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Designing 26-Segments Display for Bangla Characters
Mohammad Osiur Rahman,S.M. Lutful Kabir
Asian Journal of Information Technology , 2012,
Abstract: 18-segments display is normally used to display the entire alphabetic character of English. But there is no display unit for Bangla Alphabetic Characters. In this paper 26-segments display for Bangla alphabetic character has been proposed. From the review it appears that it is the first proposed display in the world for Bangla Alphabetic Character. Here a grid structure consisting of 26 segments has been discovered. All Bangla characters vowel and consonants can be characterized by using this grid structure. As there can be at least vowels (12), consonants (39), punctuation and some other symbols to be displayed, 6-bit inputs are used to represent each character. After analyzing which segments will be activated for which character, appropriate logic function and circuits have been derived in order to display each Bangla character.
Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Salmonella species Isolated from Washing and Rinsed Water of Broilers in Pluck Shops
Tuhin-Al-Ferdous,S.M. Lutful Kabir,M. Mansurul Amin,K.M. Mahmud Hossain
International Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2013,
Abstract: The study was designed with a view to isolate, identifies and characterizes Salmonella species from washing and rinsed water of broilers in pluck shops at Sreepur of Gazipur district in Bangladesh during the period from December 2011 to May 2012. A total of 30 samples collected from the different layers of drums of pluck shops’ were subjected to bacterial isolation and identification by using cultural and biochemical techniques. Furthermore, the isolated Salmonella species were characterized by antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Among the 27 positiveSalmonella isolates 11.11% (n = 3) were Salmonella pullorum, 29.83% isolates (n = 8) were Salmonella gallinarum and the rest 59.26% isolates (n = 16) were Salmonella typhimurium. In case of motility test performed by MIU media and hanging drop slide method, 40.74% isolates were non-motile and 59.26% isolates were motile. Salmonella spp. were resistant to doxycyclin and erythromycin. However, most of the Salmonella spp. were susceptible to sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim and gentamicin. Out of 27 Salmonella isolates, 75% Salmonella typhimurium, 100% Salmonella gallinarum and 100% Salmonella pullorum were detected as multidrug resistant. The findings of the study revealed the presence of multidrug resistant Salmonella species in washing and rinsed water of broilers in Pluck shops at Sreepur of Gazipur district in Bangladesh.
Strategic Planning in Municipal Government: the Case of City of Ottawa
S.M. Humayun KABIR
Canadian Social Science , 2007,
Abstract: Strategic Planning is a very popular decision-making framework and process for public management. However, theoretically the relationship between ‘strategic planning’ and ‘strategic management’ has been extremely debated as these two concepts have been appeared in some literature interchangeably. The paper is an attempt to see the real relationship between ‘strategic planning’ and ‘strategic management’. Methods: The paper has been written on the basis of qualitative method. The City of Ottawa has been considered as a case to see how the city authority treats strategic planning and strategic management in practice. In fact, the article outlines the theoretical and practical relationship of these two important concepts at municipal level. Results: It appears that strategic planning is an inevitable element of strategic management, which generally appears after strategic formulation. Therefore, strategic planning and strategic management are not the same , though the two terms have been used interchangeably in many literatures. Conclusion: The emergent urbanization and globalization have resulted in municipal governments moving towards strategic planning. The process of strategic planning is multi-layered and complex. The planning should be tied to strategic management to achieve strategic goals and objectives. Key words: City of Ottawa, Municipal Government, Strategic Analysis, Strategic Management, Strategic Planning Résumé Objectif : La planification stratégique est un cadre populaire de la prise de décision et un processus du management public. Néanmoins, la relation entre la planification stratégique et le management stratégique a déjà été discuté profondément, car les deux concepts sont apparus interchangeablement dans des documents. L’article présent tente d’éclairer la relation entre la planification stratégique et le management stratégique . Méthodes : L’article présent est accompli sur la base de la méthode qualitative. La ville d’Ottawa est considérée comme un exemple pour étudier comment l’autorité municipale procède à la planification stratégique et au management stratégique dans la pratique. En fait, l’article présent résume la relation théorique et pratique entre les deux concepts au niveau municipal. Résultat : Il semble que la planification stratégique est un élément inévitable du management stratégique, qui appara t généralement après la formulation stratégique. Ainsi, la planification stratégique et le management stratégique ne sont pas la même chose, bien que ces deux concepts sont utilisés interchangeablement dans
The Role of Probiotics in the Poultry Industry
S. M. Lutful Kabir
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/ijms10083531
Abstract: The increase of productivity in the poultry industry has been accompanied by various impacts, including emergence of a large variety of pathogens and bacterial resistance. These impacts are in part due to the indiscriminate use of chemotherapeutic agents as a result of management practices in rearing cycles. This review provides a summary of the use of probiotics for prevention of bacterial diseases in poultry, as well as demonstrating the potential role of probiotics in the growth performance and immune response of poultry, safety and wholesomeness of dressed poultry meat evidencing consumer’s protection, with a critical evaluation of results obtained to date.
