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Psicología social histórica: teoría y construcción de conocimientos
Espacios en blanco. Serie indagaciones , 2011,
Abstract: this paper is about the relevance of considering historical perspective in social psychology as a way to distinguish epistemic logic, articulated with more comprehensive political and cultural processes, in a practical-technical field characterized by theoretical-conceptual heterogeneity. a discipline is presented in which multiple perspectives converge, and at the same time it intends to recover the ideas of classical authors such as meyerson and elías because of the present relevance of their psychosocial views in the comprehension of the intricate individual-collective articulation, as well as in the necessary reflection about research in social sciences and social psychology. finally, an argument is developed to support a historical social psychology capable of posing questions to both the effects of subjectivity and the ways of production of knowledge, yet clearly focused on the study and transformation of problems that affect society and, in particular, victims.
La práctica del voluntariado: experiencias en contextos de precariedad
Piccini,Paulina; Robertazzi,Margarita;
Anuario de investigaciones , 2009,
Abstract: the general outline is presented , with its theoretical and methodological basis, as well as the first results of a scolarship plan for master′s degree , " a pycho-social approach of the relationship among different actors in precarious contexts". the research is carried out in a settlement located in the south area of buenos aires city. the protagonists are a group of volunteers, the neighbourhood inhabitants and a group of social psychologists, recently incorporated . the general aims are to explore the practices performed by the agents and to identify the type of relation already established between the volunteering members and the community. the methodology and the main techniques (individual and collective interviews and active observation ) are cualitative. this first approach focuses on the group of volunteers in order to elaborate some results and, from the theoretical point of view, paying especial attention to its different dimensions, giving it a context and asking about its definition.
An Exhaustive Approach to Release Time Aware Divisible Load Scheduling
Kijeung Choi,Thomas G. Robertazzi
International Journal on Internet and Distributed Computing Systems , 2011,
Abstract: An interesting optimization problem is examined where optimal load allocations depend on processor release times, but the timing of release times depends on the load allocation scenario used. This circular relationship between an optimal solution and release times causes system models whose timing relationships may not have an optimal solution. To obtain an optimal solution based on an assumed model and its arbitrary timing relationships, we propose an exhaustive search algorithm as a starting point into open ended research on this topic on algorithmic scalability and feasibility conditions. Through simulation, the behavior of the exhaustive search algorithm is investigated and load scheduling trends with arbitrary release times are verified. A bus network (homogeneous single-level tree network) with arbitrary processor release times is considered. For the scheduling strategy, a sequential distribution with a staggered start scheduling scenario to minimize total processing finish time is assumed.
La práctica del "apoyo mutuo" en situaciones límites entre trabajadores y trabajadoras de empresas recuperadas
Robertazzi,Margarita; Pertierra,Lidia Isabel; Ferrari,Liliana;
Anuario de investigaciones , 2008,
Abstract: this paper presents partial results of a research that proposes as a general objective the comparison of the different ways of action among the workers in the recovered enterprises. the research design is based on a study of intentionally selected cases with a qualitative approach. the chosen techniques are the biographic self-story (through participative interviews) and the participative observation. the focus of the analysis refers to the psychosocial processes displayed during the time elapsed in the appropriation of the work source. the outline is placed in several events that happened in three organizations - la nueva esperanza, chilavert, impa - in which the mutual support is the main characteristic. solidarity is unexpectedly present in all of them, especially in the edge situations, as a manner to repair in some way the traumatic situations occurred. these events - as it occurs with the trauma - implicate a subjective impact that cannot be forgotten.
Configuraciones vinculares fantasmáticas en dos empresas recuperadas por trabajadoras y trabajadores
Robertazzi,Margarita; Ferrari,Liliana; Pertierra,Lidia Isabel; Avalos,Julieta;
Anuario de investigaciones , 2006,
Abstract: this article will expose the results of a research, which is still in process, focusing in the psycho political and psycho cultural processes occurred during the recovery of the source of work by their workers. some comparative aspects referred to the historical series of transformations in the organizational imaginary of two graphic enterprises recovered in the city of buenos aires are presented. we are focusing in the effects that the particular and changing historic context produce in the workers subjectivity as well as in their relationship, in the organization of the work unit and, in a most wide range, in the bonds with the social, cultural and political medium. this phenomena is analyzed from a historical psychosocial and psychoanalytic perspective which also includes the ambivalences of the studied phenomena. that is why it is possible to recognize some aspects of continuity and some of rupture regarding the former organization.
