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Gender and the Labour Market in Ghana: The Relationship in Terms of the Family, the Market and the State  [PDF]
Ridwan Abukari, Ransford Okoe Odai
Advances in Applied Sociology (AASoci) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2018.84015
Abstract: The phenomenon of sex-segregation in the labour market continues to exist in a growing economy such as Ghana. The sex-based traditional occupational system of the economic sector is deeply rooted in the beliefs systems of the people. And so, the gender division of labour continues to define gender relationship among people in the society. Consequently, gender division of labour finds meaning and interpretation within the labour market in Ghana. However, for some reasons, people do overcome this occupational segregation by engaging in jobs that are by custom not meant for their sexuality. This statement reveals an inherent assumption about gender and the labour market; which needs further reflection and critical analysis. This paper focuses on gender and the labour market in Kumasi (a commercial town in Ghana); focusing on the gender identities, ideologies as well as symbols that affect the whole gamut of the labour market as a gendered institution in Ghana. Similarly, how the labour market interacts in the context of the family and the state respectively, will also be given a fair attention. The argument is categorised into ten steps: first; introduction of the subject matter, second; the region of Kumasi; the unit of analysis, third; methodology, fourth; an overview of the labour market in Ghana, fifth; the mode of entering/gaining access into food vending industry by men, sixth; challenges men face in the food vending industry in Kumasi, seventh; gender in food vending business verses socio-cultural practices, eighth; gender-labour market nexus; implication on the family and the state and finally, what the State, civil society organisations as well as the individuals or groups, need to do to improve this sector are recommended.
Ridwan Yahya
Bumi Lestari , 2010,
Abstract: Based on preliminary researches, stem and branchwood of Paraserianthes falcataria L. Nielsen were suitable as raw material for pulp and paper manufacture. For the whole tree the highest proportion of bark was found in branches and the top of the tree with a value ranging 20 a€“ 35%. Up to now, the pulp industries have spent money to remove bark of P. falcataria branch before pulping. The objective of this study was to know the suitability of branches including bark as raw material for pulp and paper manufacture. Samples were determined for fiber dimension and its derivation. Screened chips were cooked with the Kraft process. Liquor-to-wood-ratio was 4 : 1. Chemical charge was 13.3% NaOH and 6.7% Na2S. The temperature was raised from room temperature to 170 oC for 90 min and kept at this temperature for 90 min. Pulp was washed; then kappa number, screened and rejected pulp, residual of black liquor were determined. Research results showed that pulp branchwood with bark has the values of screened pulp yield, alkali consumption, and kappa number 46.91%; 9,57; and 25.63, respectively. It paper product has the values of breaking length, burst factor, stretch, tensile strength, and opacity 9.94; 83.80; 3.57%; 1,733.34; 6.33 kN/m, and 92.85%, respectively. Based on those results, paper from branchwood with bark meets requirement for book, mimeograph, and photocopy papers.
Developing Image of Higher Education Performance  [PDF]
Uyu Wahyudin, Ridwan El Hariri, Deni Darmawan
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2013.69044

The study focused on Pattern Analysis Relationships between Basic Element Institutional Excellence in Education with a focus of the study: What is the actual profile of the basic elements of excellence of educational institutions, influence leadership, strategic planning, as well as students and focus stakeholders, focus staffs and faculty in order to develop the image Parahyangan University (UNPAR) performance by reference to the Performance Excellence Criteria for Education. The method used a qualitative approach and quantitative approach [1] with two models using qualitative-quantitative approaches, namely: two-phase design, dominant-les dominant design, and mixed methodology design. Respondents and the information in this study are a lecturer and head of the University.

Superstructure Strategy: Do Indonesian EFL Learners Use It?
Evy C Ridwan
TEFLIN Journal , 1997,
Abstract: : This paper reports on a study conducted among Indonesian undergraduate students majoring in English as a Foreign Language (EFL). One strategy that learners generally use to understand the main ideas of an expository text is the superstructure strategy (i.e., utilizing the text structure to understand the main ideas). While research in English as First Language reading has demonstrated the benefit of using this strategy, little do we know whether Indonesian EFL learners use this strategy in reading and whether this strategy is beneficial to them or not. Two versions of an expository text were developed: One version had an explicit text structure, with the inclusion of discourse markers, to elicit learners to use the superstructure strategy; the other was without discourse markers. It was hypothesized that learners who read the version with an explicit text structure would utilize the superstructure strategy thereby comprehending main ideas better than those who read the other version. Additionally, to confirm the hypothesis learners were also asked to answer a questionnaire developed from O'Malley and Chamot (1993) followed by an interview to find out if EFL learners used other strategies to comprehend main ideas.
DESENTRALISASI DALAM PENGELOLAAN AIR IRIGASI TERSIER (Suatu Studi dengan Kerangka Konsep Desentralisasi Teritorial dan Fungsional di Kabupaten dan Kota Tegal, Jawa Tengah, di Kabupaten Jembrana, Bali, dan di Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia)
Irfan Ridwan Maksum
Makara Seri Sosial Humaniora , 2006,
Abstract: This research compared tertiary irrigation management in the Municipality and Regency of Tegal, the Regency of Jembrana, and the Regency of Hulu Langat Selangor Malaysia. Malaysia has been developing water board at National and State Level. Although the two countries differed in governmental arrangements, the locus used in this research experienced the same level of governments. Verstehen has been as a general framework of this research approach. Qualitative and descriptive were the method of this research. Data are gathered using eclectic-triangulation methods andanalyzed with multilevel tools. This research concluded that the tertiary irrigation in those three locus in Indonesia werenot established based on functional decentralization, eventhough it has potential to do so. It is different from Malaysia which is fully centralized through deconcentration. Only the teritorial decentralization is the basic of tertiary irrigation management in Indonesia. Functional decentralization is not being practiced in tertiary irrigation management both in Indonesia and Malaysia. Empirically, Government should improve the performance of irrigation organization at the grassroot level in order to increase the whole agricultural performance which creating special local regime in the irrigation management. Furthermore, amandment to the constitution of 18th article should induce the concept of functional decentralization that was practiced in Indonesian local government system in 1920.
