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Heparin and commercial bothropic antivenom against the paralyzing effect of Bothrops jararacussu snake venom
Rostelato-Ferreira, S;Rodrigues-Simioni, L;Oshima-Franco, Y;
Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-91992010005000008
Abstract: the crude venom of bothrops jararacussu (bjssu) is known to induce muscular paralysis in vitro. many studies have shown that various substances, including heparin, neutralize the damage caused by snake venom. in the present study, the ability of heparin (hep) and commercial bothropic antivenom (cba) to neutralize neuromuscular effects of bjssu venom, at different time-points, was analyzed. mouse phrenic nerve-diaphragm preparation was used through a conventional myographic technique, following five different protocols: group 1 was incubated with bjssu (40 μg/ml) without any other treatment; groups 2 and 3 were pretreated with heparin (1 μl/ml) and cba (120 μl/ml), respectively, for 15 minutes before venom addition; group 4 after 50% neuromuscular blockade induced by bjssu crude venom received 1 μl/ml of heparin while group 5 received a mixture of hep:cba:bjssu. control preparations (tyrode) were treated with hep and cba (mean ± sem; n = 3-6). after 120 minutes of venom incubation, group 1 preparations presented twitch-tension of 12 ± 2%. however, in groups 2 and 3, the neutralizations were 92 ± 1.9% and 81 ± 6%, respectively. the heparin addition, after 50% neuromuscular blockade by bjssu, produced 40 ± 6% muscular response after 120 minutes of incubation. hep:cba:bjssu mixture displayed a protective effect of 84 ± 10% against venom action. in conclusion, heparin and commercial bothropic antivenom efficiently neutralized the neurotoxic effects caused by b. jararacussu crude venom, even at different incubation time-points.
Telma Rostelato
Lex Humana , 2010,
Abstract: O artigo aborda a problemática vivenciada pelas pessoascom de ciência, para poderem ser incluídas na sociedade,apesar da existência do grandioso rol de direitos contempladosàquela categoria de pessoas, tornando-se, n o raras vezes,inócuos, face à impossibilidade de efetiva o dos mesmos. Parafrisar a responsabilidade do Estado brasileiro, demonstra que omesmo consta como um dos países signatários de instrumentosinternacionais, tais como a Conven o Internacional dos Direitos daPessoa com De ciência, comprometendo-se formalmente, em zelarpelo recha amento de tratamento preconceituoso e discriminatórioàs pessoas com de ciência. Estabelece como contraponto do estudo,a di culdade para a efetiva o dos direitos humanos, esclarecendoseque o reconhecimento do respeito aos direitos das pessoas comde ciência, mediante eleva o à seara dos Direitos Humanos, aindan o se tornou su ciente, para afastar as freqüentes afrontas aosdireitos fundamentais desta categoria de pessoas, fator para o qualdeve-se chamar a aten o dos familiares, da sociedade e do Estadobrasileiro, na pessoa de seus governantes, a m de adotar medidasurgentes, modi cadoras deste panorama, antes que se implementemirreversíveis viola es à dignidade humana destas pessoas, denotandoverdadeiros desastres a registrarem-se negativamente na história dosdireitos humanos.
