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Effects of radio-opacifier addition in dental impression material
Mota Eduardo,Rigo Angela,Rockenbach Maria,da Costa Nilza
Indian Journal of Dental Research , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: The aim of this in vitro study was to determine the effects of barium sulfate addition in two dental impression materials previously proved as radiolucent. Materials and Methods: An irreversible hydrocolloid (IH) and polyether (PE) were tested for optical density, linear dimension stability and detail reproduction. Statistical Analysis Used: The optical density data were submitted to Kolmogorov-Smirnov normality test and compared with two-way ANOVA and Tukey (alpha=0.05). Results: The results of optical density (pixel) were: IH control 45.24 f (±7.6), PE control 54.93 e (±4.45), PE 5Wt% 60.43 d (±6.27), IH 1Wt% 61.54 cd (±5.3), PE 1Wt% 66.9 bc (±5.05), IH 5Wt% 67.17 b (±6.01), PE 10Wt% 84.55 a (±5.14), IH 10Wt% 85.33 a (±5.53). On detail reproduction, polyether control was able to copy the 6 μm line. Adding 1 or 5Wt% of barium sulfate have not change this characteristic. For the irreversible hydrocolloid, the control group was able to copy a line with 14 μm, however, adding 1Wt% barium sulfate, the capability decreased to 22 μm. Adding barium sulfate in the polyether promoted an increase in between the copied lines, for the control, the average distance was 931.6 μm, 936 μm to 1Wt% and 954.5 μm to 5 Wt%. For the IH, the control presented 975 μm in comparison to 987.25 μm for 1 Wt% samples. Conclusion: The addition of barium sulfate was capable of increasing significantly the optical density of tested material, have changed the linear dimension stability, however, have not interfered in detail reproduction only for PE.
GeoGebra and eXe Learning: applicability in the teaching of Physics and Mathematics
Eunice Maria Mussoi,Maria Lucia Pozzatti Flores,Ana Marli Bulegon,Liane Margarida Rockenbach Tarouco
Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics , 2011,
Abstract: Today, education in the field of sciences is still characterized by excessive attention to repetitive exercises at the expense of understanding and visualizing the concepts of mathematical and physical phenomena. This article will show the potential of the software GeoGebra to build content and / or activities in Physics and Mathematics usable in isolation or engaged in other activities, such as eXe Learning. For this we constructed two activities: a mathematical content - Application of successive derivatives, and a content of physics - Application of uniform rectilinear motion. These contents were built in eXe Learning, and the graphics was built in GeoGebra and imported into the eXe by Java Applet. The content was done with the exported SCORM to Moodle, it is within this framework that the student will study the movement and display of graphic content.
Salivary flow rate, pH, and concentrations of calcium, phosphate, and sIgA in Brazilian pregnant and non-pregnant women
Maria I Rockenbach, Sandra A Marinho, Elaine B Veeck, Laura Lindemann, Rosemary S Shinkai
Head & Face Medicine , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1746-160x-2-44
Abstract: Cross-sectional study. Sample was composed by 22 pregnant and 22 non-pregnant women attending the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics, S?o Lucas Hospital, in Porto Alegre city, South region of Brazil. Unstimulated whole saliva was collected to determine salivary flow rate, pH, and biochemical composition. Data were analyzed by Student t test and ANCOVA (two-tailed α = 0.05).No difference was found for salivary flow rates and concentrations of total calcium and phosphate between pregnant and non-pregnant women (p > 0.05). Pregnant women had lower pH (6.7) than non-pregnant women (7.5) (p < 0.001), but higher sIgA level (118.9 mg/L) than the latter (90.1 mg/L) (p = 0.026).Some of the tested variables of unstimulated whole saliva were different between pregnant and non-pregnant Brazilians in this sample. Overall, the values of the tested salivary parameters were within the range of international references of normality.Hormonal changes in females may affect the physiology of the entire body including the oral cavity. Besides the direct effect on the metabolism of periodontal tissues, pregnancy, menstruation, and hormone replacement therapy may induce short-term changes in salivary flow rates, buffering capacity, and biochemical composition [1-5]. Changes in salivary composition and flow rates may compromise the integrity of the soft and hard tissues in the oral cavity, because saliva functions include food and bacteria clearance, mastication and digestion, lubrication, antimicrobial defense, and buffering effect [6,7]. Saliva is composed of water and organic and inorganic molecules, but a large intra- and inter-subject variability in composition is reported [2,6].Most studies focusing on the influence of pregnancy and hormonal alterations on salivary characteristics were performed in European countries, and some reference standards for normality [6,8] are derived from data obtained in specific populations. The Latin American literature on this topic is scarce. A prelimin
Evaluation of mandibular implant sites: correlation between panoramic and linear tomography
Rockenbach, Maria Ivete Bolzan;Sampaio, Maria Carméli Correia;Costa, Lino Jo?o da;Costa, Nilza Pereira da;
Brazilian Dental Journal , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-64402003000300013
Abstract: the reliability of the linear tomography and panoramic radiography made with x-ray equipment was evaluated (vera view scope x-600; morita). the sample was composed of 20 dry human hemimandibles, in which the area selected for analysis was 1.5 cm distal from the limit set before the mental foramen. four measurements were made. the images obtained were drawn on acetate paper and the hemimandibles cut at the demarcated area. the measurements were made using a digital electronic pachymeter. the values found for the radiographic images were compared to those obtained in the mandibular specimens and submitted to statistical evaluation by the wilcoxon test. it was concluded that both techniques were reliable for the accomplishment of vertical linear measurements in the selected area. however, a 2.0 mm safety margin is recommended.
