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A closed formula for subexponential constants in the multilinear Bohnenblust--Hille inequality
Diana Marcela Serrano-Rodriguez
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: For the scalar field $\mathbb{K}=\mathbb{R}$ or $\mathbb{C}$, the multilinear Bohnenblust--Hille inequality asserts that there exists a sequence of positive scalars $(C_{\mathbb{K},m})_{m=1}^{\infty}$ such that %[(\sum\limits_{i_{1},...,i_{m}=1}^{N}|U(e_{i_{^{1}}}%,...,e_{i_{m}})|^{\frac{2m}{m+1}})^{\frac{m+1}{2m}}\leq C_{\mathbb{K},m}\sup_{z_{1},...,z_{m}\in\mathbb{D}^{N}}|U(z_{1},...,z_{m})|] for all $m$-linear form $U:\mathbb{K}^{N}\times...\times\mathbb{K}% ^{N}\rightarrow\mathbb{K}$ and every positive integer $N$, where $(e_{i})_{i=1}^{N}$ denotes the canonical basis of $\mathbb{K}^{N}$ and $\mathbb{D}^{N}$ represents the open unit polydisk in $\mathbb{K}^{N}$. Since its proof in 1931, the estimates for $C_{\mathbb{K},m}$ have been improved in various papers. In 2012 it was shown that there exist constants $(C_{\mathbb{K},m})_{m=1}^{\infty}$ with subexponential growth satisfying the Bohnenblust-Hille inequality. However, these constants were obtained via a complicated recursive formula. In this paper, among other results, we obtain a closed (non-recursive) formula for these constants with subexponential growth.
Rodriguez Diana Marcela,Torres Francy Elaine,Martinez Maria Mercedes,Gutierrez Edna
Acta Biológica Colombiana , 2008,
Abstract: Salmonella enterica serovariedad Typhimurium, se ha asociado a brotes por el consumo de frutas y vegetales contaminadas a partir de agua de riego, manipuladores, bioabono y suelo. En esta investigación se inoculó artificialmente un bioabono aplicado a un cultivo de lechuga para determinar la capacidad de transferencia a las plantas, así como establecer el efecto del uso de cubiertas de polietileno en la protección del cultivo frente a este patógeno. Para ello, se utilizaron plántulas de lechuga de ocho semanas y se establecieron cuatro tratamientos y dos controles: T1 y T2, con y sin cubierta de polietileno respectivamente, contenían una concentración de Salmonella enterica Serovariedad Typhimurium ATCC 13176 inoculada en el compost en concentración de 0,04 mo/g, T3 y T4 con y sin cubierta de polietileno respectivamente con 100 mo/g de compost y finalmente C1 y C2 con y sin cubierta pero sin inoculación. El seguimiento del microorganismo en suelo se realizó durante las ocho semanas del cultivo, mediante la técnica de NMP/4 g (EPA, 2006) al cabo de este tiempo se evaluó el total de plantas cultivadas mediante la misma técnica. Se determinó que Salmonella enterica serovariedad Typhimurium ATCC 13176 se transmite a la lechuga, a partir del bioabono contaminado (OR=2,53) sin importar la concentración inicial del microorganismo en el bioabono; así mismo se encontró que existe asociación entre la contaminación y la condición de cubierta del cultivo (p=0,002). Por otra parte, al analizar las raíces no se encontró asociación de transmisión.
Interculturalidad y percepciones en salud materno-perinatal, Toribio Cauca 2008-2009
Mu?oz Bravo,Sandra Felisa; Castro,Edgar; Castro Escobar,Zindy Alexandra; Chávez Narvaez,Natalia; Ortega Rodriguez,Diana Marcela;
Revista de la Universidad Industrial de Santander. Salud , 2012,
Abstract: introduction: interculturality is a proposal for dialogue, exchange and complementarity. objective: analyse the factors related with attention to intercultural health of the pregnant women of the municipality of toribio 2008- 2009. materials and methods: qualitative and ethnographic study. involving 19 health agents e.s.e cxayutc'e jxut*, 24 health promoters, 10 pregnant women nasa and 6 midwives and thewala of the association of indigenous cabildos of north of cauca. for the collection of data using a semi-structured interview, ethnographic survey, and focus group was used for data collection. results: cultural differences between the traditional and optional medical systems create barriers around the care of the pregnant woman; it determine the search for optional health services. highlight the preservation of the care of cultural for the nasa family and the recognition of optional medicine. the study allowed to elucidate the committed staff of health as a passive actor uncommitted. the agents aspire to recognize local health practices and its incorporation into the health systems, to strengthen attention to intercultural and institutional as complement. conclusions: 1.barriers to intercultural care range from the divergence of concepts, the little credibility, lack of knowledge of the capabilities and limitations, negative experiences when trying to integrate the two systems of health. 2.the search for balance and harmonization of the accompanied by prenatal body, are health activities of the native that gestated and care practices, are governed by the cultural locally and family hegemony as a right. salud uis 2012; 44 (1): 39-44
Statistical Prediction of Wet and Dry Periods in theComahue Region (Argentina)  [PDF]
Marcela H. González, Diana Dominguez
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2012.21004
Abstract: General features of rainy season with excess or deficits are analyzed using standardized precipitation index (SPI) in Limay and Neuquen River basins. Results indicate that most of dry and wet periods persist less than three months in both basins. Furthermore, an increase of rainfall variability over time is observed in the Limay river basin but it is not detected in the Neuquen river basin. There is a tendency for wet (dry) periods to take place in El Ni?o (La Ni?a) years in both basins. Rainfall in both basins, have an important annual cycle with its maximum in winter. In addition, possible causes of extreme rainy seasons over the Limay River Basin are detailed. The main result is that the behavior of low level precipitation systems displacing over the Pacific Ocean in April influences the general hydric situation during the whole rainy season. In order to establish the existence of previous circulation patterns associated with interannual SPI variability, the composite fields of wet and dry years are compared. The result is that rainfall is related to El Ni?o- Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon and circulation over the Pacific Ocean. The prediction scheme, using multiple linear regressions, showed that 46% of the SPI variance can be explained by this model. The scheme was validated by using a cross-validation method, and significant correlations are detected between observed and forecast SPI. A polynomial model is used and it little improved the linear one, explaining the 49% of the SPI variance. The analysis shows that circulation indicators are useful to predict winter rainfall behavior.
