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BCA2/Rabring7 Targets HIV-1 Gag for Lysosomal Degradation in a Tetherin-Independent Manner
Ramya Nityanandam,Ruth Serra-Moreno
PLOS Pathogens , 2014, DOI: doi/10.1371/journal.ppat.1004151
Abstract: BCA2 (Rabring7, RNF115 or ZNF364) is a RING-finger E3 ubiquitin ligase that was identified as a co-factor in the restriction imposed by tetherin/BST2 on HIV-1. Contrary to the current model, in which BCA2 lacks antiviral activity in the absence of tetherin, we found that BCA2 possesses tetherin-independent antiviral activity. Here we show that the N-terminus of BCA2 physically interacts with the Matrix region of HIV-1 and other retroviral Gag proteins and promotes their ubiquitination, redistribution to endo-lysosomal compartments and, ultimately, lysosomal degradation. The targeted depletion of BCA2 in tetherin-expressing and tetherin-deficient cells results in a significant increase in virus release and replication, indicating that endogenous BCA2 possesses antiviral activity. Therefore, these results indicate that BCA2 functions as an antiviral factor that targets HIV-1 Gag for degradation, impairing virus assembly and release.
Use of the lambda Red recombinase system to produce recombinant prophages carrying antibiotic resistance genes
Ruth Serra-Moreno, Sandra Acosta, Jean Hernalsteens, Juan Jofre, Maite Muniesa
BMC Molecular Biology , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2199-7-31
Abstract: Seven phages carrying two different antibiotic resistance genes were derived from phages that are directly involved in the pathogenesis of Shiga toxin-producing strains, using this modified protocol.This approach facilitates exploration of the transduction processes and is a valuable tool for studying phage-mediated horizontal gene transfer.The analysis of microbial sequences has revealed that a substantial fraction of the genome of some bacteria corresponds to prophage DNA [1,2]. Such prophage DNA is inserted into the bacterial chromosome after infection by free phage particles. Bacteiophages have recently regained part of their former importance, but now with a medical and ecological focus.Phage λ DNA integrates into host DNA at one preferential site in Escherichia coli. This integration occurs through homologous recombination, mediated by the action of site-specific recombinases [3]. Bacteriophage can be released from cells containing an intact prophage through a process called induction. In this process, the prophage genes required for lytic growth are turned on, and progeny virions are produced and released from the cell. Cells carrying a prophage are called 'lysogens' because of their potential to be induced and to lyse [2,4]. Most phage genes, including those required for lytic growth and virion production, are turned off in integrated prophages. However, prophages express regulatory proteins involved in the maintenance of the lysogenic state and 'lysogenic conversion' genes which alter the properties of the host bacterium. The products of these genes may have strong effects on the host bacterium, which can have its phenotype modified by expression of genes encoded by the prophage. These changes range from protection against further phage infection to increasing the virulence of a pathogenic host.The presence or absence of prophages can account for much of the variation among individuals within a bacterial species. In addition, phages are likely to be importa
Tetherin/BST-2 Antagonism by Nef Depends on a Direct Physical Interaction between Nef and Tetherin, and on Clathrin-mediated Endocytosis
Ruth Serra-Moreno ,Kerstin Zimmermann,Lawrence J. Stern,David T. Evans
PLOS Pathogens , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1003487
Abstract: Nef is the viral gene product employed by the majority of primate lentiviruses to overcome restriction by tetherin (BST-2 or CD317), an interferon-inducible transmembrane protein that inhibits the detachment of enveloped viruses from infected cells. Although the mechanisms of tetherin antagonism by HIV-1 Vpu and HIV-2 Env have been investigated in detail, comparatively little is known about tetherin antagonism by SIV Nef. Here we demonstrate a direct physical interaction between SIV Nef and rhesus macaque tetherin, define the residues in Nef required for tetherin antagonism, and show that the anti-tetherin activity of Nef is dependent on clathrin-mediated endocytosis. SIV Nef co-immunoprecipitated with rhesus macaque tetherin and the Nef core domain bound directly to a peptide corresponding to the cytoplasmic domain of rhesus tetherin by surface plasmon resonance. An analysis of alanine-scanning substitutions identified residues throughout the N-terminal, globular core and flexible loop regions of Nef that were required for tetherin antagonism. Although there was significant overlap with sequences required for CD4 downregulation, tetherin antagonism was genetically separable from this activity, as well as from other Nef functions, including MHC class I-downregulation and infectivity enhancement. Consistent with a role for clathrin and dynamin 2 in the endocytosis of tetherin, dominant-negative mutants of AP180 and dynamin 2 impaired the ability of Nef to downmodulate tetherin and to counteract restriction. Taken together, these results reveal that the mechanism of tetherin antagonism by Nef depends on a physical interaction between Nef and tetherin, requires sequences throughout Nef, but is genetically separable from other Nef functions, and leads to the removal of tetherin from sites of virus release at the plasma membrane by clathrin-mediated endocytosis.
