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Uso de la citología vaginal en mujeres afiliadas al régimen subsidiado atendidas en la Unidad Hospitalaria La Manga de Barranquilla (Colombia), 2006
Navarro Lechuga,Edgar; De las Salas Martínez,Roxana Patricia;
Revista Salud Uninorte , 2008,
Abstract: objective: establish the papanicolau (pap) smear prevalence amongst women 18 - 65 years old, affiliated to the susbsidiary regime and attended in the hospital la manga of barranquilla. methods: cross-sectional study that included 573 women from 18 - 65 years. the information was obtained by a survey. the statistical analyses were performed using epi-info 6.04. results: the average age was 39,46 years (sd+/-: 13.98). the papanicolau (pap) smear prevalence was of 34,2% (95% ci 30.35-38.27). the gynecological symptom increases the use of the pap to 47,2% (95% ci 33,51 - 61,23) compared with its absence in 32,9% (95% ci 28,89 - 37,13). the proximity of the institution promotes the use of pap in 35,2% (95% ci 30,80 - 39,88) compared with the women that take some kind of transportation 26,7% (95% ci 18,72 - 36,34). association was found association between the no-use of pap smear and to be between 60-65 years old (or=1.90 ic 95% 1.01-3.64), the no-knowledge about the pap smear utility (or=3.27 ic 95% 1.45-7.66), not have had childbirths (or=3.70 ic 95% 1.26-14.75), not use contraceptive methods (or=1.57 ic 95% 1.09-2.26) and absence of previous history of vaginal infection (or=1.65 ic 95% 1.10-2.47). conclusions: the pap smear prevalence was low for the studied population. it is necessary to extend the activities of health promotion and disease prevention to avoid the loss of opportunities at health programs.
Concerns and coping styles in adolescents from Lima Preocupaciones de adolescentes de Lima y sus estilos de afrontamiento
Patricia Martínez Uribe,Roxana Morote Ríos
Revista de Psicología , 2001,
Abstract: Combining qualitative and quantitative methodology, the study describes the main concerns of a group of adolescents and the strategies they use to cope with such concerns according to socio-demographic variables (age, sex and type of school). It is a descriptive study, with a transsectional design, of 413 adolescents from 13 to 18 years. The used instrument was the specific form of the Adolescent Coping Scale (ACS) (Frydenberg & Lewis, 1997) that included oneopen question regarding their main concern. It was found that their major concerns are centeredin their future and school performance and that the most used coping strategies were Concernand Work Hard. It was found that socio-demographic variables make important differences among the different groups. Combinando metodología cualitativa y cuantitativa, el estudio describe las preocupaciones principales de un grupo de adolescentes y sus estrategias de afrontamiento comparándolas en funcióna variables sociodemográficas (edad, sexo y tipo de colegio). Se trata de un estudio descriptivo con un dise o transeccional en el que participaron 413 adolescentes de 13 a 18 a os.El instrumento usado fue la forma específica de la Escala de Afrontamiento para Adolescentes(ACS) (Frydenberg y Lewis, 1997) que incluyó una pregunta abierta sobre su principal preocupación.Se encontró que sus mayores preocupaciones se centran en su futuro y su rendimiento escolar y que las estrategias de afrontamiento más usadas fueron Preocuparse y Esforzarse. Se encontró que las variables sociodemográficas marcan diferencias importantes entre los diferentesgrupos.
Uso de la citología vaginal en mujeres afiliadas al régimen subsidiado atendidas en la Unidad Hospitalaria La Manga de Barranquilla (Colombia), 2006
Edgar Navarro Lechuga,Roxana Patricia De las Salas Martínez
Revista Salud Uninorte , 2008,
Abstract: Objetivo: Determinar prevalencia de uso de la citología vaginal en mujeres de 18 a 65 a os de edad afiliadas al régimen subsidiado y atendidas en la Unidad Hospitalaria La Manga de Barranquilla. Métodos: Estudio descriptivo transversal que incluyó a 573 mujeres de 18 a 65 a os. La información se obtuvo a través de un cuestionario. El análisis estadístico se realizó usando Epi-info 6.04d. Resultados: El promedio de edad fue de 39.46 a os (DE+/-: 13.98). La prevalencia de uso reciente de la citología vaginal fue de 34.2% (IC 95% 30.35 38.27). La presencia de síntoma ginecológico aumenta el uso de la citología en un 47.2% (IC 95% 33.51 - 61.23) frente a su ausencia con un 32.9% (IC 95% 28.89 - 37.13). La cercanía de la institución promueve el uso de la citología en un 35.2% (IC 95% 30.80 - 39.88) frente a las mujeres que usan un medio de transporte: 26.7% (IC 95% 18.72 - 36.34). Se encontró asociación entre el no uso de citología vaginal y estar entre 60-65 a os (OR=1.90 IC 95% 1.01-3.64), no conocer la utilidad de la prueba (OR=3.27 IC 95% 1.45-7.66), no haber tenido partos (OR=3.70 IC 95% 1.26-14.75), no usar métodos anticonceptivos (OR=1.57 IC 95% 1.09-2.26) y tener ausencia de antecedente de infección vaginal (OR=1.65 IC 95% 1.10-2.47). Conclusiones: La prevalecía de uso reciente de la citología vaginal fue baja para la población estudiada. Es necesario ampliar las actividades de promoción de la salud y prevención de la enfermedad para evitar la pérdida de oportunidades en programas de salud.
