song,CHEN Xi,SU Ning,WU Xiang-fu,QIAN Kai-xian,SHEN Gui-fang
遗传 , 1999,
Abstract: 用PCR方法从丙型肝炎病毒(HCV) cDNA文库中克隆了两段DNA片段,即HC基因组非结构NS3区抗原基因(约0.7 kb)和核心抗原C区抗原基因(约0.6 kb)的cDNA片段。在两段cDNA间加入连接肽Ser-Pro-Gly-Ser的密码子序列,构建成融合抗原基因NS3-C。将该融合基因与衣藻叶绿体基因atpA的启动子和rbcL基因的3'末端连接,得到丙肝病毒融合抗原基因NS3-C表达盒,再将该表达盒与选择标记基因aadA表达盒和衣藻叶绿体基因组同源片段连接,构建成衣藻叶绿体转化载体pSS6。基因枪法转化衣藻叶绿体,经壮观霉素筛选获得转化再生的单藻落,对转基因衣藻的PCR和Southern杂交分析表明,融合抗原基因NS3-C已整合到衣藻叶绿体基因组中。 Abstract: Two DNA fragments encoding the nucleocapsid (C) region protein and the non-structural region 3 (NS3) protein of hepatitis C virus(HCV) were amplified from cDNA library by using PCR method. The 5' terminal of C cDNA fragment was linked up with the 3' terminal of NS3 cDNA fragment by a oligonucleotide linker Ser-Pro-Gly-Ser to form a chimeric gene NS3-C, which was placed under the control of the chloroplast atpA promoter and rbcL 3' region of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to construct the chimeric gene NS3-C cassette. Then the NS3-C cassette was linked with selectable gene aadA cassette and the chloroplast homologous fragments of Chlamydomonas reinhardt
Application of seismic shear wave detection in dividing shallow strata of rock and soil

CHEN Xiang-fu,An Xi-feng,

地球物理学进展 , 2007,
Abstract: This paper discusses basic characteristic of transverse wave and indicates that shear wave detection,which has high exploration precision and is not influenced by the degree of saturation,has advantage in unconsolidated strata as well as thickness detection.Therefore,seismic shear wave detection can be used to divide Quaternary unconsolidated strata.Based on the case of urban geologic survey in Guangzhou,the paper introduces data collection method used in shallow exploration in process of seismic transverse wave detection,and analyses the geologic explanation for results as well as divides the strata in this way coupled with method of well logging.The analysis shows that most of rock-soil strata have good corresponding relation to reflecting surface,and that seismic shear wave exploration method combined with well logging is feasible to divide Quaternary unconsolidated strata.
Species of the genus Mastrus F rster (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) of China with descriptions of two new species parasitizing sawflies (Hymenoptera)
Mao-Ling Sheng,Xiang-Fu Zeng
ZooKeys , 2010, DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.57.421
Abstract: Four species of Mastrus F rster, 1869 are reported from China. Two, Mastrus nigrus Sheng & Zeng, sp. n. reared from Arge pullata (Zaddach) and Mastrus rugotergalis Sheng & Zeng, sp. n. reared from Diprion jingyuanensis Xiao & Zhang, are new to science. One, Mastrus deminuens (Hartig, 1838), is a parasitoid of Pachynematus itoi Okutani. A key to species of Mastrus F rster known in China is provided.

