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Canine leptospirosis – a seroprevalence study from Kerala, India
R Ambily,M Mini,Siju Joseph,S Vamshi Krishna
Veterinary World , 2013, DOI: 10.5455/vetworld.2013.42-44
Abstract: Aim: To study the seroprevalence of leptospirosis in dogs in Kerala and to identify the most prevalent serovar. Materials and Methods: A total of 205 sera collected from dogs were screened for the presence of antibodies against leptospirosis by Microscopic Agglutination Test (MAT). Results: A seroprevalence rate of 71.12 per cent was observed. Leptospira interrogans serovar Autumnalis was found to be the most prevalent serovar followed by Australis, Pomona, Canicola, Pyrogenes, Icterohaemorrhagiae, Javanica and Patoc. Conclusions: The results revealed the high prevalence of anti leptospiral antibodies in dogs in Kerala. The emergence of serovars other than the vaccinal serovars necessitates the incorporation of these in the vaccines because the immunity against leptospirosis is serovar specific. Key words: canine leptospirosis, MAT, seroprevalence [Vet World 2013; 6(1.000): 42-44]
An Algorithm for Aligning Sentences in Bilingual Corpora Using Lexical Information
Akshar Bharati,V. Sriram,A. Vamshi Krishna,Rajeev Sangal,S. M. Bendre
Computer Science , 2003,
Abstract: In this paper we describe an algorithm for aligning sentences with their translations in a bilingual corpus using lexical information of the languages. Existing efficient algorithms ignore word identities and consider only the sentence lengths (Brown, 1991; Gale and Church, 1993). For a sentence in the source language text, the proposed algorithm picks the most likely translation from the target language text using lexical information and certain heuristics. It does not do statistical analysis using sentence lengths. The algorithm is language independent. It also aids in detecting addition and deletion of text in translations. The algorithm gives comparable results with the existing algorithms in most of the cases while it does better in cases where statistical algorithms do not give good results.
Vamshi Krishna Lekkala*
International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: Metformin HCl is an oral anti-diabetic drug from the biguanide class. It is the first-line drug of choice for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, particularly in overweight and obese people and thosewith normal kidney function. Metformin is the most popular anti-diabetic drug in the United States and one of the most prescribed drugs in the world.Metformin Hydrochloride extended release(ER) formulation 1000mg is necessary to achieve a steady state blood level or tissue level for an extended period, which will be therapeutically effective and non-toxic. In this context sustained/controlled drug delivery systems delivers the drug almost at a predetermined rate either systematically or locally for a specified period of time,sustaining the duration of therapeutic activity and reducing adverse effects. Linear and reproducible release similar to that of Fortamet ER 1000 mg tablets was achieved for optimized formulation (f2 >50) independent of hydrodynamic conditions. The effect of differentformulation variables, namely, ratio of drug to osmogent, membrane weight gain, and level of pore former on the in vitro release was studied.In Osmotic technology systems, osmotic pressure provides the driving force to generate controlled release of drug. In this system a tablet containing a core of drug surrounded by a Semipermeable membrane, which is permeable to water, but not to drug. When this device isexposed to water or any body fluid, water will flow into the tablet owing to the osmotic pressure difference.The main factors of osmotic technology are drug solubility, Osmotic pressure, Delivery orifice,coating membrane. The water soluble polymers like povidone (PVPK-90) and Sodium lauryl sulfate are mainly used for Osmotic technology in this Elementary Osmotic Pump (EOP).By observing the pharmacokinetic characteristics and requirements of Metformin HCl, it is clear that ER Osmotic formulation of Metformin HCl is necessary. So this present research is aimed to investigate the possibility of developing ER tablet dosage form for Metformin HCl. The drug release by Metformin HCl ER tablets by osmotic technology is around 85% in 20 hrs. The optimized formulations were subjected to stability studies as per International Conference onHarmonisation (ICH) guidelines and formulations were stable after a 3 month study.
