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Growth and Electrical Properties of Doped ZnO by Electrochemical Deposition  [PDF]
Dewei Chu, Sean Li
New Journal of Glass and Ceramics (NJGC) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/njgc.2012.21003
Abstract: In this work, pure and different metal ions doped ZnO thin films were obtained by a facile electrochemical deposition process. Different morphologies of ZnO, such as nanoplates, nanoparticles, as well as dense film can be obtained by doping Cu2+, In3+, and Al3+, respectively. Besides, the electrical properties of ZnO were also dependent on the doping ions. In this work, only pure ZnO shows resistive switching characteristics, indicating that the defects in ZnO is a key role in inducing resistive switching behaviour.
Induced Transcriptional Expression of Bacillus subtilis Amino Acid Permease yvbW in Response to Leucine Limitation  [PDF]
Sean M. Rollins
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2014.48053

T box sequences have been identified upstream of a large number of uncharacterized genes such as transporters in bacterial genomes. Expression of each T box family gene is induced by limitation for a specific amino acid. T box family genes contain an untranslated leader region containing a factor-independent transcriptional terminator upstream of the structural genes. The anticodon of uncharged tRNA base-pairs with the leader mRNA at a codon referred to as the specifier sequence, inducing formation of an alternative antiterminator structure, allowing expression of the structural genes. There are several additional conserved primary sequence and secondary structural elements. Analysis of these elements can be used to predict the identity of the specifier codon and the amino acid signal. Bacillus subtilis hypothetical amino acid permease, yvbW, was analyzed as an example of this type of transcriptional regulatory prediction suggesting expression in response to leucine limitation. Expression was induced up to 130-fold in response to leucine limitation, utilizing a yvbW-lacZ transcriptional fusion. These data suggest that hypothetical amino acid permease YvbW may participate in leucine metabolism. A yvbW knockout strain was generated, although the substrate specificity for the putative amino acid permease was not identified.

A Quantitative Analysis of Integrated Reporting via CAGR on Publicly Traded U.S. Corporations Listed in the S & P 500  [PDF]
Sean Stein Smith
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2018.88093

The business environment continues to change and evolve at a rapid pace, and the reporting process by which organizations communicate performance to external stakeholder must also change and adapt. As both financial and non-financial stakeholder become increasingly interested in not only the financial results of the organization, but how these results are achieved, management teams must take appropriate steps. Incorporating both the operational and financial results of the organization into data communicated to internal and external users remains a fiduciary responsibility of management professionals across industry lines. Integrated reporting, although not a panacea for short-termism and other pressures on organizations, does provide a vehicle for more comprehensive financial reporting. This research examines both the literature and academic support for integrated reporting, and, as of the date of this research, implications that adopting such a framework has a financial performance.

