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Numerical experimental comparison of dam break flows with non-Newtonian fluids
Minussi, Roberta Brondani;Maciel, Geraldo de Freitas;
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-58782012000200008
Abstract: the dam-break flow involving non-newtonian fluids is a type of flow commonly observed in nature as well as in common industrial processes. experiments of non-newtonian dam-break flows were conducted in horizontal channels and aqueous solutions of carbopol 940 were used, which were modeled by the herschel-bulkley constitutive equation. their flows were filmed and the frames were compared with numerical simulations. two particular results were analyzed: the front wave evolution with time and its stop distance. the cfx software was employed and the simulations were conducted with the vof method. both results, numerical and experimental, were compared with shallow water approximation solutions found in literature. the numerical code, which uses complete momentum equations, showed better agreement with the experiments than those using shallow water equations. it seems that the hypotheses used by the shallow water approximated equations are not appropriate for the first instants of the flow, just after the dam-break and errors are introduced. probably, these errors are propagated producing the differences encountered.
Pensando os fen?menos psicológicos: um ensaio esquizoanalítico
Parpinelli, Roberta Stubs;Souza, Edmilson Wantuil Freitas de;
Psicologia em Estudo , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-73722005000300016
Abstract: the article makes use of some ideas and concepts from the schizoanalitic theory to rethink psychological phenomena and the reality itself. concepts related to becoming, subjectivity, unconsciousness, desire, ryzoma, agency, multiplicity, power voices, knowledge and self-reference are some of the elements taken from schizoanalysis to renew the understanding of psychological phenomena. the multiplicity theory contributed to a discussion which started the search for new possibilities to understand such phenomena and the reality itself, where the ethical and political dimensions shall never be apart from the commitment to emancipate and enrich the human life.
A mágica do jogo e o potencial do brincar
Roberta Purper Brand?o,Maria Inês Garcia de Freitas Bittencourt,Junia de Vilhena
Revista Mal-estar e Subjetividade , 2010,
Abstract: The invention of digital technology introduced the most complex toy and game ever created: the video game. This new mediums is interactive, immediate, and offers non-linear narratives and environments where "real" and "virtual" worlds can be interconnected. These characteristics contribute to the expansion of the game's "magic" circle into a potential space where the player can communicate, act and interact in real-time with other players and artificially intelligent virtual characters. Through "uncertain" narratives, where the beginning, middle and end are not entirely pre-determined, players can collaborate and have co-authorship of the experience. The article explores the potential of videogames beyond the in-vogue rhetorics of fun and progress for entertainment and serious games. Between the two extremes in the axis paidia and ludus, or the informality of unstructured play and the formality of rule-based games, there is a vast intermediary area to be explored. The theory of a potential space, between what is internal and external to the player, introduced by D.W. Winnicott, offers a conceptual model that expands the borders of Huizinga's magic circle. From this perspective, the article discusses the complex "magic" of videogames, the "potential space" of creative play, and proposes a healthy inter-game between designer and player.
Pandemic influenza A/H1N1: comparative analysis of microscopic lung histopathological findings
Roberta Marchiori,Carla Sakuma de Oliveira Bredt,Marcos Menezes Freitas de Campos,Fábio Negretti
Einstein (S?o Paulo) , 2012,
Abstract: Objective: To analyze the histopathological lung findings of four fatal cases of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic and their correlation with clinical and epidemiological characteristics. Methods: descriptive data from medical records of four patients who died in the Intensive Care Unit of a university hospital in 2009. Nasopharyngeal aspirate specimens were collected from the patients and were analyzed by real-time polymerase chain reaction. Lung biopsy was performed post mortem; a score of intensity for pathological changes was applied. Results: Three patients had positive real-time polymerase chain reaction (although all of them had a clinical diagnose of influenza H1N1). The main histopathological changes were: exudative diffuse alveolar damage with atelectasis; varying degrees of alveolar hemorrhage and edema, necrosis and sloughing of the respiratory epithelium in several bronchioli; and thrombus formation. One of the patients (the pregnant one) presented histopathological findings of cytomegalic inclusion. Conclusion: The pulmonary histopathological findings in patients with fatal 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic disclosed intense alveolar damage and hemorrhage and severebronchiolitis. A co-infection with cytomegalovirus was described inthe pregnant patient.
