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Consumo, calidad nutricional y digestibilidad aparente de Morera (Morus alba) Y Pasto Estrella (Cynodon nlemfuensis) en cabras
Rodríguez-Zamora,Jessie; Elizondo-Salazar,Jorge;
Agronomía Costarricense , 2012,
Abstract: the quality, selection, intake, and apparent digestibility of mulberry and star grass in goats, offered fresh or partially dehydrated, were evaluated. the experiment was carried out at the “alfredo volio mata” experiment station of the university of costa rica. harvested forage was fed to 12 saanen, toggenburg and lamancha non-lactating and non-pregnant goats, distributed in a randomized 2x2 factorial design, with an average live weight of 37±5 kg. the treatments were a) fresh star grass, b) partially dehydrated star grass, c) fresh mulberry, and d) partially dehydrated mulberry. forage was offered chopped to the animals. dry matter intake was 0.93, 0.76, 1.17 and 1.12 kg.animal-1. day-1 (±0.09) for fresh star grass, partially dehydrated star grass, fresh mulberry, and partially dehydrated mulberry, respectively. this represented 2.62, 2.09, 3.17 and 3.13% (±0.24) of body weight. crude protein intake was lower with partially dehydrated star grass and higher with fresh mulberry (75.2 vs. 135.4 g.animal-1. day-1). apparent digestibility was not statistically different between treatments; it was on average 49.18% for dm, 59.82% for cp, 57.83% for ndf, and 55.30% for adf. this study demonstrates that the forage species significantly affects voluntary dry matter intake in goats; however, dry matter content of the forages used in this study did not affect dm intake
Jessie Rodríguez-Zamora,Jorge Elizondo-Salazar
Agronomía Costarricense , 2012,
Abstract: Se evaluó la calidad, selección y digestibilidad aparente en cabras, del consumo de morera y estrella africana ofrecidos de forma fresca y parcialmente deshidratada. El experimento se llevó a cabo en la Estación Experimental "Alfredo Volio Mata" de la Universidad de Costa Rica. El forraje cosechado fue suministrado a 12 cabras de las razas Saanen, Toggenburg y LaMancha no lactantes y no gestantes, distribuidas en un dise o irrestricto al azar con un arreglo factorial 2x2 y con un peso vivo promedio de 37±5 kg. Los tratamientos experimentales fueron: a) estrella fresca, b) estrella parcialmente deshidratada, c) morera fresca y d) morera parcialmente deshidratada. El forraje se ofreció a los animales en forma picada. Se observó un consumo promedio de materia seca de: 0,93; 0,76; 1,17 y 1,12 kg.animal-1.día-1 de MS (±0,09), para los tratamientos estrella fresca, estrella parcialmente deshidratada, morera fresca y morera parcialmente deshidratada, respectivamente. Esto representó 2,62; 2,09; 3,17 y 3,13% (±0,24) del peso vivo. El consumo de proteína cruda fue menor con la estrella parcialmente deshidratada y mayor con la morera fresca (75,2 vs. 135,4 g.animal-1.d-1). El porcentaje de digestibilidad aparente no fue estadísticamente diferente entre tratamientos; presentó un promedio de 49,18% para la MS, 59,82% para la PC, 57,83% para la FDN y 55,30% para la FDA. Este estudio demuestra que la especie de forraje influye significativamente sobre el consumo voluntario de materia seca en cabras; sin embargo, el contenido de materia seca en los forrajes utilizados no afectó dicho consumo.
Physiological Responses in Relation to Performance during Competition in Elite Synchronized Swimmers
Lara Rodríguez-Zamora, Xavier Iglesias, Anna Barrero, Diego Chaverri, Pau Erola, Ferran A. Rodríguez
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0049098
Abstract: Purpose We aimed to characterize the cardiovascular, lactate and perceived exertion responses in relation to performance during competition in junior and senior elite synchronized swimmers. Methods 34 high level senior (21.4±3.6 years) and junior (15.9±1.0) synchronized swimmers were monitored while performing a total of 96 routines during an official national championship in the technical and free solo, duet and team competitive programs. Heart rate was continuously monitored. Peak blood lactate was obtained from serial capillary samples during recovery. Post-exercise rate of perceived exertion was assessed using the Borg CR-10 scale. Total competition scores were obtained from official records. Results Data collection was complete in 54 cases. Pre-exercise mean heart rate (beats·min?1) was 129.1±13.1, and quickly increased during the exercise to attain mean peak values of 191.7±8.7, with interspersed bradycardic events down to 88.8±28.5. Mean peak blood lactate (mmol·L?1) was highest in the free solo (8.5±1.8) and free duet (7.6±1.8) and lowest at the free team (6.2±1.9). Mean RPE (0–10+) was higher in juniors (7.8±0.9) than in seniors (7.1±1.4). Multivariate analysis revealed that heart rate before and minimum heart rate during the routine predicted 26% of variability in final total score. Conclusions Cardiovascular responses during competition are characterized by intense anticipatory pre-activation and rapidly developing tachycardia up to maximal levels with interspersed periods of marked bradycardia during the exercise bouts performed in apnea. Moderate blood lactate accumulation suggests an adaptive metabolic response as a result of the specific training adaptations attributed to influence of the diving response in synchronized swimmers. Competitive routines are perceived as very to extremely intense, particularly in the free solo and duets. The magnitude of anticipatory heart rate activation and bradycardic response appear to be related to performance variability.
