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Poverty, resistance to the medicines,diagnosis, VIH-SIDA and his impact in the evolution of the tuberculosis in Mexico
Araceli Mariscal Méndez,Claudia de Jesús Ramírez Palacios,Laura González Sánchez,,Roberto Zenteno Cuevas
MedUNAB , 2005,
Abstract: With 10 million new cases and three million deaths a year,the tuberculosis (TB) is one of the illnesses infectocontagiosasmore important of the world, preceded only by the malaria andthe VIH-SIDA, for what it is supported as one of the illnessestransmissible of big worry and occupation for the systemsof health. But not always it was like that, a moment came in the historyof this illness that one believed inclusive in his eradication, withoutit impeded the appearance of new,and the conjunction of old factorsthey have helped to reposicionar to the TB as a problem of attentionimmediate for the public global health. In this work we developa brief review of four factors that are impactandodeeply in the present and future of the TB: 1) The poverty; 2)The resistance to drugs, 3) The systems of diagnosis, and 4) youraffiliation with the virus of the inmunodefi human science. So much froma global perspective as national, and we conclude with the brief one evaluation on as we are preparing ourselves to face tothe tuberculosis
Conocimiento y actitudes sobre tuberculosis del personal médico de Veracruz, México
Martha Josefina Aguilar-Nájera,Cecilia Sofía Cortés-Salazar,Roberto Zenteno-Cuevas
MedUNAB , 2008,
Abstract: Antecedentes: La tuberculosis (TB) es una enfermedad infecciosa responsable de 8 millones de casos y tres millones de muertos cada a o. De acuerdo a la Organización Mundial de la Salud, el conocimiento y la actitud del personal médico sobre la enfermedad se ubica como un elemento importante para el correcto desarrollo de los programas de lucha contra la TB, con especial énfasis en países de economías emergentes. Es por lo anterior que el objetivo del este trabajo es evaluar los conocimientos y actitudes en personal medico de Veracruz, México. Metodología: Se encuestó a una muestra representativa de médicos que laboran en una institución pública, identificando edad, género, especialidad médica y antigüedad. El conocimiento de TB se considero en 5 apartados (enfermedad, diagnóstico, tratamiento, prevención y normativo), que integrados mostraron el conocimiento global; se compararon las variables del medico y el conocimiento mediante pruebas t y χ2. Resultados: De los 220 médicos encuestados, solo 38 (17%) obtuvieron una evaluación global adecuada; por apartados, 142 (65%) mostraron conocimiento adecuado en prevención y 40 (18%) en enfermedad. No se observaron diferencias entre los niveles de conocimiento y las variables analizadas. El 70% de los médicos refieren a la TB como un tema poco importante en el total de sus actividades, e identificamos que el enfoque que se da a la enfermedad esta orientado hacia la prevención. Conclusión: Se observó un bajo conocimiento global; sin embargo, se ubicaron los apartados que deberían ser reforzados para generar un mejor entendimiento y en consecuencia un cambio de actitud hacia la enfermedad.
Co-infection and risk factors of tuberculosis in a Mexican HIV+ population
Zenteno-Cuevas, Roberto;Montes-Villase?or, Evangelina;Morales-Romero, Jaime;Coronel-Martín del Campo, Gastón;Cuevas, Betzaida;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822011005000034
Abstract: introduction: the situation of tuberculosis (tb) is being modified by the human immunodeficiency virus (hiv), which is increasing the occurrence of new cases and the generation of drug resistant strains, affecting not only the people infected with hiv, but also their close contacts and the general population, conforming a serious public health concern. however, the magnitudes of the factors associated to this co-infection differ considerably in relation to the population groups and geographical areas. methods: in order to evaluate the prevalence and risk factors for the co-infection of tuberculosis (tb) in a population with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv+) in the southeast of mexico, we made the analysis of clinical and epidemiological variables and the diagnosis of tuberculosis by isolation of mycobacteria from respiratory samples. results: from the 147 hiv+ individuals analyzed, 12 were culture positive; this shows a prevalence of 8% for the co-infection. the only variable found with statistical significance for the co-infection was the number of cd4-t < 200 cells/mm3, or 13 (95%, ci 2-106 vs 12-109). conclusions: to our knowledge this is the first report describing the factors associated with tuberculosis co -infection with hiv in a population from southern mexico. the low number of cd4 t-cells was the only variable associated with the tb co-infection and the rest of the variables provide scenarios that require specific and particular interventions for this population group.
