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Thermophysical Properties of Y2O3 and Gd2O3 Co―doped SrZrO3 Thermal Barrier Coating Material
MA Wen, SONG Feng-Yu, DONG Hong-Ying, XU Ping, LUN Wen-Shan, ZHENG Xue-Bin
无机材料学报 , 2012, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2012.00209
Abstract: Y2O3 (5mol%) and Gd2O3 (5mol%) co―doped SrZrO3 (Sr(Zr0.9Y0.05Gd0.05)O2.95, SZYG) was synthesized by solid state reaction method. The phase stability of the SZYG powder synthesized at high temperature of 1450 for a long period and at temperature range of 200?1400 was characterized by XRD and DSC, respectively. The coefficients of thermal expansion (CTEs) of bulk SZYG recorded by a high―temperature dilatometer show that the phase transitions of SrZrO3 is suppressed remarkably by co―doping Y2O3 and Gd2O3. The thermal conductivity of bulk SZYG at 1000 is 1.36 W/(m·K), which is 35% lower than that of bulk SrZrO3 and 8YSZ. The good chemical compatibility of SZYG with 8YSZ and Al2O3, is detected after heat―treatment at 1250 for 24 h.
Pulse-front matched ultra-broadband optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier for sub-12 fs pulse generation

Zhao Wei,Liu Hong-Jun,Wang Yi-Shan,Wang Hong-Ying,Cheng Zhao,Chen Guo-Fu,

中国物理 B , 2005,
Abstract: We propose a LBO-based ultra-broadband chirped pulse optical parametric amplifier employing pulse-front-matching to yield transform-limited sub-12-fs pulses. Measurement of the maximum possible gain bandwidth for the LBO-based OPCPA demonstrates more than 60nm gain bandwidth FWHM. For the generation of TL pulses by the use of this OPCPA, a suitable combination of OPCPA and PFM is first presented. The PFM pump geometry realizes tilt-free signal amplification, and permits this OPCPA to generate TL sub-12-fs pulses.
Characteristic elements of Kaempferia Galanga L. from Yangchun in Guangdong Province

LIU Hui,CHANG Xiang-yang,FU Shan-ming,CHEN Nan,ZHAO Xiao-feng,ZHANG Hong-ying,
刘 慧
,常向阳,付善明,陈 南,赵晓峰,张红英

土壤 , 2011,
Abstract: The characteristic elements and their assembly of plant can indicate the effect of special geochemical environment on the local plant. In this paper fourteen trace elements in soil and Kaempferia Galangal L samples were measured to explore the feasibility of characteristic elements as the fingerprinting marker of products of origin in Shuangjiao of Yangchun region. The results showed that: there was a significant correlation between the contents of trace elements in soil and in plant; the absorptive capacities of Kaempferia Galangal L. to trace elements were different; Mg, Mn, Zn, Sb, Fe, Cu and Sr were the characteristic elements of Kaempferia Galangal L. by weight analysis. Effect of regional geochemical background on the products of origin should be further explored.
Causal agent of tobacco gray mould in Shaanxi Province and preventive effects of Trametes versicolor polysaccharides on the disease