Telma Aparecida Rostelato
Lex Humana , 2011,
Abstract: Resumo: O presente artigo ocupa-se em estudar as disposi es constitucionais que salvaguardam os direitos dos idosos no Brasil, cuja origem se deu em decorrência da preocupa o em ambito internacional, posto que elevado à categoria dos Direitos Humanos, o respeito a esta categoria de pessoas. Assim, uma vez constante em legisla o específica, qual seja: o Estatuto do Idoso, o Estado brasileiro conta com um grandioso e expressivo painel protetivo dos idosos, que é o próprio texto constitucional, ora por gizar o dever estatal, num capítulo próprio, ora porque através dos princípios constitucionais da dignidade humana e do bem estar (princípio constitucional implícito), pode-se erigir o tratamento de cláusula pétrea ao ato de bem cuidar destas pessoas, significando que nada pode condicionar, restringir ou imiscuir o aludido direito daqueles, sob pena de afrontar o direito à existência digna dos mesmos, competindo a todos (família, sociedade e Estado) envidar esfor os para evitar que tal infortúnio se implemente, intensificando-se dia a dia este amparo. Abstract: This article is concerned with studying the constitutional provisions that protect the rights of the elderly in Brazil, whose origin is given as a result of international concern, since the status of a human rights, respect to this category of people. So, once constant specific legislation, namely, the Elderly Statute, the Brazilian state has a grand and impressive protective panel of the elderly, which is the constitutional text itself, sometimes by the duty chalk state, a separate chapter, now because through the constitutional principles of human dignity and well-being (implicit constitutional principle), one can erect the treatment of entrenchment clause of the act and care for them, meaning that nothing can limit, restrict or interfere alluded to the rights of those under sorry to face the right to a decent of them, racing all (family, society and state) efforts to prevent such misfortune is implemented, increasing from day to day support this.
Comparison between the Use of Loose and Stranded Seeds in Prostate Brachytherapy in Brazil  [PDF]
Fernando S. Peleias Jr., Carlos A. Zeituni, Elisa C. M. Rostelato, Carla D. Souza, Fabio R. Mattos, Marcos A. G. Benega
Open Journal of Urology (OJU) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/oju.2012.223036
Abstract: Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. In 2030, 26.4 million new cases will be diagnosed, with 17 million deaths accounted worldwide. Prostate cancer is the sixth most common type in the world, and the second most commom in men. For Brazil, the number of new cases of prostate cancer in 2010 is estimated to 52,350. Treatment of prostate cancer may be by surgery, radiation or even vigilant observation. A method of radiotherapy which has been extensively used is brachytherapy, where Iodine-125 seeds are placed inside or next to the area requiring treatment. Iodine seeds can be introduced loose seeds or stranded in bioabsorbable polymers in order to increase the dosimetric coverage of the prostate and reducing the chance of seed migration. Data were gathered concerning the commercialization of loose seeds and stranded seeds, between 2005 and 2011, in Brazil. It was noted that the number of stranded seeds commercialized in Brazil (around 80%) has always been much greater than the number of loose seeds, reaching 90% last year. The main reason is the reduction of the seed migration events into other parts of the body, since there is a potential hazard even considering that no harmful effect has been observe. The data regarding dosimetry are still controversial, since the seeds that migrate is normally no more than 1%.
Manufacturing Cells Formation Based on Graph Coloring  [PDF]
José Francisco Ferreira Ribeiro
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2010.34056
Abstract: A method for cellular manufacturing design in Group Technology is presented in this paper. The proposed method computes the dissimilarities between parts and organizes the production system in part-families and group-machines. A graph corresponding to the production system is generated and a coloring algorithm is activated in order to obtain a number of cells equal to the desired number of cells. The corresponding program was written in Matlab language and runs on a microcomputer. The results obtained on several examples found in the literature are consistently equivalent to or even better than those hitherto proposed, in terms of inter-cell moves and dimensions of the cells.
Distance Learning and Administrators Training in Basic Education: The Importance, Principles and Meanings in Contemporaneity  [PDF]
Naura Syria Carapeto Ferreira
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.32003

This article addresses three fundamental elements in contemporaneity for Brazilians and worldwide people: The Distance Learning, the Administrators Training and the Basic Education. It is necessary to understand them within the relation that links them and demonstrates responsibility from the principles and meanings committed with citizen human formation of all the Brazilian and worldwide population. Therefore, I will point at re-signifying those elements in this relation, opening ways to purposeful ideas.

