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Novel aspects of tRNA-derived small RNAs with potential impact in infectious diseases  [PDF]
Maria Rosa Garcia-Silva, Florencia Cabrera-Cabrera, Maria Catalina Güida, Alfonso Cayota
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2013.45A002

The complete understanding of the growing catalog of regulatory non-coding RNAs is going to shed light in different aspects of a wide range of pathogenic mechanisms in human diseases. This review was aimed to highlight recent advances in the small non- coding RNA world that could have implications in the development of new strategies in medical sciences. Among the diverse group of small non-coding RNAs, we highlight the group of tRNA-derived fragments as molecules known for a long time which have recently emerged as novel regulators influencing several aspects of cell biology. We describe here recent advances in the field of tRNA-derived fragments playing key roles in the biology of some infectious agents, including E. coli, A. fumigatus, G. lamblia, Ascaris, T. cruzi, Virus, Prions and a brief overview linking them to cancer biology. Additionally, we focus on the potential implications of these molecules in future biotechnological applications in the development of new biomarkers and as new therapeutic targets.

Hints of tRNA-Derived Small RNAs Role in RNA Silencing Mechanisms
Maria Rosa Garcia-Silva,Florencia Cabrera-Cabrera,Maria Catalina Güida,Alfonso Cayota
Genes , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/genes3040603
Abstract: With the advent of new and improved high-throughput sequencing technologies in the last few years, a growing number of novel classes of small RNA, other than miRNAs or siRNA, has emerged, which appear as new actors in gene expression regulation. tRNA-derived small RNAs represent one of these novel members that are, surprisingly, among the most conserved class of small RNAs throughout evolution. They could represent the most primitive small RNA pathways from which the well-known canonical RNA silencing pathways reported in higher eukaryotes evolved. This review aims to make a compilation of the most relevant research literature in this field with the purpose of shedding light on the relation of these primitive tRNA-derived molecules with the gene silencing machinery.
Variación de lípidos y ácidos grasos en camarones marinos consumidos en Venezuela
Cabrera,Tomás; Cabrera,Gustavo; Rosas,Jesús; Velásquez,Aide; Silva,Marisol;
Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición , 2005,
Abstract: there are three marine shrimp species in the venezuelan internal market, two of them are native species, from fisheries, farfantapenaeus brasiliensis y litopenaeus schmitti, and one is an exotic species and farmed, l. vannamei. the objectives of this paper were to determine the possible variation of lipid content and fatty acid composition of these species, even under different culture conditions (e.g. feed used). the lipid content in all the species are higher (5 to 10 times) that the data from previous papers deal with marine shrimps, ranged from 4.8 to 10.9%, suggesting that its impact in the human health should be reviewed. at the same time, there were detected differences between the lipid content and fatty acids composition of the species. wild l. schmitti had the highest lipid content (10.9%), following by wild f. brasiliensis (9.0%), cultured l. schmitti (4.8% to 7.1%) and cultured l. vannamei (5.1% to 6.2%). on the other hand, l. schmitti fed on commercial feed had the highest proportion of epa and/or dha, following by l. vannamei fed on the experimental feed, wild l. schmitti and fed with the experimental feed and wild f. brasiliensis.
Inquérito vacinal de alunos da gradua??o em medicina e enfermagem da Faculdade de Medicina de S?o José do Rio Preto (SP, Brasil) nos anos de 2006 e 2007 e suas possíveis implica??es na atua??o discente
Cabrera,Eliana Márcia Sotello; Merege,Carolina Elisabete da Silva;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232011000200018
Abstract: according to their susceptibility, health workers have higher risk to vaccine-preventable diseases (intramural transmission in hospitals), and can also be a source of infection to others professionals and patients. the aim of this article is to get and describe the vaccination status of the student population at famerp (s?o josé do rio preto, s?o paulo, brazil); to show the importance of keeping a vaccine protocol inquiry and immunization with recommended vaccines for students at famerp, and others susceptible institutions. the methodology used was a population census of the enrolled medical and nursing students at famerp, in 2006 and 2007, with application of a closed questionnaire to establish bio-psycho-socio-cultural characteristics of vaccinal relevance. it could be perceived that there isn't a specific immunization program for students at famerp. we verified that among the 375 interviewed students (59.8%), the majority (59.7%) had related to know the possible adverse reactions, and 66.9% weren't afraid of adverse reactions. only 69 students (11.0%) presented the vaccine register spontaneously. none of the students presented the vaccines of the adult or health professional routine. it's imperative to work in health planning and regulation, standardized at famerp and higher education institutions, to protect the susceptible population.
