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Source of contaminant microorganisms in in vitro culture at Sub lab. Biology, Central Laboratory of Mathematics and Sciences, Sebelas Maret University
Biodiversitas , 2001,
Abstract: The objectives of the research were to know the species and the most dominant microorganisms that become a source of contamination in in vitro culture at Sub lab Biology, central laboratory of Sebelas Maret University. As in many general laboratory, there were many microorganisms that able to contaminate in vitro culture coming from air, dusts, or from the contaminated experimental materials such as plants or fruits. A qualitative descriptive method was used in the research, involving many steps of making pure culture and identification of microorganisms macroscopically or microscopically. In the research found six microorganisms potentially contaminate in vitro culture, that are generally from groups of fungi (mold), such as Mucor, Rhizopus, Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Dictyostelium and Saccharomyces. Mucor and Rhizopus were the most contaminants present in all contaminated in vitro culture.
Daya Cerna Protein Pakan, Kandungan Protein Daging, dan Pertambahan Berat Badan Ayam Broiler setelah Pemberian Pakan yang Difermentasi dengan Effective Microorganisms-4 (EM-4)
Bioteknologi , 2006,
Abstract: Effective Microorganisms-4 ( EM-4) is a mixture consists of photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus sp), yeast (Saccharomyces sp), Actinomycetes and fermentation mushroom (Aspergillus sp, Penicillium sp). EM-4 able to increase digestibility capacity through the balancing of microorganism in digestive tract. The objectives of the research are to know the influence of giving various concentration of EM-4 fermented feed on feed protein digestibility, meat protein and increasing body weight of broiler chicken. Complete Random Design (RAL) involving five treatments with five repetitions were used in this study. The treatments given were subsequently of: addition of 5% (PI), 10% (P2), 15% (P3) and 20% (P4) of starter solution and a control group (P0) without any addition of starter solution. The Broiler Chicken used was 25 broiler cocks produced by CP 707 of PT. Charoen Pokphand Jaya Farma. The protein content was measured by Kjedahl method. Collected data were then analyzed statistically by ANOVA and followed with DMRT test with significance level of 5%. The result of the research indicated that the treatment significantly increased the digestibility of feed protein, meat protein content and increasing of body weight of broiler chicken. The use of EM-4 at the concentration of 15% (P3) increased feed quality and feed efficiency by increasing feed protein content. Therefore, addition of EM-4 fermented feed could increase feed protein digestibility, meat protein content and increasing body weight of broiler chicken.
A Chemotaxonomic Study in the Genus Zingiber
Biodiversitas , 2001,
Abstract: Zingiber is profitable for spice, ingredients, medicine and garnishing plant (Purseglove, 1972). The systematic of Zingiber (and other Zingiberaceae) has been argued among the authors, because they commonly use the morphological and the anatomical characters, that they obtain limited data. The chemical constituents of volatile oils are one of the most prospective characters for taxonomy of Zingiber. This research is objected to find out (1) the constituents of volatile oils (2) the number and the type of compounds composing volatile and (3) the genetic relationship. This research is done in the laboratory. The data seeking covers, i.e. (1) water distillation (Guenther, 1948; Anon, 1977), (2) extraction (Anon, 1977; Harborne, 1984), and gas chromatography (Mc Nair & Bonelli, 1968; Pramono, 1988). Dendrogram is arranged referring to Sokal & Sneath (1963), and the association coefficient degrees are determined referring to Pielou (1984). The rhizomes are gathered from Bogor Botanical Garden and from around Surakarta. There are seven achieved species, namely Z. amaricans Nor., Z. aromaticum Val., Z. cassumunar Roxb., Z. gramineum Bl., Z. officinale Roxb., Z. ottensii Val., and Z. zerumbet (L.) J.E. Smith. Every species is identified referring to manuals of Backer & Bakhuizen van den Brink (1968), Holttum (1950) and Burkill (1935). The volatile contents of seven species subsequently are 4.67% (ml/100gr.), 5.00%, 6.33%, 0.20%, 6.67%, 4.29% and 6.00%. The numbers of composing volatile compounds subsequently are 30, 26, 37, 44, 29, 29 and 29. The genetic relationships of seven species are Z. amaricans, Z. aromaticum and Z. zerumbet joint at similarity index of 90, and it is followed by Z. ottensii at similarity index of 85. Then those five species join with Z. cassumunar and Z. gramineum at similarity index of 60. The last is the joining of Z. officinale to those six species at similarity index of 55.
