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Evaluación del Efecto del Tratamiento con Acido Lipoico Administrado a la Rata Wistar Intoxicada con el Fruto de Karwinskia humboldtiana
García-Juárez,Jaime; Salazar-Leal,Martha Elizabeth; Guzmán-López,Santos; Romero-Díaz,Víktor Javier; Ramírez-Durón,Rosalba; Sepúlveda-Saavedra,Julio;
International Journal of Morphology , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-95022012000200035
Abstract: the accidental ingestion of karwinskia humboldtiana causes a flaccid, symmetrical, progressive and ascending paralysis, similar to guillain-barre syndrome. it evolves over the course of 3 to 12 months until full recovery, but severe cases end in death due to respiratory failure. there is no specific treatment. the histopathological lesions described in peripheral nerve of patients and in experimental animals, corresponds to segmental demyelination accompanied by wallerian degeneration. one of the toxins extracted from the seed, t-514, causes an increase of free radicals in vitro. free radicals have been associated to demyelination that occurs in other types of neuropathy such as diabetic neuropathy. since the ultrastructural damage that occurs in animal models of diabetes is similar to that observed in experimental poisoning with the fruit of k. humboldtiana, we decided to administer a powerful antioxidant, a-lipoic acid, in a model of chronic poisoning due of k. humboldtiana. however, no improvement was observed on the clinical manifestations evaluated in animals or in the histopathological lesions in the peripheral nerve. these results suggest that free radicals are not the primary mechanism of injury on the peripheral nerve caused by k. humboldtiana.
Early Administration of Peroxisomicine A1 (T-514 Extracted from K. parvifolia Seeds) Causes Necrosis of Implanted TC-1 Cells without Affecting Target Organs in a Murine Model
Soto-Domínguez,Adolfo; Pi?eyro-López,Alfredo; Saucedo-Cárdenas,Odila; Ramírez-Durónd,Rosalba; Waksman de Torres,Noemí; Sepúlveda-Saavedra,Julio;
International Journal of Morphology , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-95022012000100051
Abstract: peroxisomicine a1 (pa1), one of the toxins isolated from seeds of plants of the karwinskia genus, whose targets organs are the liver, kidney, and lungs. there is a selective toxicity in vitro to cancer-cell lines derived from the lungs, liver, and colon, compared to normal cell lines. pa1 caused apoptosis in several cancer-cell lines in culture. in toxic doses to rodents, it causes extensive apoptosis in the liver, kidney, and lungs. in our study we were interested in evaluating, for the first time, the morphological effects of administration of pa1 to implanted tc-1 cells and in the target organs in vivo. the tc-1 cells were cultured and injected into the hind limb of c57bl-6 mice. the animals were divided into 3 groups; those treated with four doses of 1 mg/kg each of pa1, the untreated control, and the vehicle-control groups. all mice were killed 10 days after cell implantation. samples were obtained from tc-1 cells at the implantation site and from the liver, kidney, and lungs. the samples were processed for examination under light and electron microscopy. in the pa1-treated group, the tc-1 cells had necrosis, whereas in the control groups the tumor cells were undamaged. the target organs did not show any lesions. we demonstrated for the first time that there is a selective toxic effect of pa1 on the tc-1 cells in vivo.
Saber pedagógico y disciplinario del educador de infancia: Un estudio en el sur de Chile
Morales Saavedra, Soledad;Quilaqueo Rapimán, Daniel;Uribe Sepúlveda, Pilar;
Perfiles educativos , 2010,
Abstract: this article allows us to know more about the knowledge handled by the educators who work with boys and girls younger than 3 years around the categories of to know, to know how and to know how to be. the purpose is to understand the pedagogical and disciplinary knowledge they own in order to see how their professional role has an influence on the pertinence and quality of education. it is well known that during this period the abilities of thinking, talking, learning and reasoning use to develop, hence the great responsibility of education in that stage. the research is based on the qualitative methodology and to gather the information a questionnaire and a survey were applied to twenty participants, together with classroom observation and a focal group. one of the main discoveries was that the participants showed a great lack of the conceptual control and a great ignorance of the main contributions and new focuses of today's pedagogy, based on the discovery of neurosciences within the feld of education. this shows clearly the lack of educational intentionality with which the educators of children aged three or less take on the pedagogical process.
