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Fibrosis Index: A New Doppler Index for Differentiation of Cirrhosis from Chronic Hepatitis
H. Mazaher,Sh. Sharif Kashani,H. Sharifia
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2006,
Abstract: Background/Objective: Achalasia is a motility disorder of unknown etiology, characterized by absent esophageal peristalsis and loss of lower esophageal sphincter relaxation. Balloon dilatation is the most effective non-surgical treatment for patients with achalasia. Manometry, scintigraphy and radiology are three techniques that provide an objective measure of success after balloon dilatation. The objective of this study was to determine the best predictor of success after balloon dilatation in patients with achalasia. Patients and Methods: 17 patients with achalasia of cardia who referred to Taleghani Hospital in 2003, were evaluated, both symptomatically and objectively (esophageal manometry, timed barium esophagogram, and scintigraphic emptying index), before and after treating with pneumatic dilatation of esophagus. The degree of patient symptom improvements after treat-ment was recorded and correlated with improvement in some indices derived by the above-mentioned three methods. Results: 12 (70.6%) of 17 patients had score improvements of ≥80%. All the pre-treatment diagnostic indices were significantly (P<0.05) different from those after therapy. There was no significant difference between the two groups in terms of improvement in symptoms according to the indices of barium swallow or scintigraphy. No association between the patient symptom scores and improvement in either the barium height or emptying index was found. Conclusion: In evaluation of efficacy of pneumatic dilatation of esophagus for treatment of achalasia, we should not only rely on transit or barium study.
Differentiation of Benign and Malignant Parotid Tumors by Triplex Sonography
"H. Sharifian,H. Mazaher,Sh. Sharif Kashani,Sh. Faridjamal "
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2005,
Abstract: Introduction & Background: To provide the criteria for the differentiation of benign and malignant tu-mors of parotid gland, we examined 50 patients with parotid tumors by triplex sonography (gray scale, color Doppler and pulse Doppler ultrasound). Among gray scale parameters, tumor margin, tumor echo tex-ture, and transmission were evaluated. Patients & Methods: Tumor vascularization displayed by color Doppler sonography (CDS) was graded on a four-point scale (from 0 indicating no vascularization to 3, which shows high vascularization). From the Doppler spectrum, the peak systolic velocity (PSV) and the resistive index (RI) were evaluated. Results: Among the 50 patients assessed, 32 had be-nign and 18 had malignant parotid tumors. From 33 tumors with distinct margin, there were 29 benign and 4 malignant ones. From 17 tumors with indistinct margin, there were 14 malignant and 3 benign tu-mors. From 29 with through transmission, there were 26 benign and 3 malignant, and from 21 tumors without transmission, there 15 were malignant and 6 benign. Tumor vascularization based on CDS was grade 0 or 1 in 28 benign lesions, and 2 or 3 in 15 of malignant lesions (P<0.001). The PSV was signifi-cantly higher in malignant lesions than in benign le-sions, using a PSV threshold of 27.5cm/s; sensitivity and specificity of the method for detection of malig-nant tumors were 83% and 99%, respectively. Conclusion: High vascularization and high PSV should raise the suspicion of malignancy, even if tu-mor morphology on gray scale sonography indicates a benign one.
Direction of Head Trauma and its Effect on Olfactory Bulb Volume in Post-Traumatic Anosmia
S Farshchi,J Mehdizadeh,SH Sharif Kashani,A Farshchi
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Anosmia is a physical sign in post-traumatic patients, which significantly reduces the quality of life. Anosmia occurs in up to 30% of cases with head trauma. In this study we aimed to compare the Olfactory Bulb Volume (OBV) in patients with posttraumatic anosmia in different impact positions and also with healthy individuals to find the relation between the two variables. Methods: Thirty-eight patients with posttraumatic anosmia and 27 healthy individuals with normal olfactory function were recruited in this case-control study performed in Amir Alam Hospital in Tehran, Iran. Variables of age, sex, time of trauma, site of trauma (frontoparietal/occipital), side of trauma, OBV, the results of olfactory identification tests and olfactory threshold were extracted and evaluated. We used non-contrasted 1.5-Tesla coronal brain MRI for the measurement of OBV.Results: There were no significant differences between cases and controls regarding sex and age. Olfactory bulb volume was significantly smaller in cases compared to the controls (P=0.004). Among the case group, OBV was smaller in anterior versus posterior head traumas (P=0.02). OBV was also smaller in ipsilateral rather than the contralateral side of trauma (P=0.01).Conclusion: The direction of trauma had a significant effect on OBV and it was smaller in traumas to the anterior and also ipsilateral sides of the head. It seems that changes in OBV differ due to the direction of head trauma and it can be helpful in predicting the prognosis of posttraumatic anosmia. Further studies are required for more conclusive statements.