Expression of matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9 in human gastric cancer and superficial gastritis
Clara Luz Sampieri, Sol de la Pe?a, Mariana Ochoa-Lara, Roberto Zenteno-Cuevas, Kenneth León-Córdoba
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2010,
Abstract: AIM: To assess expression of matrix metalloproteinases 2 (MMP2) and MMP9 in gastric cancer, superficial gastritis and normal mucosa, and to measure metalloproteinase activity.METHODS: MMP2 and MMP9 mRNA expression was determined by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction. Normalization was carried out using three different factors. Proteins were analyzed by quantitative gelatin zymography (qGZ).RESULTS: 18S ribosomal RNA (18SRNA) was very highly expressed, while hypoxanthine ribosyltransferase-1 (HPRT-1) was moderately expressed. MMP2 was highly expressed, while MMP9 was not detected or lowly expressed in normal tissues, moderately or highly expressed in gastritis and highly expressed in cancer. Relative expression of 18SRNA and HPRT-1 showed no significant differences. Significant differences in MMP2 and MMP9 were found between cancer and normal tissue, but not between gastritis and normal tissue. Absolute quantification of MMP9 echoed this pattern, but differential expression of MMP2 proved conflictive. Analysis by qGZ indicated significant differences between cancer and normal tissue in MMP-2, total MMP-9, 250 and 110 kDa bands.CONCLUSION: MMP9 expression is enhanced in gastric cancer compared to normal mucosa; interpretation of differential expression of MMP2 is difficult to establish.
Mutations in rpoB and katG genes in Mycobacterium isolates from the Southeast of Mexico
Zenteno-Cuevas, R;Zenteno, JC;Cuellar, A;Cuevas, B;Sampieri, CL;Riviera, JE;Parissi, A;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762009000300012
Abstract: the most frequent mutations associated with rifampin and isoniazid resistance in mycobacterium are the substitutions at codons 531 and 315 in the rpob and katg genes, respectively. hence, the aim of this study was to characterize these mutations in mycobacterium isolates from patients suspected to be infected with drug-resistant (dr) pulmonary tuberculosis (tb) in veracruz, mexico. drug susceptibility testing of 25 clinical isolates revealed that five were susceptible while 20 (80%) were dr (15% of the annual prevalence for veracruz). of the dr isolates, 15 (75%) were resistant to rifampin, 17 (85%) to isoniazid and 15 (75%) were resistant to both drugs (mdr). sequencing analysis performed in the isolates showed that 14 (93%) had mutations in the rpob gene; seven of these (47%) exhibited a mutation at 531 (s[l). ten (58%) of the 20 resistant isolates showed mutations in katg; nine (52%) of these 10 exhibited a mutation at 315 (s[t). in conclusion, the dr profile of the isolates suggests a significant number of different dr-tb strains with a low frequency of mutation at codons 531 and 315 in rpob and katg, respectively. this result leads us to consider different regions of the same genes, as well as other genes for further analysis, which is important if a genetic-based diagnosis of dr-tb is to be developed for this region.