Estudo sobre a violência doméstica contra a crian?a em unidades básicas de saúde do município de S?o Paulo - Brasil
Ramos, Martha Lucia Cabrera Ortiz;Silva, Ana Lúcia da;
Saúde e Sociedade , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-12902011000100016
Abstract: objective: to investigate how professionals with the family health strategy act when confronted with situations of domestic violence against children. method: this is a qualitative research. the data were collected through semi-structured interviews performed with twenty-one professionals, and thematic content analysis was used. the research was developed in the city of s?o paulo, in five primary health care units located in five regions. results: the analysis pointed to four thematic categories: identification of domestic violence; types of domestic violence; assistance difficulties in domestic violence situations; and professionals' actions in domestic violence situations. identification happens during visits made by professionals in the community, particularly the community health agents, and is corroborated in clinical consultations through observation and physical examination of the child. one of the most present actions in the professionals' discourse is referring the victimized child to the guardianship council. conclusions: the results reflect a reality within primary health care that generates anguish in the professionals as they feel unprotected and unprepared to assist and solve demands of children who are victims of domestic violence. it was verified that sistema único de saúde (sus - national health system) / family health strategy has to advance in response to these situations. intersectoriality, integrality and problem-solving capacity were present in the interviewees' discourse, showing that there are gaps that generate suffering and need to be re-conducted to the competent agencies.
Educa o intercultural em movimento: revisitando um conceito a partir do trabalho de investiga o em grupo
Gilberto Ferreira da Silva,Flor ángeles Cabrera Rodríguez
Educa??o : Revista do Centro de Educa??o UFSM , 2011, DOI: 10.5902/19846444974
Abstract: O propósito deste trabalho é o de colocar como campo de discuss o a produ o de pesquisa ancorada no ambiente proporcionado pelo Grupo de Investigación en Educación Intercultural (GREDI) da Universidade de Barcelona. Centrou-se em conhecer o percurso da concep o de educa o intercultural adotada nas pesquisas produzidas ao longo de 17 anos (1992-2009). Os intensos processos de imigra o nestas últimas décadas e a consequente presen a da diversidade cultural nos espa os educativos alimentam o esfor o investigativo em conhecer e construir alternativas para ao enfrentamento do fen meno da multiculturalidade. Neste cenário a discuss o pautada pela no o de educa o intercultural tem estimulado uma crescente produ o acadêmica, aportando contribui es, explorando modelos e projetos de interven o em contextos educativos. Observa-se que o deslocamento de concep es simples da interculturalidade dá lugar a elabora es mais complexas e que apontam para interfaces interdisciplinares na consolida o de um campo de pesquisa. Palavras-chave: Educa o intercultural; Forma o de professores; Grupo de pesquisa, diversidade cultural.
Validez interna y concurrente de una escala breve autoadministrada de siete ítems para la depresión, evaluada en relación a los inventarios de Beck y Hamilton: Estudio preliminar Concurrent and internal validity of a seven-item self-report rating scale for depression tested against the Beck and Hamilton depression inventories: A preliminary study
César Ojeda,Hernán Silva,Jorge Cabrera,Claudia Tchimino
Revista Chilena de Neuro-Psiquiatría , 2003,
Abstract: Método. Una escala breve de siete ítem para la evaluación de la Depresión (Escala Breve para la Evaluación de la Depresión de Ojeda) (EBDO) fue comparada con los inventarios de Beck (BDI) y Hamilton (HDRS), ciento treinta veces, en veintiséis pacientes que cumplían con los criterios para Depresión Mayor (DSM-III-R), durante cinco semanas de un ensayo farmacológico. Resultados. La correlación entre la EBDO y el BDI (validez concurrente) fue de 0.84 (r de Pearson); entre la EBDO y la HDRS de 0.69, y entre el BDI y la HDRS, de 0.79. Seis de los siete ítem de la EBDO tuvieron un correlación con los seis restantes (validez interna) entre 0.54 y 0.70 (r de Pearson) con una significación estadística (p value) < 0.001. Conclusiones. Estos resultados preliminares sugieren que el BDI y la EBDO pueden ser intercambiados con un razonable grado de confiabilidad. Con el objetivo de establecer si la validez de constructo de la EBDO tiene más de una dimensión sería necesario investigar con muestras de mayor tama o, aplicando técnicas estadísticas más sofisticadas, como el análisis multifactorial Method. A seven-item Self-report Rating Scale for Depression (Ojeda Depression Brief Rating Scale) (ODBRS) was tested 130 times against Beck (BDI) and Hamilton (HDRS) inventories