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Changes in the Romanian Rural Communities. A Socio-Theological Perspective
Roxana Magdalena NECULA,Simona Irina DAMIAN
Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala , 2011,
Abstract: Sociological studies emphasize the influence of religion on human communities in general and on rural societies, in particular. In this paper, we intend to analyze the main aspects that determine modernization, rural religiosity, social changes in rural areas of Romania, highlighting the importance of the priest in these communities. Rural religiosity expresses the specific relation with the sacred. The village is “purposely placed around the Church and cemetery, namely around God and the dead”- Lucian Blaga. Rural religiosity is concrete and practical, not theoretical speculation. In the second part of the paper we have defined the Church as a sanctuary and community of believers and we have presented its main features as Symbol of Faith- “one, holy and apostolic”. We presented the Church’s involvement in the life of rural community, especially through its local representative – the priest, pointing out that the religious institution interacts with people and supports them in their integration into social life. Over the decades, the Church, by its specific teachings, encouraged the people to love their fellow human beings, to belong to a group and to a society. The Church gives solutions to the social problems that have arisen in people’s lives. The Church’s involvement in the rural society tends to become normal, considering the fact that it was banned during the communist regime, but its visibility depends also on other institutions like the Mayor, local and central political government and so on.
Relevance of Educational Factors in the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
Dan Silviu VERZEA,Magdalena Roxana NECULA
Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala , 2012,
Abstract: Introduction: radical pancreatic resections are the only chance to cure a pancreatic cancer, if the tumor is in an early stage of development. The results of the surgical teams have constantly improved in time, in terms of survival and a good quality of life. Unfortunately, only a small part of the patients benefit from surgical interventions. The causes of this phenomenon are complex, educational factors playing an important role. Material and Methods: 44 patients with pancreatoduodenectomy, operated between 2005 and 2008 were divided in 2 groups. Several parameters were recorded, including age, sex, level of education and place of origin, associated diabetes mellitus, these being studied in relation with the postoperative morbidity and mortality. Results: the morbidity after operation was 65,90%, and the mortality – 6,81%. The level of education, age, socioeconomic status, the presence of diabetes mellitus did not significantly influence the morbidity and the mortality after pancreatoduodenectomy. Conclusions: the postoperative morbidity and mortality are more incidental in small medical centers, but their values are acceptable, if compared with the data from the literature. Excluding the potential patients candidates for radical surgery because they are old or they have poor economic status is not a justified attitude. Education of the patients, medical stuff and surgeons is very important and it can raise the number of healed cases and could change the perception on pancreatic cancer.
Humanist Therapies in Postmodernity
Magdalena Roxana NECULA,Simona Irina DAMIAN,Ovidiu BUNEA
Postmodern Openings , 2012,
Abstract: The analysis of the disease from a spiritual perspective means to take into account those theories that do not consider the patient as part of some statistics or the disease as an exclusive psycho-somatic reality, which is due to disturbances of the physiological system. To consider the person exclusively from the stand point of the disease leads to a situation in which the diagnosis creates the patient. To asses that any condition of this nature can be cured or improved solely through medication – as there is pressure from the U.S. health insurance companies – has an effect of shrinking responsibility of the patient who is not involved in the healing process. Fortunately, in the twentieth century, a number of therapies that regard the patient as the central concern, have been developed- obviously, not regarding the chronically ill, which remain the patient of the psychiatric cure- as a person responsible for what happens to him/her, of affection, and the amelioration of his/her health. Of these, in our article we reviewed the principles of existential psychotherapy by Irvin D. Yalom, Viktor Frenkl’s logotherapy and the humanistic psychotherapy (customer centric) by Carl R. Rogers.
Self-searching, the Anchor in the River of Globalization
Simona Irina DAMIAN,Roxana Magdalena NECULA,Andreea HEFCO
Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala , 2011,
Abstract: When the soul is affected, the body suffers too. The fluctuations of the individual identity, determined by a feeling of uprooting occurred as a result of educational and labour migration, foreign cultural patterns, new corporate attitudes influencing the market, produce emotional disturbances, even pathological, among individuals affected by this phenomenon. Holding grudges, being corrupted by ancient resentments or uncertain pains, has an effect to soul similar to poison and manifests as diseases of the body. Many diseases that we experience are caused by a lack of forgiveness. In general, we are reluctant to this diagnosis because we don’t want to believe that a certain pain, located in a part of our body, can be caused by something abstract and unaccountable in our laboratories. Forgiveness is a voluntary act that frees us from negative feelings or emotions that maintain the pain, therefore being an effective method for the treatment of depression.
Ethical Dimensions of Supervision in Community Assistance of Chronic Patients
Postmodern Openings , 2012,
Abstract: The supervision process of community care services offered to individuals suffering from chronic illnesses, beyond an exchange of information between professionals in different power relations should be conducted on a formal basis, to be conducted under a partnership between the multidisciplinary team intervention, the intake supervisor and community where the intervention takes place, in accordance with the requirements of the domain in which the supervision is realized, and on a specific ethic base which has as central the value of social and personal autonomy of social service recipients of community-based rehabilitation. Supervision, as a method of support for professionals, aims to improve workplace performance by removing stress that can occur and affect work performance. The supervisor support and increase the supervisee’s motivation, developing a performance work environment, following the highest professional standards and ethics of intervention. In this paper we propose to evaluate a series of supervisory practices, for the ethic point of view, and also relating them to value self-respect and strengthening the client’s autonomy, and specific consent from this group, and it particularities in the social services.