LI Jin-Ling,LUO Jing,SHAN Hong-Ying,CHENG Ju-Long,CHEN De-Xin,AN De-Rong,

菌物学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 采用形态学观察和分子鉴定方法对2011年在陕西省发生的一种烟草未知病害的病原菌进行鉴定。从病叶组织分离纯化得到病原菌,通过致病性测定以及人工接种后再分离病菌,证明编号LJL007的菌株为该病的致病菌。依据病原菌的形态学和培养特征,将菌株LJL007鉴定为灰葡萄孢Botrytis cinerea Pers.,其有性型为富氏葡萄孢盘菌Botryotinia fuckeliana Whetzel。通过核糖体DNA ITS序列分析,分离菌株LJL007序列(登录号:HM17900)与富氏葡萄孢盘菌序列(登录号:HM849615)同源性达100%,进一步证明该病原菌是灰葡萄孢Botrytis cinerea。云芝多糖在离体条件下,对灰葡萄孢的菌丝生长和孢子萌发均无直接抑制作用。云芝多糖对烟草灰霉病有较好预防保护作用,其预防效果可达56.29%。云芝多糖可显著提高烟草体内几丁质酶和β-1,3-葡聚糖酶活性,其活性峰值分别比对照提高56.89%和429.83%,说明云芝多糖可诱导植物产生抗病性。
An Analysis and Some Suggestions on the Legislation of Board Member''''s Duty of Prohibition of Business Strife