Avian Colibacillosis and Salmonellosis: A Closer Look at Epidemiology, Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, Control and Public Health Concerns
S. M. Lutful Kabir
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/ijerph7010089
Abstract: Avian colibacillosis and salmonellosis are considered to be the major bacterial diseases in the poultry industry world-wide. Colibacillosis and salmonellosis are the most common avian diseases that are communicable to humans. This article provides the vital information on the epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, control and public health concerns of avian colibacillosis and salmonellosis. A better understanding of the information addressed in this review article will assist the poultry researchers and the poultry industry in continuing to make progress in reducing and eliminating avian colibacillosis and salmonellosis from the poultry flocks, thereby reducing potential hazards to the public health posed by these bacterial diseases.
Determination of Site Specific Fertilizer Requirement of Sugarcane and Intercrops in Sugarcane-based Cropping Systems
S.M. Bokhtiar,M.L. Kabir,M.J. Alam,M. M. Alam
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2002,
Abstract: The site-specific nutrient requirement of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) and companion crops, viz. onion (Allium cipa) and lentil (Lens culinaris) in sugarcane based cropping systems field experiments was determined under two Agro-ecological zones (AEZ), namely High Barind Tract (AEZ 26) and Tista Meander Floodplain soils (AEZ 3). The application of fertilizers for sugarcane and intercrops, onion and lentil as per soil test basis followed by dhaincha (Sesbania aculeata) significantly increased cane yield to the extent of 19 % at AEZ 26 and 45 % at AEZ 3 over the sole cane crop. Maximum cane yield (119 t ha ̄1) with highest BCR of Tk.4.37 was found in High Barind Tract with the application of N190 + P44 + K65 + S25 + Zn3.5 kg ha ̄1 to sugarcane and N55 + P18 + K25 + S6 kg ha ̄1 to potato. In Tista Meander Floodplain soils, application of N120 + P40 + K75 + S20 + Zn2 + Mg15 kg ha ̄1 and N15 + P5 + K6 + S3 kg ha ̄1to sugarcane and lentil, respectively produced the highest yield of 117 t ha ̄1 with BCR of Tk.4.25. Green manure Sesbania aculeata increased cane yields about 2 to 9 per cent and contributed 56 - 66 kg N ha ̄1.
Efficacy of V4HR Newcastle Disease (V4HR-ND) Vaccine in Broiler Birds in Bangladesh
M.B. Rahman,M.M. Rahman,M. Rahman,S.M.L. Kabir
International Journal of Poultry Science , 2004,
Abstract: Thirty day-old chicks of Cobb-100 breed with the history of vaccination of parent stock against Newcastle disease (ND) were equally divided into two groups such as group A and B. At 7 days of age of birds, group A was vaccinated with experimentally prepared V4HR-ND vaccine via eye drop @ 106.0EID50/bird to determine the efficacy of this vaccine while group B was kept as unvaccinated control. The birds were used for the study during the period from October 2003 to December 2003. Each bird of group A was boostered with same vaccine @ same dose at 24 days of age. Both the groups (A and B) were challenged after two weeks of post-booster vaccination with 0.25ml inoculum containing 105.0EID50 of virulent field isolates of ND virus intramuscularly. The results of challenge experiment revealed that six birds (40%) of group A succumbed within 3 to 4 days of post-challenge, whereas 15 (100%) unvaccinated control birds of group B showed clinical illness and ultimately died within 3 to 5 days. Thus, the experimental V4HR-ND vaccine conferred 60% protection of vaccinated birds against challenge infection. The mean values of Haemagglutination inhibition (HI) antibody titres of birds in group A were found to have significantly (P<0.01) increased at two weeks of post-booster vaccination. These results indicated that experimental V4HR-ND vaccine induced sufficient humoral immune response which gives satisfactory level of protection against ND.
