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Analyzing Spatial Patterns of Cardiorespiratory Diseases in the Federal District, Brazil  [PDF]
Weeberb Requia, Henrique Roig
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.710143
Abstract: Cardiorespiratory diseases are a serious public health problem worldwide. Identification of spatial patterns in health events is an efficient tool to guide public policies in environmental health. However, only few studies have considered spatial pattern analysis which is considered the evaluation of spatial autocorrelation, degree of autocorrelation and dependence behavior in terms of distances. Therefore, the objective of this study is to propose a set of procedures to evaluate the spatial patterns of cardiorespiratory diseases in the Federal District, Brazil. Specifically, our proposal will be based on four questions: a) is the spatial distribution of all patients clustered, random or dispersed? b) what is the degree of clustering for either high values or low values of patients? c) what is the spatial dependence behavior? d) considering the spatial variation, at what distance does the type of distribution (cluster, random or disperse) begin to change? We chose four methods to answer these questions Global Moran’s I (question “a”); Getis-Ord General G (question “b”); semivariogram analysis (question “c”); and multi-distance spatial cluster-K-function (question “d”). Our results suggest that there is a different behavior for people up to 5 years old (cluster, p < 0.01), especially in distances below 2.5 km. For people above 59 years old, cluster is significant just in short distances (<200 m). For other age groups, the spatial distribution is basically random. Our study showed that it was possible to capture evidences of health disparities in the Federal District.
Las murallas del imperio
Estudios de filosof?-a pr??ctica e historia de las ideas , 2006,
Abstract: this work, written from a critic standpoint, is about the meaning of the concept of wall in its sociopolitical and symbolic context. deriving from the outspreading of walls all over the world between nations, countries, cultures, we pose the existence of virtual walls such as the "poverty line", which mark the exclusion of big social groups.
Improving the Hadronization of QCD currents in TAUOLA and PHOKHARA
Roig, Pablo
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2008, DOI: 10.1016/j.nuclphysbps.2008.12.039
Abstract: We present our study of the hadronization structure of both vector and axial-vector currents leading to decays of the tau into two kaons and a pion. The cornerstones of our framework are the large-N_C limit of QCD, the chiral structure exhibited at low energies and the proper asymptotic behaviour, ruled by QCD, that is demanded to the associated form factors. The couplings of the theory are mostly constrained by this procedure and upon the analysis of BaBar data on e^+e^- -> KK pi we are able to predict the hadronic spectra.
Hadronization in tau -> K K pi nu_tau decays
Roig, Pablo
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2008,
Abstract: Hadronization in tau -> K K pi nu_tau decays is driven by both vector and axial-vector currents that we study, guided by the following principles: The 1/N_C expansion -worked out at leading order, considering only the contribution of the lightest spin one resonances-, approximate chiral symmetry at low energies and the appropriate asymptotic behaviour we demand to the associated form factors. All these features are implemented in the resonance theory. Most of its couplings are determined by imposing the short-distance requirements of vector and axial-vector spectral functions within QCD. We plan to improve our prediction of the hadronic spectra using recently available experimental data.
Hadronic and radiative decays of the tau lepton
Roig, Pablo
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2013,
Abstract: This PhD thesis studies some hadronic and radiative decays of the tau lepton using a Chiral Lagrangian including resonance fields. After a theoretical introduction, the decays to the $(\pi \pi \pi)^-$, $(KK\pi)^-$ and $\eta^{(\prime)} \pi^- \pi^0$ hadronic states and $\tau \to (\pi/K)^- \gamma \nu_tau$ are analysed. Some material, which was not included in the corresponding references, is also discussed: The structure functions analysis for the 3 pion modes, the differential decay width as a function of the two-particle invariant masses in the considered three-meson modes and a simplified study of the $\tau\to$\eta^{(\prime)} \pi^- \pi^0 \nu_tau$ processes within a single-angle mixing scheme for the $\eta$ and $\eta^\prime$ mesons.
Hadronic decays of the tau lepton into K K pion modes within Resonance Chiral Theory
Roig, Pablo
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2007, DOI: 10.1063/1.2823878
Abstract: Tau decays into hadrons have a twofold interest: On the one hand, they are a clean environment for studying the hadronization of the left-handed current of QCD, while, on the other side, provide relevant dynamical information of the resonances that mediate these processes. Within an effective field theory-like framework, namely Resonance Chiral Theory, we analyse the decays ot the tau into K K pion modes and compare the results with CLEO and BaBar data. In this way, we provide bounds on the couplings entering our Lagrangian and predict the corresponding spectral functions. As a main result -and contrary to the bulk of theoretical studies and experimental analyses- we find vector current dominance on these decays.
