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Human Motor Neuron Progenitor Transplantation Leads to Endogenous Neuronal Sparing in 3 Models of Motor Neuron Loss
Tanya J. Wyatt,Sharyn L. Rossi,Monica M. Siegenthaler,Jennifer Frame,Rockelle Robles,Gabriel Nistor,Hans S. Keirstead
Stem Cells International , 2011, DOI: 10.4061/2011/207230
Abstract: Motor neuron loss is characteristic of many neurodegenerative disorders and results in rapid loss of muscle control, paralysis, and eventual death in severe cases. In order to investigate the neurotrophic effects of a motor neuron lineage graft, we transplanted human embryonic stem cell-derived motor neuron progenitors (hMNPs) and examined their histopathological effect in three animal models of motor neuron loss. Specifically, we transplanted hMNPs into rodent models of SMA (Δ7SMN), ALS (SOD1 G93A), and spinal cord injury (SCI). The transplanted cells survived and differentiated in all models. In addition, we have also found that hMNPs secrete physiologically active growth factors in vivo, including NGF and NT-3, which significantly enhanced the number of spared endogenous neurons in all three animal models. The ability to maintain dying motor neurons by delivering motor neuron-specific neurotrophic support represents a powerful treatment strategy for diseases characterized by motor neuron loss. 1. Introduction Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) can differentiate into any cell type, are amenable to genetic manipulation, and readily self-renew in vitro. Directed differentiation of hESCs into high purity populations of a defined cell type can be used to design effective treatments that are both cell and site specific. Stem cell-based transplantation is an inherently combinatorial therapeutic approach, in that it not only replaces dead or dying cells, but also provides a substrate for endogenous growth, bridges gaps where tissue is lost to injury or disease, and provides neurotrophic support for the endogenous environment. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), and spinal cord injury (SCI) are all diseases of motor neuron loss that could potentially benefit from transplantation of hESC-derived cells. ALS is the most common form of motor neuron disease [1] and can be either sporadic or familial [2–5]. Approximately 5–10% of those diagnosed have a positive family history of the disease [1, 6]. Although the etiology of the sporadic form of ALS is largely unknown [5], the familial form has a strong genetic linkage to point mutations in either TAR DNA-binding protein 43 (TDP-43), FUS/TLS, or the Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) genes [7]. The average age of onset is between 40 and 60 years, and the disease is generally fatal within 1–5 years of onset [1, 6]. SMA is also characterized by motor neuron loss and is the leading genetic cause of infantile death [8, 9]. The disease manifests by roughly 6 months of age in the most
Water Resource and Power Generation: An Alternative Formulation  [PDF]
Jack Robles
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2012.23062
Abstract: Crampes and Moreaux [1] provide a two period model of competition between a hydrostation and a thermal station for the generation of electricity. We modify this model to make it more directly comparable with an infinite horizon model. The closed loop equilibrium is characterized.
The Affective Moral Judgment  [PDF]
Victor Hugo Robles Francia
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2018.83017
Abstract: The affective though and the intuition in moral judgment has been discovered lately (Haidt, 2001). This article analyzes the Moral Judgment theory (Kohlberg, 1964) and the basic logical operations (Piaget, 1950). The rational stages with a few intervention of emotion have been historically assumed by moral judgment theory, which judges the affective as a mistaken notion and as a simple cognitive extension (Greene & Haidt, 2002). This paper demonstrates that the Piagetian basic operations, seriation and categorization are applicable to an affective system. In addition, the intuition is a moral determinant and finally, that neuronal activity confirms an intuitional cognition for the resolution of social problems. It is expected that the present deliberation guides and stimuli researches on the intuition and emotion in moral judgment.
Heat and Gender Do Not Affect the Professor’s Moral Reasoning  [PDF]
Víctor Hugo Robles Francia
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2018.64017
People illness by the heat is an obligated discussion lately. The heat affects the cognitive activity of people and the women are especially affected by it. So, the cognitive reasoning of the Moral Judgment is influenced by this kind of weather, and indirectly by the sex. To study the sex and heat incidence on Moral Judgment of university professors was the purpose of this research. The university professors are moral agents because they complement and supplant the family regulations and the educative precedent rules. The Moral Judgment of 212 superior education professor was registered by the Moral Judgment Test. 121 professors in a dry weather and 91 in a tropical were measured, 98 women and 114 men. The sex neither the heat explained the moral judgment level of professors. But this competence in the professors observed a low level. This suggests that actions to improve moral judgment must be made. So, the antecedents, the theory, and the findings are discussed in this article.
De la educación lineal secuencial hacia una pedagogía narrativa audiovisual en la era digital
Cuadernos del Centro de Estudios en Dise?±o y Comunicaci?3n. Ensayos , 2012,
Abstract: the article explores the special features existing in audio-visual education in the formal education. the main problem appears when redefining the contents that would have to be included in the educative process, in relation to the new languages that entail the audiovisual technologies. but also contradictions between a type of present sequential education exist that cannot reduce the existing breach between the young people who were born with these new languages and the traditional curricula. the idea is to identify how this complex reality affects the new generations, and to try to investigate in new pedagogies that include digital multimedial reality.
