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Enhanced production of subtilisin of Pyrococcus furiosus expressed in Escherichia coli using autoinducing medium
N Ikram, S Naz, MI Rajoka, S Sadaf, MW Akhtar
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2009,
Abstract: A subtilisin gene identified in the reported genome sequence of Pyrococcus furiosus was amplified and inserted in pET-22b(+) vector to produce the recombinant plasmid pET-SB. Escherichia coli BL-21 (DE3) CodonPlus was transformed with this plasmid and the enzyme was expressed up to 30% of the total cell protein on induction with IPTG. The expressed protein appeared at a position corresponding to ~20 kDa on SDS-PAGE as compared to theoretical molecular mass of 17.6 kDa. This aberrant electrophoresis mobility could be due to specific amino acid composition of the protein. Auto-induction with lactose also produced a similar level of expression but the total amount of the enzyme produced was 2.4 fold greater than that when produced with IPTG induction. This was due to a higher cell density obtainable in the auto-inducing medium. The enzyme expressed in the insoluble state could be partially refolded after denaturation with urea at high pH. This study reports for the first time high-level expression of subtilisin of P. furiosus in E. coli using an auto-inducing medium.
Impact of Teacher Turn over on Students Motivation, Psyche and Performance.
International Review of Management and Business Research , 2012, DOI: 20/12/2012
Abstract: In Education sector the role of teachers is important because they are responsible for the growth and building of students. In certain institutions teacher turnover has been observed. This research is conducted that how teacher turnover influence the performance of the students. For the purpose the private universities of Peshawar Pakistan were targeted to identify the impact of teacher turn over on the student’s performance. Study use randomly two private university and take the previous teacher turnover record. These two universities were Preston University Peshawar and City University of Science and Information technology Peshawar Pakistan. Study use descriptive statistics and correlation analysis part of this research. From the data analysis it is found that teacher’s turnover do have effects on the students motivation, performance as well as the psychological effects. The correlation between the three variables shows that motivation and performance have positive relation with each other while psyche plays its part in both positive and negative relations which concludes that even if the student is motivated and performing well, he takes burden, perceives things which cause burden, tension and depression.
E-Governance for Improved Public Service Delivery in Fiji  [PDF]
Rafia NAZ
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2009.23023
Abstract: Using ICT in the form of e-governance could yield great benefits in the reform and modernization of the public sector. The experience of e-governance in a number of developed and developing countries has shown that ICT can be a tool for greater service delivery with the goal of improving service quality. E-governance can also promote ‘good govern-ance’, that is, greater civic engagement can increase opportunities for direct representation and voice, and support for increased democracy. This paper discusses and presents the survey findings that seek to test the role of e-governance in improving service delivery by altering the principal-agent relationship. It further seeks to elucidate the quality aspects of public service. Policy recommendations to achieve the benefits of e-governance in Fiji are presented. Strong leadership is required to implement e-governance to capture and internalize the benefits of quality services and satisfied customers.
Kinetic Studies on β-Galactosidase Isolated from Apricots (Prunus armeniaca kaisa)  [PDF]
Sadaf Gulzar, Shajrul Amin
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2012.35077
Abstract: β-galactosidase was extracted from apricots (Prunus armeniaca kaisa) and characterized biochemically. Three isoenzymes (β-gal I, β-gal II and β-gal III) were obtained by salt fractionation and ionexchange and Sephadex G-100 column chromatography. β-galactosidase II showed a high ability to hy-drolyze the substrate p-nitrophenyl β-D-galactopyranoside than that of β-galactosidase I and III. The individual peaks showed charge homogeneity as revealed by single band on polyacrylamide gel. The molecular weight of β-gal I, β-gal II and β-gal III as determined by gel filtration was found to be 44.15, 34.70 and 23.71 KDa respectively. The optimum pH for the activity different isozymes was found between 4 and 6. The isoenzymes were determined to be thermally stable upto 40?C. The Km value for β-gal I was 1.85 mM which was higher than that of β-gal II (Km = 1.7), and β-gal III (Km = 1.19). The Vmax value for β-gal I, β-gal II and β-gal III was found to be 0.52, 0.70 and 0.38 μmole/min respectively.
Postischemic Lower Extremity Wounds Treated with and without Negative Pressure Dressing  [PDF]
Naz?m Gümü?