Supply Response of Wheat in Bangladesh: an Application of Partial Adjustment Model
M.A.A. Begum,S.M. Fakhrul Islam,M. Kamruzzaman,M. Jahangir Kabir
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2002,
Abstract: The present study was designed to determine the wheat supply response to selected factors and to analyze the short run and long run supply responses of wheat in Bangladesh. Time series data from 1972-73 to 1998-99 have been used in the analysis. Econometric and statistical techniques were used to estimate the supply response of wheat at the national level. The price responses of wheat supply under the partial adjustment (PA) model were 0.67 in the short run and in the long run this was 1.06 and was statistically significant. Similarly, the response of wheat supply to lagged irrigation was relatively higher, which was 1.11 in the short run and in the long run it was 1.76. Besides, this was highly significant at 1 per cent level. The adjustment coefficient was 0.63 in the wheat sector during the period. The results indicate that the implementation of a farm price support policy could be used to manipulate wheat supply in Bangladesh. If public expenditures were geared properly to build irrigation infrastructure, it would give positive impacts on wheat supply in the country. If the government would follow a price stabilization policy, it would reduce price risk and would produce a positive impact on wheat supply situation in Bangladesh.
Ecotourism Development in Bangladesh: An Overview
S.M.Humayun Kabir,1Md.Monzur Morshed Bhuiya
Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Eco-tourism is comparatively a new term in tourism literature. Conservation of nature and culture is the main issue for promotion and development of ecotourism. It has been regarded as the third biggest industry in the world along with conventional tourism. In Bangladesh, eco-ourism is in its infancy. But she belongs to a high ecotourism potentiality. Our forests, beaches, rivers, birds, ethnic races would be the main attractions of ecotourists. The country and its relevant government agencies are faced various problems to exploit enormous nature based tourism potentiality. The paper is a modest attempt to explain the present situation of eco-tourism development in Bangladesh from development viewpoint and with a critical assessment. The paper is prepared based on published and unpublished secondary sources.
The effect of solvents on recovery of polyphenols from the pink fuji apple skin
H.M Amzad, S.M Salehuddin, R.S.M Mizanur, M.J Kabir
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development , 2010,
Abstract: Flavonoids constitute a group of polyphenols widely distributed in plants and are assumed to have beneficial effects on human health when present in food. The phenolic content of apple fruit skin and leaves was determined at the developmental stage of each organ. Phenolic levels decreased on a dry weight basis during the seasonal development of fruits and leaves with respect to their ontogenesis but the single compounds did not behave uniformly. A shift in flavanol pools from monomeric to oligomeric structures during fruit growth indicated the biosynthetic tendency towards the formation of procyanidins at the end of the growing period. A gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method was developed for the separation and determination of three major flavones: sinensetin (SEN), rutin (RU) and 3'-hydroxy-5, 6, 7, 4'-tetramethoxyflavone (TMF) and rosmarinic acid (RA), a caffeic acid derivative in the pink skin of apple fruit. The GC-MS method was applied for the quantification of SEN, RU, TMF and RA in apple fruit collected from different local markets of Bangladesh during the period of November 2008. Apple fruit skin contains several bioactive phytochemicals including polyphenols such as flavones and phenolic acids. Dehydrated apple skin powder was used to evaluate the recovery of selected flavones and rosmarinic acid using water, methanol, acetone, chloroform, aqueous 50% methanol, and aqueous 70% acetone at 40oC. The retrieved extracts were subjected to qualitative and quantitative GC-MS analysis. Highest amount of sinensetin (SEN) and rutin (RU) was found in the chloroform extract, which was obtained for 4 to 6 hours of extraction at 40oC. Higher proportion of 3'-hydroxy-5, 6,7,4'-tetramethoxyflavone (TMF) was obtained in pure acetone and as well as 70% acetone where the extraction period 4 to 6 hours, respectively. Similar yield of rosmarinic acid (RA) was obtained in aqueous 70% acetone extracts when the periods of extraction were 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours, respectively.
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