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Papale, Jham Frank,Mendoza Norelis,Berné Yelitza,Rodríguez Diolisbeth
Salud, Arte y Cuidado , 2011,
Abstract: The studies about the determination of the micronutrients copper, zinc and iron that carry out important functions in a variation of biological processes like the intermediary metabolism, cellular proliferation, oxygen transportation and storage, and in the oxide-reduction processes in developing countries with high levels of malnutrition are important. The aim of this research was to determine the serum levels of copper, zinc, iron and hemoglobin in a population of health adults. The sample was made up of 112 subjects (M: 55; F: 57) aged 17-42 yr. The micronutrients were determined by atomic-absorption flame photometry and the hemoglobin using a Coulter ACT-8. The values of copper, zinc, iron and hemoglobin obtained were, respectively, 1.04±0,20 ug/mL, 0,99 ± 0,14 ug/mL, 1,05 ±0,33 ug/mL, 14,28±1,36 g/dL. The average concentrations for zinc, iron and hemoglobin were higher for males, while the level of copper was higher for females. It was found statistically significant differences between both male and female for each one of these variables. By aged group, those who were over 30 showed the highest concentration of copper. In relation to zinc and hemoglobin, no significant differences were found among the groups. In order to carry out the monitoring of the serum or plasmatic levels of copper, zinc and iron, it is necessary to carry out studies of greater population scope that allows getting values for these micronutrients in most of the Venezuelan population. Also, include studies about consumption that allow knowing the intake of these micronutrients
Anemia, deficiencias de hierro y de vitamina A y helmintiasis en una población rural del estado Lara
Papale,Jham Frank; Nieves García,Maria; Torres,Mario; Berné,Yelitza; Dellan,Graciela; Rodríguez,Diolisbeth; Mendoza,Norelys;
Anales Venezolanos de Nutrición , 2008,
Abstract: the aim of this research was to determine the prevalence of anaemia, iron and vitamin a deficiencies and the level of helminthiasis in the rural community of la escalera, andres eloy blanco municipality, lara state, venezuela. the study subjects were 104 individuals between 1 and 14 years old. hemoglobin was measured with a coulter act 8; ferritin by elisa; plasmatic retinol by hplc and the coproparasitologic study by the cualitative kato method. statistical analyses were performed using spss 11.0 program by means of one way anova, followed by duncan, games-hoewel or kruskal-wallis tests. correlations analyses were done using pearson or spearman tests. the prevalence of anaemia was 14.42%, iron deficiency 59.62%, ferropenic anaemia 11.54% and vitamin a deficiency 84.54%. the prevalence of intestinal helminthiasis was 42.17% and the áscaris lumbricoides was the most frequent helminth. the group under two years old was the most affected in relation to all the parameters measured. the high prevalence of parasitic individuals, ferropenic anaemia and iron and vitamin a deficiencies, show an important problem of nutrition in relation to iron and vitamin a, it could be due to the insufficiency of nutrients and inappropriate life conditions.
Zinc sérico en menores de 15 a?os de una comunidad rural del estado Lara
Berné Pe?a,Yelitza; Papale,Jham Frank; Torres,Mario; Mendoza,Norelys; Dellan Rodríguez,Graciela; Rodríguez,Diolisbeth; Brice?o,Zuly; Moreno,José Miguel;
Anales Venezolanos de Nutrición , 2008,
Abstract: the aim of this research was to determine the levels of serum zinc in a rural population under 15 years old, in lara state, venezuela, in order to know the deficiencies of this oligoelement and start the nutritional intervention by the involved organizations. the sample was made up of 310 subjects (m: 163; f: 147) under 15 years old, with an average age of 86.39 months. the serum zinc was measured by atomic absortion spectrophotometry. the serum zinc level was 0.83 ± 0.18 μg/ml. deficiency of zinc (values = 0.72 μg/ml) was presented in 19.7% of the subjects; the most affected were those under two years old. likewise, the highest percentage of zinc deficiency was observed in subjects with nutritional deficit followed by those that had a normal nutritional condition. by splitting the group of subjects with zinc deficiencies by age and nutritional condition, it was observed that 55.6% of those under two years old had a normal nutritional condition and the remaining 44.4% showed nutritional deficiency. meanwhile, more than 70% of the subjects with zinc deficiency belonging to the groups aged 2-6 and 7-14 showed a normal nutritional condition. all the subjects with nutritional deficit belonged to families living in extreme poverty. due to the negative consecuences that imply the lack of zinc, it is necessary to make a more accurate diagnosis of its deficiency through indirect methods like the zinc tolerance test or oral supplementation of zinc, in order to identify population with risk of zinc deficiencies. likewise, to start intervention programs with this oligoelement, especially in the vulnerable child population like the one studied.
Methodology and Equations of Mineral Production Forecast
—Part I. Crude Oil in the UK and Gold in Nevada, USA. Prediction of Late Stages of Production

Sergio Pérez Rodríguez
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2013.35040

The equations of mineral production forecast link the change in time of mineral reserves with the production and the ratio of reserves to production. These equations allow us to model the development of the mineral resources evaluated at any scale. Probabilistic bidimensional charts made from montecarlo simulations provide intervals of confidence for the forecasts. The set of equations is devised and presented for a variety of applications to the oil and gas industry, as well to the production of any other mineral resource, either metals or non metals, whose ore deposit volumes and production might be quantified. The cases studied in the UK and USA are at late stages of production, periods for what the equations are most suitable to be applied without further adjustments. Experimental design allows the diagnosis of the likely values of the variables pertaining to the equations, in order to achieve the results provided by conventional production forecasts or to explore other scenarios of investigation. The method can be practical to evaluate commitments of production of mineral resources with time, to support strategic plans for companies, corporations, countries or regions based on those evaluations, for the screening and ranking of mineral assets based on their production potential and many other tasks where the prediction of future volumes of mineral production is required.

