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Frenkel's theory of sintering
RistiMomilo M.,Milosevi? S.?.
Science of Sintering , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/sos0601007r
Abstract: Principles of Frenkel's Theory of Sintering are presented in this paper. This theory represents the first physical theory of sintering, in which sintering takes place in two stages as a consequence of "viscous" flow. .
Corelation between the crystallisation process and change in thermoelectromotive force for the amorphous alloy Fe89.8Ni1.5Si5.2B3C0.5
Mari?i? Aleksa M.,RistiMomilo M.
Science of Sintering , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/sos0301031m
Abstract: Thermal and kinetic analyses of the structural changes for the amorphous alloy Fe89.8Ni1.5Si5.2B3C0.5, during the processes of non-isothermal heating and isothermal annealing, have been performed. The crystallisation process has been investigated using the method of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). It is determined that this alloy crystalizes through three different stages. Changes in the electronic structure of the amorphous tape, for the temperature range 20 to 700oC have been studied. This was achieved by measuring the thermoelectromotive force (TEMS), of the thermo pair made of two tapes with same chemical structure of the alloy FeNiSiBC, but different atomic structure: one is in the crystal state (CL) and the other is in the amorphous state (AM). Analysis of the temperature dependence of the electromotive force has shown the following: the investigated alloy is thermically stable up to 450oC and changes in the atomic structure as well as equalising of the free electron density in both parts of the thermo pair AM-CL, take place in the temperature range from 450 to 550oC. Kinetic parameters of the process were determined by measuring time dependence of the TEMS in isothermic conditions at the temperatures 450, 480 and 510oC.
The correlation of processes of crystallization and changes of free electron density amorphous alloy powder Co80Ni20
Mari?i? Aleksa M.,RistiMomilo M.
Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering , 2005, DOI: 10.2298/sjee0501057m
Abstract: Great attention is being given today to investigations on the capabilities and structural changes of amorphous and nanocrystal materials. Structural changes of the amorphous cobalt and nickel alloy powder obtained by electrochemical deposition were investigated in this paper. The crystallization process, as determined by the DSC method, occurred in two steps. The temperature dependence of electrical resistively and magnetic susceptibility in isothermal and non-isothermal conditions within the temperature range of room temperature to 700oC was determined for the powder samples pressed under pressure of 800 MPa. The X-ray structural examinations results correlate with those of the DSC analysis and the electrical resistively measuring.
A phenomenological analysis of sintering kinetics from the viewpoint of activated volume
Nikoli? M.V.,Labus Neboj?a J.,RistiMomilo M.
Science of Sintering , 2005, DOI: 10.2298/sos0501019n
Abstract: The sintering kinetics of real systems has been viewed as a process of transport of activated volume. Activated volume is a parameter that can be used to describe mass transport during the sintering process. It defines the movement of point defects and dislocations during the sintering process. A phenomenological equation has been defined using this parameter, which can be applied to analyze kinetics of the sintering process. It has been applied to analyze the sintering process of several disperse systems. Values obtained for parameters of the equation have also been analyzed.
Sintering as a process of transport of activated volume
Nikoli? Nata?a S.,Nikoli? M.V.,Radi?-Risti? S.M.,RistiMomilo M.
Science of Sintering , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/sos0201053n
Abstract: Starting with the fact that sintering is the consequence of the process of transport of activated volume, it has been shown how the kinetics of the sintering process can be defined. The activated volume was in principle defined as a parameter which describes a system’s deffectivity on an atomic level.
Mechanical and failure bahaviour in carbon/epoxy composites
Stevanovi? Momilo M.,Sekuli?-Pe?ikan Danijela R.
Hemijska Industrija , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/hemind0209361s
Abstract: A review of the mechanical properties and failure initiation and propagation in carbon/epoxy composites is presented. The results of the study of the macromechanical static characteristics, non-linear elastic behavior flexural modulus and shear properties of unidirectional composites (UDC), as well as, of tensile, compression and flexural moduli, strength analysis edge and hybrid effects in multidirectional composites (MDC) were discussed A discussion of the non-linear elastic behavior of carbon/epoxy UDC, the flexural moduli of both UDC and MDC, strength analysis and edge effects of laminates is emphasized.
