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Study on Evapotranspiration from Plant Communities of the Steppe

Song Bingyu,

气候与环境研究 , 1997,
Abstract: 在中国科学院内蒙古草原生态系统定位研究站,采用“土柱称重法”对典型草原群落蒸发蒸腾进行实验观测,主要研究结果如下:(1)土壤因子的影响:(a)在通常情况下,草原群落蒸发、蒸腾及蒸散均随土壤水分增加而增大;当土壤水分过多时,群落蒸腾由于植物受涝而降低。(b)在低土壤含水量条件下,群落蒸发随土壤粘粒含量增加呈线性降低;在高土壤含水量条件下,群落蒸发随土壤粘粒含量增加而升高。(c)不同土壤含水量的群落蒸发,均随土壤坚实度增大升高,并先后达最高值。土壤含水量愈低,蒸发达最高值愈滞后。(2)放牧因素的影响:群落蒸腾与牧压呈线性负相关;群落蒸发与牧压呈线性正相关。群落生物量随牧压增大而降低是导致群落蒸发和蒸腾与牧压呈正、负相关的主要原因。(3)退化群落及其恢复群落的蒸发蒸腾:群落退化导致群落蒸发升高,蒸腾降低;相应的群落恢复导致群落蒸发降低,蒸腾升高。在一定程度上,群落退化及其恢复演替虽然能明显改变群落T/E值,但却不会引起群落蒸散值的明显变化。(4)草原沙地、羊草草原和河漫滩草甸是本地区差异明显的三种群落。草甸蒸腾最大(92mm/d),比另两种群落高2~3倍;草甸蒸发最小(04mm/d),约为沙地的1/4,草原的
Monotonicity Formulas for Bakry-Emery Ricci Curvature
Bingyu Song,Guofang Wei,Guoqiang Wu
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Motivated and inspired by the recent work of Colding [5] and Colding-Minicozzi [6] we derive several families of monotonicity formulas for manifolds with nonnegative Bakry-Emery Ricci curvature, extending the formulas in [5, 6].
Effects of artificial tending on Pinus tabulaeformis forest growth and its structural characteristics

CAO Yun,YANG Yie,SONG Bingyu,HUANG Heping,YANG Mingbo,ZHENG Min,

应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The investigation on the growth status, community composition, and structural characteristics of Pinus tabulaeformis forest artificially tended for six years showed that there were significant differences in the average DBH, height, and crown size of the forest among the treatments DA (trimming without intermediate cutting), FA (trimming and intermediate cutting) and CK (without trending). Treatment FA had the highest values of average DBH (7.8 +/- 0.29 cm), height (5.5 +/- 0.09 m) and crown size (249 +/- 7.24 cm), while the CK had the lowest ones. The average biomass of new leaf (1-year-old), old leaf (2 or more-year-old), and branch per tree increased significantly (P<0.01) with enhancing tending treatments. The aboveground biomass of treatment FA was the biggest (44.0 t x hm(-2)), and that of CK was the smallest (14.9 t x hm(-2)). The leaf length and SLA at the early and terminal stages of development (May, June and September) had significant difference among the treatments, and the amount of community composition and the cover degree of undergrowth plants increased evidently under artificial tending treatments.
A Brief Discussion on Legal Guarantee of Industry Security in Foreign Capital Merger and Acquisition
Bingyu Liu
Asian Social Science , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v7n2p172
Abstract: Foreign capital merging and acquiring China enterprises has recently become an economic and legal hotspot event that has attracted extensive attentions, and practice has proven that merging and acquiring leading enterprises and in turn controlling the overall industry to monopolize the industry have seriously endangered the industry security of China. Limited by various imperfections in legal force and application, the existing laws cannot fundamentally protect the industry security in foreign capital merger and acquisition. To improve the legal system for the supervision over foreign capital merger and acquisition, and establish the legal mechanism for industry security and industry policy are effective legal measures to solve the issue of industry security in foreign capital merger and acquisition.
An Uncertain Programming Model for Competitive Logistics Distribution Center Location Problem  [PDF]
Bingyu Lan, Jin Peng, Lin Chen
American Journal of Operations Research (AJOR) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajor.2015.56042

We employ uncertain programming to investigate the competitive logistics distribution center location problem in uncertain environment, in which the demands of customers and the setup costs of new distribution centers are uncertain variables. This research was studied with the assumption that customers patronize the nearest distribution center to satisfy their full demands. Within the framework of uncertainty theory, we construct the expected value model to maximize the expected profit of the new distribution center. In order to seek for the optimal solution, this model can be transformed into its deterministic form by taking advantage of the operational law of uncertain variables. Then we can use mathematical software to obtain the optimal location. In addition, a numerical example is presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the presented model.