A proposal for improving the hadronization of QCD currents in TAUOLA
Roig, Pablo
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2008, DOI: 10.1016/j.nuclphysbps.2008.09.058
Abstract: After overviewing the general features of semileptonic decays of the tau lepton, I will recall the most widely used model for them, namely that of Kuhn-Santamaria (KS), and I will explain the subsequent works that were done along these lines and that are implemented in the TAUOLA library for analysing tau decays. After that, I will move to the description of our project that aims to achieve a theory as close as possible to QCD for the considered decays. I conclude by emphasizing the importance of the implementation of our work in TAUOLA.
Influencia de la autentification de la obra de arte en su valoracion
P. Roig
Aestimum , 1992,
à la recherche du lien entre les constructions averbales du type 'Autant de têtes, autant d’avis' et les structures corrélatives isomorphes proportionnelles verbales
Roig Audrey
SHS Web of Conferences , 2012, DOI: 10.1051/shsconf/20120100036
Abstract: La corrélation, à envisager comme la mise en relation de deux séquences où l'une suppose l'autre et réciproquement, peut revêtir plusieurs formes en fran ais contemporain. à c té de tournures particulières en ce qu’elles ne présentent à priori pas de marqueur corrélatif, il est possible de corréler deux séquences par le recours précisément à des termes corrélatifs, tels que : (a) des connecteurs primaires ou secondaires fonctionnant en marqueur unique (à mesure que, comme, ainsi que, en corrélation avec, parallèlement,...) ; (b) des connecteurs primaires ou secondaires non identiques fonctionnant en marqueurs doubles (autant...que, aussi...que, plus...que, non seulement...mais, l’un...l’autre,...) ; (c) des connecteurs primaires ou secondaires identiques fonctionnant en marqueurs doubles (ni...ni, plus...plus, autant...autant, soit...soit, tant t...tant t, tel...tel,...). Dans le cadre de cette contribution, seule la catégorie (c) retiendra notre attention. Elle regroupe les corrélatives isomorphes (CI), soit les structures dont les prédications sont ouvertes chacune par un "même" marqueur corrélatif (ou un corrélatif de sens contraire). Au sein de cet ensemble relativement hétérogène, deux familles sémantiques peuvent être identifiées : les CI alternatives (soit...soit, tant t...tant t,... ; Charaudeau 1992, Guiraud 2008, Grevisse & Goosse 2011, Mouret à paraitre), et les CI proportionnelles (plus...plus, autant...autant,... ; Allaire 1982, de Cornulier 1988, Riegel et al. 2004, Sanchez Lopez 2010), abrégées CIP. Seul ce deuxième ensemble de CI sera abordé dans cette communication, ensemble qui, au demeurant, parait constitué tant t de structures verbales, tant t de constructions averbales. Si les CIP verbales et averbales sont souvent traitées pêlemêle, nous verrons néanmoins, après étude des propriétés respectives des deux constructions, que les averbales ne sauraient être les dérivées syntaxiques des verbales. Le rattachement des averbales aux verbales du type "Plus il mange, plus il grossit" est en effet une pratique tentante mais erronée en réalité, étant donné que les deux types de CIP n’ont pas bénéficié du même processus de grammaticalisation. Ainsi, alors que le terme placé en tête de prédication dans les CI verbales prend la forme d’un adverbe corrélatif de quantité ou d’intensité, dans le cas des averbales, "plus", "moins", "autant", etc. constituent avec l’adjectif quantifiant auquel il a fini par s’associer, un adjectif quantifiant complexe, au même titre que "beaucoup de", "pas de", etc. Par le phénomène de grammaticalisation, l’adverbe y
Hadronic tau decays into two and three meson modes within Resonance Chiral Theory
P. Roig
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: We study two and three meson decays of the tau lepton within the framework of the Resonance Chiral Theory, that is based on the following properties of QCD: its chiral symmetry in the massless case, its large-N_C limit, and the asymptotic behaviour it demands to the relevant form factors. Most of the couplings in the Lagrangian are determined this way rendering the theory predictive. Our outcomes can be tested thanks to the combination of a very good experimental effort (current and forthcoming, at B- and tau-charm-factories) and the very accurate devoted Monte Carlo generators.
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