Saber pedagógico y disciplinario del educador de infancia. Un estudio en el sur de Chile
Soledad Morales Saavedra,Daniel Quilaqueo Rapimán,Pilar Uribe Sepúlveda
Perfiles educativos , 2010,
Abstract: Este artículo devela saberes que manejan los educadores que trabajan con ni os y ni as menores de tres a os respecto de las categorías saber, saber hacer y saber ser. Se busca comprender el saber pedagógico y disciplinario que poseen, para ver cómo influye su rol profesional en la pertinencia y calidad de la educación. Es sabido que durante este lapso de tiempo se desarrollan las capacidades de pensar, hablar, aprender y razonar, de ahí la gran responsabilidad de la educación en esa etapa. La metodología de la investigación realizada es de carácter cualitativo; para la recolección de la información se aplicó un cuestionario y una entrevista a 20 participantes, se realizó observación de aula y un grupo focal. Uno de los principales hallazgos fue que los participantes de la muestra evidenciaron carencia en el manejo conceptual y desconocimiento de los mayores aportes y cambios de énfasis de la pedagogía actual, basados en los descubrimientos de las neurociencias en el campo de la educación. Lo anterior deja en evidencia la falta de intencionalidad educativa con que los educadores de ni os y ni as menores de tres a os asumen el proceso pedagógico.
Multicriteria Analysis for Improving the Innovation Capability in Small and Medium Enterprises in Emerging Countries  [PDF]
Juan Sepúlveda, Elizardo Vasquez
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2014.44027

In this paper we describe an analytical model to determine the innovation capability of a small and medium enterprise (SME) as the first step towards the continuous improvement of performance in such a dimension of an organization. The model first assesses organizational variables and classifies companies by using the Flowsort? multicriteria method. As second step, the classification module categorizes SMEs into four classes of companies: passive, reactive, proactive, proactive. From this sorting and the subsequent analysis of the variables measured by the survey, it is determined the set of best management practices for innovation that the company needs to implement in order to increase their level of performance. The application of the model to nine companies in Chile is shown along with numerical results. Evaluations show that the classification is consistent with expert judgment and that effectively identifies those areas that contribute most to the increase of the innovation capability in the SMEs.

Multidimensional Design Paradigms for Data Warehouses: A Systematic Mapping Study  [PDF]
Ania Cravero, Samuel Sepúlveda
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2014.71006

Data warehouses (DW) must integrate information from the different areas and sources of an organization in order to extract knowledge relevant to decision-making. The DW development is not an easy task, which is why various design approaches have been put forward. These approaches can be classified in three different paradigms according to the origin of the information requirements: supply-driven, demand-driven, and hybrids of these. This article compares the methodologies for the multidimensional design of DW through a systematic mapping as research methodology. The study is presented for each paradigm, the main characteristics of the methodologies, their notations and problem areas exhibited in each one of them. The results indicate that there is no follow-up to the complete process of implementing a DW in either an academic or industrial environment; however, there is also no evidence that the attempt is made to address the design and development of a DW by applying and comparing different methodologies existing in the field.

Applicability of the National Cholesterol Education Program III (NCEP-III) Guidelines for treatment of dyslipidemia in a non-Caucasian population: A Mexican Nation-Wide Survey
Rojas, Rosalba;Aguilar-Salinas, Carlos A.;Gómez-Pérez, Francisco J.;Valles, Victoria;Franco, Aurora;Olaiz, Gustavo;Sepúlveda, Jaime;Rull, Juan A.;
Revista de investigación clínica , 2005,
Abstract: we assessed the impact of the ncep-iii recommendations in a population-based, nation-wide mexican survey. information was obtained from 15,607 subjects aged 20 to 69 years. in this report, only samples obtained after a 9 to 12 hours fast are included (2,201 cases). a cardiovascular risk equivalent was found in 10.5% and > 2 risk factors were present in 41.7% of the population. in 10% of cases, the ldl-c concentration was high enough to be an indication for a lipid-lowering drug (> 160 mg/dl), independent of the presence of risk factors. a quarter of the population was eligible for some form of treatment (lifestyle modifications in 15.9%, drug therapy in an additional 11.7%). among cases with > 2 risk factors, a small percentage (1.8%) were identified as having a 10 year-risk > 20% and 86.3% were considered as having alo year-risk < 10%. the majority of the metabolic syndrome cases (84%) were identified as low-risk subjects. as a result, only 17.6% of them qualified for drug-based ldl-c lowering. our data helps to estimate of the magnitude of the burden imposed on the mexican health system, of lowering ldl-c for cardiovascular prevention. if we apply our results to the 2,000 mexican population census more than 5.8 million cases nationwide may require ldl lowering drug therapy following the ncep-iii criteria.