Downregulation of the tumor-suppressor miR-16 via progestin-mediated oncogenic signaling contributes to breast cancer development
Martin A Rivas, Leandro Venturutti, Yi-Wen Huang, Roxana Schillaci, Tim Huang, Patricia V Elizalde
Breast Cancer Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/bcr3187
Abstract: We performed a genome-wide study to explore progestin-mediated regulation of miRNA expression in breast cancer. miR-16 expression was studied by RT-qPCR in cancer cell lines with silenced PR, signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (Stat3) or c-Myc, treated or not with progestins. Breast cancer cells were transfected with the precursor of miR-16 and proliferation assays, Western blots or in vivo experiments were performed. Target genes of miR-16 were searched through a bioinformatical approach, and the study was focused on cyclin E. Reporter gene assays were performed to confirm that cyclin E 3'UTR is a direct target of miR-16.We found that nine miRNAs were upregulated and seven were downregulated by progestin in mammary tumor cells. miR-16, whose function as a tumor suppressor in leukemia has already been shown, was identified as one of the downregulated miRNAs in murine and human breast cancer cells. Progestin induced a decrease in miR-16 levels via the classical PR and through a hierarchical interplay between Stat3 and the oncogenic transcription factor c-Myc. A search for miR-16 targets showed that the CCNE1 gene, encoding the cell cycle regulator cyclin E, contains conserved putative miR-16 target sites in its mRNA 3' UTR region. We found that, similar to the molecular mechanism underlying progestin-modulated miR-16 expression, Stat3 and c-Myc participated in the induction of cyclin E expression by progestin. Moreover, overexpression of miR-16 abrogated the ability of progestin to induce cyclin E upregulation, revealing that cyclin E is a novel target of miR-16 in breast cancer. Overexpression of miR-16 also inhibited progestin-induced breast tumor growth in vitro and in vivo, demonstrating for the first time, a role for miR-16 as a tumor suppressor in mammary tumorigenesis. We also found that the ErbB ligand heregulin (HRG) downregulated the expression of miR-16, which then participates in the proliferative activity of HRG in breast tumor cells.In t
Bloqueo del receptor del factor de crecimiento semejante a la Insulina Tipo I utilizando oligodeoxinucleótidos antisentido en cáncer de mama experimental
Salatino,Mariana; Schillaci,Roxana; Proietti,Cecilia J.; Carnevale,Romina; Charreau,Eduardo H.; Elizalde,Patricia V.;
Medicina (Buenos Aires) , 2004,
Abstract: we addressed the effect of targeting type i insulin-like growth factor receptor (igf-ir), with antisense strategies in in vivo growth of breast cancer cells. we used c4hd tumors from an experimental model of hormonal carcinogenesis in which medroxyprogesterone acetate induced mammary adenocarcinomas in balb/c mice. intratumor or systemic administration of phosphorothiolated antisense oligodeoxynucleotides (as[s]odn) to igf-ir mrna resulted in a significant inhibition of c4hd tumor growth. the antitumor effect was specific since inhibition of tumor growth was dose-dependent and no effect was observed in mice treated with sense s[s]odn. tumors from as[s]odn-treated mice showed a decrease in igf-ir expression and in insulin receptor substrate-1 tyrosine phosphorylation. activation of pi-3k/akt, p42/p44 mapk and erbb-2 was abolished in tumors treated with as[s]odn. progesterone receptor expression or activity remained invariable. this is the first demonstration that breast cancer growth can be inhibited by direct in vivo administration of igf-ir as[s]odn.
Estilos de vida asociados al riesgo cardiovascular global en trabajadores universitarios del Estado de México
Cerecero,Patricia; Hernández,Bernardo; Aguirre,Dalia; Valdés,Roxana; Huitrón,Gerardo;
Salud Pública de México , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-36342009000600004
Abstract: objetives: to assess the relationship between lifestyle and cardiovascular risk (cr) among university workers in the state of mexico. material and methods: a nested case-control study was conducted and lifestyle, sociodemographic, anthropometric, body mass index and family history of cardiovascular disease were assessed. the analysis included the estimation of crude and adjusted odds ratios (or) using conditional logistic regression. results: the study included 342 workers with cr and 684 controls. cr was greater for workers with overweight or obesity than for those with normal weight. family history of myocardial infarction was directly associated with cr, while physical activity was inversely associated. in models with interactions of gender and physical activity, this relation was observed only for men. conclusions: results show an inverse association between the lifestyle factor of physical activity and cr.