Assessment of the Accuracy of Paranasal Sinuses Limited CT Scans in the Diagnosis of Sinusitis
H. Sharifian,Sh. Sharif Kashani,H. Mazaher,M. Abhari
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2006,
Abstract: Objective/Background: CT scan of paranasal sinuses (PNS) has replaced the standard plain radiography in patients suspected of sinusitis. Since the standard CT scan (SCT) of PNS has high patient x-ray absorption dose, limited CT scan (LCT) of PNS is performed. The purpose of this study is to assess the diagnostic accuracy rate of PNS LCT in cases suspected of sinusitis. Patients and Methods: This cross-sectional study was performed on 120 patients with para-nasal sinuses SCT requested by clinicians to diagnose sinusitis. After interpretation of paranasal sinuses SCT, limited slices consisting of 5 noncontiguous slices of 5 mm thickness in both axial and coronal plains were selected to be interpreted by another radiologist. Results: In this study paranasal sinuses LCT had a sensitivity of 95%, specificity of 92%, positive predictive value (PPV) of 96% and negative predictive value (NPV) of 90%. Conclusion: The limited CT scan in diagnosis of sinusitis has acceptable sensitivity and speci-ficity which indicates a suitable diagnostic value.
Assessment of Normal Vertebral Arteries Vs. Normal Internal Carotid and Common Carotid Arteries Blood Flow Spectral Doppler Indices
Sh. Sharif Kashani,H. Mazaher,H. Sharifian,Gh. Hanafi
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2005,
Abstract: Introduction & Background: Vertebrobasilar insufficiency is the main cause of cerebrovascular accidents (CVAs) in 20% of cases. There are few reports regarding spectral Doppler indices (SDIs) of vertebral arteries (VAs) normal blood flow. The objective of this study is to provide basic reference data about SDIs of VAs nor-mal blood flow separately, and in comparison with internal and common carotid arteries (ICAs and CCAs) normal blood flows SDIs, for better and earlier detection of disordered SDIs of these arteries blood flow. Patients & Methods: This cross-sectional study was performed in Amir Alam hospital by three radiologists ex-perienced in vascular color Doppler sonography (CDS) and spectral Doppler sonography (SDS) from February 2002 till March 2004, on 70 normal patients. CDS and SDS of right and left vertebral arteries (RVA and LVA), right and left common carotid arteries (RCCA and LCCA), and right and left internal carotid arteries (RICA and LICA) were performed. SDIs consisted of peak systolic velocity (PSV), end- diastolic velocity (EDV), and resistive index (RI) values of these arteries blood flows and were assessed and compared with one another. Fi-nally all data was collected in SPSS version 12 software, and analyzed with the Student's T-test. Results: In this study, the mean PSV, EDV, and RI values of RVA blood flow were respectively 41.60 ± 9.6 cm/s, 14.60 ± 3.7 cm/s and 0.65 ± 0.06; the mean PSV, EDV and RI values of LVA blood flow were respectively 42.20 ± 10.2 cm/s, 15.20 ± 4.2 cm/s, and 0.64 ± 0.05. There was not statistically significant difference between the mean PSV, EDV, and RI values of RVA and LVA blood flows (P value > 0.1). The mean PSV and EDV val-ues of VAs blood flows were significantly lower than the mean PSV and EDV values of CCAs and ICCAs blood flows respectively (p-value 0.05).
Psychiatric disorders and pregnancy
"SH. Akhondzadeh,L. Kashani "
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2006,
Abstract: Psychiatric disorders are common in women during their childbearing years. Special considerations are needed when psychotic disorders present during pregnancy. Early identification and treatment of psychiatric disorders in pregnancy can prevent morbidity in pregnancy and in postpartum with the concomitant risks to mother and baby. Nevertheless, diagnosis of psychiatric illnesses during pregnancy is made more difficult by the overlap between symptoms of the disorders and symptoms of pregnancy. In majority of cases both psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy should be considered. However, psychiatric disorders in pregnancy are often under treated because of concerns about potential harmful effects of medication. This paper reviews findings about the presentation and course of major psychiatric disorders during pregnancy.
