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Diagnósticos psicossociais de crian?as e adolescentes na febem de S?o Paulo
Lima, Rita de Cássia Pereira;
Cadernos de Pesquisa , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-15741999000300007
Abstract: the objective of this article is to reflect on how teachers from the teams of the febem sp teams develop their social-psychological evaluations, which define the situation of the children and adolescents attended by the institution. the ambiguous, arbitrary and inefficient roles of this technical task within the juridical-institutional mechanisms for the social and educational care of these individuals will be emphasized. the theoretical framework prioritizes a sociological focus in diagnostics based on the work of robert castel, and then approaches diagnostic practice based on the interactional theory of deviation and on the study of representation. this analysis will be illustrated by the discourse of the team professionals, in which the diagnostics appear to come from ideas that they have of the children and adolescents of febem and from their practice itself. in its totality, this text makes the fragility of written reports explicit. this is a result of institutional functioning and the subjectivity of the specialists, making improvement in the quality of care at the febem difficult.
Mudan?a das práticas sócio-educativas na FEBEM-SP: as representa??es sociais de funcionários
Lima, Rita de Cássia Pereira;
Psicologia & Sociedade , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-71822006000100008
Abstract: the objective of this research is to analyze social representations of change in socio-educational practices among professionals of febem in s?o paulo. the work is based in moscovician theory of social representation. the "change" is based on psychology of the active minorities. interviews were conducted with 15 professionals of a unit in the complex of tatuapé, where any kind of physical violence against the delinquent adolescent is forbidden. the thematic analysis of content identified three keythemes in the discourses: "proposal", "febem-sp" and "change". the nucleus of the social representation of change is located around physical violence. if professionals agree with that kind of violence, they will contribute to the consolidation of the traditional approaches of the institution. opposing it means working for ruptures and seeking more humanist social-educational practices, not always seen as possible. archaic social representations present in the institution, founded upon punishment and violence, complicate the change of its social-educational practices.
Sociologia do desvio e interacionismo
Lima, Rita de Cássia Pereira;
Tempo Social , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-20702001000100012
Abstract: this is essentially a theoretical article and it aims to present a non-exhaustive analysis of the sociology of deviance, emphasizing interactionist theories. a brief account of the emergence of the sociology of deviance in chicago is followed by a discussion on three tendencies that are involved in analyzing the causes of deviance: functionalism, anomie and culturalism. next, interactionism arises as a means to break up with the causal approach. the specificity of the interactionist theory, especially h. becker's labelling theory, can be seen in collective action and in the emphasis on the social process through which an individual or a group is considered deviant by the others. finally, a few of the more recent tendencies are mentioned, such as phenomenology and ethnomethodology, and the criticism directed at these theories, mainly by pierre bourdieu, are discussed.
Ciclos de aprendizagem e reprova o escolar: reflex es sobre representa es sociais de professores
Rita de Cássia Petrenas,Rita de Cássia Pereira Lima
Práxis Educativa , 2007,
Abstract: This paper presents aspects of the organization of the school in cycles and its relation with the retention practices based on the Theory of Social Representation (TRS) as well as studies on the schooling in cycles in Brazil. The research involved the analysis of interviews with 11 teachers of the state school system. The data analysis involved: content analysis, lexical analysis of content (software ALCESTE), and spontaneous classification of words. The findings pointed out that the repetition as central element of the teaching-learning relationships. Thus, the social representations of the teacher indicate that cultural factors overlap structural factors and it is essential aspects to understand the implementation of the schooling in cycles policy.
Rita de Cássia Pereira Lima,Maria Cristina da Silveira Galan Fernandes,Marlene Fagundes Carvalho Gon?alves
Nuances : Estudos sobre Educa??o , 2011,
Abstract: O objetivo do trabalho é investigar as representa es sociais de alunas de Pedagogia construídas sobre o trabalho docente durante o segundo ano do curso. A pesquisa busca relacionar teoricamente representa es sociais, saberes docentes e experiência. Foi realizada em uma Institui o de Ensino Superior privada do estado de S o Paulo, com 20 alunas. Solicitou-se uma reda o com o título: “Relate como o segundo ano do curso contribuiu para sua forma o como futura professora”. Os dados foram submetidos à análise de enuncia o, procedimento que se apóia na análise do processo discursivo, procurando captar o momento em que os sujeitos est o organizando suas idéias para expressá-las. Nesta etapa da forma o, as representa es sociais sobre o trabalho do professor refletem inúmeras dificuldades, afetivas e sociais, mas também a necessidade de criticar a realidade profissional visando mudan as. NestE contexto, o estágio aparece como possibilidade de relacionar teoria e prática, colocando em quest o a teoria.