Robles, Adriana
Papeles de Trabajo sobre Cultura, Educación y Desarrollo Humano , 2012,
Abstract: This article explores children’s participation in the social organization of work characteristic of Indigenous Mazahua communities in central Mexico. Attention is focused on the family organization of domestic and agricultural labor because it articulates so many of the other family activities engaged in throughout the year that integrate all family members. In this way of organizing everyday activities, children’s work is important and contributes to family and community life. Mazahua people take into account various factors as they carry out their different work activities, such as economic considerations, those relating to the meaning associated with their work, collective life, etc. With their participation in family work activities children are fully integrated in the family/community organization. They learn to be technically proficient and at the same time learn the social significance that is implied by their “helping out” and being “responsible;” in this way their work is useful and vital, and their learning long lasting. This article is written in Spanish
Scènes d’Empire : représentation des spectacles ethnographiques dans la littérature et les arts visuels européens au temps des conquêtes coloniales
Fanny Robles
Synergies Canada , 2011,
Abstract: Au cours des dernières décennies du 19e siècle, le partage du continent africain co ncide avec l’apogée des spectacles ethnographiques en Europe. En tournée dans les zoos, les cabarets et les champs de foire européens, ainsi que dans les expositions coloniales et universelles, ces représentations mettent en scène des groupes d’individus indigènes des régions récemment colonisées ou sur le point de l’être. Alors que la France, la Grande-Bretagne et l’Allemagne s’affrontent à l’étranger pour affirmer leur pouvoir colonial, ces pays accueillent les mêmes spectacles dans leurs capitales respectives comme dans leurs villes de province. Notre étude se propose d’examiner la fa on dont ils ont été représentés dans la littérature et les arts visuels européens, à partir d’exemples empruntés à la France, à l’Angleterre, à l’Allemagne et à l’Autriche-Hongrie. Si ce type de spectacle conduit à l’exposition d’une grande variété de peuples, et ne se limite en aucun cas à des groupes en provenance d’Afrique, notre article se cantonne à des uvres mettant en scène des exposés originaires de ce continent. En traitant les créations en question comme autant de signaux culturels , pour reprendre l’expression de Jean Devisse, il cherche à dégager les types de consommation visuelle ou littéraire que ces productions artistiques semblent susciter. Nous adoptons une optique essentiellement rhétorique pour tenter de déterminer les différents types d’identification sollicités chez le lecteur/consommateur, qu’il s’agisse d’une consommation impérialiste na ve du sauvage animal, d’une forme de compassion civilisatrice qui peut en temps de guerre se changer en méfiance, ou encore d’une complicité érotique qui va jusqu’à esquisser une contestation de l’ethnocentrisme.
Programa multidisciplinario de integración docente-asistencial (IDA)
Pablo Robles
Iatreia , 1991,
Abstract: Programa multidisciplinario de integración docente asistencial, IDA, funciona actualmente en la zona nororiental de Medellín; está integrado por la Universidad de Antioquia, el Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paúl (HUSVP)- y el Instituto Metropolitano de Salud (Metrosalud). Surgió de la necesidad de lograr una relación más estrecha entre la docencia y el mundo del trabajo en coordinación con el sector servicio. Con este programa se busca mejorar la calidad de la atención que le brindan los servicios de salud a la comunidad.
Necesidad de nuevos modelos de salud
Pablo Robles
Iatreia , 1992,
Wiki en la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Alcance y perspectivas
Sergi Robles
REDU : Revista de Docencia Universitaria , 2011,
Abstract: RESUMEN Desde mayo del a o 2004, un grupo de profesores de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ha llevado a cabo distintas experiencias docentes en educación superior enfocadas a los nuevos planes piloto definidos en el marco del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior (EEES) basadas en la utilización del wiki, con el fin de mejorar el proceso de ense anza-aprendizaje de los estudiantes. Se han desarrollado distintos materiales docentes para el aprendizaje autónomo y semi-presencial, dise ados para potenciar el trabajo colaborativo y a distancia. El análisis de los resultados obtenidos con la aplicación del wiki a la docencia ha permitido identificar las ventajas y las carencias del sistema de trabajo inicial y ampliar sus posibilidades con herramientas que aseguran una mejor adaptación de esta plataforma al EEES. La labor desarrollada por el grupo y el interés despertado en la comunidad universitaria son el punto de partida de la integración del wiki en el Campus Virtual (la plataforma institucional de soporte virtual del aprendizaje de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) que se está llevando a cabo actualmente. ABSTRACT Since May 2004, a group of instructors of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has been involved in different experiences of innovation on higher education, within the European Space of Higher Education (ESHE), regarding the use of a wiki system to improve the teaching and learning process of students. The group has focused on the development of educational activities, mainly addressed for self-directed learning and blended learning, created to strengthen collaborative work and e-learning. The experiences of the group with the use of wiki have allowed to determine the strengths and weaknesses of using the wiki platform for higher education. Using this, the group has included some new tools in the wiki system in order to improve the teaching possibilities, especially those related to the ESHE. The work developed by the group and the interest sparked by this system within the community of the university are the starting point towards the integration of the wiki in the Campus Virtual (the institutional virtual learning support platform of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), which is currently being undertaken.
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