Pharmacognostical studies of Portulaca oleracea Linn
Kumar, Bagepalli Srinivasa Ashok;Prabhakarn, V.;Lakshman, K.;Nandeesh, R.;Subramanyam, P.;Khan, S.;Ranganayakalu, D.;Krishna, Nagireddy Vamshi;
Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-695X2008000400005
Abstract: portulaca oleracea linn, belongs to family portulaceae and is a widely distributed weed. it has been used as a folk medicine in many countries as diuretics, febrifuge, antiseptic, antispasmodic and vermifuge. this paper deals with the microscopic study of leaf; stem and root of portulaca oleracea, along with the physico-chemical and preliminary phytochemical analyses that were also studied.
Kriging Analysis In The Spatial Domain For Dispersion Models
Taduri Vamshi Krishna,Debashis Dutta
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2009,
Is There a Limitation of RECIST Criteria in Prediction of Pathological Response, in Head and Neck Cancers, to Postinduction Chemotherapy?
V. Patil,V. Noronha,A. Joshi,Vamshi Muddu Krishna,S. Juvekar,Gauri Pantvaidya,Pankaj Chaturvedi,D. Chaukar,Supreeta Arya,Aswari Patil,B. Bhosale,A. Dongre,A. K. Dcruz,K. Prabhash
ISRN Oncology , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/259154
Abstract: This study studied the coorelation between radiological response to induction chemotherapy and acheivement of pCR or near pCR. It was a retrospective analysis in which all patients who received NACT from 2008 till april 2012 were subjected to inclusion criteria. Coorelation analysis was performed between CR + PR and acheivement of pCR or near pCR. Twenty four patients were identified.The primary site of tumor was oral cavity in 19 patients (79.2%), maxilla in 2 patients (4.2%), laryngopharynx in 2 patients (4.2%) and oropharynx in 1 patient (4.2%). The clinical stage was stage IVA in 16 patients ( 66.7%) and IVB in 8 patients (33.3%). The overall response rates ie a combination of CR and PR was seen in 11patients (45.8%). The pCR was seen in 15 patients (62.5%) and rest had near pCR. There was no linear coorelation between radiological size decrement and tumor response. On coorelation analysis the spearman correlation coefficent was ?0.039 ( ). This suggest that presently used radiological response criterias for response assesment in head and neck cancers severly limit our ability to identify patients who would have pCR or near pCR. 1. Introduction RECIST (response evaluation criteria in solid tumors) criteria have been widely used for response assessment both in general clinical practice and clinical trials [1]. The criteria have been designed to be objective and reproducible. However, in RECIST, the focus is on unidimensional imaging and volumetric changes are not included. This lacuna was accepted in the 2009 update of RECIST (version 1.1); however, unidimensional imaging remained the standard as volumetric assessment was not considered to be standardised appropriately, and the measurements were often time-consuming and required special techniques [2]. Furthermore, RECIST criteria are easier to apply in well-defined lesions, as in metastatic nodules [3, 4]. The application of these criteria in complex, irregularly shaped tumors like head and neck cancers might be more difficult. This assumes significance in situations where response to initial therapy would dictate the next treatment protocol, especially in patients being treated with curative intent [5–7]. Prasad et al. have shown that the treatment response was graded differently based on volumetric measurement as opposed to unidimensional imaging of tumor burden in head and neck cancers [8]. Thus, reliance on RECIST criteria alone for assessing response might have an implication on the treatment algorithm in head and neck cancers. Induction chemotherapy is one of the treatment options in patients
Cloning and sequencing of the virulent gene LipL32 of Leptospira interrogans serovar Autumnalis
Sriram Vamshi Krishna,Siju Joseph,R Ambily,M Mini
Veterinary World , 2013, DOI: 10.5455/vetworld.2013.193-195