Species-Specific Activity of SIV Nef and HIV-1 Vpu in Overcoming Restriction by Tetherin/BST2
Bin Jia equal contributor,Ruth Serra-Moreno equal contributor,William Neidermyer Jr.,Andrew Rahmberg,John Mackey,Ismael Ben Fofana,Welkin E. Johnson,Susan Westmoreland,David T. Evans
PLOS Pathogens , 2009, DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1000429
Abstract: Tetherin, also known as BST2, CD317 or HM1.24, was recently identified as an interferon-inducible host–cell factor that interferes with the detachment of virus particles from infected cells. HIV-1 overcomes this restriction by expressing an accessory protein, Vpu, which counteracts tetherin. Since lentiviruses of the SIVsmm/mac/HIV-2 lineage do not have a vpu gene, this activity has likely been assumed by other viral gene products. We found that deletion of the SIVmac239 nef gene significantly impaired virus release in cells expressing rhesus macaque tetherin. Virus release could be restored by expressing Nef in trans. However, Nef was unable to facilitate virus release in the presence of human tetherin. Conversely, Vpu enhanced virus release in the presence of human tetherin, but not in the presence of rhesus tetherin. In accordance with the species-specificity of Nef in mediating virus release, SIV Nef downregulated cell-surface expression of rhesus tetherin, but did not downregulate human tetherin. The specificity of SIV Nef for rhesus tetherin mapped to four amino acids in the cytoplasmic domain of the molecule that are missing from human tetherin, whereas the specificity of Vpu for human tetherin mapped to amino acid differences in the transmembrane domain. Nef alleles of SIVsmm, HIV-2 and HIV-1 were also able to rescue virus release in the presence of both rhesus macaque and sooty mangabey tetherin, but were generally ineffective against human tetherin. Thus, the ability of Nef to antagonize tetherin from these Old World primates appears to be conserved among the primate lentiviruses. These results identify Nef as the viral gene product of SIV that opposes restriction by tetherin in rhesus macaques and sooty mangabeys, and reveal species-specificity in the activities of both Nef and Vpu in overcoming tetherin in their respective hosts.
The relationship university-city. Epistemological approach La relación universidad-ciudad* una aproximación epistemológica
Moreno Aguilar Ruth Miriam
Bitácora Urbano-Territorial , 2011,
Abstract: This essay shows that the university was one of the means of consolidating and stimulating the city through a process of professionalization supported in a scientific, objective and disciplined epistemological approach. This was transmitted to and reproduced in university classrooms through the graduates and their consultancy services. Both function as vehicles to transmit a vision of development based on economic growth, industrialization and urbanization. This vision has been realized but not exclusively in the city. Its limitations are becoming increasingly evident. Some of those are related to atomized interventions and dispersal of professionals who by trying to overcome some issues tend to reproduce the existing issues or create new ones. For this reason this essay concludes with the proposal for a more synergic relationship between city and university. It requires an epistemological shift where existing specialized knowledge is complemented with a trans-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach. El ensayo muestra que la universidad fue uno de los medios de consolidación e impulso de la ciudad, a través de los procesos de profesionalización apoyados en una epistemología de carácter científico objetivista y disciplinar. ésta fue trasmitida y reproducida en las aulas universitarias a través de sus graduados y de sus servicios de consultoría y asesoría, ambos funcionaron como correas de transmisión de un imaginario de desarrollo proyectado con base en el crecimiento económico, la industrialización y la urbanización. Este imaginario se ha materializado preferencialmente pero no en exclusividad en la ciudad, y sus restricciones son cada vez más evidentes, algunas de ellas están vinculadas a las actuaciones atomizadas y dispersas de los profesionales que intentando resolver ciertas dificultades tienden a reproducir los problemas existentes o generan nuevos problemas. Por esta razón el ensayo termina proponiendo que una relación más sinérgica entre universidad y ciudad demanda, entre otros aspectos, un viraje epistemológico, con el cual a la actual producción disciplinaria de conocimiento se le complemente con por lo menos una postura inter y transdisciplinaria del mismo.