Amenazas y peligros emergentes en la consolidación de algunas cooperativas recuperadas por sus trabajadores y trabajadoras
Robertazzi,Margarita; Ferrari,Liliana; Pertierra,Lidia Isabel; Bancalari,Hebe;
Anuario de investigaciones , 2007,
Abstract: we intend to reflect in this article some of the organizational and subjective transformations produced during the process held by the workers to recover their work. these results are partial because the research is still in progress. cases have been selected according methodological criteria which are explained. these criteria allow analyzing a wider range of social movements beyond these organizations themselves. we are focusing in the ways different styles of leadership generate different consequences in the construction of a collective history, as well as in the consolidation of these social assets, not only for the enterprises involved but also for its workers and the society as a whole. the comparative psychosocial analysis of the selected cases is based in a psychoanalytical perspective, incorporating the political and historical context in where these transformations have taken place.
Urgencias habitacionales, fantasías de salvación y retorno del desamparo
Robertazzi,Margarita; Ferrari,Liliana; Siedl,Alfredo; Pertierra,Lidia Isabel;
Anuario de investigaciones , 2010,
Abstract: short term results obtained during the development of research work on "stories of the neglected: conformity, messianism, critical options" are presented in this article. it approaches problems of family groups socially excluded because of precarious working and habitat (housing) conditions, as well as the analysis of public, private, and self management policies intended to deal with these problems. it is a study of multiple, intentionally selected cases, performed with qualitative method, in which conversational, observational and documentary techniques are administered. three cases are analyzed in which it is possible to notice protagonism in the process of transformation of housing urgency, in spite of the fact that the levels of neglect are not equivalent. in all of them it is possible to identify a combination of the main processes of subjectivity formation, as well as the role played by different social actors in the management/resolution, focusing on representations and trends prevailing on the recipients of social policies.
Reactualización de las luchas obreras en empresas recuperadas por sus trabajadores
Robertazzi,Margarita; Ferrari,Liliana; Pertierra,Liliana Isabel; Calcagno,Ana María;
Anuario de investigaciones , 2005,
Abstract: este artículo presenta una descripción acerca de un proyecto de investigación en curso en el que se abordan, desde el punto de visto psicosocial y psicopolítico, los procesos de constitución de bienes de utilidad social, es decir el surgimiento de las empresas recuperadas por sus trabajadores y trabajadoras en nuestro país. el proceso de apropiación de la fuente de trabajo es incluido habitualmente en la categoría de nuevo movimiento social, tanto en el ámbito académico como en algunos medios de comunicación de masas. en este artículo se discute la pertinencia de esta teoría de la psicóloga social para dar cuenta del fenómeno estudiado. para tal fin se comparan definiciones teóricas con el material discursivo obtenido en entrevistas participativas con trabajadores y trabajadoras de dos empresas gráficas recuperadas en la ciudad de buenos aires. se plantea la relevancia de contextualizar aspectos de esta teoría en función de las características que el grupo estudiado, así como otros semejantes, adquieren a en argentina. se trata de luchas que parten del movimiento obrero y que adquieren formas novedosas en la medida en que la actual etapa política plantea problemas también novedosos e inabordables a partir de las luchas clásicas.
Derecho de ciudadanía, derecho a habitar el territorio urbano
Robertazzi,Margarita; Ferrari,Liliana; Pertierra,Lidia Isabel; Bazán,Claudia Iris;
Anuario de investigaciones , 2009,
Abstract: this article summarizes the main outlines of a research plan intended to study psyhologycal impact of suffering in people and families in poor living and working conditions. at the same time, an analysis is performed on the kind of public, private or self-management policies carried out as solutions, and the different outcomes for the protagonists. the problem is contextualized from a historical and theorical view, an essential starting point to understand the weak spots of urban habitat, in the same way as the process of precarization in working conditions and its alternatives and solutions was contextualized. qualitative method and data collection techniques have been used. semi-structured interviews to key interlocutors were used during field work. even though analysis procedures are still unfinished, some of the results are discussed.
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