Abstract: Aim: To clone the virulent gene LipL32 of Leptospira interrogans serovar Autumnalis and to analyze the sequence with LipL32 gene of other pathogenic serovars of Leptopsira. Materials and Methods: Leptospira interrogans serovar Autumnalis procured from Leptospira research laboratory, Chennai was used in the study. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was carried out for amplifying LipL32 gene using the reported primers of Leptospira Kirschnerii. The PCR product was cloned into TA cloning vector and the vector was transformed into E.Coli DH5á cells. The plasmid was isolated from E.Coli and sent for sequencing with universal primers. The sequence was submitted in genbank with accession number JQ861883. Results: The PCR product revealed an amplicon of 790 bp. The LipL32 gene sequence of Leptospira interrogans serovar Autumnalis showed 99 % similarity with most of the pathogenic Leptospires. Conclusions: LipL32 gene of Leptospira is highly conserved in most of the pathogenic Leptospires. The study concludes that this gene could be used as a target for the diagnosis of leptospirosis in animals and humans and could be tested as an important candidate antigen for vaccine production. [Vet World 2013; 6(4.000): 193-195]
Comparative Evaluation of Cephalosporin Injectable Product Manufactured by Generic and Innovator Company
GIRISH PAI K,Vamshi Krishna T,Lalit Kumar,Anup Naha
International Journal For Pharmaceutical Research Scholars , 2013,
Abstract: The main purpose of the study was to compare few physical parameters of the marketed products of Ceftriaxone Sodium for injection 1g manufactured by generic and innovator company nearing the expiry date. The marketed samples of generic and innovator company were tested for physical parameters like Appearance, pH, clarity, reconstitution time and primary packing quality. All the samples were reconstituted and pH was determined using calibrated pH meter. From the results it was found that few physical parameters were comparable in innovator and generic samples with respect to parameters like pH and clarity whereas phenomenal difference was observed in reconstitution time and appearance of the product. Innovator product showed very less reconstitution time, good clarity of reconstituted solution and acceptable physical appearance or description. The increase in reconstitution time & inferior physical appearance observations of generic product may be because of sourcing of raw materials from less regulated countries (economic source) or depends on other important processing parameters like method of manufacturing (different process employed by innovator and generic company), in-process controls, quality of starting materials or even quality of intermediates used for manufacturing of raw materials that is being sourced by the generic company.
Parallel Firewalls on General-Purpose Graphics Processing Units
Kamal Chandra Reddy,Ankit Tharwani,Ch. Vamshi Krishna,Lakshminarayanan. V
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: Firewalls use a rule database to decide which packets will be allowed from one network onto another thereby implementing a security policy. In high-speed networks as the inter-arrival rate of packets decreases, the latency incurred by a firewall increases. In such a scenario, a single firewall become a bottleneck and reduces the overall throughput of the network.A firewall with heavy load, which is supposed to be a first line of defense against attacks, becomes susceptible to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Many works are being done to optimize firewalls.This paper presents our implementation of different parallel firewall models on General-Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU). We implemented the parallel firewall architecture proposed in and introduced a new model that can effectively exploit the massively parallel computing capabilities of GPGPU.
Abbaraju Prasanna Lakshmi,Meka Anand Kumar,M. Vamshi Krishna,K.Annie Vijetha
International Research Journal of Pharmacy , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of the present study is to increase the solubility of poorly water soluble drug Irbesartan by using surfactants and formulating into immediate release tablets by using super disintegrants. Surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate, polysorbate, and poloxamer 800 are used for increasing the solubility of drug in water by micellisation technique. Super disintegrant such as croscarmellose sodium was used for fast disintegration. Physical properties for granules such as Bulk density, Tapped density, Hausners ratio, % compressibility, % LOD and physical characteristics for Irbesartan IR tablets such as weight variation, friability, hardness, thickness, disintegration, in-vitro dissolution were studied. % cumulative drug release of formulation T3 (having 2% Tween 80) matched with the innovator product Avapro and the similarity factor between innovator and T3 was 97.
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