Efek Teratogenik Ekstrak Buah Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa (Scheff.) Boerl.) pada Tikus Putih (Rattus norvegicus L.) Galur Winstar
Bioteknologi , 2006,
Abstract: Earlier experiments have established that Phaleria macrocarpa contain alkaloids, flavonoids, and saponins. The aim of the research was to find out effect of giving Phaleria macrocarpa fruit extract orally on growth and development of rat (Rattus norvegicus L.) fetus during organogenesis period and teratogenic dosage. The Complete Randomized Design (CRD) with five treatments group, and each group use five repetitions were used in this study. Phaleria macrocarpa fruit extract was disolved in aquadest and administrated orally on 7th-17th day of pregnancy. The group treated with fruit extract of Phaleria macrocarpa dosage 0; 0.008; 0.017; 0.025; and 0.033 g/200 g BW. At 18th day of pregnancy, rats were sacrificed and caesarian section to remove the fetuses from uterine. Observation on fetuses include: number of living fetus and intrauterine mortality, body weight and length, morphological malformation, structure of skeletal and ossification result. The quantitative data was analysed by analysis of variance and continued with DMRT (Duncan Multiple Range Test). Qualitative data was analysed descriptively. The result of the research showed that Phaleria macrocarpa fruit extract dosage 0.008 g/200 g BW to 0.033 g/200 g BW caused decrease percentage of living fetuses, increase percentage of intrauterine mortality, morphological malformation such as hemoraghe, kinkey and ossification disturbance. Dosage of 0.033 g/200 g BW caused micromelia.
Pengaruh Ekstrak Daun Sambiloto (Andrographis paniculata) terhadap Struktur Mikroanatomi Hepar dan Kadar Glutamat Piruvat Transaminase Serum Mencit (Mus musculus) yang Terpapar Diazinon
Bioteknologi , 2007,
Abstract: Diazinon is a pesticide which is often using by farmer to kill insect as theenemy of the plant. The over using of pesticide may result in the remaining of diazinon residue in farming product. This residue can cause the damage of body tissue, especially liver. The aim of research were to find out the effect of leaves sambiloto (Andrographis paniculata Ness.) extract on microanatomic structure of liver and serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase (GPT) level of mice (Mus musculus L.) exposed to diazinon. The research used Compelete Random Design with five treatments. The treatment of each group were using CMC 1% (placebo control), diazinon solution 40 mg/Kg BW (negative ontrol) and the leaves sambiloto extract 12,6; 25,2 and 37,8 mg /kg BW. Diazinon solution was given within 10 days and continued with extract of sambiloto leaves also within 10 days. Parameter observed was the microanatomic structure of liver and serum GPT level. The data was analyzed of Analysis of Varians (Anova) and continued with DMRT at significance 5%. The result of the research showed that the giving of the extract of sambiloto leaves in some dose variation degree is significantly influential to repair the microanatomic structure of liver and to decrease the serum GPT level was 37,8 mg/Kg BW.
Subterranean Types of Endogone Spores in Jobolarangan Forest
Biodiversitas , 2001,
Abstract: Endogone spores are spores produced by Endogone genus of VAM fungi, which are abudant in soil. The objective of the research was to assess the types of Endogone spores found in the soil of Jobolarangan forest. Soil samples were taken based on the dominan vegetation, identification and spores screening were then done to the sample. The result research indicated that there were 5 types of spores, namely: white reticulate, yellow vacuolate, red brown laminate, honey colored sessile, and crenulate.
Kandungan Kimia dan Uji Antiinflamasi Ekstrak Etanol Lantana camara L. pada Tikus Putih (Rattus norvegicus L.) Jantan
Bioteknologi , 2008,
Abstract: Lantana camara L. is a widely distributed plant on tropics region belonging to the Family Verbenaceae. In Indonesia, the plant is used in traditional medicines of edema and rheumatisms. The aims of this research were to compare saponins, flavonoids, and essential oils constituents among the roots, the leaves, and the fruits and to know about anti-inflammatory effects of ethanolic extracts of L. camara on white male rats. The framework of the research was that the saponins, flavonoids, and essential oils constituents of L. camara have an anti-inflammatory effect. Organs with the highest constituents of saponins, flavonoids and essential oils would expect giving optimal anti-inflammatory effects. Complete Randomized Design with five treatment groups, each of the treatment had five repetitions, was used in this study. Each group have been treated: Group I CMC 0.5% control (placebo), Group II positive control (Na-diclofenac), Group III, IV and V giving ethanolic extracts of L. camara dose 720, 1080 and 1440 mg/kg BW, respectively. The inflammation was produced by sub plantar injection of carrageenan suspension in the right hind paw of the rats. The quantitative data of Area under Curve of edema percentage were analyzed statistically with SPSS program using One-Way ANOVA followed by LSD test. The results showed that the highest constituents of saponins, flavonoids, and essential oils were found in the leaves. Ethanolic extracts of L. camara’s leaves dose 720 mg/kg BW had given the highest anti- inflammatory effects (38.1%).