O uso da estratégia de alongamento compensatório em diferentes gravidades do desvio fonológico
Brasil, Brunah de Castro;Melo, Roberta Michelon;Mota, Helena Bolli;Dias, Roberta Freitas;Mezzomo, Carolina Lisb?a;Giacchini, Vanessa;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-80342010000200014
Abstract: purpose: to verify the existence of a relationship between the compensatory lengthening strategy and the different severity levels of phonological disorder, quantitatively and qualitatively classified, as well as to verify the existence of a correspondence between these severity classifications. methods: twenty children with different severity levels of phonological disorder and ages ranging from five to ten years participated in the study. phonological disorder was quantitatively and qualitatively classified for each subject. the use of the compensatory lengthening strategy was identified through acoustic analysis, using an audio-processing software (praat). the collected data were statistically analyzed using the chi-square test. results: the comparative study of the severity levels of phonological disorder, according to both quantitative and qualitative classifications, did not show statistically significant differences among the groups, regarding the compensatory lengthening strategy. a descriptive analysis of the subjects' distribution according to the severity of the phonological disorder in both classifications showed a correspondence between quantitative and qualitative classifications regarding the severity of the phonological disorder. conclusion: there was no relationship between the use of the compensatory lengthening strategy and the different phonological disorder severities. subjects' distribution based on the severity of the phonological disorder, according to the classifications used in the study, allowed the visualization of a correspondence between both classifications of the disorder.
Evaluation of Pulmonary Function in Adults with Grade III Obesity  [PDF]
Cássio Daniel Araújo da Silva, Fernanda Figueir?a Sanchez, Jonas Silva de Souza, Jamilly Rebou?as Demosthenes Marques, Ana Fátima de Freitas, Ellen Kathellen Sá de Souza, Roberta Lins Gon?alves
Health (Health) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/health.2017.96067
Pulmonary function studies in obese individuals have alerted the pathophysiological changes due to weight gain. However, these changes are not fully explained yet. Objective: To evaluate and analyze the pulmonary function of obese adults in the city of Manaus (AM, Brazil) and to correlate the parameters of spirometry with weight and BMI. Method: A descriptive cross-sectional study, in which pulmonary function of 22 adults with grade III obesity was evaluated pre and post bronchodilator administration, performed at the Adriano Jorge Hospital Foundation—FHAJ. Results: Of the 22 patients evaluated, 6 were male and 16 were female; mean age was 37.1 ± 7.4 years, with a weight of 134.2 ± 28.6 kg and a BMI of 51.1 ± 9.4 kg/m2, corresponding to grade III obesity. Spirometry showed a reduction in values obtained from Forced Vital Capacity (FVC), Forced Expiratory Volume in the first second (FEV1) and Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) in relation to those predicted, with 23% of restrictive disorders. There were negative correlations between BMI and PEF, weight and FVC, weight and PEF. The P value for correlation of weight and FEV1 is not statistically significant. Conclusion: Restrictive and obstructive disorders are prevalent in the population with grade III obesity. Correlations between pulmonary function and BMI/weight were negative for this specific population.
Shear bond strength after dentin bleaching with 10% carbamide peroxide agents
Basting, Roberta Tarkany;Freitas, Patrícia Moreira de;Pimenta, Luiz André Freire;Serra, M?nica Campos;
Brazilian Oral Research , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-83242004000200013
Abstract: this in vitro study evaluated the shear bond strength (sbs) of dentin treated with two 10% carbamide peroxide bleaching agents 15 days after bleaching and storage in artificial saliva. dentin fragments were randomly divided into 3 groups (n = 20) for the treatment with the two different bleaching agents (rembrandt 10% or opalescence 10%) or with a placebo agent, applied to the tooth surface for 8 hours a day. during the remaining time, the specimens were stored in artificial saliva. after 42 days, the fragments were stored in artificial saliva for 14 days. another group (n = 20) was exposed to distilled and deionized water for 56 days. an adhesive system and microhybrid composite resin were used to prepare specimens for the sbs test. sbs tests were performed and the fractured surfaces were visually examined using a stereoscope at 30 x magnification. the analysis of variance (anova) and sidak tests showed higher sbs values for dentin treated with opalescence 10% than for dentin treated with rembrandt 10% or placebo. groups treated with rembrandt 10%, opalescence 10% or placebo did not differ from the group treated with distilled and deionized water. ten percent carbamide peroxide agents or a placebo agent caused no differences in sbs of dentin after 15 days of storage in artificial saliva.
