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Psychological suffering interfering in the maternal desire of taking care of a child hospitalized in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Rosemeire Cristina Moreto Molina,Sonia Silva Marcon
Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing , 2009,
Abstract: Introduction: In order to take care of a hospitalized child a mother abdicates of her tasks, routines and family coexistence. The objective of the study was to apprehend aspects of a mother’s living while her child stays in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Methodology: A descriptive study with qualitative approach that used the Assistant Convergent Research (ACRA) as methodological referential and the Transcultural Theory of Caring as theoretical referential. Participated in the study six mothers who had their children in the PICU of a University Hospital located in the Northwest of Paraná State. Data were collected from January to May 2007, through semi-structured interviews, orientation and participant observation. For analysis and interpretation of the data, the four generic processes of ACRA were used. Results: Belief and cultural values delineate the form how people take care and conceive caring, including during hospitalization. Three categories emerged: Maternal feelings facing hospitalization of a child; Family loss of orientation caused by the internment; and Deficit of the desire of taking care. Implications for Nursing: A child's hospitalization unchains in the family changes and sufferings that reflect directly upon the mother, for culturally, being the responsible person for the child care, including during hospitalization. This increases her psychological suffering, in such a way that she can feel impotent, unable and without will of taking care of her child in the hospital atmosphere. Health professionals, with views to an integral assistance, need to understand this limitation, support the mother in her needs, and help her to overcome this condition.
Benefícios da permanência de participa??o da m?e no cuidado ao filho hospitalizado
Molina, Rosemeire Cristina Moretto;Marcon, Sonia Silva;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342009000400017
Abstract: the purpose of the present study was to identify, according to the mothers' perspective, the benefits related to her permanence and participation in the care for her child hospitalized at a pediatric intensive care unit (picu). the theoretical framework was cross-cultural nursing theory, and the methodological framework was the assistant convergent research approach. data was collected from six mothers of children hospitalized at a picu of a university hospital, in the period from january to may 2007, through interviews and active observation. analysis was conducted following four generic processes: collection, synthesis, theorization and application. the results evidenced that the mothers' presence and care increased the attachment between mother and child, increased mothers' confidence, and made the child calmer. this produced positive feelings such as joy and satisfaction for being able to care for their child. nurses should review their behavior toward the mothers accompanying their child at the hospital, and adopt attitudes that support her participation in the care for her hospitalized child.
A percep??o da família sobre sua presen?a em uma Unidade de Terapia Intensiva Pediátrica e Neonatal
Molina, Rosemeire Cristina Moretto;Fonseca, Elieth Lessa;Waidman, Maria Angélica Pagliarini;Marcon, Sonia Silva;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342009000300019
Abstract: this qualitative-based study aimed to understand how families perceive their own presence at the pediatric and neonatal intensive care unit, as well as the acceptance of their presence by healthcare workers. data was collected through semi-structured interviews with 14 parents of children admitted to the pediatric and neonatal icu at two hospitals in northwestern paraná state, brazil. content analysis was chosen to interpret the data. the results revealed the suffering experienced by parents, the alteration of family dynamics resulting from the child's hospitalization, and the perception of the benefits of remaining close to the child in terms of welcoming and quality of care. it was concluded that parents value the professionals' respect and attention towards the child, thus creating bonds of affection, trust and gratitude for the care received.
O ser m?e de crian?a com doen?a cr?nica: realizando cuidados complexos
Almeida, Maria Inez;Molina, Rosemeire Cristina Moretto;Vieira, Tereza Maria Mageroska;Higarashi, Ieda Harumi;Marcon, Sonia Silva;
Escola Anna Nery , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452006000100005
Abstract: the present study it has for objective to understand the experience of domiciliary assistance given by mother of child with chronic illness and dependent of complex cares. the research had as guide axle the qualitative boarding. for the analysis and interpretation of the data, was opted the methodological approach of the collective subject speech (dsc). the data had been collected in the period between january and march of 2005, by half-structuralized interview with resident mothers of three cities of the state of paraná. six mainly mothers that takes care of their dependent children had been informing and that had passed for the experience of hospitalization in the last six months. of the reality of these mothers, all kinds of difficulties was revealed and the ways of confrontation found by them for deal with the daily of the assistance in their homes, what had evidenced the importance of the educative-assistance role of the professional nurse for the effectuation of this process.