Irfan Ridwan Maksum
Makara Seri Sosial Humaniora , 2009,
Abstract: The choice of institutional development for Jakarta as Indonesian capital city can be the barometer of equity and fairness as value to whole developing nation, especially for urban development in Indonesia. If megalopolis concept proposed by Sutiyoso received without reverse, then we have disease to the equity and fairness values as a nation state. Megalopolis is a city characterized by: (1) huge population and density; (2) national and international networking scale; (3) huge integrated spatial. The problematic situation of urban development in Jakarta is urgent, but it is un-fair and unequal if development of other cities in Indonesia is abandoned. The choice to develop megalopolis is still unclear.
Uken Soetrisno,Endi Ridwan
Media of Health Research and Development , 2012,
Abstract: Kurang energi protein dan kurang multi zat gizi mikro pada anak-anak mengakibatkan terhambatnya pertumbuhan dan perkembangan, di samping mudah terkena infeksi penyakit. Indonesia merupakan negara kurang gizi yang kaya akan sumber laut. Berbagai jenis ikan dan rumput laut sudah diketahui mempunyai khasiat kesehatan atau zat bioaktifdi samping sebagai sumber zat gizi bagi pertumbuhan. Makanan formula yang dibuat dari ikan laut dan rumput laut sebagai sumber protein dan zat gizi mikro telah dikembangkan dan disukai citarasanya. Untuk dapat digunakan sebagai makanan anak kurang gizi, formula ini masih perlu diuji mutu keamanannya pada tikus percobaan. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk menguji mutu keamanan formula sebagai makanan anak kurang gizi. menggunakan tikus percobaan. Tikus sapihan umur 21 hari dari jenis Sprague-Dawley, terdiri dari 2 kelompok dengan berat badan (BB) normal dan 4 kelompok dengan BB kurang (tikus kurang gizi). Data yang dikumpulkan berupa asupan makanan, BB. PB. panjang ekor (PE), berat organ hati dan tampilan mikroskopis sel hati. Hasil menunjukkan bahwa pertumbuhan tikus erat hubungannya dengan asupan zat gizi makro, folacin. Fe, dan Zn (r= 0.38-0.97). Data berat badan dihubungkan dengan rasio antara BB dengan total asupan makanan menunjukkan formula hasil laut berpengaruh positif terhadap pertumbuhan (P<0.05), terutama formula jagung-ikan hiu, pisang oli- ikan kwee dan ubi mera-ikan tuna. Organ hati hampir sama berat, kecuali kelompok dengan formula beras-ikan pari mempunyai hati yang teringan, tapi dalam angka perbandingan BB terhadap berat organ hati, semua kelompok sama. Berdasarkan tampilan mikroskopis, semua kelompok tidak mempunyai kelainan spesifik setelah mengonsumsi makanan formula olahan hasil laut. Hal ini menandakan bahwa formula aman dikonsumsi tikus kurang gizi sekalipun. Kata kunci: makanan formula, ikan laut. rumput laut. pertumbuhan, keamanan.
Inventarisasi tumbuhan air di Kebun Raya Cibodas
Dian Ridwan Nurdiana
Depik Jurnal , 2013,
Abstract: Cibodas Botanic Garden is ex situ conservation area located at Cibodas Biosphere Reserve West Java. As the part of biospherereserve, Cibodas Botanic Garden plays an important role in conservation, research, tourism and education programs. The objective of the presentstudy was to collect information on aquatic plants found in Cibodas Botanic Garden. The exploration method was used in this study with 6sampling locations. The results showed that emergent
Using Feature Weights to Improve Performance of Neural Networks
Ridwan Al Iqbal
Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: Different features have different relevance to a particular learning problem. Some features are less relevant; while some very important. Instead of selecting the most relevant features using feature selection, an algorithm can be given this knowledge of feature importance based on expert opinion or prior learning. Learning can be faster and more accurate if learners take feature importance into account. Correlation aided Neural Networks (CANN) is presented which is such an algorithm. CANN treats feature importance as the correlation coefficient between the target attribute and the features. CANN modifies normal feed-forward Neural Network to fit both correlation values and training data. Empirical evaluation shows that CANN is faster and more accurate than applying the two step approach of feature selection and then using normal learning algorithms.
A Generalized Method for Integrating Rule-based Knowledge into Inductive Methods Through Virtual Sample Creation
Ridwan Al Iqbal
Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: Hybrid learning methods use theoretical knowledge of a domain and a set of classified examples to develop a method for classification. Methods that use domain knowledge have been shown to perform better than inductive learners. However, there is no general method to include domain knowledge into all inductive learning algorithms as all hybrid methods are highly specialized for a particular algorithm. We present an algorithm that will take domain knowledge in the form of propositional rules, generate artificial examples from the rules and also remove instances likely to be flawed. This enriched dataset then can be used by any learning algorithm. Experimental results of different scenarios are shown that demonstrate this method to be more effective than simple inductive learning.
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