A Feasible Mch Strategy
Ghosh Shanti
Indian Journal of Community Medicine , 1990,
Hip-Hop Guayaquil: culturas viajeras e identidades locales
Pillai, Shanti
Bulletin de l'Institut Francais d'études Andines , 1999,
Abstract: HIP-HOP GUAYAQUIL: CULTURES ITINéRANTES ET IDENTITES LOCALES. Le hip-hop est un style de musique contemporaine caractérisé par une orchestration d uvres lyriques rapées, la superposition de morceaux de musique enregistrés dans le passé par différents artistes, et une instrumentation électronique, tout cela sur des rythmes de basse réguliers et constants. Le hip-hop, musique accompagnée de ses propres danses et de sa mode, est le produit du déplacement et de la transformation d une variété d idéologies politiques de la communauté noire qui se constituent à partir de relations qui se modifient entre elles, et en relation avec les cultures dominantes contre lesquelles elles luttent quotidiennement. à l origine, le hip-hop est lié à des mouvements d identité de jeunes noirs. Dans cet article, il est intéressant d étudier le r le du hip-hop dans la formulation d une identité entre jeunes métisses et noirs des secteurs populaires de Guayaquil. Cet exemple illustre la nécessité d inclure dans l analyse les dimensions politiques des processus de traduction du global au niveau local. El hip-hop es un género de música contemporánea caracterizado por la orquestación de líricas que son rapeadas, superposición de fragmentos de música grabada en el pasado por diferentes artistas, e instrumentación electrónica, todo ello sobre ritmos de bajo regulares y constantes. Como un tipo de música acompa ado por sus propias formas de danza y moda, el hip-hop es producto del viaje y la transformación de una variedad de ideologías políticas de la comunidad negra que se constituyen a sí mismas en relaciones cambiantes entre sí y en relación a las culturas dominantes contra las cuales luchan cotidianamente. El hip-hop está ligado, en su contexto originario, a políticas de identidad defendidas por jóvenes negros. Lo que interesa explorar en este artículo es el papel del hip-hop en la formulación de una identidad entre jóvenes mestizos y negros de sectores populares en Guayaquil. Este estudio de caso ilustra la necesidad de considerar en el análisis a las dimensiones políticas de los procesos de traducción de lo global en lo local. HIP-HOP GUAYAQUIL: TRAVELING CULTURES AND LOCAL IDENTITIES. This paper addresses how people selectively interpret images and sounds which circulate through the global media, investing politically-charged forms of popular culture with new, locally significant political meanings. Hip-hop is a genre of contemporary music characterized by the orchestration of rapped lyrics, fragments of music recorded in the past by other artists, and electronic instrumentati
Rising rate of cesarean section - a year review
Shanti Subedi
Journal of Nobel Medical College , 2011, DOI: 10.3126/jonmc.v1i2.7303
Abstract: Caesarean section is one of the most common surgeries performed in modern obstetrics. The rising trend of caesarean section in modern obstetrics is a major concern in health care system all over the world. With all the limited health care resources in a developing country like Nepal, this rising trend definitely has major implication. Rates of caesarean section countries in many countries have increased beyond the recommended level (WHO, 1985). Current available data from developed countries revealed morbidity and mortality from CS is more than in vaginal delivery for both the mother and fetus. Thus this study was conducted to evaluate the rate and indication for CS and to identify the measures to decrease its incidence if possible. Our results shows the foetal distress as the most common indication for Cesarean section in a eastern part of Nepal, which can be minimized significantly if a proper and timely investigation is carried out. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3126/jonmc.v1i2.7303 Journal of Nobel Medical College (2012), Vol.1 No.2 p.72-76
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