Methodology and Equations of Mineral Production Forecast. Part II. The Fundamental Equation. Crude Oil Production in USA  [PDF]
Sergio Pérez Rodríguez
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2013.36044

The fundamental equation of mineral production allows to model and design the dynamics of mineral production, however complex they are or could be. It considers not only the case of a constant production to reserves ratio for given intervals of time, but with a piecewise approach, it is also enabled to account the variation on time of this ratio. With a constant production to reserves ratio, the limit expression of the fundamental equation takes the form of an Erlang distribution with a fixed shape parameter. The rate parameter equals the scale factor. The discrete piecewise version, instead of considering the reserves and the production to reserves ratio being constant through certain intervals of time, updates both variables by units of time. This version, using either lineal or non lineal functions for the variables involved, let to model known production profiles or to forecast them by experimental design. The Hubbert’s linearization updated with recent data and the p-box method applied to determine ultimate recovery of U.S. crude oil reserves indicate official accounts underestimate them. The analysis of the ideal model of production based on Hubbert’s linearization and curve, can be made by decomposing it in the distribution with time of the reserves and of the production to reserves ratio. The distribution of reserves with time is synchronized for both the ideal Hubbert’s curve and real profiles, disregarding whether they match or not. The departure of real profiles from the ideal Hubbert’s curve lies on the differences or correspondences of the distribution with time of the production to reserves ratio. The MonteCarlo simulation applied to forecast US crude oil production for the next five years points to a slow decline, with average annual yields presenting a difference lower than 10% between the start and the end of the simulation.

The Hypothesis of Hyperia from the Perspective of Neuronal Plasticity  [PDF]
Javier álvarez-Rodríguez
Open Journal of Medical Psychology (OJMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojmp.2016.51003
Abstract: We analyze certain mental automatisms appearing in the consciousness with phenomenological features of simple partial seizures (SPSs). We propose to include all these phenomena into a cognitive function to which we term hyperia. In this paper, we analyze the similarities between the nature of this cognitive function and the mechanisms used by our brain to elicit neuronal plasticity.
Anthropometric specimens and picturesque curiosities: the photographic orchestration of the “black” body (Brazil, circa 1865)
Rodríguez BE
Revista Ciencias de la Salud , 2012,
Abstract: In Against Race Paul Gilroy writes that the “race producing” activity unleashed in the eighteenth and nineteenth-centuries “required a synthesis of logos with icon, of formal scientific rationality with something else, something visual and aesthetic” (1). During this period, scientific discourses that elaborate the concept of race adopt new technologies, especially photography. In this article, I am particularly interested in analyzing how the “black” body is arranged photographically. I probe some examples taken from the archives collected by the Swiss scientist Louis Agassiz and the photographer Christiano Júnior in mid-19th century Rio de Janeiro. Objective: to question how these visual artifacts contributed to the re-assemblage of racial discourses precisely at the moment when the black body was invested with legal subjectivity
Efecto de la cobertura del suelo con cascarilla de arroz en el crecimiento y rendimiento del tomate de ramillete
Rodríguez Rodríguez,Gisela;
Ciencia e investigación agraria , 2007, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-16202007000300006
Abstract: from the spring to fall of 2005, in northern kanto, located in central japan, an open field was prepared for cultivating cherry tomatoes (lycopersicon esculentum var. cerasiforme) with three types of mulch: 1. rice straw with rice bran, 2. rice straw alone, and 3. polyethylene film covering. the fruits were harvested from june to the end of september. there were significant differences between the treatments in both the total yield of fruit (p = 0.0379) as well as in the yield of normal fruit (p = 0.0458). the highest total fruit production (3.4 kgplant') was obtained with the rice straw and bran treatment, followed by the other two treatments, with about 2.5 kg-plant'. other factors, such as total fruit number and the weight of damaged fruit, were not significantly different. forty days after planting in the field, plant height and other vegetative characteristics were measured; no statistically significant differences between the studied soil treatments were observed. these results indicate that the application of rice bran on a field surface previously covered with rice straw contributed to an increase in the yields of the tomato plants. the application of rice bran also facilitated weed control management
La atención integral centrada en las personas. Principios y criterios que fundamentan un modelo de intervención de discapacidad
Pilar Rodríguez Rodríguez
Palabras Mayores , 2011,
Abstract: Reflexiones sobre el modelo clásico de atención a personas mayores y personas con discapacidad, frente a lo cual se propone y grafica un modelo de atención integral centrado en la persona, en el marco de los cambios sociales, el avance en políticas sociales y en los derechos. http://www.imsersomayores.csic.es/documentos/documentos/pilar-atencion-01.pdf
Ciudad educadora. Una perspectiva politica desde la complejidad
Jahir Rodríguez Rodríguez
Urbano , 2007,
Abstract: El Proyecto Ciudad Educadora, tiene como finalidad primordial- la construcción de una ciudadanía organizada, autónoma y solidaria, capaz de convivir en la diferencia y de solucionar pacíficamente sus conflictos. Ciudad educadora es un proyecto que reivindica lo colectivo y lo público, lo político y lo ético y busca ingresar a la modernidad haciendo uso de la educación como fenómeno eminentemente comunicativo cuyo desarrollo potenciará la capacidad de incidencia de la sociedad sobre sus propios destinos, estableciendo cambios en la conducta y los comportamientos de los ciudadanos, buscando la construcción de la democracia y la ciudadanía como proyecto colectivo.

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