How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing What CPAs Need to Know about Fraud Prevention  [PDF]
Sean Stein Smith
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2018.814201
Abstract: The accounting profession has long occupied a role and fiduciary responsibility aligned with fraud prevention and safeguarding consumer data and finances. As cryptocurrencies become more prominent and widespread, including utilization by both individual consumers and organizations, the risk of unethical actors entering the market continues to rise. This research approaches the situation from two angles. First, a review of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, including an overview of the initial coin offering (ICO) process is conducted, including regulatory updates in the space. Second, and important for both academic and practitioner end users of this research, a checklist, guide, and items to consider to assist in preventing fraud connected to cryptocurrencies will be provided.
Extinction, Slime, and Bottoms
Sean Nee
PLOS Biology , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.0020272
The Insights of Algorithmic Entropy
Sean Devine
Entropy , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/e11010085
Abstract: The algorithmic entropy of a system, the length of the shortest algorithm that specifies the system’s exact state adds some missing pieces to the entropy jigsaw. Because the approach embodies the traditional entropies as a special case, problematic issues such as the coarse graining framework of the Gibbs’ entropy manifest themselves in a different and more manageable form, appearing as the description of the system and the choice of the universal computing machine. The provisional algorithmic entropy combines the best information about the state of the system together with any underlying uncertainty; the latter represents the Shannon entropy. The algorithmic approach also specifies structure that the traditional entropies take as given. Furthermore, algorithmic entropy provides insights into how a system can maintain itself off equilibrium, leading to Ashby’s law of requisite variety. This review shows how the algorithmic approach can provide insights into real world systems, by outlining recent work on how replicating structures that generate order can evolve to maintain a system far from equilibrium.
Working Stiff(s) on Reality Television during the Great Recession
Sean Brayton
Societies , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/soc2040235
Abstract: This essay traces some of the narratives and cultural politics of work on reality television after the economic crash of 2008. Specifically, it discusses the emergence of paid labor shows like Ax Men, Black Gold and Coal and a resurgent interest in working bodies at a time when the working class in the US seems all but consigned to the dustbin of history. As an implicit response to the crisis of masculinity during the Great Recession these programs present an imagined revival of manliness through the valorization of muscle work, which can be read in dialectical ways that pivot around the white male body in peril. In Ax Men, Black Gold and Coal, we find not only the return of labor but, moreover, the re-embodiment of value as loggers, roughnecks and miners risk both life and limb to reach company quotas. Paid labor shows, in other words, present a complicated popular pedagogy of late capitalism and the body, one that relies on anachronistic narratives of white masculinity in the workplace to provide an acute critique of expendability of the body and the hardships of physical labor.
The New Ecology of Vacancy: Rethinking Land Use in Shrinking Cities
Sean Burkholder
Sustainability , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/su4061154
Abstract: Urban environments are in continual transition. Yet, as many cities continue to grow and develop in ways deemed typical or standard, these transitions can be difficult to acknowledge. Narratives of continued growth and permanence become accepted and expected while the understanding of urban dynamics becomes lost. In many parts of the world, the shrinking cities phenomenon has given rise to a new awareness of urban transition that provides a laboratory of new conditions at the intersection of urbanism and ecology. With property vacancy rates easily exceeding 50% in certain locations, cities in the American Rust Belt look more like successional woodlands than bustling metropolises, yet these cities still contain significant numbers of urban residents. A central question that arises from this phenomenon is: how can vacant land, through the provision of ecosystem services, become a resource as opposed to a liability? This paper looks to recent studies in urban ecology as a lens for understanding the land use potential of shrinking cities, while discussing unconventional solutions for sustainable development of urban land.
Q&A: What is the Golgi apparatus, and why are we asking?
Sean Munro
BMC Biology , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1741-7007-9-63
Abstract: Well, first of all, the Golgi is by no means always as described by its discoverer. The structure that Camillo Golgi first observed was a typical mammalian Golgi, with individual stacks that are linked to form long connected ribbons arranged around the microtubule organizing center near the nucleus. However, in some cell types - for example muscle - and in most invertebrates and plants, the Golgi is not a linked ribbon but rather exists as one to hundreds of individual stacks scattered through the cytosol. Worse still, some species lack altogether the classic 'stack of plates' arrangement of the cisternae. This led to the belief that some species - fungi in particular - had no Golgi apparatus, and suggestions that the organelle emerged only after the first eukaryotes. However, it transpired that in these fungi the Golgi cisternae are present but spend most, and perhaps all, of their time apart. In more extreme cases such as microsporidia the Golgi is no more than a cluster of tubes and vesicles. Figure 2, which shows an immunofluorescence image of the Golgi in a mammalian and a yeast cell, illustrates the different arrangement of the membranes. The current view is that all eukaryotic cells have a Golgi of some sort, and thus it was a feature of the last common eukaryotic ancestor.Yes and no - again. Despite varying greatly in shape and size, the Golgi performs some roles that are almost certainly shared by all cells and species. All eukaryotes make their membrane and secreted proteins in the ER, and require some mechanism for routing them out of the ER to various destinations inside the cell, or out of it. One key role of the Golgi is as the main sorting point for all of this post-ER traffic (Figure 3a). Proteins for different destinations all exit the ER in vesicles coated in the specialized coat protein COPII, and these fuse to each other and to the first, or 'cis', cisterna of the Golgi. ER resident proteins that have escaped in the COP II vesicles are then recyc
Discusiones Filosóficas , 2006,
Abstract: in this paper i criticize the way in which peacocke defends the thesis that experience has non-conceptual content. in particular, i argue that peacocke's reliance on the idea that the experience's non-conceptual content is far more subtle than conceptual content, does not work. lastly, i hold that the dependence of a perceived object from the perceptual context in which such an object is perceived, and the dependence of a received property from the object in which it is perceived are more relevant features for the thesis that the perceptual content of experience is non-conceptual.
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