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Effects of a teaching evaluation system: a case study
Shi-Hao Wen,Jing-Song Xu,Jan D. Carline,Fei Zhong
International Journal of Medical Education , 2011, DOI: 10.5116/ijme.4d66.910e
Abstract: Objectives: This study aims to identify the effects of evaluation on teaching and discusses improvements in the work of the evaluation office. Methods: Teaching evaluation data from 2006 to 2009 was collected and analyzed. Additional surveys were conducted to collect the perceptions of students, faculty members, peer reviewers, deans and chairs about teaching evaluation. Results: Evaluation scores for more than half of faculty members increased, significantly more for junior compared with senior faculty, over the period of the study. Student attendance and satisfaction with elective courses increased after interventions identified by teaching evaluations. All participants believed that teaching evaluation had positive effects on teaching quality and classroom behavior. Seventy-three percent of faculty believed the evaluation helped to improve their teaching skills. Faculty perceptions of the helpfulness of teaching evaluation were related to the speed in which evaluations were reported, the quality of comments received, and the attitudes held by faculty towards evaluation. All the faculty members, chairs and deans read evaluation reports, and most of them believed the reports were helpful. Conclusions: Teaching evaluation at SMMU was perceived to improve both the teaching quality and classroom behavior. Faster feedback and higher quality comments are perceived to provide more help to faculty members.
Dirac cohomology, elliptic representations and endoscopy
Jing-Song Huang
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: The first part (Sections 1-6) of this paper is a survey of some of the recent developments in the theory of Dirac cohomology, especially the relationship of Dirac cohomology with (g,K)-cohomology and nilpotent Lie algebra cohomology; the second part (Sections 7-12) is devoted to understanding the unitary elliptic representations and endoscopic transfer by using the techniques in Dirac cohomology. A few problems and conjectures are proposed for further investigations.
Numerical Investigation of a Shock Accelerated Heavy Gas Cylinder in the Self-Similar Regime  [PDF]
Bing Wang, Jing-Song Bai, Tao Wang
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2015.51006
Abstract: A detailed numerical simulation of a shock accelerated heavy gas (SF6) cylinder surrounded by air gas is presented. It is a simplified configuration of the more general shock-accelerated inhomogeneous flows which occur in a wide variety of astrophysical systems. From the snapshots of the time evolution of the gas cylinder, we find that the evolution of the shock accelerated gas cylinder is in some ways similar to the roll-ups of a vortex sheet for both roll up into a spiral and fall into a self-similar behavior. The systemic and meaningful analyses of the negative circulation, the center of vorticity and the vortex spacing are in a good agreement with results obtained from the prediction of vorticity dynamics. Unlike the mixing zone width in single-mode or multi-mode Richtmyer-Meshkov instability which doesn’t exist, a single power law of time owing to the bubble and spike fronts follow a power law of tθ with different power exponents, the normalized length of the shock accelerated gas cylinder follows a single power law with θ = 0.43 in its self-similar regime obtained from the numerical results.
Fungal His-Tagged Nitrilase from Gibberella intermedia: Gene Cloning, Heterologous Expression and Biochemical Properties
Jin-Song Gong, Heng Li, Xiao-Yan Zhu, Zhen-Ming Lu, Yan Wu, Jing-Song Shi, Zheng-Hong Xu
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0050622
Abstract: Background Nitrilase is an important member of the nitrilase superfamiliy. It has attracted substantial interest from academia and industry for its function of converting nitriles directly into the corresponding carboxylic acids in recent years. Thus nitrilase has played a crucial role in production of commercial carboxylic acids in chemical industry and detoxification of nitrile-contaminated wastes. However, conventional studies mainly focused on the bacterial nitrilase and the potential of fungal nitrilase has been far from being fully explored. Research on fungal nitrilase gene expression will advance our understanding for its biological function of fungal nitrilase in nitrile hydrolysis. Methodology/Principal Findings A fungal nitrilase gene from Gibberella intermedia was cloned through reverse transcription-PCR. The open reading frame consisted of 963 bp and potentially encoded a protein of 320 amino acid residues with a theoretical molecular mass of 35.94 kDa. Furthermore, the catalytic triad (Glu-45, Lys-127, and Cys-162) was proposed and confirmed by site-directed mutagenesis. The encoding gene was expressed in Escherichia coli Rosetta-gami (DE3) and the recombinant protein with His6-tag was purified to electrophoretic homogeneity. The purified enzyme exhibited optimal activity at 45°C and pH 7.8. This nitrilase was specific towards aliphatic and aromatic nitriles. The kinetic parameters Vmax and Km for 3-cyanopyridine were determined to be 0.81 μmol/min·mg and 12.11 mM through Hanes-Woolf plot, respectively. 3-Cyanopyridine (100 mM) could be thoroughly hydrolyzed into nicotinic acid within 10 min using the recombinant strain with the release of about 3% nicotinamide and no substrate was detected. Conclusions/Significance In the present study, a fungal nitrilase was cloned from the cDNA sequence of G. intermedia and successfully expressed in E. coli Rosetta-gami (DE3). The recombinant strain displayed good 3-cyanopyridine degradation efficiency and wide substrate spectrum. This fungal nitrilase might be a potential candidate for industrial applications in carboxylic acids production.
Study on soil salt distribution with drip irrigation under mulch in cotton boll period in south Xinjiang

