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Modelling pressurized deformation source for Changbaishan volcano with homogenous expansion point source

ZHU Gui-Zhi,WANG Qing-Liang,SHI Yao-Lin,CUI Du-Xin,

地球物理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 2002~2003年长白山火山区的水平运动缺乏中心对称性分布特征,本文采用同一深度沿三个互相垂直方向拉张的点源模式模拟了长白山火山区的岩浆囊压力变形源. 在介质参数为Vp=6.700 km/s,Vs=3.8700 km/s,ρ=2900 kg/m3的均匀弹性半空间中, 联合利用2002~2003年长白山火山区的GPS观测数据和水准数据,结合PSGRN/PSCMP代码和遗传算法反演长白山火山区的压力变形源特征. 反演结果表明,由三个垂直的不等量扩张方向确定的椭球状点源模型可以较好地模拟长白山火山区岩浆囊压力变形源. 岩浆囊深处9.2 km,在走向为34.4°,倾角为82.2°的断层面的法向方向体积扩张量最大,达到7000000 m3;在走向为302.8°,倾角为78.5°的断层面的法向方向体积扩张量次之,达到6598071 m3;在走向为337.7°,倾角为14.0°的断层面的法向方向体积扩张量最小,达到5220160 m3.
Addition of hepatectomy decreases liver recurrence and leads to long survival in hilar cholangiocarcinoma
Zheng Shi, Ming-Zhi Yang, Qing-Liang He, Rong-Wen Ou, You-Ting Chen
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2009,
Abstract: AIM: To evaluate hepatic recurrence and prognostic factors for survival in patients with surgically resected hilar cholangiocarcinoma in a single institution over the last 13 years.METHODS: From 1994 to 2007, all patients with hilar cholangiocarcinoma referred to a surgical clinic were evaluated. Demographic data, tumor characteristics, and outcome were analyzed retrospectively. Outcome was compared in patients who underwent additional liver resection with resection of the tumor.RESULTS: Of the 69 patients submitted to laparotomy for tumor resection, curative resection (R0 resection) was performed in 40 patients, and palliative resection in 29. Thirty-one patients had only duct resection, and 38 patients had combined duct resection with liver resection including 34 total or part caudate lobes. Curative rates with the combined hepatectomy were significantly improved compared with those without additional hepatectomy (27/38 vs 13/31; χ2 = 5.94, P < 0.05). Concomitant liver resection was associated with a decreased incidence of initial recurrence in liver one year after surgery (11/38 vs 23/31; χ2 = 13.98, P < 0.01). The 3-year survival rate after R0 resection was 30.7% and was 10.5% for palliative resection. R0 resection improved the 3-year survival rate (30.7% vs 10.5%; χ2 = 12.47, P < 0.01).CONCLUSION: Hepatectomy, especially including the caudate lobe combined with bile duct resection should be considered standard treatment to cure hilar cholangiocarcinoma.
Relationship among microbial groups,enzyme activity and physico-chemical properties under different artificial forestry in hilly red soil

ZHENG Shi-Zhang,XIAO Qing-Liang,WU Wei-Dong,HE Yuan-Qiu,

中国生态农业学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 在中国科学院红壤生态试验站优化农业生态模式的长期定位试验地选取恢复14年的常绿针叶林地(马尾松)、落叶阔叶林地(小叶栎)、针阔混交林地(湿地松-小叶栎)和自然恢复地(受到人为干扰)为样地,并以附近疏草荒地作为对照,研究了不同人工林型对土壤微生物类群、酶活性以及土壤理化性质的影响.结果表明:与对照相比,不同林型下土壤细菌、真菌和放线菌总数均有很大程度的增加,依次为针阔混交林>阔叶林>针叶林>自然恢复地>疏草荒地.土壤蔗糖酶、脲酶和酸性磷酸酶活性表现为阔叶林>针阔混交林>针叶林>自然恢复地>疏草荒地.在剖面分布上,土壤微生物类群和酶活性也有明显的层次差异,即随土层的增加而减少.在0~10 cm土层中,土壤细菌、真菌与脲酶、酸性磷酸酶之间具有显著或极显著相关性.土壤微生物类群和酶活性与土壤有机质、全氮和有效氮之间具有极显著相关性.
Biological Wastewater Treatment and Simultaneous Generating Electricity from Organic Wastewater by Microbial Fuel Cell