Evaluation of mandibular implant sites: correlation between panoramic and linear tomography
Rockenbach Maria Ivete Bolzan,Sampaio Maria Carméli Correia,Costa Lino Jo?o da,Costa Nilza Pereira da
Brazilian Dental Journal , 2003,
Abstract: The reliability of the linear tomography and panoramic radiography made with X-ray equipment was evaluated (Vera View Scope X-600; Morita). The sample was composed of 20 dry human hemimandibles, in which the area selected for analysis was 1.5 cm distal from the limit set before the mental foramen. Four measurements were made. The images obtained were drawn on acetate paper and the hemimandibles cut at the demarcated area. The measurements were made using a digital electronic pachymeter. The values found for the radiographic images were compared to those obtained in the mandibular specimens and submitted to statistical evaluation by the Wilcoxon test. It was concluded that both techniques were reliable for the accomplishment of vertical linear measurements in the selected area. However, a 2.0 mm safety margin is recommended.
Fatores que influenciam o consumo energético de mulheres no tratamento do cancer de mama
Ambrosi, Claudia;Di Pietro, Patricia Faria;Rockenbach, Gabriele;Vieira, Francilene Gracieli Kunradi;Galvan, Daisy;Crippa, Carlos Gilberto;Fausto, Maria Arlene;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032011000800007
Abstract: purpose: to investigate changes in the dietary consumption as well as the influence of the general characteristics, of the sociodemographic, clinical and nutritional factors, and of the antineoplastic therapy on the changes in the energy intake of women from southern brazil, before and after adjuvant therapy for breast cancer. methods: a non-randomized clinical study was conducted on 53 patients at a hospital of the public health network. dietary information was collected with a food frequency questionnaire. a mixed-effects linear regression model was used to evaluate the factors that influenced longitudinal alterations of energy intake. results: a significant increase was observed in daily energy intake of fats, calcium, iron, copper, polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 6 and omega 3, and a significant decrease in vitamin b2 intake. the final regression model for the change in energy intake showed an average increase of 19.2 kcal/month. fruit and legume consumption showed the highest association with energy intake, with each 100 g consumed resulting in an average increase of 68.4 and 370.5 kcal, respectively. women in the 51 to 60 year age range consumed 403.5 kcal less than those in the 31 to 50 year age range. conclusion: there was an increase in energy intake during treatment and the increase in the ingestion of fruits and legumes was associated with significant increases in energy intake.
Projection of the oblique line in periapical radiographs of mandibular molars
Borghetti, Ruchielli Loureiro;Nora, Vanessa Paim;Costa Filho, Luis César da;Morosolli, Aline Rose Cantarelli;Rockenbach, Maria Ivete Bolzan;
Revista Odonto Ciência , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1980-65232010000400015
Abstract: purpose: to identify and quantify the frequency of the projection of the oblique line over the alveolar crests of the mandibular molars in periapical radiographs. methods: five hundred periapical radiographs of the mandibular molar region were selected and evaluated for the presence or absence of the oblique line. when present, its interference on the image of the alveolar crest of the mandibular molars was analyzed. the data obtained was expressed as a percentage of the overlap of the oblique line to the alveolar crests of the mandibular molars. results: the oblique line was observed in 363 out of the 500 periapical radiographs (72.6%). out of the 363, 308 (84.8%) showed an overlap of the oblique line over the alveolar crests. however, 55 radiographs (15.1%) did not show such interference. of the radiographs showing an overlap (308), the incidence of an overlap was 64.6% at a single site (199 radiographs), 33.4% at two sites (103 radiographs), and 1.9% (6 radiographs) at three sites. conclusion: the overlap of the oblique line over the image of the alveolar crests in the mandibular molar region was observed in a significant portion of the total sample.