LI Xiao-ming,YANG Jing-song,LIU Mei-xian,YU Shi-peng,

土壤 , 2011,
Abstract: Drip irrigation under mulch increases the risk of soil secondary salinization while it saves water resources, which is adverse for agriculture production. The typical land with drip irrigation under mulch was selected in cotto boll period, and soil samples were collected from different layers from the location under the emitter, the location between cotton lines and the naked location to analyze the distribution law of soil salt in the horizon and the vertical orientation by measuring soil salt content. The result showed the soil salt distribution could be different from the usual law by the different conditions such as drip irrigation models. It would be useful to instruct the local agriculture production to understand the soil salt distribution.
Design of Two Novel Dual Band-Notched UWB Antennas
Bing Li,Jing-song Hong
International Journal of Antennas and Propagation , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/303264
Abstract: Two novel dual band-notched ultra-wideband (UWB) printed monopole antennas with simple structure and small size are presented. The size of both antennas is 25×25×0.8 mm3. The bandwidth of one of the proposed antenna can be from 2.7 GHz to 36.8 GHz, except the bandwidth of 3.2–3.9 GHz for WiMAX applications and 5.14–5.94 GHz for WLAN applications. The bandwidth of the other is ranging for 2.7 to 41.1 GHz, except the bandwidth of 3.2–3.9 GHz for WiMAX applications and 4.8–5.9 GHz for WLAN applications. Bandwidths of the antennas are about 512% and 455% wider than those of conventional band-notched UWB antennas, respectively. In addition, the time-domain characteristics of the two antennas are investigated to show the difference between both antennas.

Zhao Jing-song,

高分子学报 , 1981,
Abstract: 本文提出一个新的悬浮聚氯乙烯(PVC)颗粒形成的看法。在搅拌的剪应力作用下,氯乙烯(VC)以约1μ直径的小滴分散于水中。聚合作用在这些小滴中进行。当转化率达到约25%时,相互凝聚成约100μ直径的PVC粒子。这个形成的看法用悬浮PVC树脂的电子显微镜照片予以证实。同时,由文献资料的树脂比表面数据,也证明了这个形成看法的正确性。
Properties of Anaerobic Granules Developed by Bioflocculant

WANG Jing-song,

环境科学 , 2009,
Abstract: Three identical UASB reactors (labeled R1, R2, R3) were applied to treat synthetic wastewater of COD concentration 5 500-6 500 mg·L~(-1) . Under the same process conditions, Rl was operated with addition of 7.5 g CaCl_2 and 400 mL bioflocculant MBF21 weekly, R2 was operated with addition of 140 mg cationic PAM weekly, R3 was operated without any addition of flocculants served as control. The objectives of this study were to investigate the effect of bioflocculant MBF21 on development of anaerobic granules and compare it to cationic PAM. The results showed that after 67 days of operation, anaerobic granules developed in these three UASB reactors. The average diameters of granules in Rl, R2 and R3 were 1.18, 1.21 and0.76 mm, respectively, the granulation rates in Rl, R2, R3 were 15.37, 15.82 and9.10 μm·d~(-1) ,respectively, the values of SMA( COD-CH_4/VSS · t) of granules were 0.740, 0.657 and 0.558 g·(g·d)~(-1) , respectively, the VSS/SS of granules were 0.667, 0.629 and 0.607, respectively, the SVI of granules were 14.7, 13.1 and 20.4 mL·g~(-1) , respectively, the densities of granules were 1.061, 1.064 and 1.054 g · cm~(-1) , respectively, the integrity coefficients of granules were 92.1, 93.5 and 84.7, respectively. From the photos of SEM, granules developed in Rl and R2 were tighter than those in R3. In the formation of mature granules, all the three reactors showed similar laws, i.e. filamentous microorganisms were predominant on the surface of the seed sludge while bacillus and cocci bacteria were predominant on the surface of the mature granules. This study demonstrated that in the development of anaerobic granules, the effect of bioflocculant MBF21 on enhancement the physical properties of granules was similar to cationic PAM, but the effect of bioflocculant MBF21 on improvement of biochemical and physiological properties of granules was better than cationic PAM.
Jumpily-escaping Algorithm Optimizes Fuzzy Control

HU Jing-song,

计算机科学 , 2009,
Abstract: An intelligent heuristic search,called jumpily-escaping algorithm,was presented.The algorithm lets the current search "jum Pout",from the current local minimum by exploiting a new area that is far away from local minima obtained erenow,but not as Simulating Annealing or Tabu Search lets the current search "climb out",step by step,hardly and wanderingly.Therefore our method to solve local minimum problem is more successful and faster than other metho-ds.The optimization of fuzzy controller is a complicated q...
Klein Four subgroups of Lie Algebra Automorphisms
Jing-Song Huang,Jun Yu
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: By calculating the symmetric subgroups $\Aut(\fru_0)^{\theta}$ and their involution classes, we classify the Klein four subgroups $\Gamma$ of $\Aut(\fru_0)$ for each compact simple Lie algebra $\fru_0$ up to conjugation. This leads to a new approach of classification of semisimple symmetric pairs and $\bbZ_2\times \bbZ_2$-symmetric spaces. We also determine the fixed point subgroup $\Aut(\fru_0)^\Gamma$.
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