YOU Shi-jie,ZHAO Qing-liang,JIANG Jun-qiu,

环境科学 , 2006,
Abstract: An air-cathode microbial fuel cell (ACMFC) was successfully started up using anaerobic activated sludge as inoculums, generating a voltage of 0.24V after inoculations for 110 h. When using acetate and glucose as substrate, voltage of 0.38V and 0.41V (based on external resistance of 1000 omega) is obtained; meanwhile, the maximum power density reaches 146.56 mW/m2 and 192.04 mW/m2 respectively, suggesting that organic wastewater can be used to produce electricity. Removal efficiency of 99% (acetate) and 87% (glucose) is achieved simultaneously, demonstrating that ACMFC can treat organic wastewater. Electron recovery efficiency as low as 10% for both acetate and glucose is observed mainly due to aerobic respiration of microorganisms caused by diffusion of oxygen molecular from the cathode, leading to electron loss. MFCs are capable of converting chemical energy presented in organic wastewater into electricity energy with accomplishments of wastewater treatments simultaneously, which possibly captures considerable benefits in terms of environments and economics.
Electrode Configuration as a Factor Affecting Electricity Generation in Air-Cathode Microbial Fuel Cell

YOU Shi-jie,ZHAO Qing-liang,JIANG Jun-qiu,

环境科学 , 2006,
Abstract: In air-cathode microbial fuel cell (ACMFC), oxygen diffused into the reactor from cathode without PEM can be reduced as electron acceptor via aerobic respiration by facultative microorganisms, resulting in either a decreasing of power generation or electron loss. In this study, ACMFC1 and ACMFC2 with different electrode configuration were compared to examine power density and electron recovery from glucose. The results showed that ACMFC1 generated a maximum power density of 3 070mW/m3 with internal resistance of 302.141 and anode potential of -323mV; while maximum power density of 9 800mW/m3 for ACMFC2 was obtained with internal resistance of 107.79omega and anode potential of -442mV. ACMFC2 could sustain generating electricity for nearly 220 h (ERE of 30.1%), comparing with ACMFC1 of less than 50 h (ERE of 9.78%) under batch operation. Therefore, an improved design for electrode configuration of ACMFC can be performed to generate higher power with low internal resistance, meanwhile, achieve increasing electron recovery simultaneously.
SIFT Matching Algorithm Based on Diffusion Distance

HU Gang,LIU Shi-Gang,WU Qing-Liang,WANG Gang,

计算机系统应用 , 2012,
Abstract: The SIFT(Scale Invariant Feature Transform) algorithm is now regarded as the best local feature extraction and matching algorithm. However, in the traditional SIFT algorithm, the Euclidean distance which could not change the high-dimensional feature vector into a low-dimensional geometry structure is used to measure the SSD(Sum of Square Differences) between two image features to match and results into mismatching. To overcome the shortcoming, an SIFT matching algorithm based on diffusion distance is proposed in this paper which replaces the Euclidean distance with the diffusion one. At the same time, RANSAC(Random Sample Consensus) is presented to exclude the mismatching points. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm has more efficiency to deal with image deformation, illumination chan~e and image noise than the traditional one.
Investigation on Tribological Behaviors of Nylon 1010 Filled with Ceramic Powders