Classroom Analysis of a Packed Bed Reactor with and without the Use of Effectiveness Factor  [PDF]
Sebastiao R. Ferreira
Creative Education (CE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2016.715209
Abstract: Classroom analysis of a packed bed reactor with and without the use of effectiveness factor (η) is discussed in this article. The use of (η) in the calculation of an isothermal packed bed reactor with convection and first-order reaction rate is analyzed. An analytical model has been developed with and without (η). The model without (η) was presented in a 50-min lecture and later used in a 50-min computational laboratory session with various groups of two students to calculate the length and catalyst mass in a packed bed reactor. In another class, the students calculated the model using (η). Four or five class activities were tested every month in pairs of students in the place of traditional exams. A questionnaire was prepared to verify the students’ level of difficulty in understanding two theoretical topics taught in the last two classes, difficulty in doing the requested calculations, as well as among calculations using the effectiveness factor and without it. We have included a question in the questionnaire on how the students felt about the elimination of one traditional monthly exam in Chemical Reactor Design. In the two semesters when the questionnaire was applied to the Chemical Reactor Design class, on average, 86% of the students preferred various class group activities as opposed to traditional exams, 80% of the students reported that they had little difficulty in understanding the two theoretical sections in the last two classes, 57% stated that they did not have any difficulty in doing the requested calculations and 51% reported that the calculation methods with the use of (η) and without its use were somewhat similar.
The Pattern of Prime Numbers  [PDF]
José William Porras Ferreira
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/am.2017.82015
Abstract: The prime numbers P≥5 obey a pattern that can be described by two forms or geometric progressions \"\" or \"\" that facilitates obtaining them sequentially, being possible also to calculate the quantity of primes that are in the geometric progressions \"\" as it is described in this document.
Love as Attunement  [PDF]
Acylene Maria Cabral Ferreira
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2018.82008
Abstract: We aim to show, using Being and Time and Zollikon Seminars, that solicitude (Fürsorge) as the disclosedness of being-with is the condition of possibility for the existential-ontological constitution of the attunement of love. Centered on the text On the Essence of Truth, our purpose is to emphasize that freedom is also an attunement. Our hypothesis is that the copertinence of love (the fundamental disclosedness to the other) and of freedom (the letting-be of the other) consists in a modification of the existential of disposedness (Befindlichkeit) and expresses the unity and ontological circularity of being-in-the-world.
Utiliza??o do SF-6D na medi??o das preferências dos portugueses: sistema de valores e normas da popula??o dos 18 aos 64 anos
Ferreira,Lara; Ferreira,Pedro;
Revista Portuguesa de Saúde Pública , 2011,
Abstract: introduction: there has been an increasing interest in the study of the health state valuations across countries. evidence suggests that health state valuations may differ from country to country. in recent years there has been increasing interest in surveys conducted to obtain value sets for the most used preference-based instruments, such as the eq-5d, the hui and the sf-6d. a portuguese value set for the sf-6d was recently published. however this system weight had some inconsistencies in what concerned the weights of the six dimensions of the sf-6d. the correction of these inconsistencies would improve the value set. this study seeks to present the portuguese system weight for the sf-6d without inconsistencies. it also aims at providing portuguese norms for individuals aged 18-64 for the sf-6d. methods: inconsistencies were found in some levels of the dimensions of the sf-6d. these levels were aggregated and parsimonious models were estimated through generalized estimating equations. the data used to obtain the portuguese norms for individuals aged 18-64 came from a random sample of the portuguese population aged 18-64 (n=2,459). the sf-36v2 was applied to this sample and results from the best parsimonious model were used to obtain the portuguese norms for individuals aged 18-64. results: aggregating levels of each dimension whenever inconsistencies occurred enabled to obtain a portuguese system weight for the sf-6d. however there are still some problems of under prediction in some states assigned to poor health. the mean utility value obtained for the portuguese working age population was 0.81 (associated with a standard deviation of 0.12). portuguese norms for the sf-6d for individuals aged 18-64 were computed by gender, age, marital status and educational level. lower levels of utilities were observed in women, the elderly, individuals with low educational level, widowed and individuals living in rural areas. conclusion: this research demonstrates that it is p
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