LIU Ya-Qin,ZOU Guo-Yan,SONG Xiang-Fu,FU Zi-Shi,PAN Qi,LIU Fu-Xing,FAN Jie-Qun,

水生生物学报 , 2010,
Abstract: The ecological floating bed system (EFBS), as an effective means to improve the water quality and restore water ecosystem, was widely applied by worldwide scientists. Biomass and the community structure of phytoplankton are important characters of the water eutrophication. The effect of two EFBSs, a new EFBS with sufficient space in surface, equipped with zeolite, and the traditional foam EFBS, on water quality and phytoplankton community was employed to investigate the response of phytoplankton to EFBS during the process of water quality restoration. A terrestrial plant Cyperus alternifolius and the water from a canal nearby were tested in the present study. Treatments included Control with no phytoplankton, the traditional EFBS and the new EFBS. Nutrient concentration in water and phytoplankton were detected at two weeks interval during the two months experimental time. The results showed that after the canal water was transported to the experimental concrete cistern for 2 weeks, Chlorella Beij. and Scenedesmus Mey., which belong to Chlorophyta, came to dominate the phytoplankton population, insteading of Oscillatoria Vauch. and Spirulina Turp., which belong to Cyanophyta due to the habitat alteration. Simultaneously, total biomass of phytoplankton decreased rapidly from 20mg/L to below 3mg/L. At most of the experimental time, the biomass of phytoplankton under both EFBS treatments was significantly lower than that in Control (P<0.05) with a decreasing order of control>traditional EFBS>new EFBS. A water bloom composed of Microcystis Kütz broke out in Control after one and half months and it highest abundance and biomass reached 80.22×106ind./L and 5.21mg/L. Both EFBS could significantly remove all forms of N and P (P<0.05), especially NH4-N and TP (P<0.01) in water, and the new EFBS showed better effect than the traditional EFBS. The positive correlation between phytoplankton biomass and nutrients level, especially with TP (0.579, P<0.05) and TDP (0.611, P<0.05) indicated that EFBS might affect phytoplankton indirectly through removing nutrients from water, and the high efficiency of P removal by EFBS could be the main contribution of EFBS in controlling water bloom.
Complete sequence and organization of Antheraea pernyi nucleopolyhedrovirus, a dr-rich baculovirus
Zuo-Ming Nie, Zhi-Fang Zhang, Dan Wang, Ping-An He, Cai-Ying Jiang, Li Song, Fang Chen, Jie Xu, Ling Yang, Lin-Lin Yu, Jian Chen, Zheng-Bing Lv, Jing-Jing Lu, Xiang-Fu Wu, Yao-Zhou Zhang
BMC Genomics , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-8-248
Abstract: The genome of AnpeNPV, which infects Chinese tussah silkworm (Antheraea pernyi), was sequenced and analyzed. The genome was 126,629 bp in size. The G+C content of the genome, 53.4%, was higher than that of most of the sequenced baculoviruses. 147 open reading frames (ORFs) that putatively encode proteins of 50 or more amino acid residues with minimal overlap were determined. Of the 147 ORFs, 143 appeared to be homologous to other baculovirus genes, and 4 were unique to AnpeNPV. Furthermore, there are still 29 and 33 conserved genes present in all baculoviruses and all lepidopteran baculoviruses respectively. In addition, the total number of genes common to all lepidopteran NPVs is sill 74, however the 74 genes are somewhat different from the 74 genes identified before because of some new sequenced NPVs. Only 6 genes were found exclusively in all lepidopteran NPVs and 12 genes were found exclusively in all Group I NPVs. AnpeNPV encodes v-trex(Anpe115, a 3' to 5' repair exonuclease), which was observed only in CfMNPV and CfDEFNPV in Group I NPVs. This gene potentially originated by horizontal gene transfer from an ancestral host. In addition, AnpeNPV encodes two conotoxin-like gene homologues (ctls), ctl1 and ctl2, which were observed only in HycuNPV, OpMNPV and LdMNPV. Unlike other baculoviruses, only 3 typical homologous regions (hrs) were identified containing 2~9 repeats of a 30 bp-long palindromic core. However, 24 perfect or imperfect direct repeats (drs) with a high degree of AT content were found within the intergenic spacer regions that may function as non-hr, ori-like regions found in GrleGV, CpGV and AdorGV. 9 drs were also found in intragenic spacer regions of AnpeNPV.AnpeNPV belongs to Group I NPVs and is most similar to HycuNPV, EppoNPV, OpMNPV and CfMNPV based on gene content, genome arrangement, and amino acid identity. In addition, analysis of genes that flank hrs supported the argument that these regions are involved in the transfer of sequences betw
Review of the advances and development trends in agricultural non-point source pollution control in China

YANG Lin-Zhang,FENG Yan-Fang,SHI Wei-Ming,XUE Li-Hong,WANG Shen-Qiang,SONG Xiang-Fu,CHANG Zhi-Zhou,

中国生态农业学报 , 2013,
Abstract: With further economic development in China, non-point source pollution has become a major side effect of agricultural production. There have been wide-spread reports of environment pollution, especially the water environments in China. With this, relevant control measures of agricultural non-point source pollution have gained the attention of the government and scientists in the country. This paper reviewed the current state and discussed the contributing factors and characteristics of agricultural non-point source pollution in China. It also summarized researches on pollution control technologies, including rural sewage/garbage treatment, nutrient retention in farmland runoff and reduction/reasonable use of chemical fertilizers/pesticides. Future development trends in controlling agricultural non-point source pollution in China, and especially the systematic control of rural pollution, were discussed too. Suggestions such as combination uses of systematic control and regional treatment, new techniques development and demonstration, pollution control and management, and establishment of national evaluation and early-warning systems were put forward.

,杨 威

物理学报 , 1999,
Abstract: Based on the Berakdar theory,this work investigates theoretically the triply differential cross sections for electron impact ionization of Li+(1s2) at an energy of 100eV in coplanar doubly symmetric geometry,i.e.,equal energies and equal emission angles for the two electrons in the final state.Dominant ionization mechanisms are identified and the contribution of different scattering amplitudes and the major role of initial channel Coulomb field are discussed.It turns out that the cross section in doubly symmetric geometry is strongly influenced by the interference of these amplitudes and the initial channel Coulomb field.

,杨 威

物理学报 , 1998,
Abstract: Based on the BBK theory, triple differential cross sections (TDCS) have been calculated for ionization of Li+ (1s2) by electron impact. A coplanar, equal-energy, fixed-relative angle kinematics is chosen and the particular case where the scattered and ionized electrons emerge perpendicular to each other is emphasized The incoming electron state is considered by a Coulomb wave from the long-range attraction between the incident electron and the screened ionic nucleus or approximated by a plane wave. It is shown that the maximum probability for emission near threshold is a configuration in which the interelectronic vector is aligned along the beam direction and the minimum probability when this vector is perpendicular to the beam, and that the initial channel Coulomb field play a major role in determining the TDCS at near threshold energy.
Influence of Fluorine on the Conductivity and Oxidation of Silicon Nanomembranes after Hydrofluoric Acid Treatment

ZHAO Xiang-Fu,HAN Ping,ZHANG Rong,ZHENG You-Dou,

中国物理快报 , 2011,
Merging of finance and accounting in the course of the merging of universities .

XIE Jia-qi,GE Xiang-fu,

浙江大学学报(农业与生命科学版) , 2000,
Abstract: To counter the practice of the merging of universities, The authors studied the new resulting from the merging of finance and accounting in the course of the merging of the universities, analysed the relationship between the merging of finance and accounting and that of the universities, expounded the principles by which the merging of finance and accounting must abide, and advance the new methods and solutions.
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