Efecto del Aceite de Girasol Ozonizado sobre la Actividad de la Mieloperoxidasa en el Modelo de Edema en la Oreja del Ratón (Effect of Ozonized Sunflower Oil on Myeloperosidase Activity in the Model of Ear Oedema in Mouse)
Zamora Rodríguez Zamora:,González Carvajal Yousy:,Ledon Nuris
REDVET , 2006,
Abstract: El OLEOZON es un producto ozonizado que ha mostrado tener un gran efecto germicida. Tomando en consideración estos hallazgos, nosotros decidimos evaluar el efecto del OLEOZON sobre la actividad de lamieloperoxidasa en un modelo de edema en la oreja del ratón inducido por aceite de croto. Los animales fueron dividido en cinco grupos: el primero recibió, aceite de croto; el segundo grupo, recibió acetona como vehiculo del aceite de croto; el tercero, aceite de croto con indometacina como fármaco de referencia; al cuarto grupo, se le aplicó aceite de croto con aceite de girasol y al quinto, se le aplicó aceite de croto con el OLEOZON. A los animales se lespracticó la eutanasia por dislocación cervical, se extrae una porción de oreja de 6 mm, fue pesado y se determinó la actividad de la mieloperoxidasa (MPO). Los resultados mostraron que en el grupo deanimales que recibieron tratamiento con OLEOZON la actividad de la MPO disminuyó significativamente al igual que el peso del tejido. Estos resultados constituyen la primera evidencia de que el efecto antiinflamatorio del OLEOZON pudiera estar determinado al menos en parte por una disminución de la infiltración de neutrófilos en el tejido. AbstractOLEOZON is an ozonized product that has shown a great effectiveness as germicide. Taking into account the former findings we decided to evaluate the effect of OLEOZON on myeloperoxidase (MPO) enzyme activity in croton oil-induced Mouse ear oedema. The mice were divided into five groups; first group received croton oil; second oneacetone as vehicle of croton oil; the third one, croton oil plus indometacina; the fourth, croton oil plus sunflower oil and thefifth group, croton oil plus Ozonized sunflower oil (OLEOZON ). Four hour thereafter, the euthanasia was performed to the animals by cervical dislocation, and 6 mm sections of ears were obtained andweighed for MPO activity determination. Oleozon significantly reduced MPO activity and the weight of the tissue was reduced significantly. These results provide the first evidence that the anti-inflammatory effects of OLEOZON may result, at least partially, from a reduction of neutrophyl infiltration into the tissue.
La colaboración entre los actores turísticos en ciudades patrimoniales. Reflexiones para el análisis del desarrollo turístico
Merinero Rodríguez, Rafael,Zamora Acosta, Elias
PASOS : Revista de Turismo y Patrimonio Cultural , 2009,
Abstract: The new tourist scenery characterized by the intermediation extinction processes and the new parameters in tourist demand, set new challenges for tourist areas. Actor from a certain tourist area and its connections are basic for the real articulation of the area, this is because they become very important in the strategies and actions that must be undertaken to adapt to the new context conditions, therefore is becoming more important to pay attention to the “active management of tourist areas”. With the use of the Local tourist System it will be possible to set the type of relationship exists between the actors, ap-plying new analysis methodologies in heritage cities.
Adapting Business of Energy Corporations to Macro-Policies Aiming at a Sustainable Economy. The Case for New Powering of Automobiles  [PDF]
Jose M. “Chema” Martinez-Val Piera, Alfonso Maldonado-Zamora, Ramon Rodríguez Pons-Esparver
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2013.51010

A portfolio of new energy technologies has emerged in the first decade of the 21st Century, and many of them could be used for re-structuring the energy sector towards Sustainable Development. A key subject in this quest is the future of automobile, with possibilities on powering ranging from biofuels to Hydrogen Cars (HC), to Electric Vehicles (EV). In turn, the latter is closely connected with the need to deploy Renewable Energies (RE) for electricity generation. Within such new situation, countries and governments are aware that there are new tools for fighting Global Warming (GW), and new policies could be established for winning this battle against CO2. All these initiatives will affect the future of energy corporations, notably hydrocarbon companies; and it should be noted that it will be difficult for the companies to define long-term strategies if energy policies convey upheavals, sudden changes in promoting alternatives and interruptions on activities. Hence, it is very important to adopt energy policies allowing a smooth evolution of the companies’ activities to the new energy model. After analyzing the alternatives with a forecasting-backcasting methodology, an “eclectic approach” is proposed, with the Plug-in Hybrid car with Flexible Fuel (PiHFF) as the central paradigm in the coming promoting policies.

