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Development of a “Space-Saving Model” for a One-Family Dwelling Case Study of Japanese Architecture with Space Limitations  [PDF]
Jorge Romero
Journal of Building Construction and Planning Research (JBCPR) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jbcpr.2015.34020
Abstract: The rapid globalization of building standards and codes in regards of contemporary housing and the growth of populations during this century demands an immediate response from designers in terms of space rationalizing to fulfill the forthcoming lack of architectural habitat on earth. The differences in culture imply a difference in the way of living, and the way of living indicates a contrast in the way of designing houses. A western house does not need an extra room covered with tatami mats for relaxation as a modern Japanese home would most likely do, as a separate living-like space. Organizations, among others, like CABO (Council of American Building Officials) and, in our specific case study, BCJ (Building Center of Japan) together with BRI (Building Research Institute) try to overcome these differences to provide better housing conditions to the world through the formulation of global designing and building standards. International publications like UBC (Uniform Building Code), IBC (International Building Code), OTFDC (One and Two Family Dwelling Code) and BSLJ (Building Standard Law of Japan) have also played an important role to globalize safety and design codes to better understand global housing under normal conditions. However, space limitations and concentration of human masses in mega cities result in a crucial new consideration: the urgent need of investigating the possibilities of rationally living within less space. Minimums provided by most codes do not take into account the space issue and overpopulation of large cities. Providing with some design recommendations for one-family dwellings has been the departure point and main motivation to carry out this case study based on actual buildings with the lack of space conditioning in a country where these conditions turn into reality.
Psicoterapia grupal en adictos
Juan Carlos Romero Romero
Límite , 2008,
Abstract: El presente artículo tiene como propósito exponer un modelo de intervención grupal para personas con consumo problemático de drogas, el cual tiene como teoría de base la biología del conocer y del amar de Humberto Maturana. Se presentan reformulaciones de nociones básicas asociadas al trabajo psicoterapéutico, como también una propuesta descriptiva de los mecanismos psicológicos asociados a los fenómenos adictivos. Este modelo de intervención ha sido aplicado en la Comunidad Terapéutica Alberto Hurtado de Arica, en el Programa Vespertino del Equipo Psiquiátrico y Salud Mental Ambulatoria (ESSMA) Norte de Arica y en el Centro de Intervención e Investigación Psicosocial (CEINPSI) de la Universidad de Tarapacá; todos estudios sistemáticos realizados con control de variables. Dichos resultados se mostrarán en futuras publicaciones.
Enumeration of Strength Three Orthogonal Arrays and Their Implementation in Parameter Design  [PDF]
Julio Romero, Scott H. Murray
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2015.31006

This paper describes the construction and enumeration of mixed orthogonal arrays (MOA) to produce optimal experimental designs. A MOA is a multiset whose rows are the different combinations of factor levels, discrete values of the variable under study, having very well defined features such as symmetry and strength three (all main interactions are taken in consideration). The applied methodology blends the fields of combinatorics and group theory by applying the ideas of orbits, stabilizers and isomorphisms to array generation and enumeration. Integer linear programming was used in order to exploit the symmetry property of the arrays under study. The backtrack search algorithm was used to find suitable arrays in the underlying space of possible solutions. To test the performance of the MOAs, an engineered system was used as a case study within the stage of parameter design. The analysis showed how the MOAs were capable of meeting the fundamental engineering design axioms and principles, creating optimal experimental designs within the desired context.

