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Method of littoral sediment transport estimation in sand beach Método para la estimación del transporte de sedimentos litoral en playas de arena
Ronnie Torres Hugues,Luis Córdova Lopez
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2010, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v1i1.6
Abstract: Today, beaches are in a critical situation due to erosion. These places are very significant for the economy and tourism. For this reason is important to know the rate of sediment transport and the behavior of it. This work proposes a methodology based in used international models to estimate magnitude and direction of the littoral sediment transport. The method that expose propose to use Longuet-Higgins's velocity formula in Bijker's method to obtain cross shore distribution of alongshore sediment transport. Even, values in surf zone are required for this, it can solve through methodology shown in Coastal Engineering (2000) of Technical University of Delft. Calibration is make for two study. La Ingeniería Costera se subdivide en tres categorías: Puertos, Morfología y Offshore. Siendo el campo de la morfología el más extenso y el que interviene en los demás. En la morfología costera se estudia la interacción entre el oleaje, la corriente y la costa, lo cual provoca un movimiento de la arena (transporte de sedimentos) y eventualmente cambios en la costa.
El Hamster mascota. Principales motivos de consulta medica
Hugues B:,Torres M A:,Navaroli F
REDVET , 2007,
Abstract: Resumen incidencia son las relacionadas con el manejo deficiente (90%). Se enfatiza en la Se estudian las principales enfermedades, importancia que tiene el conocimiento del por la que han sido atendidos los hámsteres sistema de crianza y manejo de los mascotas en el periodo comprendido entre animales de compa ía y afectivos y se 1999-2006 y se exponen sus causas. Las recomienda la instrucción y educación de afectaciones del sistema osteomuscular los propietarios de las mascota para son las frecuentes (41%), seguidas por las garantizar el bienestar animal. del sistema digestivo (16%), dermatológico (15%) y visual (14%). Las causas de
Politraumatismos en hamster mascota. Presentación de un caso clínico (Politraumatisms in hamster mascot. Presentation of a clinical case).
B Hugues,F. Navaroli,M.Torres,C. Noda
REDVET , 2007,
Abstract: Los traumatismos son frecuentes en los hámsters mascotas , los cuales pueden recibir lesiones graves y perder la vida. En este trabajo se presenta el caso clínico de un hámster mascota atendido en consultaambulatoria que murió a consecuencia de los múltiples traumatismos que sufrió al caerse de las manos de una persona no acostumbrada a la manipulación. Se concluye que los trastornos derivados de loserrores en el manejo de las mascotas pueden conducir a la muerte. Se recomienda que se establezcan programas de orientación–educación relacionados con la prevención de las enfermedades y la educación de los due os. The traumatisms are frequently presented in the hámsters mascots, which can receive serious lesions and eventually lose the life.In this work the clinical he/she marries of to hamster mascot is presented assisted in ambulatory consultation and died ace toconsequence of the multiple traumatisms that it suffered when falling from the hands of to person not accustomed to the manipulation. We concluded that it ratifies that the unknowns of manipulation andhandling can lead to the death. It is recommended that orientation–education programs related with the prevention of theillnesses and the education of the owners is mandatory.
Anomalous diffusion due to hindering by mobile obstacles undergoing Brownian motion or Orstein-Ulhenbeck processes
Hugues Berry,Hugues Chaté
Quantitative Biology , 2011,
Abstract: In vivo measurements of the passive movements of biomolecules or vesicles in cells consistently report ''anomalous diffusion'', where mean-squared displacements scale as a power law of time with exponent $\alpha< 1$ (subdiffusion). While the detailed mechanisms causing such behaviors are not always elucidated, movement hindrance by obstacles is often invoked. However, our understanding of how hindered diffusion leads to subdiffusion is based on diffusion amidst randomly-located \textit{immobile} obstacles. Here, we have used Monte-Carlo simulations to investigate transient subdiffusion due to \textit{mobile} obstacles with various modes of mobility. Our simulations confirm that the anomalous regimes rapidly disappear when the obstacles move by Brownian motion. By contrast, mobile obstacles with more confined displacements, e.g. Orstein-Ulhenbeck motion, are shown to preserve subdiffusive regimes. The mean-squared displacement of tracked protein displays convincing power-laws with anomalous exponent $\alpha$ that varies with the density of OU obstacles or the relaxation time-scale of the OU process. In particular, some of the values we observed are significantly below the universal value predicted for immobile obstacles in 2d. Therefore, our results show that subdiffusion due to mobile obstacles with OU-type of motion may account for the large variation range exhibited by experimental measurements in living cells and may explain that some experimental estimates are below the universal value predicted for immobile obstacles.