Efficacy of a brief multifactorial adherence-based intervention on reducing the blood pressure of patients with poor adherence: protocol for a randomized clinical trial
Alfonso Leiva, Marta Fajó, Luís Escriche, Francisco J Audera, Sara López, Ma Carmén Martín, Rosa González, Gaspar Tamborero, Elena M García, Rosa Duro, Ramón Orueta, Francisca Serra, Pilar D'agosto P, Jerónima Miralles, Patricia Lorente, Joan Llobera, Ana Iglesias, Ruth Fernández, María M Colom, Aina M Buades, Lucía Moreno, Clara Vidal, The ADHERENCE group
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2261-10-44
Abstract: The proposed randomized controlled trial will include patients with a low adherence to medication and uncontrolled blood pressure. The intervention group will receive a multifactorial intervention during the first, third, and ninth months, to improve adherence. This intervention will include motivational interviews, pill reminders, family support, blood pressure self-recording, and simplification of the dosing regimen.The primary outcome is systolic blood pressure. The secondary outcomes are diastolic blood pressure, proportion of patients with adequately controlled blood pressure, and total cost.The trial will evaluate the impact of a multifactorial adherence intervention in routine clinical practice. Ethical approval was given by the Ethical Committee on Human Research of Balearic islands, Spain (approval number IB 969/08 PI).Current controlled trials ISRCTN21229328The prevalence of hypertension is about 35% for adults in general, about 40% for middle-aged individuals, and up to 68% for elderly individuals [1-3]. Most population-based studies confirm that hypertension increases the risk for cardiovascular events. For example, a recent meta-analysis indicated a continuous, strong, and graded relationship between blood pressure (BP) and the occurrence of atherosclerotic events [4]. Numerous antihypertensive agents can effectively lower BP and significantly reduce stroke, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular death and total mortality by 30-40%, 20-21%, 26-28%, and 13-16% respectively [5]. However, in clinical practice, hypertension can be difficult to control. It is estimated that only 40% of primary care hypertensive patients have BP below 140/90 mmHg, or below 130/80 mmHg for patients with diabetes or renal failure [6]. Clinical inertia and low adherence to medication are considered the major modifiable causes of poor BP control [7,8]. Adherence can be defined as the extent to which patients follow the instructions they are given for prescribed treatments. The pr
Malacofauna del depósito sepulcral de Pico Ramos (Muskiz, Biscay).
Ruth Moreno Nu?o,Lydia Zapata
Munibe Antropologia-Arkeologia , 1995,
Abstract: Se estudia la malacofauna del depósito sepulcral calcolítico de la cueva de Pico Ramos (Muskiz, Bizkaia). En el conjunto destacan los elementos ornamentales que corresponden a las especies Venus aff. casina, Trivia arctica/monacha, Nassarius reticulatus y Dentalium sp., de larga tradición de uso desde el Paleolítico y en general frecuentes en yacimientos funerarios contemporáneos tanto de la costa como del interior de la Península Ibérica.
Joint Relationship in Fishery Affairs between the European Union and Mexico  [PDF]
Hidalgo Gallardo Amada, Hidalgo Gallardo Ruth Leticia, Moreno Islas Heriberto, Avila Hidalgo Sofía Elizabeth
Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies (JHRSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jhrss.2018.61029
Abstract: Global warming, the greenhouse effect and the weather are part of the environmental damage that currently threatens our planet to the human and eco-systems. Activities seriously affected include fishing, item that has to be respected and restructured around the world even it is required to maintain food security. For the European Union and Mexico, this activity is important since they have coastlines and must care the resource to be a relevant product for their communities, on the other hand, fisheries restructuring is an international guideline which places these two parties on a problem of sustainability, mainly for Europeans that apply all their strategies to achieve the resource and attend the demand of their community. This study has the purpose to analyze the negotiations between European Union and Mexico in the fisheries sector, the degree of interdependence, which has reached in this activity derived from the natural resource requirements. This research has been elaborated in a descriptive analytical and qualitative process based on the theories of interdependence, vulnerability and sensitivity to which the European Union and Mexico are submitted according to international policies expressed in national policies in European Union and Mexico. Therefore, the European Union and Mexico adjust their requirements on natural resource through treaties and commercial fisheries agreements in order to meet the needs of their communities. However, international fisheries restructuring conditions still denote irregularities which have to be reviewed in a hard regulatory in a globalization order.
Towards Improved Measurement of Financial Protection in Health
Rodrigo Moreno-Serra ,Christopher Millett,Peter C. Smith
PLOS Medicine , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1001087
Estudio anatomoclínico de las pleuroneumonías en la infancia
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1960,
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