Presen?a da família nas unidades de terapia intensiva pediátrica e neonatal: vis?o da equipe multidisciplinar
Molina, Rosemeire Cristina Moretto;Varela, Patrícia Louise Rodrigues;Castilho, Sonia Aparecida;Bercini, Luciana Olga;Marcon, Sonia Silva;
Escola Anna Nery , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452007000300007
Abstract: the present study has the aim to understand the view of a multidisciplinary team as for the presence of family in the units of pediatric and neonatal intensive care (icu). the research has had as a guide axis the qualitative approach. for the analysis and data interpretation, it has been opted for the content analysis. data were collected in june of 2006, through a semi-structured interview with 25 professionals in action at the pediatric and neonatal intensive care unit of two hospitals in the northwest area of paraná state. from the statements of these professionals, the intimate conflict was revealed, lived by each one, regarding the presence of the family in the units. the first step for behavioral changing and better acceptance of parents in the icu is sensitizing the professionals for the importance of the family into the child's life in moments of crisis, as well as in the hospitalization.
A educa o e a arte nos entrelugares da rua / Education and art: the space between in the street
Marina Moreto
ETD : Educa??o Temática Digital , 2011,
Abstract: Como se dá a educa o na rua? Qual encontro é necessário? Qual encontro é permitido? Há educa o na rua? Há meninos e há educadores nas ruas, uma rela o acontece. Um entrelugar efêmero brota. Para regar o broto: arte. Canetinhas, papéis, pipas, varetas, tintas, olhos, corpos, trabalho, suor. Este texto apresenta uma pequena amostra de dados coletados para pesquisa de mestrado apresentada à Faculdade de Educa o da Unicamp, caracterizando-se por um trabalho etnográfico sobre o fazer de educadores sociais e meninos de rua, em Campinas/SP. Observa-se a rela o estabelecida entre esses pares, esses corpos educadores entre si. O encontro suficientemente bom de educadores e meninos os leva a construir saberes e metodologias que fazem surgir as possibilidades além rua, da droga, da conten o. A rela o entre educadores e meninos confirma que uma grande aliada para a solidifica o do vínculo e constru o do processo educativo é a criatividade e o fazer das m os. How is education in the street? What kind of meeting is necessary? What meeting is allowed? Is there is education on the street? There are boys and educators in the streets, a relationship happens. An ephemeral ‘between-space’ flows. To water the bud: art. Pens, papers, pipes, rods, paints, eyes, bodies, work, sweat. This paper presents a small sample of data collected for a research in master’s degree presented to the College of Education at Unicamp, an ethnographic work on making educators and street children in Campinas (Brazil). I watched the relationship between these peers, these ‘educators-bodies’ themselves . A good meeting among educators and boys permits them to build knowledge and methods that reveal the possibilities beyond the street, the drug, restraint. The relationship among them confirms that a great ally for the build up of educational processes is creativity and the use of hands.
Amplifica o por condu o óssea em malforma es congênitas: benefício e satisfa o Amplification by bone conduction in congenital malformations: patient benefits and satisfaction
Elaine Cristina Moreto Paccola,Jo?o Candido Fernandes,Maria Fernanda Capoani Garcia Mondelli
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology , 2013,
Abstract: A deficiência auditiva é um dos achados clínicos mais comuns em sujeitos com malforma es de orelha. O tratamento consiste em realizar a cirurgia e/ou adaptar o aparelho de amplifica o sonora por via óssea (AASI VO). A interven o precoce é fundamental para favorecer a estimula o auditiva e desenvolvimento da fala e linguagem. OBJETIVO: Caracterizar o perfil audiológico de sujeitos com malforma o congênita de orelha externa e/ou média e avaliar o benefício e a satisfa o destes com o uso de AASI VO. MéTODO: Estudo descritivo, sujeitos com malforma es congênitas bilaterais de orelha externa e/ou média, deficiência auditiva condutiva ou mista, moderada ou grave e usuários de AASI VO. Avalia o do benefício utilizando teste de reconhecimento de senten as com ruído competitivo e medidas de ganho funcional e avalia o da satisfa o utilizando questionário internacional QI - AASI. RESULTADOS: Foram avaliados 13 sujeitos, sendo 61% do sexo masculino e 80% com deficiência auditiva condutiva moderada ou grave. Houve melhor desempenho na avalia o proposta na condi o com AASI, quando comparada à condi o sem AASI. CONCLUS O: Os AASI VO retroauriculares apresentaram vantagens para a popula o estudada e devem ser considerados como uma op o para interven o. A satisfa o foi confirmada pelos escores elevados obtidos no QI - AASI. Hearing loss is one of the most common clinical findings in subjects with malformations of the ear. Treatment consists of surgery and/or adapt a hearing aid amplification by bone (HA VO). Early intervention is critical to auditory stimulation and development of speech and language. OBJECTIVE: To characterize the audiological profile of subjects with congenital malformation of the external ear and/or middle and evaluate the benefit and satisfaction of using HA VO. METHOD: A descriptive study, subjects with bilateral congenital malformations of the external ear and/or middle, conductive or mixed hearing loss, moderate or severe and HA VO users. Evaluation of the benefit test using sentence recognition in noise and measures of functional gain and satisfaction assessment questionnaire using international IQ - HA. RESULTS: 13 subjects were evaluated, 61% were male and 80% with moderate conductive hearing loss or severe. There was better performance in the evaluation proposal, provided with HA when compared to the condition without HA. CONCLUSION: HA VO showed advantages for the population studied and should be considered as an option for intervention. Satisfaction was confirmed by elevated scores obtained in IQ - HA.