Google+ or Google-?: Dissecting the Evolution of the New OSN in its First Year
Roberto Gonzalez,Ruben Cuevas,Reza Motamedi,Reza Rejaie,Angel Cuevas
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: In the era when Facebook and Twitter dominate the market for social media, Google has introduced Google+ (G+) and reported a significant growth in its size while others called it a ghost town. This begs the question that "whether G+ can really attract a significant number of connected and active users despite the dominance of Facebook and Twitter?". This paper tackles the above question by presenting a detailed characterization of G+ based on large scale measurements. We identify the main components of G+ structure, characterize the key features of their users and their evolution over time. We then conduct detailed analysis on the evolution of connectivity and activity among users in the largest connected component (LCC) of G+ structure, and compare their characteristics with other major OSNs. We show that despite the dramatic growth in the size of G+, the relative size of LCC has been decreasing and its connectivity has become less clustered. While the aggregate user activity has gradually increased, only a very small fraction of users exhibit any type of activity. To our knowledge, our study offers the most comprehensive characterization of G+ based on the largest collected data sets.
Where are my followers? Understanding the Locality Effect in Twitter
Roberto Gonzalez,Ruben Cuevas,Angel Cuevas,Carmen Guerrero
Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: Twitter is one of the most used applications in the current Internet with more than 200M accounts created so far. As other large-scale systems Twitter can obtain enefit by exploiting the Locality effect existing among its users. In this paper we perform the first comprehensive study of the Locality effect of Twitter. For this purpose we have collected the geographical location of around 1M Twitter users and 16M of their followers. Our results demonstrate that language and cultural characteristics determine the level of Locality expected for different countries. Those countries with a different language than English such as Brazil typically show a high intra-country Locality whereas those others where English is official or co-official language suffer from an external Locality effect. This is, their users have a larger number of followers in US than within their same country. This is produced by two reasons: first, US is the dominant country in Twitter counting with around half of the users, and second, these countries share a common language and cultural characteristics with US.
TorrentGuard: stopping scam and malware distribution in the BitTorrent ecosystem
Michal Kryczka,Ruben Cuevas,Roberto Gonzalez,Angel Cuevas,Arturo Azcorra
Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper we conduct a large scale measurement study in order to analyse the fake content publishing phenomenon in the BitTorrent Ecosystem. Our results reveal that fake content represents an important portion (35%) of those files shared in BitTorrent and just a few tens of users are responsible for 90% of this content. Furthermore, more than 99% of the analysed fake files are linked to either malware or scam websites. This creates a serious threat for the BitTorrent ecosystem. To address this issue, we present a new detection tool named TorrentGuard for the early detection of fake content. Based on our evaluation this tool may prevent the download of more than 35 millions of fake files per year. This could help to reduce the number of computer infections and scams suffered by BitTorrent users. TorrentGuard is already available and it can be accessed through both a webpage or a Vuze plugin.
Tratamiento artroscópico de la fractura de la espina tibial anterior: Presentación de una técnica quirúrgica
Morales Pi?eiro,Sergio; Mata Cuevas,Roberto;
Revista Cubana de Ortopedia y Traumatolog?-a , 2000,
Abstract: arthroscopic surgical technique for treating type ii-b anterior tibial spine fracture (2 patients) and another type iii-a fracture is described according to the modified classification of these injuries developed by our service. all the patients are males aged 15-44. the technique is based on the fixation of the bony fragment by tense wire through the tibial tunnels, which allows to remove the implant once the fracture is reduced. a new arthroscopic approach is not necessary.
Valoración artroscópica de las fracturas de la espina tibial anterior
Morales Pi?eiro,Sergio; Mata Cuevas,Roberto;
Revista Cubana de Ortopedia y Traumatolog?-a , 2000,
Abstract: an arthroscopic assessment of 12 patients who had anterior tibial spine fracture from august, 1997, to july, 1999, and were treated at the service of arthroscopy of “mártires del 9 de abril” general teaching hospital, in sagua la grande, is made. 10 patients are males and 2 females with an age range from 15 to 44 years old, a mean of 28.3 and a standard deviation of ± 5.1 years. it is proposed a modified classification of these fractures and an algorithm of useful treatment in services with and without arthroscopy. those injuries that may be associated with this type of trauma and its treatment are also studied, minimizing the sequelae that may appear.
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