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Numerical simulations on deep subduction of western Pacific plate to NE China

ZHU Gui-Zhi,SHI Yao-Lin,CHEN Shi,ZHANG Huai,

地球物理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Using temperature-dependent viscosity and considering depth difference between oceanic plate and continental plate, we discuss numerically the possible geodynamical process for tomography results in NE China with convergence velocity of Pacific plate and Eurasian plate and multiple trench retreating models. The results from our models show that trench retreat is necessary for reproducing the flat lying slab as observed by tomography under NE China. Occurrence of lying slab on 660 km phase change boundary is mainly due to the higher viscosity contrast between lower mantle and upper mantle. The subduciton of the Pacific plate to Eurasian plate is most likely to have occurred before 70 Ma B.P., the trench retreating velocity is probably variable but must be less than 45mm/a, which is estimated by some geologists. As to the reason of trench retreat, our simulation results indicate that the possible force for trench retreat is the eastward asthenospheric flow and pushing effect under the continental lithosphere, which may be related to India-Eurasia collision, so the extensional tectonic features must be attributed to the total effects of India-Eurasia collision and Pacific-Eurasia convergence.
Epidermal Feature of the Leaves of Taxus in Relation to Taxonomy

Kwei Yao-Lin,Hu Yu-Shi,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 1974,
Abstract: The comparative observations of the leaves of Chinese Taxus have been made with special reference to their under epidermal structure of leaves and the under epidermal feature of leaves in relation to toxonomy of Taxus has been discussed. The epidermal feature of the under surface of the leaves of Chinese Taxus can be classified into three types, namely: (I) the strongly papillate cuticular peges present in median zone of the under surface of the leaves; (II) some files of epidermal cells in median zone have no papillate cuticular peges and (III) in partial region of the median zone less strongly developed papillae peges are covered in patches or scattered. Based upon the fact we may conclude that the under epidermal structure types of leaves of Chinese Taxus are not characteristic to any speeies of Taxus and parti- cularly, the morphological characters of leaves and the geographical distribution of the species are overlapping among different species, thus, the identification of spe- cies based upon under epidermal structure types may result in obscurity. Therefore, the under epidermal feature of leaves of Taxus only can be used as accessory feature for identification of species and it can not be used as an importantcriterion for identification.
A discussion on the influences of Zipingpu reservoir on the stability of faults in the neighborhood

ZHANG Bei,SHI Yao-Lin,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 2010,
Abstract: Whether the Zipingpu reservoir triggered the 5.12 earthquake has attracted international attention. We discuss influences of the artificial load on stability of faults in the vicinity based on the solution of Boussinesq’s problem with the consideration of geometry of the reservoir and real water depth. The results indicate that the static Coulomb stress changes obviously near the surface and its magnitude can be 0.2MPa, but decreases rapidly with distance. The seismic source of the 5.12 earthquake was in the field where the static Coulomb stress changes are positive. However, the magnitude of about 0.005MPa is too small because of the remoteness from the reservoir. We also discuss the distribution of the static Coulomb stress caused by point load on some typical faults.
Numerical simulation research on tsunami hazards

zhang chao-fan,shi yao-lin,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 海啸的数值模拟研究在帮助理解海啸自然灾害的物理特性及预防减灾方面具有重要意义.总结了当前海啸数值模拟的常用方法,包括对它们物理特性的描述,物理过程的划分,不同过程所采用的控制方程,常用的数值模拟方法,及模拟的重点和难点.在此基础上,介绍了当 前国际上有影响力的一些海啸数值模型,及其实现方法与特点,对于研究者开展自己的研究具有借鉴意义.
Can Lake-bottom Deformation Produced by Water Unloading be Applied to the Study of Evolution of the Ancient Large Lakes in Tibet

CUI Xiao-Jia,SHI Yao-Lin,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Some researchers suggested that there was an ancient large lake covered about 15,000,000 square kilometers in Tibet, and when the water flew away and the lakes dried up, the crust would be deformed because of the unloading. Therefore, the angle of unconformity between lake sediments may provide new evidences for further research on the lake history. In this paper, we use a simplified mechanical model to calculate the lake-bottom deformation induced by unloading of reduction of lake water. We found that the tilt of lake bottom is negligible and difficult to be detected in the field. The maximum deflection is also quite limited, only about tens of meters. However, the uplift rate may be very fast, and its effects on environment, climate and physiognomy are worth to be further studied.
Numerical study on channel reservoir induced earthquake

