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Computable randomness and betting for computable probability spaces
Jason Rute
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: Unlike Martin-L\"of randomness and Schnorr randomness, computable randomness has not been defined, except for a few ad hoc cases, outside of Cantor space. This paper offers such a definition (actually, several equivalent definitions), and further, provides a general method for abstracting "bit-wise" definitions of randomness from Cantor space to arbitrary computable probability spaces. This same method is also applied to give machine characterizations of computable and Schnorr randomness for computable probability spaces, extending the previously known results. The paper contains a new type of randomness---endomorphism randomness---which the author hopes will shed light on the open question of whether Kolmogorov-Loveland randomness is equivalent to Martin-L\"of randomness. The last section contains ideas for future research.
When does randomness come from randomness?
Jason Rute
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: A result of Shen says that if $F\colon2^{\mathbb{N}}\rightarrow2^{\mathbb{N}}$ is an almost-everywhere computable, measure-preserving transformation, and $y\in2^{\mathbb{N}}$ is Martin-L\"of random, then there is a Martin-L\"of random $x\in2^{\mathbb{N}}$ such that $F(x)=y$. Answering a question of Bienvenu and Porter, we show that this property holds for computable randomness, but not Schnorr randomness. These results, combined with other known results, imply that the set of Martin-L\"of randoms is the largest subset of $2^{\mathbb{N}}$ satisfying this property and also satisfying randomness preservation: if $F\colon2^{\mathbb{N}}\rightarrow2^{\mathbb{N}}$ is an almost-everywhere computable, measure-preserving map, and if $x\in2^{\mathbb{N}}$ is random, then $F(x)$ is random.
Actinic Superficial Folliculitis after Sun Exposure in a 29-Year-Old Woman  [PDF]
Rute Lopes Ca?ola, Pedro Caiano Gil
Case Reports in Clinical Medicine (CRCM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/crcm.2015.54021
Abstract: The authors report the clinical case of a 29-year-old Caucasian woman who presented with clinicopathological findings and a previous outbreak all suggestive of actinic superficial folliculitis, a rarely reported and probably misdiagnosed phototoxic sun-induced dermatosis first described by Nieboer in 1985. Despite the exuberance of this cutaneous eruption, it is usually auto-limited, reinforcing the importance of its knowledge, for eviction of unnecessary diagnostic tests and therapies. Mechanisms of pathogenesis postulated include ultraviolet A radiation and local heat. This photodermatosis presents as monomorphic, superficial, pustular, and non-pruritic folliculitis affecting the upper body but not the face, usually arising on neck, back, shoulders and upper trunk. The follicular pustules emerge 24 - 72 h after intense exposure to heat and/or sunlight and fade spontaneously in 5 - 10 days, without scarring. This patient showed a 48-hour latency period; the number of pustules and area of the body affected were proportional to the duration of the sunlight exposure; the eruption lasted approximately 10 days. Actinic superficial folliculitis has a specific histology with follicular subcorneal sterile pustules and a mixed inflammatory infiltrate around hair follicles, probably secondary to keratinocytes and Langerhans cells involvement in the immunomodulatory actions of ultraviolet radiation. Recurrence under identical conditions may occur, after a latency period of at least 4 weeks, but usually about 1 year. Actinic superficial folliculitis and related follicular conditions are probably underdiagnosed and subsequently there is insufficient scientific information available to clinicians. Being familiar with these entities is of the utmost importance, since it can be crucial for their management.
Narcisismo reativo e experiência religiosa contemporanea: culpa substituída pela vergonha?
Esperandio, Mary Rute Gomes;
Psicologia & Sociedade , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-71822007000200012
Abstract: this text presents part of the reflection developed in my doctoral thesis on "narcissism and sacrifice: mode of subjectivation and contemporary religiosity" (esperandio, 2006). it analyses the religious experience supported by the universal church of the kingdom of god (uckg) on its proposal of sacrifice. this approach sustains the conception of active and reactive narcissism and defends the idea that such practice of sacrifice proposed by uckg relates some elements of reactive narcissism and establishes itself as a technology of self used as a remedy to deal with the contemporary experience of shame.
Rute Curvelo Pereira
Revista de Direito dos Monitores da Universidade Federal Fluminense , 2010,
Abstract: Activity connected with the project of monitoring completion - initiation to teaching. Atividade ligada junto à projeto de conclus o de monitoria - inicia o à docência.
Rute Vivian Angelo Baquero
Revista Debates , 2012,
Abstract: This article examines the empowerment category discussing the different concepts reviewed by the literature insofar as the aimed objectives and of the logics underlying them. In order to archive this objective, a study of theoretic nature is developed, based upon the analysis of empirical research, reports seeking empowering actions, as well as specifc studies about this concept. Thus it situates historically the origin of the concept and identifies different perspectives of empowering, questioning to which projects they serve. It presents the understanding of this concept based on the work of Paulo Freire, expliciting the conception of critical education that it presides and the principles that guide it.