A novel Gateway?-compatible binary vector allows direct selection of recombinant clones in Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Sy Traore, Bingyu Zhao
Plant Methods , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1746-4811-7-42
Abstract: In this study, we constructed a novel Gateway?-compatible destination vector, pEG101-SacB/R, by replacing the ccdB gene with a SacB-SacR gene cassette as the negative selectable marker.Our results demonstrate that the new pEG101-SacB/R destination vector can be used for Gateway? cloning in Agrobacterium tumefaciens. pEG101-SacB/R will be a valuable tool for high-throughput functional analysis of genes in planta.The wide-spread availability of genomic sequences from many organisms has raised interest in characterizing the biological functions of newly discovered genes through various high-throughput methodologies [1]. In order to study gene function, a gene-of-interest needs to be cloned into different plasmid vectors. In plant biology research, the gene-of-interest is frequently cloned into binary vectors that can be used for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation [2].Gateway? technology was developed as a convenient and fast gene cloning system (Invitrogen?, Carlsbad, CA). This method involves three key steps: (1) amplifying the targeted gene by PCR; (2) directly cloning the PCR product into a TopoEntr/D? vector without digestion/ligation; and (3) subcloning the targeted gene from the entry vector into any destination vector using the Gateway? LR cloning technique. The Gateway? LR cloning reaction is mediated by the site-specific homologous DNA recombination properties of bacteriophage lambda [3]. This method is more convenient than other methods because it does not involve either DNA digestion nor ligation, two processes that can hinder the cloning process [4]. The Gateway?-compatible destination vector harbors a negative selectable marker, the ccdB gene, which produces a toxic protein that is lethal to most E. coli strains, including DH5α [5,6]. During the Gateway? LR reaction, the ccdB gene in the destination vector is replaced by the targeted gene from an entry vector through site-specific homologous DNA recombination. The LR reaction mixture containing both rec
A contribution to the condition number of the total least squares problem
Zhongxiao Jia,Bingyu Li
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: This paper concerns cheaply computable formulas and bounds for the condition number of the TLS problem. For a TLS problem with data $A$, $b$, two formulas are derived that are simpler and more compact than the known results in the literature. One is derived by exploiting the properties of Kronecker products of matrices. The other is obtained by making use of the singular value decomposition (SVD) of $[A \,\,b]$, which allows us to compute the condition number cheaply and accurately. We present lower and upper bounds for the condition number that involve the singular values of $[A \,\, b]$ and the last entries of the right singular vectors of $[A \,\, b]$. We prove that they are always sharp and can estimate the condition number accurately by no more than four times. Furthermore, we establish a few other lower and upper bounds that involve only a few singular values of $A$ and $[A \,\, b]$. We discuss how tight the bounds are. These bounds are particularly useful for large scale TLS problems since for them any formulas and bounds for the condition number involving all the singular values of $A$ and/or $[A \ b]$ are too costly to be computed. Numerical experiments illustrate that our bounds are sharper than a known approximate condition number in the literature.
On the Condition Number of the Total Least Squares Problem
Zhongxiao Jia,Bingyu Li
Mathematics , 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s00211-013-0533-9
Abstract: This paper concerns singular value decomposition (SVD)-based computable formulas and bounds for the condition number of the Total Least Squares (TLS) problem. For the TLS problem with the coefficient matrix $A$ and the right-hand side $b$, a new closed formula is presented for the condition number. Unlike an important result in the literature that uses the SVDs of both $A$ and $[A,\ b]$, our formula only requires the SVD of $[A,\ b]$. Based on the closed formula, both lower and upper bounds for the condition number are derived. It is proved that they are always sharp and estimate the condition number accurately. A few lower and upper bounds are further established that involve at most the smallest two singular values of $A$ and of $[A,\ b]$. Tightness of these bounds is discussed, and numerical experiments are presented to confirm our theory and to demonstrate the improvement of our upper bounds over the two upper bounds due to Golub and Van Loan as well as Baboulin and Gratton. Such lower and upper bounds are particularly useful for large scale TLS problems since they require the computation of only a few singular values of $A$ and $[A, \ b]$ other than all the singular values of them.

HUANG Qingzhu,KONG Bingyu,ZHU Congxun,

金属学报 , 1983,
Abstract: The change of texture during recrystallization annealing in low carbon Alkilled steel sheet containing 0.13% Cu has been studied by function of crystal orientation distribution. It is shown that the cold-rolled texture is composed of one component of the <111> fibre texture with fibre axis parallel to the plane normal and another component of {001} <110>. The <110> partial fibre texture with fibre axis parallel to the rolling direction is formed by the diffusion of the two components. During the recrystallization, <111> fibre texture becomes prevailing and {001} <110> component diminishes while the <110> partial fibre texture contracts gradually, therefore, the <110> partial fibre texture is not an independent one.
Generalized Mountain Pass Lemma Related with a Closed Subset and Locally Lipschitz Functionals
Fengying Li,Bingyu Li,Shiqing Zhang
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: The classical Mountain Pass Lemma of Ambrosetti-Rabinowitz has been studied, extended and modified in several directions; notable examples would certainly include the generalization to locally Lipschitz functionals in K.C. Chang, analysis of the structure of the critical set in the mountain pass theorem by Hofer and Pucci-Serrin and Tian, the extension by Ghoussoub-Preiss to closed subsets in a Banach space, and variations found in the recent Peral . In this paper, we utilize the generalized gradient of Clarke and Ekeland's variational principle to generalize the Ghoussoub-Preiss's Theorem in the setting of locally Lipschitz functionals.
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