LIU Li-guo,GE Shi-rong,WANG Qing-liang,

摩擦学学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Tribological and tensile properties of nylon 1010 composite,filled with micro scale ceramic powder with surface treatment by silane coupling agents(KH-550),was investigated.Ceramic powders increased friction coefficient of the composite as well as decreased wear rate,and it also improved the composite's tensile strength in a certain range of contents.Ring on block tests show that ceramic/nylon composite with 5%~25% ceramic powder exhibited friction coefficient as high as 0.46,and friction coefficient decreased to 0.41 when containing 30%~40% ceramic powder.Ceramic/nylon composite with 5%~40% ceramic powder exhibited lower wear rate which is only 26%~42% of that pure nylon did.Ceramic powder improves nylon's mechanical properties,and its surface hardness increased linearly as fraction of ceramic powder increased.Ceramic powder increase tensile strength by 16.7% due to better bonding between ceramic powder and nylon.Ceramic/nylon composite exhibited lower wear rate because some surface nylon melted and shallow grooves formed instead of adhesion dominated in wear of pure nylon.
Tribological Behavior of Nano-TiO2 and Nano-SiO2 Filled Nylon Composites

GE Shi-rong,WANG Qing-liang,LI Ling,HUANG Xiao-long,

摩擦学学报 , 2004,
Abstract: PA1010-based composites filled with nano-SiO_2 and nano-TiO_2 particles were prepared by extrusion molding. The friction and wear behaviors of the resulting nylon composites sliding against AISI-1045 steel under dry ambient condition were evaluated on an MM-200 friction and wear tester. The tensile strength of the filled nylon composites was determined on an electronic tensile strength meter, and the hardness of the composites was measured on an HRM scale. The worn surface morphologies and microdtructures of the filled nylon composites observed on a scanning electron microscope and transmittance electron microscope, respectively. It was found that the incorporation of the nano particulates contributed to reducing the friction coefficient to some extent and decreasing the wear mass loss considerably. Nano-SiO_2 was superior to nano-TiO_2 in terms of the ability to increase the wear-resistance of the nylon1010 matrix, which was related to the differences in the microstructures of the two kinds of filled nylon composites. The nano-particle filled nylon composites were dominated by mild adhesion and fatigue wear as they slid against the steel counterpart in dry ambient condition. It was suggested to control the mass fraction of the nano-fillers as 10% so as to obtain the optimized wear-resistance of the filled nylon composite.
Nano-mechanics and Micro-tribological Behavior of N+ -implanted Silicon

ZHANG De-kun,GE Shi-rong,WANG Shi-bo,WANG Qing-liang,

摩擦学学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 以单晶硅作为研究对象,选用离子注入剂量分别为5 ×1014 ions/cm2、6 ×1015ions/cm2和1 ×1017ions/cm2,注入能量为110 keV的氮离子注入单晶硅片,利用原位纳米力学测试系统对氮离子注入前后单晶硅片的硬度和弹性模量进行测定,在UMT-2型微摩擦磨损试验机上对氮离子注入前后单晶硅片的往复滑动微摩擦磨损性能进行研究.结果表明,氮离子注入后单晶硅片的纳米硬度和弹性模量减小,且注入剂量越大,其降低越明显.氮离子注入后单晶硅片的减摩性能提高,其摩擦系数大幅度降低,在载荷达到一定值后,氮离子注入层被迅速磨穿,摩擦系数迅速增加并产生磨痕.其磨损机制在小载荷下以粘着磨损为主,在大载荷下以材料的微疲劳和微断裂为主.
Migration and removal of organic matters in reclaimed wastewater during groundwater recharge.

ZHAO Qing-liang,WANG Li-na,XUE Shuang,LIU Zhi-gang,YOU Shi-jie,WANG Shao-hua,

应用生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Artificial groundwater recharge is one of the efficient approaches in mitigating water shortage in China. With laboratory scale soil column system, this paper examined the migration and removal of organic matters in reclaimed wastewater during groundwater recharge. The results showed that after the secondary effluent pretreated by activated carbon was percolated through soil column system, the TOC, UV-254 and BOD5 in the effluent were removed by 44%, 34.36% and 95%, respectively, and the majority of the organic matters was removed in the first 0-0.5 m of soil column. When the TOC concentration of influent was 9-11 mg x L(-1), the variation of TOC concentration with soil depth during recharge followed exponential equation C = 10e (-0.6934h) (R2 = 0.8697). This equation could be used to well predict the TOC concentration of the effluent from soil column system.
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