Rendimento da alface e atributos químicos de um Latossolo em fun??o da aplica??o de biofertilizantes de rochas com fósforo e potássio
Lima, Rita de Cássia Matias de;Stamford, Newton Pereira;Santos, Carolina Etienne de Rosália e Silva;Dias, Silvio Henrique Lino;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362007000200019
Abstract: production of rock biofertilizers is a practical process which reduces energy consumption and increases nutrients availability in soils. a field experiment was carried out applying phosphate biofertilizer (pb) and potash biofertilizer (kb) from rocks plus sulfur with acidithiobacillus, applied in different rates, comparing with the mineral fertilizers simple superphosphate (sfs) and potassium chloride (kcl), on yield of lettuce (cv. crespa-grand rapids), in two consecutive crops and in soil chemical attributes (ph, and available p and k). a control treatment was added without p and k (p0k0). in the two consecutive crops the biofertilizers bp, bk, and chemical fertilizers sfs and kcl were effective on lettuce yield. in the first crop the best results were obtained with the treatments sfs700 bk90, sfs700 bk60, and in the consecutive crop applying the treatments bp700 bk90, sfs700 bk60 and sfs700 bk90. in the two crops the positive response of the pk biofertilizers and pk mineral fertilizers was evident. residual effect was observed when the treatment bp1050 bk90 was applied. soil ph was not affected by application of pk biofertilizers plus worm-compound, increasing available p and k, especially for available p in the consecutive crop. the pk rock biofertilizers, plus worm-compound, may be applied as an alternative to pk mineral soluble fertilizers.
Compara??o de diferentes critérios de defini??o para diagnóstico de síndrome metabólica em idosas
Paula, Hudsara Aparecida de Almeida;Ribeiro, Rita de Cássia Lanes;Rosado, Lina Enriqueta Frandsen Paez de Lima;Pereira, Renan Salazar Ferreira;Franceschini, Sylvia do Carmo Castro;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2010005000100
Abstract: background: the criteria for best defining the metabolic syndrome (ms), especially in the elderly population, are still little known, and the understanding is increasingly necessary. objective: compare the four ms definition proposals, two official ones (national cholesterol education program's adult treatment panel iii/ncep-atpiii and international diabetes federation/idf) and two proposed definitions (metabolic syndrome - national cholesterol education program's adult treatment panel iii - modified/ms-atpm and metabolic syndrome - international diabetes federation - modified/ms-idfm), derived from the changes in the official criteria. methods: a total of 113 women (60-83 years old) participated in this study; they were submitted to anthropometric, blood pressure, lipid profile, fasting glycemia tests and answered questions related to life style habits and health conditions. statistical analyses were performed using the chi-square test and kappa coefficient determination. results: the frequency of the high pressure levels was similar in the two official definitions (54.8%), with a reduction in the two proposed definitions (33.6%). the homeostasis change of the glucose was higher as per the idf and ms-idfm (30.1%). the hypertriglyceridemia and the low levels of hdl-c were similar in all the definitions (35.4%). in relation to the abdominal obesity, the higher occurrence was registered by the idf criteria (88.5%). the presence of the metabolic syndrome presented higher and lower frequencies as per the idf proposal (45.1%) and ms-idfm (22.1%), respectively. higher agreement was found between the modified definition ms-atpm with ncep-atpiii and ms-idfm (kappa: 0.79 and 0.77; p < 0.00001). conclusion: the ms-atpm proposal was found more adequate for the ms detection in the evaluated elderly women.