CAO Jian-Ling,SHI Yao-Lin,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 2011,
Abstract: We modeled the impoundment induced stress change in channel reservoir by two-dimensional finite element method.We calculated Coulomb failure stress change on the fault striking parallel to the major axis of reservoir.Compared to the regional stress field,the compressive stress caused by impoundment is small and is most confined within several kilometers depth.If the background stress is in favor of normal faulting some faults with certain dips and depths would come closer to failure,while if the background stress is in favor of shallow thrust those thrusts would be safer after reservoir impoundment.
A coupled thermal-fluid-solid approach for modeling the lithosphere-asthenosphere interactions

CHEN Jian-Ye,YANG Xiao-Song,SHI Yao-Lin,

地球物理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Lithosphere-asthenosphere interaction is now one of the hot issues in geodynamics. In order to model the interaction between lithospheric deformation and asthenosphere convection, a coupled thermal-fluid-solid approach is proposed and the corresponding finite element codes are developed. This new method avoids the deficiencies of pure mantle convection or pure solid mechanical systems. This approach describes the lithosphere-asthenosphere interactions, including the mantle movement driven by thermal heterogeneity (and/or dragged by the moving plate), the deformation of lithosphere caused by exerting force induced by the convective mantle on coupled boundary, the responses of mantle convection in shape to the deformed lithosphere. The multiple interrelated processes promote the evolution of lithosphere-asthenophere system. This approach is used to simulate "topography uplift under a mantle plume" and the results are consistent to geological reality and conventional cognition, certifying its validity and capability to deal with complex coupled issues.

CHEN Qing-xuan,SHI Yao-lin,

地球学报 , 1980,
Abstract: Prof. Li Sze-Kuang (J. S. Lee) had suggested that the change of velocity of the earth s rotation is the fundamental cause of crustal mo-vement and that tectonic systems are formed during the period of the spee-ding up of earth s rotation. We have calculated the stress distribution arisingfrom the change of angular velocity of earth s rotation assuming a simplifiedearth model which has three homogeneous spherical elastic layers corresponding to the liquid core and solid mantle and crust of the earth respectively and a boundary condition between the outer and the intermediate layer that the radial displacement and normal stress are continuous while the tangential displacement may occur frictionlessly simulating the effect of the low viscocity layer during long term motion.
Analysis of the non-monotony cooling on the thermal evolution history of Venus

ZHANG Jian,SHI Yao-Lin,

地球物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Venus' mean surface age suggests that there may have extensive resurfacing of Venus prior to that epoch.Such global resurfacing is relative with the thermal evolution in the interior.Base on the properties and parameters of the Venus and the theory of mantle convection,we calculate the thermal evolution history of Venus.The results show that Venus' thermal evolution is a non-monotonic cooling process.In this process,Venus' mantle convection displays an overturn with a quasi-periodicity.Because of the different parameters,the stales of mantle overturn may appear in three modes.The punctuated turn over and avalanche effect in phase transition layer may play a key role for the resurfacing and lithosphere foundered of Venus in 500 Ma intervals.

ZHU Shou-Biao,SHI Yao-Lin,

地球物理学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 利用震源机制解和地质调查资料 ,运用伪三维遗传有限单元法反演了中国川滇部分地区 (96°E~ 10 4°E ,2 2°N~ 30°N)受到的边界作用和该地区底部所受的剪切作用力 .对反演方法进行了讨论 ,获得了稳定的反演结果 .结果显示 ,该区川滇菱形块体上地壳底部受下地壳南南东向剪切力 ,与GPS反映的现今地块运动方向大体一致 ;而研究区域其他地区底部没有受到统一显著的剪切力作用 .结合该地区的研究资料 ,初步认为青藏高原物质受挤压向东和东南运动过程中 ,下地壳物质比上地壳更易于流动 ,从而对川滇菱形块体上地壳有拖曳作用 .从应力场反演的模型位移与GPS实测的现今位移资料也大体吻合 ,反映结果有合理的物理意义 .
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