Detección del Polimorfismo 1843 en el Gen Receptor de Ryanodina Mediante la Técnica de PCR-SSCP
Castro-Molina,Susan L.; Ariza-Botero,Manuel F.; Ríos-Rodriguez,Marcela; Moreno,Diana J.; Guerrero-Castillo,Germán H;
Abstract: pig stress syndrome (pss) is a genetic disease caused by a nucleotide mutation in the ryr-2 gene encoding the ryanodine receptor (ryr-1), considered an autosomal recessive condition. pss, or malignant hyperthermia, is characterised by the lowering of meat quality and animal death, leading to a pale, smooth and exhudative (pse) carcass. the syndrome is triggered in genetically-susceptible individuals either by anaesthetic agents, like halothane, or stress conditions, such as transport, crowding and mating. information about this syndrome's incidence and presence in colombia is currently quite scarce. this study was aimed at determining the presence of the ryr-i t-allele in a porcine population from the universidad national de colombia's marengo farm to identify individuals which were more susceptible to the syndrome. a total of 50 pigs (27 males and 23 females) were selected at random. cc genotype frequency for males was 0.59, 0.37 for the ct genotype and 0.04 for the tt genotype; in females this was 0.65 for the cc genotype, 0.13 for ct and 0.22 for tt. a total of 31 (62 %) individuals were considered healthy (cc), 13 (26 %) were carriers (ct) and six (12 %) were susceptible (tt). c and t allele frequency was 0.75 and 0.25, respectively. hardy-weinberg equilibrium comparison tests revealed that the population was in genetic disequilibrium (p ≤ 0.05). the results did show the presence of the allele responsible for the syndrome; this is a very significant factor to be considered when establishing an appropriate animal breeding programme by using marker-assisted selection.
rojas,diana marcela;
Historia Crítica , 2004,
Abstract: in exploring the connections between international relations and history, we find a link that contributes to the redefinition of the discipline itself. in fact, international relations as a rational discourse on one aspect of the social sphere constitutes a historical object in itself. the aim of the article is to sitúate ir on its historical voyage in order to identify the development of three different international-system models throughout the course of the past three centuries. this overview leads us from a history between nations to a world history and, finally, to a global history, the nature of which allows us to outline certain coordinates in the international scenario at the dawn of the 21st century and indicate the elements that make the international idea lose its specificity and confronts us with the challenge of reformulating our own understanding of today's world.
Búsqueda de empleo y duración del desempleo en el área metropolitana de Cali: un recuento para los segundos trimestres de 2009 y 201
Jiménez,Diana Marcela;
Sociedad y Economía , 2012,
Abstract: employed and unemployed mainly used the informal channels of job search to find job. your choice is consistent with these strategies are the most efficient, to relate to lower unemployment durations, and the most effective in terms of allowing a jobseeker finding a job. with information of geih, for the metropolitan area of cali in the seconds quarters of 2009 and 2010, found that the formal channels of search job are less efficient that the informal channel but it is most efficient that the moderate informal channel
La alianza para el progreso de Colombia
Rojas,Diana Marcela;
Análisis Político , 2010,
Abstract: el presente artículo analiza la manera como se implementó y desarrolló el programa de la alianza para el progreso en colombia con el fin de establecer hasta qué punto y de qué manera este tipo de intervención externa por parte de estados unidos tuvo o no incidencia en el proceso de construcción y transformación de la arquitectura institucional del país durante los a?os sesenta. para ello se presentan los fundamentos de la alianza para el progreso a partir del análisis de la política de estados unidos hacia américa latina en los inicios de la guerra fría, a continuación se examina en detalle la experiencia de aplicación de la alianza para el progreso en colombia a lo largo de la década de los 60. finalmente, se avanza sobre los resultados del programa y sus implicaciones en la comprensión de la intervención internacional en el proceso de construcción estatal en colombia.
Balance de la política internacional del gobierno Uribe
Rojas,Diana Marcela;
Análisis Político , 2006,
Abstract: the present work has as objective to give bill of the change in the conception and the domestic international politics's orientation in connection with the national government's strategy in front of the armed conflict. it is to settle down how so profitable it has been for the national interests to have put the foreign policy to the democratic safe-deposit politics's service. for it, they think about in a general way the elements that gave place to this change in the international strategy in the last years, the main politicians they are analyzed implemented by the president's government uribe and finally, a balance of its results is made and goods with the purpose of settling down which the convenience is of continuing or not with this orientation in the following government.
La Falla Estatal Y La Globalización
Rojas,Diana Marcela;
Análisis Político , 2007,
Abstract: state failure, more than a simple "anomaly" in the international system, reveals a deep transformation of statehood under the influence of globalization process. the so called "failed", "collapsed" or "unviable states" correspond only to the most extreme cases of a spectrum in which the limits of statehood "normality" turn out to be difficult to define and the modern concept of state-nation shows its inadequacy regarding the changes in the contemporary state. therefore the need of a theory that comprises the model or models of statehood that would be in formation under this new global order.
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