Avalia??o in vitro da atividade fungitóxica de extratos de condimentos na inibi??o de fungos isolados de p?es artesanais
Araujo, Rita de Cássia Zanúncio;Chalfoun, Sára Maria;Angélico, Caroline Lima;Araujo, Jo?o Batista Silva;Pereira, Marcelo Cláudio;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542009000200029
Abstract: this research was carried out to evaluate the in vitro anti-fungus activity of alcoholic extracts of garlic, ginger, oregano, clove, cinnamon, and thyme on the inhibition and development of aspergillus ochraceus, penicillium roqueforti, and rhizopus stolonifer, which develop in homemade breads. for each commercial seasoning, alcoholic extracts (ae) were prepared (ae10%, ae20% and ae25%) as well as aqueous extract (aqe) at 10%, pure alcoholic extract (pae), and control without extract and alcohol. for garlic, ginger and oregano, a fresh plant alcoholic extract (fae10%) was included. the experiments were installed at plant pathology laboratories, ecocentro/epamig, mg and at incaper/crds-cs in domingos martins, es. the treatments were applied to the fungi inoculated on petri dishes, on bda medium. mycelial index growth speed (migs) and sporulation were calculated. all of the ae from dehydrated plants (10%, 20%, and 25%) showed significant inhibitory effect on the mycelial growth and fungus sporulation, and an unstable performance was observed when the ae seasoning concentration was 0%. the control presented higher migs and sporulation. garlic ae25% on penicillium roqueforti and ginger ae25% on aspergillus ochraceus did not differ from the control. garlic ae did not present an inhibitory effect on p. roqueforti. the ae, fae and pae presented lower sporulation in relation to the control, exception made to ginger and clove on the sporulation of r. stolonifer, and the aqe showed an effect similar to the control.
Eficiência e efeito residual de biofertilizantes de rochas com PK e enxofre com Acidithiobacillus em alface
Lima, Rita de Cássia Matias de;Stamford, Newton Pereira;Santos, Carolina Etienne de Rosália e Silva;Lira Júnior, Mário de Andrade;Dias, Silvio Henrique Lino;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362007000300016
Abstract: production of rock biofertilizers is a practical process with reduction of energy consumption and increasing nutrients availability in soils. to evaluate the agronomic efficiency and the residual effect of p rock biofertilizer (pb) and potash rock (kb), compared to simple superphosphate (ssp) and potassium chloride (kcl), a field experiment with two consecutive lettuce crops (cv. grand rapids) was carried out in a soil at cariri (ceará, brazil), from august to september 2005. the mineral fertilizers were applied in the levels recommended for lettuce (ssp and kcl), and the biofertilizers in three levels (pb1 and kb1 half of recommended levels; recommended levels pb2 and kb2 and 150% the recommended level pb3 and kb3 for ssp and kcl) and a control treatment with no p and k (p0k0). the experimental design was a factorial 52 in the randomized block, with four replicates. there was similar performance of the pk rock biofertilizers compared to the mineral fertilizers, especially when the level bp2bk3 was applied. the consecutive crop showed residual effect on lettuce yield (fresh shoot biomass), height, number of leaves, commercial evaluation, and p and k accumulation on shoot dry biomass. the results suggest that p and k rock biofertilizers may be used as an alternative in mineral fertilization.
Prevalência de sequelas auditivas pós meningite piogênica em crian?as
Silva, Luzia Poliana Anjos da;Queirós, Fernanda Costa de;Guimar?es, Camila Vila Nova de Freitas;Santos, Débora Patrícia Medeiros;Lima, Isabela Barreiros Pinheiro;Pereira, Maria Cecília Castello Silva;Lucena, Rita de Cássia Saldanha de;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-80342009000300008
Abstract: purpose: to analyze the prevalence of hearing impairment and to characterize the main auditory and neurological sequelae after meningitis, correlating the type of antibiotic used during the hospitali66zation period and the frequency of deafness, as well as the most prevalent type of meningitis as cause of hearing impairment. methods: two hundred and eighty nine caregivers of children who were diagnosed with pyogenic meningitis between 28 days and 24 months, and had been admitted at hospital couto maia (hc maia) between january 2002 and december 2003 were contacted. the sample was composed of 55 children that survived with or without evident sequelae, who attended audiological and neurological evaluation. a complete audiological evaluation was carried out, including a subjective and objective battery of evaluation tests, using standardized instruments for investigation of children's hearing. results: the age range of the subjects when the audiological evaluation was carried out varied from two to five years. hearing impairment was detected in 29% of the sample, characterizing, mostly, a profound bilateral neurosensory hearing loss. the main neurological sequelae found were: epilepsy, hemiparesy, hydrocephaly, dysphasia, and hyperactivity. conclusion: the results indicate the need for audiological monitoring and neurological follow-up in children with previous history of pyogenic meningitis, especially those infected in early ages, seeking to identify possible hearing impairments and to intervene as soon as possible, through specialized intervention, prothetization, and oral language rehabilitation.
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