Angiotensin receptor blockers in heart failure after the ELITE II trial
Ronnie Willenheimer
Trials , 2000, DOI: 10.1186/cvm-1-2-079
Abstract: Angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors (ACEi) improve survival and decrease morbidity in patients with heart failure (HF) [1], asymptomatic left ventricular systolic dysfunction [2], myocardial infarction [3] and high cardiovascular risk [4]. However, there is a substantial under-use of ACEi [5], due at least partly to the side effect profile and concerns among many physicians of side effects [6]. Recently specific blockers of the angiotensin type 1 receptor (AT1 receptor), angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs), have been introduced as an alternative to ACEi. Specific receptor blockade is potentially advantageous compared with the non-specific interaction of ACEi and expectations are high that ARBs will prove to be a useful therapeutic option in HF.ARBs are well tolerated, even by HF patients who cannot tolerate an ACEi [7], and the side effects are at the placebo level. The haemodynamic and neurohormonal effects in HF patients are similar to those of ACEi [8,9,10,11,12,13,14], and short-term studies have indicated that ARBs are at least as efficacious as ACEi in terms of exercise capacity and symptoms [10,11]. In a study of 844 HF patients a dose-dependent increase in exercise capacity was demonstrated for candesartan [15].The first ELITE trial was conducted primarily to investigate the safety and tolerability of the ARB losartan compared with the ACEi captopril [16]. The study included 722 patients aged 65 years or more, with chronic symptomatic HF and left ventricular systolic dysfunction. Patients were randomized to losartan 50 mg once daily or captopril 50 mg three times daily, and followed up for 48 weeks. The primary endpoint, a persistent increase in creatinine concentration of at least 26.5 μ mol/l, was met by 10.5% of the patients in both groups. Mortality and hospitalization were secondary endpoints, and there was an unexpected 46% lower (P < 0.05) mortality from all causes as well as significantly fewer hospitalizations in the losartan group. Losartan w
The Experience of Consciousness: The Architectonic of the Grundlage der gesammten Wissenschaftslehre
Ronnie Mather
Kritike : an Online Journal of Philosophy , 2009,
Abstract: The key work of the early Johann Gottlieb Fichte (at least in regard to the interpretation of his system) is the Grundlage ser gesammten Wissenschaftslehre [Foundation of the Entire Doctrine of Science] of 1794-95. The very circumstances of its publication ensure that it is a rather terse and disjointed statement of Fichtean philosophy. It consists of a very short preface, a “famous” (at least in the sense of actually being read) section devoted to first principles, the so-called “basic propositions of the entire doctrine of science,” and eight discourses of widely diverging length. The first discourse, devoted to the “theoretical” Wissenschaftslehre is one and a half times the length of the other seven. The third, fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth are barely a few pages long. It is an extremely peculiar work and not merely due to the circumstances of its publication. Its very argumentative structure threatens to trap the reader in forming hasty and preliminary judgements on the exact nature of the philosophical claims being made, and, quite specifically, those philosophical claims which might be ascribed to the author himself. The following contends that lack of attention to the structure of a work that, admittedly, exhibits very little in an overt fashion has led to wholesale confusion about the early system and its philosophical intent. Specifically, that too much attention has been paid to the famous section on grounding principles, and, furthermore, that attention only to these sections will lead to fundamental confusion and misunderstanding. This paper will attempt to examine this peculiar Fichtean text via the readings made by Dieter Henrich and Frederick Neuhouser, respectively.
Residency training in India
George Ronnie
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology , 2008,
Teaching from the Heart: Towards a Practice of Liberatory Education in Sociology
Ronnie Leah
Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis , 1995,
Abstract: Over the past few years I have been reflecting on my identity as a university sociology teacher and a social activist; at the same time, I have been experimenting with teaching practices that promote a liberatory educational process. In May 1993, I was invited to give a presentation on my “Authority in Teaching” to theannual Faculty of Education retreat at my university. This provided me with an excellent opportunity to engage in critical self-reflection about my goals as a teacher and to asses the impact of my teaching practices in the classroom. I have also participated in the “Teaching in Focus” group at my university for the past two years, and this has provided me with further opportunities to reflect on my classroom practices and to explore a number ofinnovative approaches to teaching.
Quantum Thermodynamics: A Dynamical Viewpoint
Ronnie Kosloff
Entropy , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/e15062100
Abstract: Quantum thermodynamics addresses the emergence of thermodynamic laws from quantum mechanics. The viewpoint advocated is based on the intimate connection of quantum thermodynamics with the theory of open quantum systems. Quantum mechanics inserts dynamics into thermodynamics, giving a sound foundation to finite-time-thermodynamics. The emergence of the 0-law, I-law, II-law and III-law of thermodynamics from quantum considerations is presented. The emphasis is on consistency between the two theories, which address the same subject from different foundations. We claim that inconsistency is the result of faulty analysis, pointing to flaws in approximations.
Zeta function for the Lyapunov exponent of a product of random matrices
Ronnie Mainieri
Physics , 1993,
Abstract: A cycle expansion for the Lyapunov exponent of a product of random matrices is derived. The formula is non-perturbative and numerically effective, which allows the Lyapunov exponent to be computed to high accuracy. In particular, the free energy and the heat capacity are computed for the one-dimensional Ising model with quenched disorder. The formula is derived by using a Bernoulli dynamical system to mimic the randomness.

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