for depression in 26 patients that fulfilled criteria for Major Depression (DSM-III-R) during a five-week pharmacological trial. Results. The correlation between ODBRS and BDI (concurrent validity) was 0.84 (r of Pearson) and with HDRS, 0.69. The correlation between BDI and HDRS was 0.79. Six of the seven ODBRS items had a correlation with the remaining six, ranging from 0.54 to 0.70 (r of Pearson), and a statistical significance (p value) of < 0.001 (internal validity). These preliminary results suggest that BDI and ODBRS could be reliably interchanged. Conclusions. Further investigations with larger samples and more sophisticated statistical instruments are necessary, specifically, multifactorial analysis, in order to determine if the construct validity of ODBRS has more than one dimension
Market Making, Liquidity Provision, and Attention Constraints: An Experimental Study  [PDF]
Juan F. Cabrera
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2017.74061
Abstract: This paper uses an experimental electronic market to investigate the effect of limited attention on the market maker’s ability to provide liquidity and, thus, on aggregate market liquidity. I find that higher demands on the market maker’s attention worsen her ability to provide liquidity but do not reduce the aggregate level of market liquidity. This effect is only significant in less active markets. Furthermore, the aggregate level of market liquidity remains unaltered across both highly active and inactive markets, suggesting a reactive strategy by informed traders who step in to compete with market makers during high information intensity periods when their attention allocation efforts are compromised. In fact, in markets with a higher information value, the effect of attention constraints on the liquidity provision ability of market makers is greater. This implies that informed traders may not only exploit their informational advantage against uninformed traders but they may also use it to reap a higher share of liquidity-based profits. Finally, the market maker’s trading performance measured by her profit share and ability to manage her inventory worsens when demands on her attention are greater.
Molecular Analysis of TTF-1 and TTF-2 Genes in Patients with Early Onset Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma
Carla Espadinha,Ana Luísa Silva,Rafael Cabrera,Maria Jo o Bugalho
Journal of Oncology , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/359246
Abstract: Two common variants, close from TTF-1 and TTF-2, were shown to predispose to thyroid cancer (TC) in European populations. We aimed to investigate whether TTF-1 and TTF-2 variants might contribute to TC early onset (EO). Tumor samples from eighteen patients with papillary TC (PTC), who underwent total thyroidectomy at an age of ≤21, were screened for TTF-1 and TTF-2 variants. No TTF-1 variants were documented; two novel germinal TTF-2 variants, c.200C>G (p.A67G) and c.510C>A (p.A170A), were identified in two patients. Two already described TTF-2 variants were also documented; the allelic frequency among patients was not different from that observed among controls. Moreover, RET/PTC rearrangements and the BRAFV600E mutation were identified in 5/18 and 2/18 PTCs, respectively. Thyroglobulin (TG) and thyroid peroxidase (TPO) expression was found to be significantly decreased in tumors, and the lowest level of TPO expression occurred in a tumor harboring both the p.A67GTTF-2 variant and a RET/PTC3 rearrangement.
Análisis Comparativo de la Composición Corporal de árbitros de Fútbol de Brasil y Uruguay
da Silva,Alberto Inácio; de los Santos,Héctor; Cabrera,Carlos;
International Journal of Morphology , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-95022012000300019
Abstract: the aim of this study was to comparative analysis of morphological profile of elite soccer referees from brazil and uruguay.the sample consisted of 27 referees from brazil, with a mean age of 37.6 ± 4.2 years, weight 79.1 ± 7.9 kg and height 179.1 ± 4.8 cm; and 14 referees from uruguaymean age 37.8 ± 3 years, weight 74.3 ± 7.4 kg and height 175 ± 6.8 cm.the variables of body weight, height, skinfolds, body girths and bone widths were measured in order to estimate body composition and somatotype of the referees.to determine the body composition we used seven skinfolds, four circumferences and seven widths.with respect to the data of body composition, when comparing the data with the brazilian and uruguay, there was a significant statistical difference between body weight, bmi and body fat percentage (p> 0.05).although the somatotype of both groups are classified as endomorph-mesomorph (somatotype average 3.7 to 4.0 -2.0), the brazilian officials showed a body fat percentage higher, which might constitutea physical performance limiting factor during the match and could be monitored through a program of good eating habits and physical fitness.
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