Effects of Ototoxic Drugs on Corti’s Explants: Experimental Study
Applied Medical Informatics , 2011,
Abstract: Introduction: Hearing loss represents one of the most frequent human disabilities. Hair cells, the primary sound receptors located in the inner ear are extremely sensitive, but also very fragile. Thedestruction of these cells in humans or in any other mammal is not followed by replacement, and therefore a permanent hearing loss results. Material and Methods: Neonatal mousse CD1 (P0-6) were sacrificed according to the legal standards and ethics. After manual dissection of the cochleae, the entire spiral ganglion was dissected from the modiolus. The explants were treated with gentamicin, followed by incubation for 48 hours at 37°C. Normal and damaged outer hair cells (OHC) or inner hair cells (IHC) were then counted toallow for statistical comparisons between groups. Results: A total of 20,100 outer hair cells from 64 cochleae and 4 groups were analyzed. At 3 mM of gentamicin the hair cells were almost complete damaged. The main type’s alteration in the damaged outer or inner hair cells was absence of hair. The mean difference between the damaged or not damaged OHC/IHC was statistically significant (p<0.001). Discussion: In our study we did not observe more damage in the basal cochlear turn when compared to the second turn. No statistically significant difference was found between the first cochlear turn of subjects on these groups, and turns 2 and 3, respectively. Conclusion: Progressive doses of gentamicin cause increased numbers of damaged outer and inner hair cells with absence of hair (the most frequent finding).
Scientific Annals of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. New Series, Section 2. Vegetal Biology , 2005,
Abstract: Samples of Pelargonium radens H.E. Moore have been taken before the flowering period, for anatomical identification of the secretory structures and essential oil extraction and analysis. The essential oil of P. radens before the flowering period has been found in amount of approximately 0,33% from the fresh material weight. Essential oil was extracted by steam distillation using a modified Clevenger apparatus, whereas the chemical composition was analysed by GC – MS, and for P. radens it was found to have 64 components. The main components of P. radens essential oil are: citrinelol: 28,7%; mentone 27,3%; citronelil formate 8,4%, β-endesmol 4,81%, feniletil caproate 1,6%, geraniol 1,6%, isomentone 1,58%, as well as other components, in a concentration of less than 1,5%. The microorganisms tested were strains of Escherichia coli, G(-) and Staphylococcus aureus, G(+) using the antibiogramme method. Essential oil was tested in a concentration of 1000ppm and 500 ppm, solved in DMSO. The effect of DMSO was tested and was found null. At these concentrations, the essential oil of P. radens was found to have no effect upon E. coli and inhibitory effect upon S. aureus.
Mihai Florin Necula
Present Environment and Sustainable Development , 2010,
Abstract: The meteorological and hydrological events of September 5, 2007 in southern Moldova remained in the collective memory, mainly due to flash flood formed in the Tecucel basin, phenomenon that led to inundation of much of the city of Tecuci and death of three people in this community. This event was the first case, after the catastrophic floods of 1970, when a major city of Romania has been seriously affected by a river overflowing. Although the natural hazards represented by the heavy rains affected a much wider area (and were more intense in other hydrological basins), increased vulnerability of the confluence area of this tributary with Barlad river (density of housing, infrastructure and economic activities in the flood) led to a increased risk to the area, resulting in a natural disaster far exceeded the previous events in rainy years 2005-2007. Field observations made in September 2007, both during the events and the subsequent analysis of their long-term effects may help to understand how climate risks caused by heavy rain of severe convective origin can be mitigated, especially in small and elongated river basins, which are the most likely to produce flash floods. Unfortunately the recent floods in Dorohoi showed again how vulnerable are the Romanian towns to flash floods caused by unregulated tributaries.
Mihai Florin Necula
Present Environment and Sustainable Development , 2010,
Abstract: A thunderstorm (also called an electrical storm) is a form of weather characterized by the presence of lightning and its attendant thunder, produced from a cumulonimbus cloud. Thunderstorms form when significant condensation (resulting in the production of a wide range of water droplets and ice crystals) occurs in an atmosphere that is unstable and supports deep, rapid upward motion. This appears in the presence of three conditions: sufficient moisture accumulated in the lower atmosphere, reflected by high temperatures; a significant fall in air temperature with increasing height (steep adiabatic lapse rate); and a force such as mechanical convergence along a cold front to focus the lift. The process to initiate vertical lifting can be caused by: (1) unequal warming of the surface of the Earth, (2) orographic lifting due to topographic obstruction of airflow, and (3) dynamic lifting created by the presence of a frontal zone. As an intricate part of the global climatic system, thunderstorms pattern and activity are highly susceptible to anthropogenic climate change, and recent observation concerning thunderstorms in Vaslui seems to support this connection. But even if this is only a temporary period of anomaly, a cyclic variation or the beginning of a trend prone to continue in the future, the period spanning more than 22 years analyzed in this paper (1985-2006), deserve some more in depth research, because of the significant and rapid developments in thunderstorm activity, and also considering the ackground: this interval contains the top 17 hottest years ever recorded in the instrumental meteorology era. In addition, the fact that the changes in thunderstorm activity can be clearly linked to the significant changes in the way precipitations fall in the warm season, opens a new way in which the ferocity and destructive force of recent extreme weather phenomena can be explained, and ultimately predicted .
Annals of the University of Bucharest : Geography Series , 2011,
Abstract: The Mraconia catchment is a subbasin of the Danube, which is located in the Mountains of Banat, the basin is most developed in southern Almajului Mountains, which has an area about 115km2. The general direction of the drainage basin is the NW-SE; in the system hierarchy of Horton-Strahler this catchment has orders of magnitude 6. In the world of morphometric drainage of the river the catchment is considered the basic orders (number of river segments, the mean length, high drainage density) has a young character is generated in particular by regressive erosion.
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