WU Hong-ying,

浙江大学学报(人文社会科学版) , 2004,
Abstract: 董事竞业禁止是现代公司法人治理结构中的一个重要问题.我国法律关于董事竞业禁止的规定有缺陷,主要表现在:缺乏必要的灵活性;主体范围不一致;期限不明确;竞业界限模糊;法律责任体系不完善.建构我国董事竞业禁止制度应该遵循以下四项基本原则--法益衡平原则、权利义务相一致原则、淡化差别待遇原则和可诉性原则.完善我国董事竞业禁止制度的五条具体意见是:改董事竞业的绝对禁止为相对禁止、统一董事竞业禁止义务的主体范围、明确规定竞业禁止义务的时间界限、明晰董事竞业的外延范围和完善法律责任体系.
Bis(nitrato-κO)(5,7,12,14-tetramethyl-1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane-6,13-diaminium-κ4N1,N4,N8,N11)copper(II) dinitrate tetrahydrate
Xiang-Yun Liu,Hong-Ying Chu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2010, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536810023342
Abstract: In the title compound, [Cu(NO3)2(C14H36N6)](NO3)2·4H2O, the CuII atom, lying on an inversion center, is six-coordinated in a distorted octahedral environment by four N atoms from a centrosymmetric 14-membered tetraazacyclotetradecane macrocyclic ligand and two O atoms from two nitrate anions. The supramolecular network is consolidated by extensive O—H...O and N—H...O hydrogen-bonding interactions.
Effect of low concentration preoxygenation on the new recruits arriving at a height of 3651m above sea level
Qin SHU,Hong-ying TANG,Min ZHANG,Jing TAN
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2012,
Abstract: Objective  To evaluate the effect of low-concentration preoxygenation on physical work capacity with a heart rate of 170 beat per minute (PWC170) in recruits arrived on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (3651m height above sea level), and investigate the possible correlation between new recruits' coping style and physical work capacity. Methods  Thirty-nine recruits coming from plains (799m or 620m height above sea level) were involved in our study. They were randomly divided into 3 groups: experimental group I (n=12), experimental groupⅡ (n=12), and control group (n=15). The group I had 1L/min low concentration preoxygenation for 30min, and groupⅡ had 2L/min for 30min, once a day for 3 days. No preoxygenation in control group. The new recruits's PWC170 values were measured by stepping stairs for evaluating their physical ability, and the new recruits's coping responses were investigated with "Physical Training Coping Scale", and then those data compared with these of 98 soldiers stationed in Tibet (senior soldier group, stationed in Tibet for at least 2 years). Results  Each basic PWC170 values showed no significant diffierence between group Ⅰand Ⅱ (P>0.05). Each basic PWC170 was significantly higher in the experimental groups Ⅰand Ⅱthan in control group (P<0.05). As for the coping style, there was no significant diffierence between experimental group, control group, and senior soldier group (P>0.05). Correlation analysis showed that there was a significant positive correlation between the "active response" factor and basic PWC170 value, and between "emotional management" factor and PWC170 value on second day between the two experimental groups (r=0.329 and 0.344 respectively, P<0.05). There was also a significant correlation between PWC170 values (day 1, day 2 and day 3), and the correlation coefficients were between 0.570 and 0.594 (P<0.01). Conclusions  Low concentration preoxygenation possibly can improve the physical fitness level of new recruits'. To certain extent, the basic PWC170 may be related to the coping style of "active response" of new recruits to Tibet in physical training, while the maintenance of physical fitness level may be associated with "emotional management" factor.
Effects of ginseng total saponins on nerve growth factor expression in rat with estradiol valerate-induced polycystic ovaries
Hong-ying KUANG,Li-hui HOU
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2008,
Abstract: Objective: To investigate the effect of ginseng total saponins (GTS) on expression of nerve growth factor in rat with polycystic ovaries.Methods: A total of thirty rats were randomly divided into normal control group, untreated group and GTS group. Polycystic ovaries were induced by a single intramuscular injection of 4 mg estradiol valerate (EV) in rats of the untreated group and GTS group. The rats in the GTS group were administered 50 mg/kg GTS every other day by intraperitoneal injection for 30 days after the EV injection. The expressions of NGF in the ovaries, pituitary and hippocampus were observed by method of immunohistochemistry.Results: Comparison with the normal control group revealed that the expressions of NGF in ovaries, pituitary and hippocampus of rats in the untreated group were increased (P<0.05). The ovarian morphology of the GTS group was almost as normal as that of the normal control group. As compared with the untreated group, the expression of NGF in ovaries of the rats in GTS group was obviously decreased (P<0.05), while the expression of NGF in pituitary and hippocampus showed on difference. Conclusion: GTS can decrease the expression of NGF in ovary tissue in rats with polycystic ovaries induced by EV, which may be its mechanism in lessening the polycystic ovary.
Cloud Computing and Research into WLAN Security
WANG Jian,WANG Jian,FANG Hong-ying,WANG Jian
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2010,
Abstract: The WLAN treats wireless channel as transmission medium, but its open characteristics cause wiretapping ,identity threats, counterfeiting and tampering of information are actually ubiquitous. In this paper, based on cloud computing model, we set up hundreds of millions of times per second, super-computing platform;Secondly, we crack WEP the most common WLAN encryption protocol to verify a series of safety mechainsm proposed by IEEE 802.11 to be ineffective, such as identiffication authentication and the data encryption and so on. Then we use the experimental data to prove the system supported by cloud computing threat WLAN's reliability and security seriously, to shorten the time to crack thousands of times; inally, we recommend WAP/WPA2and TKIP to replace simple fixed RC4 as solution.
Antimetastatic therapy targeting aberrant sialylation profiles in cancer cells
Da Yong Lu,Ting Ren Lu,Hong-Ying Wu
Drugs and Therapy Studies , 2010, DOI: 10.4081/dts.2011.e12
Abstract: Neoplasm metastases involve a fixed cascade of pathological processes, and are responsible for more than 60% cancer deaths worldwide and can only be controlled or inhibited by drugs now. Antimetastatic drugs targeting aberrantly sialylated in tumors have involved about a quarter of a century and might be a future therapeutic option apart from currently utilized antimetastatic drugs, such as antivascular and matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) inhibitors. Since neoplasm tissues often manifest high levels of sialic acids and sialyl antigens or glycoligands, and some types of sialic acid analogue, such as N-glycolylneuraminic acid (Nau5Gc) occurred in most tumor tissues, is absent in common humans, more attentions are needed to work with new therapeutic approaches to target these changes. Previously preliminary data have shown some compounds that inhibit some pathways of sialic acids can inhibit the tumor metastasis in vitro and tumor metastasis in experimental animal models. This type of pharmacological work can be helped by glycome investigations in order to deep understanding their mechanisms. As the central dogma of glycobiology is still unknown, some fundamental questions related to carbohydrate itself are even more welcoming and decisive to our understanding to nature of cancer. These types of work also need mathematical analysis of data. In this review, we will document and discuss the latest experimental therapeutic data and their clinical significance between cancer pathological profiles and therapeutics benefits.
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