Reduced environments for production of culture susceptible aquatic organisms for human consumption
Patricia Edurne Sánchez Meza,Jorge Romero Jarero,Pilar Negrete Redondo,Roxana López Simeon
Veterinaria México , 2009,
Abstract: Los sedimentos anóxicos propician proliferación de bacterias sulfato-reductoras, característica principal de los ambientes reducidos, que se aprovechan para el cultivo de crustáceos. En México se ha notifi cado presencia de sedimentos anóxicos en los canales de Xochimilco, ambiente reducido, que podrían aprovecharse para el cultivo de organismos, como el acocil (Cambarellus montezumae). El objetivo del presente estudio fue probar que los ambientes reducidos pueden ser útiles para la producción de organismos acuáticos susceptibles de cultivo, y además, para consumo humano. Se caracterizaron los canales Apatlaco y Cuemanco como ambientes reducidos, se evaluaron parámetros fi sicoquímicos del agua y sedimento; se determinaron metales pesados en sedimento y organismo; se comprobó la presencia y calidad sanitaria del acocil, a través de los análisis cualitativo y cuantitativo de su carga bacteriana; se determinó la calidad nutrimental de los acociles por medio de análisis químico proximal. Se probó que los canales de Xochimilco cumplen con las características de ambiente reducido, en el que se comprobó presencia del acocil (C. montezumae). Se demostró que los niveles de metales pesados y carga bacteriana registrados no superan los límites máximos permisibles para crustáceos comestibles, fuente importante de proteínas para el consumo humano. Con base en lo anterior se afi rma que los ambientes reducidos pueden ser aprovechados para el cultivo de especies acuáticas comestibles.
Dysphagia in head and neck cancer: A review  [PDF]
Roxana Moayer, Uttam Sinha
Open Journal of Stomatology (OJST) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2013.39079

Head and neck cancers are frequently associated with dysphagia. Both pre-treatment and post-treatment etiologies have been described in the literature. The result of dysphagia has been well-documented as causing reductions in both quality-of-life and physical well-being. The goal of this review is to consolidate the current understanding of the relationship between head and neck cancers and dysphagia.

Cognitive coping strategies, emotional distress and quality of life in mothers of children with ASD and ADHD—A comparative study in a Romanian population sample  [PDF]
Elena Predescu, Roxana ?ipo?
Open Journal of Psychiatry (OJPsych) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpsych.2013.32A003

The Quality of Life (QoL) represents a dimension of the overall status and of the wellbeing that might be influenced by various factors. Mothers’ emotional and behavioral reactions, when having a child with diagnosis of mental disorder, are different depending on the emotional distress and cognitive coping strategies used. The aim of this study was to assess the cognitive coping strategies, emotional distress and the relationship between them and the quality of life in mothers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) compared to mothers of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Data were collected from 114 mothers of children with diagnosis of ASD or ADHD. Different psychological measurements have been used in order to assess the quality of life (Family Quality of Life Survey) cognitive coping strategies (Cognitive-Emotional Regulation Questionnaire) and emotional distress (Profile of Affective Distress) of the parents. For QOL and emotional distress, we didn’t find significant differences between the two groups. The coping strategies of the mothers of children with ASD that significantly correlated with the overall assessment of the family quality were: positive refocusing, positive reevaluation and catastrophizing. The results suggest that the use of adaptive coping strategies correlates with a higher family quality of life, while for the maladaptive ones, the relationship is reversed.

An Initial Approach for a NFC M-Ticketing Urban Transport System  [PDF]
Cosmina Ivan, Roxana Balag
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2015.36006
Abstract: Public transport plays an important role in the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people. The limited national and local finances starve the public transport networks of funding, although greater usage would imply important environmental and financial benefits. The recent advances in mobile technologies and services could be harnessed to increase the attractiveness and efficiency of various public transport systems. Increasingly flexible electronic ticketing, smart cards and real-time information feeds via smartphones are making transportation networks faster, cheaper and more efficient for both the passengers and operators. In this paper, we present our approach in designing and implementing an M-ticketing system for urban transport based on NFC technology. We make initial design decisions based on a study of two similar systems Oyster and U-Go. We make use of Microsoft technologies for the prototype implementation and we propose a test suite to validate the system. We conclude on presenting the experience gained from this project and propose a set of further developments in order for the prototype to become more realistic.
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