Tradición, renovación e innovación de los usos y aprovechamientos en las áreas rurales de monta a
Cristina Montiel Molina
Cuadernos Geográficos , 2003,
Abstract: Las monta as presentan se as de identidad propias que las individualizan en cualquier región, de modo que su singularidad va más allá de rasgos físicos comunes. Está fundamentalmente ligada a la interacción del ecosistema natural y del medio social, que es lo que ha definido un modelo espacial y socioeconómico específico. Este artículo analiza las reacciones de las estructuras socio-espaciales en las áreas de monta a frente a las tensiones y a las dinámicas territoriales recientes, a través de los cambios paisajísticos y de la evolución de las fórmulas de gestión y de las políticas territoriales. Se presentan las áreas rurales de monta a como espacios en proceso de recuperación y revitalización, que están superando el estadio de crisis y desorganización que les ha caracterizado desde la década de los sesenta hasta principios de los a os noventa.
Lo femenino como metáfora en la racionalidad postmodema y su (escasa) utilidad para la Teoría Feminista
Molina Petit, Cristina
Isegoría , 1992,
Abstract: Not available. Cuando la filosofía emplea metáforas en que la variable sexo es particularmente significativa, nos encontramos ante un interesante tema de exploración para la teoría feminista. El presente artículo se centra en un análisis de las metáforas pertenecientes al campo semántico de lo femenino que han sido utilizadas para la caracterización de la racionalidad postmoderna. En contraposición con las metáforas masculinas de que ha echado mano la crítica de la razón moderna, sobre todo en tanto que razón instrumental (identificadora, violentadora de lo diferente), las versiones debilitadas de la razón que propone el postmodemismo, y de forma característica il pensiero debole , se relacionan con las estrategias del débil que remiten a lo femenino como primer analogado . Razón devaluada, razón feminizada. Así, para Vattimo la razón debe ser piadosa -versus las hermenéuticas crueles- y renunciar a las pretensiones de fundamentación y de totalización, que son dominadoras. La autora evoca al respecto la iconografía de la Pietá como metáfora del no-lenguaje (Kristeva) bloqueado por el rememorar del amor maternal. y se pregunta por la utilidad para la teoría feminista de esta razón feminizada , teniendo en cuenta sus cometidos críticos irrenunciables, como el desbaratamiento de la jerarquización de los géneros. La otra variante que aquí se considera de la feminización de la razón, la razón estetizada, que se plasma en propuestas narrativas , como la de Rorty, y que descarta cualesquiera orientaciones normativas, no es estimada como la más idónea para la construcción de una subjetividad femenina fuerte que vaya contra las definiciones tradicionales.
Association of dyslipidemia with intakes of fruit and vegetables and the body fat content of adults clinically selected for a lifestyle modification program
Massao Takahashi,Mauro; Prado de Oliveira,Erick; Fernando,Moreto; Portero-McLellan,Kátia Cristina; Burini,Roberto Carlos;
Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición , 2010,
Abstract: to investigate the relationship of dyslipidemia with demographic distribution and patterns of body fat and dietary intakes. from a universe of adults clinically selected for a lifestyle modification program 979 subjects (409 males and 570 females, 52.2 ± 9.6 years) fulfilled the inclusion criteria. overnight-fasting plasma was assayed (dry chemistry) for triglycerides (tg), total (tc) and hdl fraction of cholesterol given the non-hdl (n-hdl) fraction by the difference. anthropometric assessment included body weight (kg), height (m), fat (bioelectrical impedance) and waist circumference (wc). food intake was assessed by the 24-hour recall questionnaire and the food groups evaluated through recommendations from an adapted food pyramid. the chances of dyslipidemia from other variable changes were determined by logistic regression with p2 servings). dietary intakes have protective effects against hypertriglyceridemia with whole grains, odds ratio (or) 0.342 (ci 95%, 0.154-0.760), fruits >3 servings (or 0.523, 0.290-0.941) and vegetables >4 servings (or 0.360, 0.176-0.735). in general total body and abdominal adiposity influenced all dyslipidemia markers while dietary intake of fruits and vegetables protected against triglyceridemia.
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