Liderazgo de los directivos docentes en contextos vulnerables
Tapia-Gutiérrez,Carmen Paz; Becerra-Pe?a,Sandra; Mansilla-Sepúlveda,Juan; Saavedra-Mu?oz,July;
Educación y Educadores , 2011,
Abstract: the objective of this study is to describe the relevant aspects of administrative leadership at high schools in extremely vulnerable social environments, as seen from the perspective of school principals and administrators. using a qualitative, descriptive method, the focus-group technique was applied and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 102 teachers and school principals and administrators at municipal high schools in chile's araucanía region. the findings show administrative leadership encourages relationships of trust and acknowledges considerable appreciation for diversity. this is evidenced by a great deal of commitment to students and by the related values specified in the educational projects of the institution.
Asociación del polimorfismo rs2241766 del gen de la adiponectina y enfermedad arterial coronaria en individuos del sur de Chile
Salazar,Luis A.; Colivoro,Katherine; Díaz,Andy; Sepúlveda,Sussy; Cuevas,Alejandro; Saavedra,Nicolás; Jaramillo,Priscilla; Caama?o,José; Lanas,Cecilia; Lanas,Fernando;
Revista chilena de cardiología , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-85602010000200007
Abstract: background: adiponectin, encoded by adipoq gene, is a hormone secreted by adipocytes that acts inhibiting the atheromatous plaque formation, modulating the inflammatory response and inhibiting the expression of adhesión molecules with subsequent inhibition of adhesión and macrophage activation, foam cells formation and migration and proliferación of smooth muscle cells. aim: to evalúate the possible association between the rs2241766 polymorphism of the adipoq gene with coronary artery disease (cad) in southern chilean subjeets. methods: we evaluated 416 unrelated individuáis (38 -68 years oíd); 200 with cad confirmed by angiography and 216 control individuáis from temuco city (chile). the rs2241766 polymorphism (45t>g) of adipoq gene was determined by pcr-rflp. results: cad patients exhibited a high frequeney of g alíele when compared to controls (17% vs. 9%; p<0.001). the or for cad associated to g alíele was 2.06 (95%ci: 1.36 - 3.14) confirming the association observed. conclusión: our data show that the rs2241766 adipoq gene polymorphism contributed to cad risk in the studied population.
Liderazgo de los directivos docentes en contextos vulnerables Lideran a dos diretivos docentes em contextos vulneráveis Leadership of school principals in vulnerable contexts
Carmen Paz Tapia-Gutiérrez,Sandra Becerra-Pe?a,Juan Mansilla-Sepúlveda,July Saavedra-Mu?oz
Educación y Educadores , 2011,
Abstract: El objetivo es describir aspectos relevantes del liderazgo directivo en establecimientos educacionales de ense anza media en contextos de alta vulnerabilidad social, desde la percepción de sus actores. Bajo un dise o metodológico cualitativo y descriptivo, se aplicó la técnica de grupos focales y entrevistas semiestructuradas a 102 docentes y directivos de establecimientos de ense anza secundaria municipalizada de la región de la Araucanía, Chile. Los hallazgos informan que el liderazgo directivo promueve relaciones de confianza y reconoce una alta valoración hacia la diversidad, lo que se evidencia en un alto compromiso con los estudiantes, como también en la explicitación de valores relacionados en los proyectos educativos institucionales. O objetivo é descrever como percebem los atores os aspectos importantes da lideran a dos diretivos em estabelecimentos de ensino secundário em contextos de alta vulnerabilidade social. Com uma metodologia descritivo-qualitativa, se empregou a técnica de grupos focais e entrevistas semi-estruturadas com 102 professores e diretores das escolas secundárias na regi o da Araucania (Chile). Os resultados indicam que a lideran a dos diretivos estimula rela es de confian a e reconhece um alto valor à diversidade. Isto se evidencia em um grande compromisso com os estudantes e com a explica o de valores relacionados aos projetos da escola. The objective of this study is to describe the relevant aspects of administrative leadership at high schools in extremely vulnerable social environments, as seen from the perspective of school principals and administrators. Using a qualitative, descriptive method, the focus-group technique was applied and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 102 teachers and school principals and administrators at municipal high schools in Chile's Araucanía region. The findings show administrative leadership encourages relationships of trust and acknowledges considerable appreciation for diversity. This is evidenced by a great deal of commitment to students and by the related values specified in the educational projects of the institution.
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