Surgical Science (SS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2012.37075
Abstract: Background: Vacuum-assisted dressing is a noninvasive closure system of the wound, which makes localized and controlled negative pressure. Its mechanical tension reduces edema, stimulates granulation tissue formation and angiogenesis, and prepares the wound bed for closure. In this study, a patient has been presented, who suffered from serious lower extremity wounds due to arterial emboli, one of her wounds has been treated with vacuum-assisted dressing and the other with conventional dressing to evaluate the efficacy of vacuum-assisted dressing in acute ischemic wounds. Methods: A 65-year-old female patient was admitted to the emergency clinic, due to complaint of severe pain in her right lower extremity which suggested an acute arterial occlusion. She immediately underwent an embolectomy operation; however, a few days later, severe ischemia on the leg and foot became appearant. All of the necrosis was sharply debrided under sterile conditions in the operating room, and then lower leg wound was covered with vacuum-assisted dressing, also calcaneal wound was dressed with silver sulphadiazine. Results: Eighteen days after the first dressing with negative pressure, distal leg wound became ready for closure, whereas, enough granulation tissue over the calcaneal area developed merely thirty-four days later. Calcaneal wound closed spontaneously within fifty-three days. Conclusions: When dealing with this experience, using the negative pressure dressing in patient with severe lower limb wounds following arterial emboli, accelerates wound healing by means of developing the granulation tissue, and rapidly prepares the wound for closure, so it may reduce the risk of amputation.
Spindle Cell Carcinoma of the Maxilla: A Case Report of Rare Entity  [PDF]
Montasir Junaid, Maliha Kazi, Sadaf Qadeer
Surgical Science (SS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2017.85025
Abstract: Spindle cell carcinoma also known as sarcomatoid carcinoma is a rare highly aggressive tumor which is histologically different from squamous cell ca and mesenchymal cancers. Only hands full of cases have been reported in literature since 1957 and hence no proper treatment protocol has been devised yet. We present such a case of thirty-four-year-old female who presented with spindle cell carcinoma of the maxilla at our department and was treated with extensive surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Spindle cell carcinoma is generally associated with poor prognosis and hence literature supports use of post operative Chemo and Radiotherapy for better result and decrease chance of local recurrence.
Group-Invariant Solutions for Two-Dimensional Free, Wall, and Liquid Jets Having Finite Fluid Velocity at Orifice
R. Naz
Mathematical Problems in Engineering , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/615612
Abstract: The group-invariant solutions for nonlinear third-order partial differential equation (PDE) governing flow in two-dimensional jets (free, wall, and liquid) having finite fluid velocity at orifice are constructed. The symmetry associated with the conserved vector that was used to derive the conserved quantity for the jets (free, wall, and liquid) generated the group invariant solution for the nonlinear third-order PDE for the stream function. The comparison between results for two-dimensional jet flows having finite and infinite fluid velocity at orifice is presented. The general form of the group invariant solution for two-dimensional jets is given explicitly.
Conservation Laws for Some Systems of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations via Multiplier Approach
Rehana Naz
Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/871253
Abstract: The conservation laws for the integrable coupled KDV type system, complexly coupled kdv system, coupled system arising from complex-valued KDV in magnetized plasma, Ito integrable system, and Navier stokes equations of gas dynamics are computed by multipliers approach. First of all, we calculate the multipliers depending on dependent variables, independent variables, and derivatives of dependent variables up to some fixed order. The conservation laws fluxes are computed corresponding to each conserved vector. For all understudying systems, the local conservation laws are established by utilizing the multiplier approach.
Neelum NAZ
Middle East Technical University Journal of the Faculty of Architecture , 2005,
Shabana Naz
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Development , 2010,
Abstract: A simple reverse phase HPLC method has been developed and validated for the simultaneous determination of prazosin hydrochloride and three calcium channel blockers; diltiazem hydrochloride, verapamil and amlodipine besylate in bulk material, their finished product and human serum. The separation was carried out using a mobile phase consisting of acetonitrile:methanol:water: (10:55:35 v/v, pH 2.65±0.02), on a Nuclosil 100-10 C-18 (250×4.6mm), 10 micron particle size column. Studies were performed on a HPLC system equipped with a UV/visible detector at 240 nm. The flow rate employed for analysis was 1mL min-1 in isocratic mode. All drugs were eluted within 6 minutes and give sharp peak with high theoretical plate count and low tailing factor. The retention time of prazosin, verapamil, diltiazem and amlodipine were 3.02, 3.84, 3.94 and 4.92 minutes respectively. The validation study was carried out according to ICH guide lines. The described method was linear over a concentration range of 5-100 μg mL-1, 10-200 μg mL-1, 15-300 μg mL-1 and 30-600 μg mL-1 for the assay of prazosin, diltiazem, amlodipine and verapamil respectively. The limit of quantitation and the limit of detection were found to be 0.0994, 0.0926, 0.1642, 0.0905 μg mL-1 and 0.0328, 0.0306, 0.0542 and 0.0299 μg mL-1 for prazosin, amlodipine, diltiazem and verapamil respectively. Therefore, the study showed that the proposed RP-HPLC method is rapid, simple, specific, precise and accurate, which is useful for the routine determination of prazosin, amlodipine, diltiazem and verapamil in bulk materials, dosage formulations and serum.
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