La copla de moral sefardí Azote de impíos
Romero, Elena,Romero, Elena,Romero, Elena
Sefarad : Revista de Estudios Hebraicos y Sefardíes , 2010,
Abstract: Three versions of the Sephardic “Copla de moral” Azote de Impios (‘Scourge of the Wicked’) are analyzed in this article. They were all printed in the nineteenth century, in Constantinople (1858) (version A), in Leipzig (1858) (version B) and in Jerusalem (1894) (version C). The Version B was included in the German Nach Jerusalem! by Ludwig Aug. Frankl is of interest as it was written with Latin letters according to a special system that reflects the sounds of the original Judeo-Spanish. En el presente artículo se lleva a cabo la edición y estudio de las tres versiones conocidas de la copla de moral sefardí titulada Azote de impíos, impresas las dos primeras en 1858 en Constantinopla (versión A) y Leipzig (versión B), respectivamente, y la tercera en Jerusalén en 1894 (versión C). La versión B, inserta en el libro alemán Nach Jerusalem! de Ludwig Aug. Frankl, presenta la particularidad de estar escrita en caracteres latinos siguiendo un muy especial sistema para plasmar los sonidos del judeoespa ol.
Moving From the Old to the New: Insecticide Research on Bed Bugs since the Resurgence
Alvaro Romero
Insects , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/insects2020210
Abstract: The scarcity of bed bugs in many countries over the last 50 years has resulted in a lack of modern research into the toxicology of this pest. Although bed bugs resurged in the late 1990s, published research related to insecticides has lagged behind and only began to appear in 2006. The difficulty in controlling bed bugs triggered the interest of both private and academic sectors to determine the value of currently available insecticides. What follows, is updated information on effectiveness of products, studies on insecticide susceptibility, identification of mechanisms of insecticide resistance and chemical strategies proposed to overcome resistance in modern bed bug populations.
Intervención en Violencia de Género: Consideraciones en Torno al Tratamiento
Intervención Psicosocial , 2010,
Abstract: when considering a psychological intervention with a woman who has been a victim of gender violence, one must analyze which approach to take. here, we weigh up several factors that ground the intervention and make it meaningful, regardless of the theoretical framework of whoever is carrying out the intervention. we also analyze which elements of a gender violence victim?s background should be considered. so, instead of performing an undifferentiated intervention, we take each woman?s individuality into account and thus contribute more effectively to her recovery.
Las metas del milenio y el componente bucal de la salud
Acta Odontológica Venezolana , 2006,
Abstract: dental health has been considered an important aspect in the people?s life conditions and well-being. for the present millennium, the main goal in dental health care is to develop a more holistic dental practice. then, it is necessary to develop theories and methodologies with which dental health can be approached from its social and biological perspectives to change the dental health care traditional view focused on the treatment of oral diseases to a new one focused on the prevention of them. the purpose of this bibliographic investigation is to identify conceptual aspects, which contribute to the operational development of the dental health social perspective. furthermore, discussions about the nature of the study objects and work of dental health are held. finally, technical considerations that allow the design of work proposals with the participation of the family in search of the main causes of their common oral diseases in their community are discussed.
Solubilization and partial characterization of ouabain-insensitive Na+-ATPase from basolateral plasma membranes of the intestinal epithelial cells
Investigación Clínica , 2009,
Abstract: it has been proposed that intestinal sodium transport is mediated by two different active mechanisms: the ouabain-sensitive na+/k+-atpase and ouabain-insensitive na+-atpase. in order to determine the optimum conditions to solubilize the membrane-bound na+-atpase of enterocyte, basolateral plasma membranes were solubilized using different amounts of octyl glucoside (o.g), tween 20, octaethylene glycol monododecyl ether (c12e8), and polyoxyethylene 9-lauryl ether (c12e9). solubilized fractions were assayed for protein concentration and atpase activity and characterized by electrophoresis analysis. optimal solubilization of na+-atpase was obtained after mixing of 1 mg of basolateral plasma membrane with 1.5 mg of c12e9. under these conditions, c12e9 solubilized over 60% membrane protein and na+- and na+/k+- atpases activities were recovered over 80% in the soluble fraction without inactivation. in addition, when 25 % glycerol and 2 mm atp were added, the solubilized na+-atpase was stable after 3 days at 4°c. the c12e9-solubilized na+-atpase presented the following kinetic characteristics: 1) is only stimulated by the na+ salt, 2) k0.5 for na+= 4.62 ± 0.06 mm, 3) is similarly stimulated by the na+ salt of different anions, 4) optimal ph= 7.0, 5) inhibited by furosemide (ic50= 0.52 ± 0.10 nm). these kinetic properties of the solubilized na+-atpase were similar to those described to the native membrane-bound enzyme. this work reports for the first time, solubilization and characterization of a fully active and stable na+-atpase from basolateral plasma membranes of enterocyte using c12e9.
La formación de investigadores en la universidad: experiencia didáctica
Educere , 2005,
Abstract: this research describes the work being developed in the school of dentistry of the university of los andes since the year 2000. its purpose is to promote an alternative process in the training of dentists to research, know and transform their object of study and work: the oral component in the health-disease process. this is a qualitative research, designed by objectives, with a non-experimental design. by giving students the possibility to intervene on concrete problems, applying scientific research techniques, an innovative strategy was developed in university teaching, breaking with the traditional way of teaching research methodology. the students managed to modify the interpretation of the health problem as they approached it as a whole in a dialectical way, involving people as social actors capable of assuming in an organized and committed way, a leading role in their health-disease process. this constitutes a significant contribution to transform the attention model, which is obsolete and excluding, predominant in dentistry services. in this experience, we evidenced that the university teachers can innovate in the classroom and produce knowledge related to the purpose of their work.
Confiabilidad y validez de los instrumentos de evaluación neuropsicológica
Subjetividad y procesos cognitivos , 2011,
Abstract: the problem with psychological assessment in general and with that of cognitive functions in particular, presents methodological and transcultural challenges. instruments for assessing cognitive functions are not exempt from these difficulties. however, it would be interesting to refer to the similarities and differences regarding the approach of psychological assessment and that of the neuropsychological one. although the two types of assessments tend to propose diagnostic hypothesis, explain pathological behavior and enlighten on possible normal functioning, both include psychometrics in their methodology and therefore use valid and reliable instruments. the professional's knowledge of himself should encompass his roots and culture in order that he might be aware of the fact that his work is that of a "ser inserto en una cultura" (a being embedded in a certain culture), benet (1986, cited by renata frank de verthelyi).

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