A climatic study of an urban green space: the Gulbenkian Park in Lisbon (Portugal)
Henrique Andrade,Rute Vieira
Finisterra - Revista Portuguesa de Geografia , 2007,
Abstract: Measurements of various climatic parameters were carried out in an average-sized green space in the centre of Lisbon (the Funda o Calouste Gulbenkian Park). The aims consisted of assessing the thermal differentiation between the park and the surrounding built-up area and analysing the microclimatic patterns within the park itself. The main results demonstrate that the park is cooler than the built-up area in all the seasons and both during the daytime and at night, but especially so in the daytime during the summer. The most significant microclimatic contrasts were found to occur with respect to solar radiation and mean radiant temperature, with consequences upon the level of thermal comfort. The structure of the vegetation was also found to have a significant microclimatic influence, since the reduction in the level of incident solar radiation brought on by the presence of groups of trees was much larger than that associated with isolated trees.
Van Lambalgen's Theorem for uniformly relative Schnorr and computable randomness
Kenshi Miyabe,Jason Rute
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We correct Miyabe's proof of van Lambalgen's Theorem for truth-table Schnorr randomness (which we will call uniformly relative Schnorr randomness). An immediate corollary is one direction of van Lambalgen's theorem for Schnorr randomness. It has been claimed in the literature that this corollary (and the analogous result for computable randomness) is a "straightforward modification of the proof of van Lambalgen's Theorem." This is not so, and we point out why. We also point out an error in Miyabe's proof of van Lambalgen's Theorem for truth-table reducible randomness (which we will call uniformly relative computable randomness). While we do not fix the error, we do prove a weaker version of van Lambalgen's Theorem where each half is computably random uniformly relative to the other.
Oscillation and the mean ergodic theorem for uniformly convex Banach spaces
Jeremy Avigad,Jason Rute
Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1017/etds.2013.90
Abstract: Let B be a p-uniformly convex Banach space, with p >= 2. Let T be a linear operator on B, and let A_n x denote the ergodic average (1 / n) sum_{i< n} T^n x. We prove the following variational inequality in the case where T is power bounded from above and below: for any increasing sequence (t_k)_{k in N} of natural numbers we have sum_k || A_{t_{k+1}} x - A_{t_k} x ||^p <= C || x ||^p, where the constant C depends only on p and the modulus of uniform convexity. For T a nonexpansive operator, we obtain a weaker bound on the number of epsilon-fluctuations in the sequence. We clarify the relationship between bounds on the number of epsilon-fluctuations in a sequence and bounds on the rate of metastability, and provide lower bounds on the rate of metastability that show that our main result is sharp.
Nova tripanozomiaze humana: estudos sobre a morfolojia e o ciclo evolutivo do Schizotrypanum cruzi n. gen., n. sp., ajente etiolojico de nova entidade morbida do homem
Chagas, Carlos;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1909, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761909000200008
Abstract: 1o o schizotrypanum cruzi apresenta, no organismo do conorrino, duas modalidades de desenvolvimento, reprezentando a primeira simples cultura do parazito; a outra, provavelmente precedida de fenomenos sexuais n?o surpreendidos, será, talvez, o ciclo evolutivo, eficaz na transmiss?o entre os vertebrados. 2o o conorhinus é um verdadeiro hospede intermediario do schizotrypanum, cujo ciclo é realizado num prazo minimo de 8 dias. 3o os flajelados, com tipo de critidias encontrados nos conorrinos em liberdade, podem reprezentar estádios culturais do schizotrypanum ou ser?o parazitos excluzivos do inséto. 4o a ocurrencia do ciclo evolutivo sexuado, no organismo do conorrino, depende de condi??o n?o explicada, dos flajelados no sangue dos vertebrados. ao terminar, cumprimos o grato dever de afirmar o maior reconhecimento ao nosso mestre e diretor dr. gon?alves cruz, a cuja orienta??o devemos o rezultado destas pesquizas. somos ainda profundamente grato aos nosso mestres, professores s. von prowazek e m. hartmann, de quem recebemos os melhores ensinamentos para concluz?o deste trabalho. tambem somos em extremo obrigado ao dr. adolpho lutz, cujo auxilio nos foi do mais alto proveito. tivemos sempre, como esfor?ado companheiro de trabalho na zona infestada pela nova especie morbida, o dr. belisario penna, a quem devemos os inestimaveis proveitos de um auxilio eficaz.
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