Leptospirosis en la población de la Región Huetar Norte durante el periodo comprendido entre 1997 y 2000
Sáenz -Zamora,Ana Catalina; Rodríguez -Herrera,Gilberto;
Acta Médica Costarricense , 2004,
Abstract: aim and objectives: to determine the epidemiological behavior of leptospirosis among the population of the northern region (región huetar norte) of costa rica, during the 4 year period comprised between 1997 to 2000 according to biomedical data issued by the regional headquarters of the ministry of health and the local hospital. methods: a list of cases with positive serology for leptospirosis seen in the northern region from 1997 to the year 2000, was supplied by the inciensa database. their medical records were obtained from the office of biostatistics of the san carlos hospital. the information was collected in a previously designed form. the results were analyzed with the statistical package for the social sciences (spss). results: 58 patients had positive serology for leptospirosis. among them the male gender predominated in a 13:1 ratio. young adults (ages from 15 to 30 years) were more frequently affected. most of the people diagnosed with leptospirosis were natives of san carlos. more than one third of the patients were engaged in agriculture or cattle handling. the serotypes more frequently detected were pomona followed by sejroe, tarassovi and hebdomadis. the symptoms were fever, headaches, myalgia and bleeding. laboratory findings renal and hepatic function tests abnormalities, thrombocytopenia and increased cpk were. conclusions: risk factors were present in almost all of the patients. occupational factors predominated. leucopoenia was 3 times more frequent than leucocytosis. this fact would lead us to state that there is a clinical behavior of leptospirosis that differs from what is described in the literature
Linfoma de Burkitt en un portador de granulomatosis de Wegener
Rodríguez-Castro,Kryssia; Zamora-Barquero,Henry;
Acta Médica Costarricense , 2005,
Abstract: this is a report of a costarrican male with wegener' s granulomatosis undergoing treatment with prednisone and cyclophosphamide, he developed a fatal burkitt' s lymphoma. the possible relationship between these two disorders is addressed.
Indicadores de calidad en los centros sociosanitarios del grupo Capio Sanidad
Zamora Sánchez,Juan José; Blanco Rodríguez,Mario;
Gerokomos , 2007, DOI: 10.4321/S1134-928X2007000100004
Abstract: introduction: we present the geriatric center control panel used by capio spain as an instrument for managing the quality system. objectives: stimulate qualitative improvements in a continuous and sustained manner in all capio spain geriatric centers. this necessitates the development of a system of management-by-process. establish a barometer system which permits the assessment of quality-objective attainment along with internal and external comparability. material and methods: the central quality core (cqc) has laid out a global control panel for geriatric centers consisting of basic indicators related to the processes identified in each area, all in accordance with their own process map. all indicators have corresponding description files detailing their content; these are made available to those with access to the quality portal located in the corporate intranet. each center quality promotion group (qpc) is responsible for compiling the information regarding the indicators and forwarding it to the cqc on a quarterly basis; the cqc will then inform corporate management of its overall findings. independently of the basic indicators, each process owner determines and defines the specific indicators that he/she finds suitable for the complete control of the process in question. when the preestablished alert levels are surpassed, the responsible quality groups (at both corporate and center levels) automatically contact each other. results: each quarter, the cqc assesses the introduction of the basic indicators, with the goal that all capio centers achieve 80% fulfilment by 2006. a description as to the indicators is provided regarding strategic processes, geriatric care, health care- and non-health care support. conclusions: the system used for monitoring indicators has proven to be valid and effective: it allows for the assessment of processes, inter-center comparison, the designing of improvement objectives and an unbiased analysis of their fulfilment.
Zamora Poblete,Guillermo; Zerón Rodríguez,Ana María;
Estudios pedagógicos (Valdivia) , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-07052009000100010
Abstract: this article presents the results of a research project on pedagogical authority in lower middle-class schools of santiago, chile. specifically, it is qualitative analysis of the information gathered through individual in depth interviews, conducted with teachers of the south sector of santiago, during the first semester of 2008. the meaning of the pedagogical authority for the teachers constitutes the object of this study. we treat the pedagogical authority as a social phenomenon situated culturally and historically. the sense of a social phenomenon for a subject is based on his existential experience in the here and now. consequently, the authority analyzed in this research does not refer to a pure or abstract concept, but to a construction in interaction.
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