Política habitacional e a identifica o do(s) motivo(s) da inadimplência das famílias beneficiadas com o Programa de Terrenos
Merigo, Janice,Rockenbach, Vivian
Textos & Contextos (Porto Alegre) , 2004,
Abstract: Com este artigo, pretende-se contextualizar a política habitacional especificamente no município de Restinga Seca (RS), tendo como principal objetivo verificar qual o motivo da inadimplência das famílias que adquirem habita es por meio do poder público. A partir das entrevistas realizadas e da análise das informa es, conclui-se que os fatores relevantes para a inadimplência das famílias inclusas no referido Programa foram: baixa renda familiar da maioria (até um salário mínimo), falta de conscientiza o em rela o ao Programa que é proveniente de um órg o público e desconhecimento da política habitacional adotada pelo município. Percebe-se que o trabalho do assistente social, na conjuntura dessa política social, é de suma importancia na perspectiva de valoriza o e resgate da cidadania, garantindo, assim, que seja uma política de direito e dever, que possibilite a condi o de moradia e qualidade de vida à popula o.
Effect of Cilia Orientation in Metachronal Transport of Microparticles  [PDF]
Christoph Brücker, Uwe Schnakenberg, Alexander Rockenbach, Vladimir Mikulich
World Journal of Mechanics (WJM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/wjm.2017.71001
Abstract: A biomimetic approach is used to generate a directed transversal transportation of micron-sized particles in liquids based on the principle of cilia-type arrays in coordinated motion. Rows of flaps mimicking planar cilia are positioned off-centre along an array of cavities covered with membranes that support the flaps. These membranes are deflected from a concave to a convex shape and vice versa by pneumatic actuation applying positive and negative pressures (relative to the ambient) inside the cavities. As a result, the flap on top of the membrane tilts to the left or right within such a pressure cycle, performing a beat stroke. Since each cavity can be addressed in the device individually and in rapid succession, waves of coordinated flap motion can be run along the wall. Such metachronal waves are generated and transport of particles along the cilia surface is achieved in both symplectic and antiplectic direction. It is shown that the initial tilt of the flaps relative to the wall-normal determines the direction of transport.
Accuracy of linear measurements before and after digitizing periapical and panoramic radiography images
Langlois, Caroline de Oliveira;Sampaio, Maria Carméli Correia;Silva, Alexandre Emidio Ribeiro;Costa, Nilza Pereira da;Rockenbach, Maria Ivete Bolzan;
Brazilian Dental Journal , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-64402011000500010
Abstract: the aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of linear measurements made on conventional and digitized periapical and panoramic radiographic images of dry human hemi-mandibles. images from the posterior region of 22 dry human hemi-mandibles were obtained by conventional panoramic and periapical radiography technique. using a digital caliper, 3 vertical measurements were marked directly on the dry hemi-mandibles (reference measurements) as well as on the tracing from the conventional radiographic images of the specimens made onto acetate paper sheet: distance 1: between the upper limit of the alveolar ridge and the lower limit at the mandible base; distance 2: between the upper limit of the alveolar ridge and the upper limit of the mandibular canal; distance 3: between the lower limit of the mandibular canal and the lower limit of the mandible base. next, the radiographs were digitized and the three measurements were made on the digital images using uthscsa image tool software. data were analyzed statistically by one-way anova (α=0.05). there was no statistically significant differences (p>0.05) between periapical and panoramic radiographs or between the measurements recorded using the digital caliper and uthscsa software compared with dry mandible specimens for distances 1 (p=0.783), 2 (p=0.986) and 3 (p=0.129). in conclusion, the radiographic techniques evaluated in this study are reliable for vertical bone measurements on selected areas and the uthsca image tool software is an appropriate measurement method.
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