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Macroparticle Movement Velocity in Dusty Structures of Various Compositions
A. D. Khakhaev,A. A. Piskunov,S. F. Podryadchikov
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: The results of experimental investigations of the movement velocity of a macroparticle in the dusty structures of various physicalchemical compositions formed in a stratified column of a dc glow discharge, are presented. The macroparticle substances are alumina (r = 10 - 35 microns), polydisperse Zn (r = 1 - 20 microns) and Zn0 (r = 20 - 35 microns). Plasma-forming gases are inert gases (Ne, Ar). The inverse relation between the velocity and the gas pressure (in the range 40-400 Pa) is found and, for the same material of macroparticles in different gas plasmas, is confirmed by theory and does not contradict observations. But, to explain a difference of quantitative data for macroparticles made from different materials in Ar plasma, the additional research is required.
Presence of Heat on an Infinite Plate with a Curvilinear Hole Having Two Poles  [PDF]
F. S. Bayones
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2015.66088
Abstract: In the present paper Cauchy integral methods have been applied to derive exact and expressions for Goursats function for the first and second fundamental problems of isotropic homogeneous perforated infinite elastic media in the presence of uniform flow of heat. For this, we considered the problem of a thin infinite plate of specific thickness with a curvilinear hole where the origins lie in the hole is conformally mapped outside a unit circle by means of a specific rational mapping. Moreover, the three stress components σxx, σyy and σxy of the boundary value problem in the thermoelasticity plane are obtained. Many special cases of the conformal mapping and four applications for different cases are discussed and many main results are derived from the work.
Effect of Rotation and Initial Magnetic Field in Fibre-Reinforced Anisotropic Elastic Media  [PDF]
F. S. Bayones
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/am.2015.65081
Abstract: In this work, we study an analytical procedure for evaluation of the displacement and stresses in fibre-reinforced anisotropic elastic media under effects of rotation and initial magnetic field, and due to the application of the rotation and initial magnetic field. Effects of rotation and initial magnetic field are analyzed theoretically and computed numerically. Numerical results have been given and illustrated graphically. Comparison was made with the results obtained in the presence of rotation and initial magnetic field in fibre-reinforced anisotropic and isotropic elastic media. The results indicate the effect of rotation and initial magnetic field.
Hybrid Mapping Scheme for Recent Orthogonal FDMA Schemes  [PDF]
F. S. Al-kamali
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2013.63018

Single-carrier frequency-division multiple access (SC-FDMA) and orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) systems are new orthogonal multiple access systems. They have been adopted in the 3GPP long term evolution (3GPP-LTE). In these systems, there are only two types of subcarrier mapping schemes which are the interleaved and the localized. So, introducing a new subcarrier mapping scheme is an important issue, which is the main objective of this paper. In this paper, a hybrid subcarrier mapping scheme is proposed and examined for the SC-FDMA system. Monte Carlo simulations are performed to compare the performance of the proposed scheme with that of the interleaved and the localized schemes. It is shown that a hybrid scheme provides better performance than that of the localized and the same performance as that of the interleaved scheme and increased robustness to carrier frequency offset (CFO) at the expense of increased envelope fluctuations.

Free Volume in Membranes: Viscosity or Tension?  [PDF]
V. S. Markin, F. Sachs
Open Journal of Biophysics (OJBIPHY) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojbiphy.2015.53007
Abstract: Many papers have used fluorescent probe diffusion to infer membrane viscosity but the measurement is actually an assay of the free volume of the membrane. The free volume is also related to the membrane tension. Thus, changes in probe mobility refer equally well to changes in membrane tension. In complicated structures like cell membranes, it appears more intuitive to consider variations in free volume as referring to the effect of domains structures and interactions with the cytoskeleton than changes in viscosity since tension is a state variable and viscosity is not.