Gamma-ray irradiation and post-irradiation at room and elevated temperature response of pMOS dosimeters with thick gate oxides
Pejovi? Momilo M.,Pejovi? Svetlana M.,Doli?anin Edin ?.,Lazarevi? ?or?e
Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/ntrp1103261p
Abstract: Gamma-ray irradiation and post-irradiation response at room and elevated temperature have been studied for radiation sensitive pMOS transistors with gate oxide thickness of 100 and 400 nm, respectively. Their response was followed based on the changes in the threshold voltage shift which was estimated on the basis of transfer characteristics in saturation. The presence of radiation-induced fixed oxide traps and switching traps - which lead to a change in the threshold voltage - was estimated from the sub-threshold I-V curves, using the midgap technique. It was shown that fixed oxide traps have a dominant influence on the change in the threshold voltage shift during gamma-ray irradiation and annealing.
Radiation-sensitive field effect transistor response to gamma-ray irradiation
Pejovi? Mili? M.,Pejovi? Momilo M.,Jak?i? Aleksandar B.
Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/ntrp1101025p
Abstract: The influence of gate bias during gamma-ray irradiation on the threshold voltage shift of radiation sensitive p-channel MOSFETs determined on the basis of transfer characteristics in saturation has been investigated. It has been shown that for the gate bias during the irradiation of 5 V and 10 V the sensitivity of these transistors can be presented as the threshold voltage shift and the absorbed irradiation dose ratio. On the bases of the subthreshold characteristics and transfer characteristics in saturation using the midgap technique we have determined the densities of radiation induced oxide traps and interface traps responsible for the threshold voltage shift. In addition, the charge pumping technique was used to determine the energy density of true interface traps. It has been shown that radiation-induced oxide traps have dominant role on threshold voltage shift, especially for gate biases during the irradiation of 5 V and 10 V.
Successive gamma-ray irradiation and corresponding post-irradiation annealing of pMOS dosimeters
Pejovi? Mili? M.,Pejovi? Momilo M.,Jak?i? Aleksandar B.,Stankovi? Koviljka ?.
Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/ntrp1204341p
Abstract: The paper investigates a possibility of pMOS dosimeter re-use for the measurement of gamma-ray irradiation. The dosimeters were irradiated to the dose of 35 Gy, annealed at room and elevated temperatures, after which they were irradiated again to the same dose value. Changes in the threshold voltage shift during those processes were followed, and it was shown that their re-use depends on a gate polarization during irradiation. For the gate polarization of 5 V during irradiation the pMOS dosimeters can be re-used for measurements of the irradiation dose after annealing without prior calibration. The pMOS dosimeters with the gate polarization during irradiation of 2.5 V can also be re-used for irradiation dose measurements but they require calibration. It is shown that for their re-use it is necessary to anneal the pMOS dosimeter so that the fading is higher than 50%. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 171007]
Procedural and legal status of the injured party according to the new criminal procedure code of the Republic of Serbia
Gruba? Momilo
Temida , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/tem1202105g
Abstract: In this article the author is critically analyzing certain solutions of the new Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Serbia from 2011 which consider the injured party and their rights in the criminal proceeding. He states that unlike the previous ones, this Code does not improve the status of the injured party but makes it even worse. The author particularly claims that the legislator yet again failed to establish the right of the injured party to be efficiently compensated in the event of a serious offense from a special fund and immediately after the crime has been committed, but prior to the end of the criminal proceeding. In the provision of the Code which states that the injured party may take over the prosecution and become a prosecutor replacing the Public Prosecutor (subsidiary prosecutor) only if the Public Prosecutor withdraws after having confirmed the indictment, however not in the cases of rejection of criminal charges or withdrawal from the prosecution in the previous proceeding, the author sees not only the limitation of the rights of the injured party, but also jeopardy of the public interest. This is due to the fact that, freed from a threat of the subsidiary accusation by the injured party, the Public Prosecutor has gained an absolute and uncontrolled monopoly over the initiation of criminal proceeding. According to the author, the subject of the proceedings will not have any substantial use from some rights which the new Code assigns to the injured party (for example the right to appeal against the judgment on the adjudicated property claim). In conclusion, the author stresses out that in spite of his objections against certain provisions in the Code, the legal status of the injured party is more favorable in the criminal law of Serbia then in many other countries.
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