Ampolas de vidro: riscos e benefícios
Carraretto, Ant?nio Roberto;Curi, Erick Freitas;Almeida, Carlos Eduardo David de;Abatti, Roberta Eleni Monteiro;
Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-70942011000400013
Abstract: background and objective: glass ampoules have been widely used in packaging injection drugs. glass has important characteristics that allow it to be widely used in fabrication of recipients for drugs and other sterile substances. however, contamination of solutions with glass microparticles on breaking open glass ampoules, the presence of metals, percutaneous injury, and biological contamination justify the need of educational materials to orient the manipulation of ampoules. contents: glass microparticles generated in the snap-opening of ampoules, as well as metals that contaminate their contents can be aspirated and injected through several routes. exogenous contaminations by glass and metals can reach several sites in the organism. they trigger organic reactions that may give rise to injuries. opening ampoules can expose professionals to the risk of percutaneous injuries. these lesions increase the biological risk as they are the gateway for viruses and bacteria. ampoules opening systems (vibrac and opc) have been developed to reduce the incidence of such accidents. alternative materials to glass may represent an interesting strategy to increase safety. the use of prefilled syringes may represent an evolution regarding safety. conclusions: team training and information provided by the pharmaceutical industry on the use of ampoules are fundamental in the prophylaxis of accidents and contaminations. the search for safer materials to replace glass is also important.
Avalia es acústica e perceptiva de fala nos processos de dessonoriza o de obstruintes Perceptual and acoustical speech analyses on articulatory disordered children with desonorization
Ana Paula Ramos de Souza,Lisiane Collares Scott,Carolina Lisb?a Mezzomo,Roberta Freitas Dias
Revista CEFAC , 2011,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: comparar a percep o e a produ o do tra o de sonoridade de dois sujeitos, um em aquisi o normal e outro com transtorno fonológico, e analisar as metodologias acústica e perceptual de investiga o do tra o [±sonoro]. PROCEDIMENTOS: um instrumento contendo pares mínimos com oposi o do valor do tra o sonoro foi criado para eliciar a fala dos sujeitos e proporcionar a análise acústica e perceptual do vozeamento em suas falas. Os dados de fala foram gravados em MiniDisc Sony MZ-R70 em sala tratada acusticamente e submetidos ao programa Sona-Graph 5500 da Kay Elemetrics, verificando a presen a ou n o de vozeamento. Dois clínicos e pesquisadores experientes em aquisi o fonológica fizeram os julgamentos acerca do contraste de sonoridade na fala das crian as. Também se testou a discrimina o auditiva do tra o de sonoridade pelas crian as através do instrumento de Levi (1994). RESULTADOS: ambas as crian as demonstraram perceber o tra o de sonoridade e produzi-lo em alguns contextos. A crian a em aquisi o normal apresentou mais contextos com produ o adequada do tra o de sonoridade. Houve cerca de 10% de desacordo no julgamento do contraste de sonoridade entre os juízes. CONCLUS O: as análises acústicas e perceptuais s o complementares na avalia o da fala. Existem momentos de dessonoriza o na fala do sujeito em aquisi o típica. PURPOSE: to compare perception and production of voiced constraint in the speech of two subjects, one in normal acquisition and another with phonological impairment, and analyzing acoustic and perceptual research methods of the voiced constraint. PROCEDURES: an instrument of minimal voiced pair versus voiceless constraints were created to expel the speech production and perception of the subjects. The data acoustical analyses were recorded on MiniDisc Sony MZ-R70, in acoustic treated room, and by Sona-Graph 5500 program of Kay Elemetrics analysis. Two clinical and phonological acquisition researchers made perception judgments about speech of the children in terms of voiced and voiceless constraint. We also evaluated the voiced constraint perception by the children with Levi's instrument (Levi, 1994). RESULTS: both children had appropriate perception of voiced constraint and its production in some contexts. The normal phonology acquisition had more contexts with adequate production. There were 10% of disagreement between the judges about children' voice constraint. CONCLUSION: the perception and acoustical analyses are complementary in speech evaluation. There are some voiceless events in the typical acquisition child's spe
The postmodern everyday life and the incidence of stroke in young adults: a descriptive-exploratory study
Juliana Vieira Fernandes,Cristiane Alves,Roberta de Freitas,Alacoque Lorenzini Erdmann
Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing , 2009,
Abstract: We sought to understand the everyday life of people who had suffered from Stroke, relating it with the contemporary nuances, in younger than 45 years, in a public hospital from Florianópolis, Brazil. This is a qualitative, exploratory-descriptive study. Data were collected through recorded interviews, that were transcripted and analyzed according to Bardin’s method. The following categories emerged: Way of Life; Meaning Life; Rethinking Before, Here-and-Now, and Afterwards. The results pointed-out that the contemporary way of life contributes for the prevalence of cerebrovascular diseases in younger ages. It was noticed that the majority of causes of Stroke in young adults is prevented, emphasizing the importance of measures for health promotion and prevention of illnesses. We stand out for the necessity of rethinking how nursing can contribute for the prevention of health aggravations due to contemporary way of life, promoting a more healthful life
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