Carotid Artery Doppler Assessment In Patients Accussed Of Strokes
H. Mazaher,S. Sharif Kashani
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2005,
Abstract: Carotid Doppler ultrasound assessment mostly indicated in patients accussed of TIAs or in younger patients with nonpersistant neurologic deficits. This assessment should be consisted of gray scale sonography, color Doppler Sonography, spectral Doppler sonography and power Doppler sonography. By gray scale sonography atherosclerotic plaques assessed from the point of Homogenousity, degree of echogenicity, surface regularity, calcification, length, Thichkness and sites of involvement. In color Doppler sonography hypoechoic Plaques which could not be identified in gray scale sonogarphy, arterial tortusity, Better and faster detection of Dis-turbed flow for flow spectrum analysis are assessed. Flow spectrum analysis and degree of stenosis in carotid arteries are assessed by Spectral Doppler sonography. Finally the main indication of carotid power Doppler sonography is differentiation Of high grade stenosis from occlusion.
Sexuality After Breast Cancer: Need for Guideline
Vaziri Sh,Lotfi Kashani F
Iranian Journal of Cancer Prevention , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Clinical experiences have revealed that patients with breast cancerexperience various sexual problems following their treatment. Breast cancernegatively impacts the sexual life of the afflicted couples, and as a traumaticevent can influence women’s psychosexual functioning and intimate relationship.This review focuses on sexuality after breast cancer and on a growing need forbio-psycho-social guidelines for breast cancer treatment.Methods: This study aims to review the literature on management, psychologicaloutcomes and sexual dysfunction in patients with breast cancer.Results: Although the benefits of the current treatment strategies are wellestablished, many cancer survivors are at risk for developing psycho physiologicalsymptoms including sexual dysfunction. Cancer and treatment-related factors caninfluence sexual functioning. We review current treatment -related side effects onsexual functioning such as desire, arousal and orgasm in breast cancer patients.Despite the impact of medical treatment on survival of patients with breast cancer,no satisfactory steps have been taken towards improving sexual functioning ofthese patients.Conclusion: Breast cancer affects many aspects of sexuality, including changes inphysical functioning and in the perception of feminity. Sexual dysfunction followingbreast cancer should be diagnosed and managed as a systematic approach withmultidisciplinary inputs. Healthcare professionals should assess the effects ofmedical and surgical treatment on the sexuality of breast cancer survivors.
Rhabdomyosarcoma of the Middle and Inner Ear
S. Shirani,F. Alizadeh,S. Sharif Kashani
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2003,
Abstract: Rhabdomyosarcoma of the middle ear is a rare tumor. It may be locally invasive or spread by distant metastasis. It generally has a poor prognosis. We describe a case of rhabdomyosarcoma of the middle ear with extension to cavernous sinus, internal auditory and carotid canals.
On Simultaneous Farthest Points in
Sh. Al-Sharif,M. Rawashdeh
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/890598
Abstract: Let be a Banach space and let be a closed bounded subset of . For , we set?? . The set is called simultaneously remotal if, for any , there exists such that?? . In this paper, we show that if is separable simultaneously remotal in , then the set of -Bochner integrable functions, , is simultaneously remotal in . Some other results are presented. 1. Introduction Let be a Banach space and a bounded subset of . For , set . A point is called a farthest point of if there exists such that . For , the farthest point map , that is, the set of points of farthest from . Note that this set may be empty. Let . We call a closed bounded set remotal if and densely remotal if is a norm dense in . The concept of remotal sets in Banach spaces goes back to the sixties. However, almost all the results on remotal sets are concerned with the topological properties of such sets, see [1–4]. Remotal sets in vector valued continuous functions was considered in [5]. Related results on Bochner integrable function spaces, , , are given in [6–8]. The problem of approximating a set of points simultaneously by a point (farthest point) in a subset of can be done in several ways, see [9]. Here, we will use the following definition. Definition 1.1. Let be a closed bounded subset of . A point is called a simultaneous farthest point of if We call a closed bounded set of a Banach space simultaneously remotal if each -tuple admits a farthest point in and simultaneously densely remotal if the set of points , where is norm dense in . Clearly, if , then simultaneously remotal is precisely remotal. In this paper we consider the problem of simultaneous farthest point for bounded sets of the form in the Banach space , where is a Banach space. Throughout this paper, is a Banach space, is a closed bounded subset of and , the space of all -valued essentially bounded functions on the unit interval . For , we set . For , we set , almost all . 2. Distance Formula The farthest distance formula is important in the study of farthest point. In this section, we compute the -farthest distance from an element to a bounded set . We begin with the following proposition. Proposition 2.1. Let , then = . Proof. For , Hence, Theorem 2.2. Let be a Banach space and let be a closed bounded subset of . If a function defined by , where , then and Proof. Let . Being strongly measurable, there exist sequences of simple functions , such that as for almost all . We may write . Since is a continuous function of , the inequality implies that Set . Then, So is a simple function for each and for almost all . Hence is measurable.

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