A Conservative Pressure-Correction Method on Collocated Grid for Low Mach Number Flows  [PDF]
S. M. Yahya, S. F. Anwer, S. Sanghi
World Journal of Mechanics (WJM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/wjm.2012.25031
Abstract: A novel extension to SMAC scheme is proposed for variable density flows under low Mach number approximation. The algorithm is based on a predictor—corrector time integration scheme that employs a projection method for the momentum equation. A constant-coefficient Poisson equation is solved for the pressure following both the predictor and corrector steps to satisfy the continuity equation at each time step. The proposed algorithm has second order centrally differenced convective fluxes with upwinding based on Cell Peclet number while diffusive flux are viscous fourth order accurate. Spatial discretization is performed on a collocated grid system that offers computational simplicity and straight forward extension to curvilinear coordinate systems. The algorithm is kinetic energy preserving. Further in this paper robustness and accuracy are demonstrated by performing test on channel flow with non-Boussinesq condition on different temperature ratios.
Effect of Concentration on the Optical and Solid State Properties of ZnO Thin Films Deposited by Aqueous Chemical Growth (ACG) Method  [PDF]
S. L. Mammah, F. E. Opara, F. B. Sigalo, S. C. Ezugwu, F. I. Ezema
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2012.39124
Abstract: Thin films of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) having different concentrations were deposited using the Aqueous Chemical Growth (ACG) method. The films were characterized using Rutherford Back Scattering (RBS) spectroscopy for chemical composition and thickness, X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) for crystallographic structure, a UV-VIS spectrophotometer for the analysis of the optical and solid state properties which include spectral absorbance, transmittance, reflectance, refractive index, direct band gap, real and imaginary dielectric constants, absorption and extinction coefficients and a photomicroscope for photomicrographs. The average deposited film thickness was 100 nm. The results indicate that the values of all the optical and solid state properties investigated vary directly with concentration except transmittance which is the reverse. Thus, the optical and solid state properties of ZnO thin film deposited by the Acqueous Chemical Growth method can be tuned by deliberately controlling the concentration of the precursors for various optoelectronic applications including its application as absorber layer in solar cells.
Annealing Effect on the Solid State and Optical Properties of αFe2O3 Thin Films Deposited Using the Aqueous Chemical Growth (ACG) Method  [PDF]
S. L. Mammah, F. E. Opara, F. B. Sigalo, S. C. Ezugwu, F. I. Ezema
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2012.311115
Abstract: Thin films of hematite (α-Fe2O3) were deposited by heteronucleation through the process of hydrolysis and condensation of an aqueous solution of 0.1 M Fe (NO3)3.9H2O, 1 M NaNO3, 50 ml H2O in addition with five drops of HCl at 90℃. One of the samples was kept as prepared while the others were annealed at different temperatures in order to determine the effect of annealing on their solid state and optical properties. The films were characterized using Rutherford Back Scattering (RBS), spectroscopy for chemical composition and thickness, X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) for structural analysis, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer for the analysis of other solid state and optical properties and a photomicroscope for photomicrographs. The results indicate that while the absorbance and absorption coefficient decreases with increasing annealing temperature, the direct band gap and refractive index increases with increasing annealing temperature in the direction of increasing photon energy in the visible range. Also, there is a high infrared transmittance which increases with increasing annealing temperature and a shift/decrease in peak value of all the optical properties except transmittance in the direction of increasing photon energy as annealing temperature increases. The results further indicate that ACG hematite thin film annealed at 632K is a suitable metal oxide semiconductor material for photocatalytic applications. It is also suitable for use in the construction of poultry houses for the rearing of chicks because of its high infrared transmittance including other opto-electronic applications.
Zusammenhang zwischen haemoglobintyp, spurenelementenversorgung und fortpflanzungsleistung bei den mutterschafen der ungarischen Merinorasse
L Fésüs
Genetics Selection Evolution , 1980, DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-12-4-421b
Zusammenhang zwischen haemoglobintyp, spurenelementenversorgung und fortpflanzungsleistung bei den mutterschafen der ungarischen Merinorasse
Fésüs L
Genetics Selection Evolution , 1980,
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